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  • The recipe is purposedly very laconic which is evidently the concept here ("twitter recipe"). Nevertheless the soup was super good and comforting.. Served with goat cheese tartines, a dash of sour cream and olive oil and herbes de provence. I used two tomatoes, 3 peppers (red, yellow and green), and a red onion, which resulted in a very pleasant and bright red with orange undertones :)
    about Red pepper soup from Recipe Shorts added on January 25, 2021

  • Just made for lunch.... I didn't get his cooking instructions at all and had to change them anyhow as I do not own a mouli-legumes but do a pressure cooker which was my only big enough pot anyway... I cooked the vegs with butter/oil a little bit as advised, then pressure cooked all the vegetables together with a little stock. I intended to then immersion blend them then pass them through the sieve as suggested, but found the texture was fine after the immersion blender so ended things there and simply added the cream, a splash of soy sauce, salt and pepper. I served with an open baguette sandwich of ham, salad and fresh goat cheese. Overall the soup is satisfying though quite ordinary I think.... Still good :)
    about Simple cream of vegetable soup from Week In Week Out added on January 15, 2021

  • This was nice, but not wow nice. I loved the marinade chicken :) and to add some vitamins from fruits. I think I messed up my rice which was stickier than I would have liked ... Might try again!
    about Rice, pineapple and chicken salad from Epicurious added on December 07, 2020

  • I had high expectations and was disappointed, but I suspect this might be because I altered the original recipe so much... we don't have tomatillos in France, I had to second guess proportions with just two eggs and I didn't have a pan of the correct size so ovened it... wasn't bad... just not worth it, but they look so pretty I may try again following the proper recipe :)
    about Green shakshuka from Jack's Wife Freda added on December 07, 2020

  • Made for lunch yesterday.... Subbed capers for minced gherkins and served with baguette toasts with good ham/butter... The turnips were deceptively simple to make with very little ingredients... but they were excellent .. The parsley and garlic worked their usual wonderfulness ... Really nice and tasty. Will make again and maybe try to toast the turnips a little bit more on the pan step
    about Herb dressed turnips from Olive Magazine, October 2011 added on November 13, 2020

  • Just made for lunch with Camembert toasted sandwich instead of Brie toasts... I used fresh tomatoes and my soup did look more orange than the picture which is more red... so maybe I didn't get the equivalences right... I skipped the fennel seeds part as I didn't have any and just toasted a portion of baguette with camembert, and added mortadella (i somehow inherited a stack of mortadella from a supermarket rescue so I stuff it where I can). The soup was delicious! The fennel shone through beautifully :) I will definitely add it to my fennel go to recipes ! I used my usual workaround of googling the title + Seattle to avoid the NY Times payroll (Melissa Clark publishes in both but Seattle does not have the paywall):
    about Tomato-fennel soup with Brie toasts from New York Times added on November 09, 2020

  • Just made with parsley replacing cilantro, simply because I misread the recipe:) lol... it was great but not wow great... I might up the herbs and cut them manually next time... I made with fresh coco beans which I mashed a tiny much and tasted great themselves, and added crispy speck ham on top...
    about Creamy white beans with herb oil from New York Times Cooking added on November 03, 2020

  • I made this yesterday and it was great!! Pretty, healthy and full of flavour :) I did not however tested the meatballs themselves => I had lamb burgers, which is a recipe from my butcher with mixed peppercorns, nutmeg and coriander, so just reshaped those into meatballs... I replaced harissa that I was missing with barbecue sauce mixed with cayenne pepper. It was still amazing! But I am guessing my butcher's "bonbons d'agneau" (that is the name he gave to those burgers) were the central point. To try again to see if the recipe is up to par, or if I can find a way to recreate the butcher's recipe!

  • I did quite a few substitutions but given they were quite close I don't think they altered the overall piece.... so used mixed leaf salad for Chinese leaves and watercress, green beans for mangetout, maple syrup for date syrup and confit duck for duck beast (this did make it better I think!!!! ??). The confit, lentils and greens were great, alone and together, but i expected that. The kiwi chutney swept me off my feet. Oh my. Will definitely make again and I think will be a great dip for nems, gyoza or dumplings ... So glad I made too much!!

