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  • Just made with the following substitutions : replaced mint with basil, feta with crumbly goat cheese, and added some yogurt when I mixed it. I think it was a very simple recipe, almost so simple as to not to really warrant a recipe except for the decoration and additions. So a bit disappointing for that, but it was a nice and healthy dish nonetheless. Will probably make again due to it being soooo easy.

  • I found it a very standard seared beef recipe with classic soy sauce marinade, although the cumin does add an original note. All in all nothing too special in my opinion, just nice, and a good way to do what I chose the recipe for : finish off the steak and peppers from yesterday night.
    about Beef with cumin (Zi ran niu rou) from Every Grain of Rice added on March 30, 2020

  • Made yesterday... I still like it, but it was not as nice as I remembered. I think I have very slightly overcooked the steak and I like it quite grilled outside and very rare inside, I should cook it for a shorter time on a higher flame I think. The sauce also was less nice that I remembered, I am really not sure why. Yet this dish is so simple to make, healthy and flavourful, that I will make again. I served this time with a serving of rice.

  • Portions as indicated are very small - I made in individual portions dividing proportions only by 3 (recipe indicates it's for 6) for a decent sized portion. I subbed lardons by cubes of smoked duck magret as this is (oddly enough) what I had but I think that added a welcome slightly stronger and more complex flavour. I also used creme fraiche as this is also what I had rather than double cream, which was annoying as the creme fraiche curdled (but is otherwise so good!). That being said, it was tasty and I really enjoyed eating it.

  • This is very odd but actually nice :) Kind of a flan texture, maybe softer, but hot and savoury. The spring onions and soy sauce in the end add a nice touch. A surprising new way to eat eggs (for me!). I replaced the Shaoxing wine by Mirin, because I had a bottle of Mirin to use up, but I think the end result would have been pretty similar. I am curious now to find a Chinese restaurant that serve those to see how the "real" version is :)
    about Steamed eggs (Zheng shui dan) from Every Grain of Rice added on February 22, 2020

  • This is quite an original way to cook couscous. Didn't have any problems of it attaching to the pan, even though I did not quite master the pan turning technique :/ I found it could have benefited from more seasoning (none is mentioned) - if it wasn't for the crispy crilled edges, it would be quite bland. I used the exact measurements which yielded about the right amount for four people. I agree with the comments on the low heat ! It took about 15 minutes + for me on medium/high heat.
    about Couscous with tomato and onion from Jerusalem added on February 11, 2020

  • Agreed with previous comment on the burning :) And I did take them out before, did not leave 12 minutes in after the addition of the pickled mustard seeds. I thought otherwise that it was great, tasty and a bit caramelized. Served with chicken kiev. I liked the pickled mustard seeds too, very original way to cook mustard seeds. Will make again, at least for the crispy sprouts (the pickled mustard seed might do as well, they add a nice touch)

  • Very strange recipe to begin with, that I tried out of curiosity and to use up some overcooked muffins and apples. The egg milk mix is way too milky and the cake does not hold, even after cooking it way longer than said. I will eat as a pudding maybe but will not make again and find another way to use up stale cake :)

  • I tried again. Used suggested amount of potatoes, chorizo, half an onion and 3 eggs, because I wanted to use up the potatoes and chorizo and the pan I wanted to use was smaller than the recipe suggested (and since my pan last time was too large...). That was really nice, even though I did mess up the pan turning thing :) The texture and depth was much better than last time too. I must also remember to cut smaller potato slices, and not cut them lengthwise. Anyway, live and learn :)

  • It is a great appetizer recipe! I (somehow) had never boiled onions before, so this was interesting and quite original. I used parma ham i/o pancetta because I had an open pack of it. Will make again :)

  • Just made - only difference is I used merguez sausages (spiced, thin beef lamb merguez originating from Algeria, quite popular in France too), and I used Luxembourgish cremant/bubbly as the wine - as those were what I had on hand that most resembled the original ingredients. I don't think this made much difference. This was a great, spicy, flavourful and comforting dish - and I agree you can't indeed taste the fennel much :) Deceptively simple too, although the cooking itself takes a long time (which it needs) - you can do the sauce the day before if that helps or separately to reheat and use as and when you make the pasta. What I don't agree is that it makes six servings, about four for me if that!

  • The link to this recipe has disappeared... I found a similar one here : So I did this salad, without the radicchio, because I first wanted to try out the griled fennel and apple combination. Honestly, I felt it was a little boring, I should have added the radicchio! I used walnut oil instead of olive oil (I mean from my replacement recipe) because i decided to make the salad more interesting by adding walnuts crunches. I think the radicchio and some cheese would also make a great addition.
    about Roasted fennel and apple salad from Thought for Food added on December 11, 2019

  • Very disappointing, very bland, very liquid texture. Thankfully the salted pears and granola saved it to some extent, but I will not make again. It seems as though the chef has just randomly picked a few fashionable, vaguely original ingredients, add a non dairy this and non dairy that, and threw Thermomix in the mix (ordered recipe?). Nevertheless the result is definitely not up to par.

