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  • I definitely have progress to make on how to handle rice noodles, and especially vermicelli like the ones I had, and ended up to be a really strange texture after the panfry step (a giant mash which I then managed to break up and cook dry, but I am sure there is a better method, I am just very inexperienced with noodles). For the rest, the recipe is (deceptively?) simple, but that might be because I was lacking the dark soy sauce the author is referring to! Nevertheless, it was quite tasty and pleasant, I might do again once I determine how to handle the noodles!
    about Soy sauce chow mein with a fried egg from To Asia, With Love added on October 18, 2021

  • Just made it and nice! I loved it! Very pretty too, and the sauce is addictive...Stayed mostly true to recipe except replaced chile by a mix of cayenne and espelette pepper. Agree on the fact it feels like a side. I would add rice for a vegetarian meal and I myself supplemented with a small sandwich of duck rillettes :)
    about Sweetie P's with peanut-chile salsa from Cook This Book added on September 23, 2021

  • Made it again with a mix of leftover lettuce and rocket, without the chives as didn't have any, and using two turnips i/o celeriac, 268g peas . Just as nice even if my proportions might have been a bit off. The fennel makes all the difference - it doesn't even need extra seasoning. Note that for a nice texture, the stock contents must be about 1-2 cm over the vegetables.
    about Celeriac, lettuce and pea soup from Dom in the Kitchen added on September 23, 2021

  • Made again this time following the recipes for roasting and cheese part : my method from last year was more efficient washing up wise ;) I subbed "fromage frais" (which is a discovery I just made, a cross between fromage blanc, creme fraiche ... like a cottage cheese but with a tangy flavour) for ricotta. Nice and light lunch. To note that fromage frais curdles though!
    about Roasted radish and herbed ricotta omelet from Kitchn added on August 13, 2021

  • I was a little disappointed but I think my expectations were too high. First, I think the cake has too much sugar - I did disminish the quantity to 2/3 but still was too much. Also, this is not orangey enough to my taste... would need to work out how to improve the orange flavour in the cake itself and not just the oranges on the top and the icing. Maybe infusing some of the icing inside the cake through little picks, and/or maybe using an orange flavored yogurt. I did try adding a little juice in the batter but to no avail. Third, and this is my own fault, I added the greek yogurt to the dry mixture before mixing the dry ingredients up and I believe I had lumps of baking powder which led to a bumped cake. I may try again just to make it right and see if I can correct the orangey flavour thing, but I don't think it will become a regular - unless I have some oranges or greek yogurt or poppy seed that need using up or sthg. Why does the author calls it citrusy, good question!

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    about Chilled buttermilk-radish soup from Ian Knauer added on August 07, 2021

  • Great dish and great way to use cucumber! Very easy too... I used Paris mushrooms (it is pouring torrential rain outside at the minute so not the time to go to the Asian market)... Nice anyway :) Will make again :)

  • So simple yet great flavours... You could drink the sauce by itself :) Did not have chili oil and no time to make some so just added some cayenne, but I did have use coarsely blended sichuan

  • I just made this and it is a nice little dish, what you would expect of an aubergine dish and super simple. I didn't manage to cook the aubergine without them browning a little but that isn't important. I found also there is no need to finely cut the garlic since all goes to the blender anyhow. Vinegar and parsley are important as well as salt...
    about Eggplant [aubergine] dip (Melitzanosalata) from Greece added on August 06, 2021

  • Just cooked this and it was really nice! The fennel seeds make all the difference and you can really feel the taste... I really tried to fail this recipe it seems : I used reversed proportions of 1/2 onion and 1 "radis marteau" (French white turnip) and an oldish salad pack instead of lettuce, and I burnt a bit the onions and radish pieces. But no, it still turned out fantastic! Miracle ... Will make again definitely and even in soup and let's use that rest of salad rotations. Served with filo rolls of lamb/fresh goat cheese/coriander and a pepper jam as dip for a light lunch.
    about Celeriac, lettuce and pea soup from Dom in the Kitchen added on August 03, 2021

  • Just made this with boiled eggs for a light lunch.... I really enjoyed it! It is very simple and flavorful ... I wonder whether this is a real middle-eastern dish or a creation... Will probably made again on my leek dishes rotation...I subbed fennel seeds for dill and fromage blanc for yogurt which I think didn't change the results much. I pressure cooked the leeks and I think overall they were more done than expected in the recipe - I may want to watch the cooking next time, but I do not mind my leeks tending too much on the tender side either.