  • Made today for lunch served with a simple green salad. Oddly enough I didn't initially get the sauce ... found way it too salty with no wow factor at all... until I added it to the steak and then all the flavour combined wonderfully and it was a lovely meal.
    about Skirt steak with cilantro garlic sauce from Epicurious added on September 15, 2020

  • Link seems to have disappeared - I found a similar/same recipe here :

  • I wasn't convinced, at all. First by the recipe, there are no proportions given at all, no clear instructions (do you use all the carrot top, or just the leaves, or ?). Second, the taste grossed me out, maybe because I got the proportions wrong, maybe because it was too raw and herby or just I don't like them or not used to it, who knows :) In any case will look elsewhere on how to use my carrot tops (see my post in the forum!)
    about Carrot top pistou from Tin and Thyme added on August 22, 2020

  • I made this using the same idea but roasting the radishes in the pan first, then added the egg milk mix, then shredded truffled Brie on top that I needed to finish off .. Delicious and just perfect for brunch!
    about Roasted radish and herbed ricotta omelet from Kitchn added on August 02, 2020

  • I did exactly as instructed and this yielded 3 to 4 servings in my opinion as a starter. I also did as the author and used yogurt and milk in place of cream. This was pleasant but not oh wow. That being said it was super simple to make so might do again!
    about Chilled pea and mint soup from Dom in the Kitchen added on July 26, 2020

  • That was a nice and pleasant dish which I served as a main. I found the egg yolk and olive oil sauce quite clever, but in the end couldn't really tell the difference. Maybe because I omitted the lemon zest (forgot)? Also note to self to be more generous with the seasoning. I was disappointed by my burrata, otherwise, and I think that would definitely up the dish. Will make again.

  • Was eyeing this recipe and noticed the link was not working. Found it by googling it, on this link :

  • Just made this with goat cheese instead of feta (which was a bit of a waste given it was quite a fancy farmhouse St Maure cheese but I realised midway through that my feta hadn't waited for me to go bad). Is really great and tasty, although I was having difficulty mastering the crescent shape with this topping - so kind of made up my own pocket shape. Otherwise was good and comforting. Took a while to cook though and would have been better with puff pastry - I am not sure what pie crust is, I used shortcrust/pate brisee.
    about Spinach and feta rugelach from Molly on the Range added on July 02, 2020

  • I found it really bland - it is necessary to use great real stock, and potentially spice it up, otherwise it is pretty tasteless in my opinion, or otherwise seriously spice it up, potentially with wine ("faire chabrol") and spices. Might try this tonight actually as I have leftovers and plans to open a bottle of red, and have to add stock again anyway. Omitted celery as did not have and replaced with more onions, but I don't think that fundamentally changed the taste.
    about Easy chicken and rice soup from Two Peas and Their Pod added on May 27, 2020

  • Nice and tasty way to use salmon leftovers! I didn't have shapes and my mixture was too liquid to hold off the shape without it, so I put it in muffin cases and this gave lovely looking salmon mini cakes :) Will definitely make again, that was super good and super quick...
    about Starfish cakes from Great British Chefs - Chef Recipes added on May 21, 2020

  • I made this yesterday - the recipe was good and deceptively simple. I liked it but didn't love it, just too simple and not special enough to take the trouble to come back to. Contrary to Melissa Clark, I would have gone a bit further cooking wise and let it char just a little! I avoided the paywall on the New York Times (I am a free subscriber and apparently they removed the 10 articles a month you can watch for free), and went to the Seattle Times, who also publishes some of the Melissa Clark recipes :

  • Not bad. I replaced beansprouts by spinach leaves (I know, this was the closest) and spring onions by onions (which is what I had and under lockdown rules this does really warrant a trip to the store). Made with excellent melt-in-the-mouth beef from the butcher across the street but just OK noodles (i.e. found somewhere in the cupboard of my rental apartment, a bit old). All in all the meal was satisfying without being extraordinary in any kind of way. Not sure if I will make again, maybe just so as to follow the original recipe and ingredients and see what happens.
    about Ho fun rice noodles with beef from Every Grain of Rice added on April 28, 2020

  • This was super simple and the oven cooking method is super efficient. Excellent. I added some garlic and parsley in the breadcrumbs, and skipped the flour step as I cannot find any flour ! I will most definitely make again and add some variations possibly on herbs, adding parmesan, etc. I served with an equally simple dip of creme fraiche, mustard and cumin mixed together, as a nibble type of dish.
    about Oven fried courgette rounds from Tamarind and Thyme added on April 18, 2020

  • Nice, healthy and simple... I had 3 half peppers to use up and halved the rest of the recipe, except the rice because I had a pack of rice to finish and don't have a scale in my current apartment anyhow. I ended up with too much stuffing, but I ate it as a small rice main and it was lovely!
    about Peppers stuffed with chicken and eggplant from Olga Massov added on April 13, 2020

  • Was so hungry I forgot to add the feta and parsley which would have been nice :) I replaced chilies with very finely minced normal peppers (i.e. not hot) with cayenne pepper to taste. It was great! I also used real tomatoes instead of canned, didn't have canned. I enjoyed it all :)
    about Shakshuka from Smitten Kitchen added on April 11, 2020

  • I am super disappointed. This was bland and the texture was dense and chewy. They looked nice enough right out of the oven but I ate them the day after + did them as individual cakes rather than a big one, maybe those were my mistakes! I might have messed up with the proportion as I do not have a measuring cup or cooking scale in my self isolation rental appartment :/ May buy one and try again, the ingredients married really well when I tasted the batter, it made me really looking forward to the actual cake ;) :/