  • Did this again with oyster mushrooms, replacing wine with stock and serving on toast along with parma ham for a comfy brunch. Still great, took slightly longer than they say to thicken. Careful, add salt/seasoning in the end to be able to balance it as stock and cheese are already quite salty especially after the sauce reduces - you want to be able to balance those out (been there, done that :/).
    about Creamy Brie mushroom sauce from Closet Cooking added on November 28, 2019

  • I made this this week-end. It was nice and comforting without being extraordinary... I discovered and fell in love with this dish when I was staying in Maryland, it was my staple at Clyde's next to where I was living (and apparently they still serve it!). I was trying to reproduce it, my first attempt. I wasn't wowed. I think it might be because I should have used fresh or frozen artichoke hearts, instead of oil canned ones, which is what I had. I used 200g of crab meat mixed 3/4 white, 1/4 brown, and followed the rest of the proportions almost exactly.

  • Made again but it's almost not the same recipe anymore … lol … but was good this time! I used coppa instead of the turkey, and an apple compote instead of the apple (made of mashed apples, banana, nutmeg, pepper, hint of vanilla). For the rest I just did as instructed. This was way better than when I first tried, but I really think it was the turkey that just wasn't very tasty.
    about Rustic turkey with Brie & apples from Panini added on November 19, 2019

  • This was definitely good, however I was a bit disappointed. I didn't think you could really taste the white chocolate, and, it was really similar to a French apple tart I frequently make without a specific recipe (with spiced apple puree as a base and apricot jam as finish). I might try again with more chocolate.
    about Double apple tarts with white chocolate from Tin and Thyme added on November 17, 2019

  • This is super easy to make and was delicious! I cooked slightly bigger loaves than the author - my disposable moulds were foil ones about the size of a paperback. I cooked for 50 minutes because I was time bound, but this was impeccable, the knife came back completely clean and the texture was perfect, not mushy at all, despite the author's warning, moist on the inside and crusty on the outside. I used the three eggs as directed, and I replaced the (missing) buttermilk with a mix of 125ml yogurt and rest with milk). I served it warm and sliced (either oven warm or toasted), with a favorite dip/spread of sour cream + dijon mustard + toasted cumin seeds. Yummy! Will make again...

  • This is a great traditional moussaka recipe! The quantities are just right for a large dish, mine was too small and I had a bit of leftovers. Note for the aubergines that the quantity of oil has to be just right, not too much, not too little, for each batch. Pleasant and comforting overall. Served with a simple green salad with onions. To note that I found the potatoes to be slightly undercooked, and I followed all cooking times exactly, and cut to 5mm slices as directed => I used Cornish Earlies, not sure it matters, but next time I will increase the cooking time for the potatoes.
    about Moussaka from Hairy Bikers' Meat Feasts added on November 03, 2019

  • I just made this, and it was nice, but not over the moon nice. Part of it might have been that the proportion of sauce in my recipe was too small for the amount of pasta. I used 100g of dry pasta, so about 4 ounces (so half of what is required), because that was the left of my pack. However, the recipe is quite unclear requiring 8 ounces (225g) of fresh or dry pasta, which isn't quite the same. Otherwise, the recipe was still nice and hearty, just not extraordinary.
    about Pappardelle pasta with portobello mushroom ragu from Family Style Food added on October 29, 2019

  • Made again - still wonderful, and my go to hot dog recipe, still using this for the onions (, and still using Alsace knacks. The only thing is that I grill the hot dog on the same pan after I transfer the onions to a oven dish and then nestle them in the onions, rather than the other way round, and I pierce the sausages in a few places to allow the beer/oniony sauce to get in the sausage. I also use Dijon mustard, I rarely keep American one as a staple (although I do like it also!)
    about The best grilled hot dogs from Serious Eats added on October 10, 2019

  • I did this dividing the quantity by three, since I only had a limited number of asparagus. I subbed the cheeses as didn't have either goat cheese or cream cheese. I used Cancoillotte for goat cheese and Boursin for cream cheese. I thought this was great because Cancoillotte is a very light cheese, calorie wise, one of the lightest I know. However it was not necessarily wise, because Cancoillotte also has a very high water content and does liquefy a little bit while cooked, although it does settle after 5 minutes or so and everything is fine again. Otherwise, it was my first breakfasft casserole, we don't really have those in France or in the UK, and it is a great idea!

  • Made again, and loved it again! I did it with some substitutions : Saint Felicien i/o Brie, red wine i/o white, thyme i/o parsley, and added breadcrumbs, I don't think this changed the results by much.... This was just as nice as last time. Will make again!
    about Mushrooms stuffed with Brie from Pioneer Woman added on October 01, 2019

  • This is nice and pleasant, the flavors combine well together, and is pretty healthy …. not extraordinary though, just a nice little healthy salad. Plus, it made use of a few things I needed to use up! I changed the proportions a little : a third of a cucumber, 5/6 radishes, half a can of butter beans, and replaced mint and parsley by coriander. One thing though, I think a two cloves of garlic for a tablespoon of olive oil is a bit two much garlic! Divided by half.

  • Nice and comforting soup, with the fennel flavours shining through ... served with croutons... Had it again re-heated today and still really nice, great comforting taste! I served with roasted hazelnut and crispy parma ham, was perfect :)
    about Creamy fennel and potato soup from Epicurious added on September 23, 2019