  • As is frequently the case with this book, this seems like a convenient but quick assembly of ingredients rather than a recipe. I think I outgrew the book, which I bought at a sale when I was a beginner cook. Anyhow, the no fuss suited me fine as it was a remote working lunch and I had limited time. It was all right. I used fromage blanc and grated emmental instead of the Philly as I had fromage bland to use up. One thing that looks nice in the recipe and that I couldn't make (didn't have tortilla) is the cup thingy -> this may be a nice trick and I may try that later on.
    about Chilli con carne from Ultimate Philadelphia Cookbook added on July 26, 2021

  • The taste is super nice - hazelnut and comte belong together! Otherwise, the recipe is missing the weight of the hazelnut powder, and I kind of guessed 70g based on this blog ( Also this needs more 15/20 minutes than 10. In the end this gave a very moist and light texture, a bit more cakey than cookie, in my opinion. I would try to make them smaller and flatter and maybe increase the cooking time still. Definitely worth another try, however. I may even buy the actual Michel and Augutin cookies in the store to get to the bottom of this :)

  • Just made but using "radis marteau" (a kind of white bigger and flatter turnip) - no idea if this made a difference, as I am not too familiar with the original parsnip and apple soup flavour. It was nice! I also used creme fraiche instead of single cream, with more generous servings (I think somehow I always do that!). It was really nice and I may do it again and try it with actual parsnips when I can find some.

  • A lot of faff I thought for a tomato soup that didn't convinve me of its exceptional character - I found it not worth it. The basil oil was nice on its own, with a touch of salt to exalt the basil flavours, but was lost on the spiciness of the soup. Other than that; the tomato concassée added a nice texture and the overall look was pretty; and it still was pleasant to eat - will not make again, or maybe just the basil oil on its own.

  • This was nice and the sauce went really well with the grilled beef flavour. I used bavette steak because this is what I had, cooked on the pan to medium rare. I had never cooked or seen/remembered chimichurri sauce before, therefore I don't know how it compares - looking at photos on the internet, I realise I probably shouldn't have blended it but mixed it manually, as my version was smooth which I think shouldn't have been. Nevertheless good obviously.

  • I never had Rajmah so not sure of how well I did or how well the recipe fares! It is super simple to make that is for sure and flavorful, a bit like a vegetarian Indian style chili. Anyway it is so deceptively simple I might make again. To serve with rice; yogurt, and possibly a flat bread and mango chutney as suggested by Lepa.
    about Red kidney bean curry from Smitten Kitchen added on May 27, 2021

  • Satisfying, colorful and original soup ! I might have gone overboard on the cream I found it needed more seasoning than mentioned ... Could be nice with chili flakes? It is the second variation of beetroot soup I have been trying recently... this one is a bit more classic in terms of taste I think...
    about Roasted beetroot soup from Dom in the Kitchen added on May 08, 2021

  • Just made using merguez sausage (spicy lamb and beef sausage from North Africa), cumin seeds and wilted salad leaves, rest of ingredients as listed - except I forgot the sour cream... It was really nice! The contrast of the sausage, the wilted leaves and the sugary soup is quite nice and as the author say, it's the toppings that make this soup, taste-wise at least. The look is vibrant and pretty. I will make again as this is pleasant, a nice change from standard soups and packed with vitamins!

  • Super nice! The yogurt pastry is original, holds and folds nicely! The ingredients combine well... I guess you can do this with any vegetable pretty much... Will make again :)

  • Made again today... I maintain my earlier comments, the proportions are off, there is way too much chickpeas compared to the rest. I added seasoning and espelette pepper, forgot the parsley. Overall satisfying and a different way to eat chickpeas.
    about Chickpea and chorizo bowl from Olive Magazine, November 2012 added on April 05, 2021

  • I made this with confit duck so started at step 3- this is nice and an original way to cook red cabbage... although almost exactly the same as a traditional Alsacian recipe called "chou rouge a l'alsacienne", frequently served as a side with a duck dish. I somehow couldn't reach desired color on the sauce which was whiteish. Overall disappointing even if confit duck is always very nice to eat!

  • It was quite a pleasant way for a side of turnips with a bite... Strangely enough, I found that the pan cooking as suggested was quicker than with the pressure cooker (which somehow doesn't sound right but I think is). I served with a thick mountain smoked ham and a salad as a light lunch.
    about Braised turnips (Rape strascinate) from Cucina added on March 18, 2021

  • The recipe is purposedly very laconic which is evidently the concept here ("twitter recipe"). Nevertheless the soup was super good and comforting.. Served with goat cheese tartines, a dash of sour cream and olive oil and herbes de provence. I used two tomatoes, 3 peppers (red, yellow and green), and a red onion, which resulted in a very pleasant and bright red with orange undertones :)
    about Red pepper soup from Recipe Shorts added on January 25, 2021

  • Just made for lunch.... I didn't get his cooking instructions at all and had to change them anyhow as I do not own a mouli-legumes but do a pressure cooker which was my only big enough pot anyway... I cooked the vegs with butter/oil a little bit as advised, then pressure cooked all the vegetables together with a little stock. I intended to then immersion blend them then pass them through the sieve as suggested, but found the texture was fine after the immersion blender so ended things there and simply added the cream, a splash of soy sauce, salt and pepper. I served with an open baguette sandwich of ham, salad and fresh goat cheese. Overall the soup is satisfying though quite ordinary I think.... Still good :)
    about Simple cream of vegetable soup from Week In Week Out added on January 15, 2021