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  • This was great, but not as fabulous as other reviewers said... I used white wine, and otherwise the exact quantities from the recipe. It lacked a bit of kick/was a bit bland I found, even if it was still a great comfort dish! I used pork and leek sausage. I finally added stock and quite a bit of pepper, upped the parmesan, and this was a bit nicer :)
    about Tomato and sausage risotto from Smitten Kitchen added on September 20, 2019

  • Excellent, but I had prime duck breasts! I used spinach instead of pak choi.... The cooking times are spot on. The sauce is excellent, but too salty, a little less soy sauce and lighter broth, potentially.
    about Five-spice roast duck breast from Olive Magazine, January 2012 added on September 11, 2019

  • Quick and nice! Be careful to respect the baking instructions, in particular temperature and baking time - I messed up with this, but my family loved it anyway and asked me for the recipe - will bake again. Note that the link to the recipe doesn't exist anymore. They put a similar one but changed the flours to add wholemeal flour (which I am not really a fan of, and am afraid will make this too heavy on the stomach). Anyway, it is there :
    about Lizzie's Kitchen Irish soda bread from Olive Magazine, May 2011 added on August 13, 2019

  • Nice, tasty, and healthy - though it was not necessarily worth writing a recipe for, in my opinion (I would have easily had the idea to combine those by myself!)... Enjoyable nonetheless!! :)

  • Just made this :) Pretty, tasty, healthy! Definitely a winner. Good advice for the pancetta!

  • Nice little muffins :) I made them with hazelnuts as I was out of pecans, and I think pecans would have added a welcome kick to it, but they were nice anyway! :)
    about Banana pecan muffins from Chocolate & Zucchini added on June 16, 2019

  • Good and hearty comfortable meal ! Easy to make too! I used celeriac instead of Jerusalem artichokes as we are off season. Very enjoyable :)

  • Nice combination of ingredients, perfect spring salad, very pretty too! I lowered the proportion of fennel, which would have overpowered the salmon and cheese. I also subbed pepper flavoured boursin i/o blue cheese.

  • Very pretty and tasty enough, but not very easy to cut and eat. Also not especially extraordinary! If I make again, I will make into small tartlets, and try to find a way for the filling to "hold" more,
    about Lemony asparagus and ricotta tart from Higgidy Cookbook added on May 17, 2019

  • Delicious! Absolutely delicious and very easy to make. I upped the amount of scallops, just because, and robbed them into celery salt and paprika before toasting them, otherwise just followed the recipe. Will definitely make again.

  • Simple, but effective and delicious! I didn't have maple syrup so did it with honey, and for the rest followed the recipe exactly. It was gorgeous :)

  • The link has disappeared! There is a blueberry rhubarb compote here however from the same blog :, but it is not the same one :(
    about Blueberry rhubarb jam from Thought for Food added on March 30, 2019

  • I had never made farls before so this was definitely interesting ! The texture was less bready and more potato-ey than I expected, but nice anyway! Nice accompaniment for a good meaty soup :) Will make again!
    about Swede farls from Jamie Magazine, January 2016 (#65) added on March 28, 2019

  • Those were super good! I used both smoked Bayonne ham and Prosciutto Cotto, and I upscaled the cheese a little (nice soft texture/strong flavoured/ashy goat cheese from the Loire Valley), I am in love, will do it again most definitely.
    about Mini prosciutto and goats cheese 'tartlets' from Moveable Feast added on March 17, 2019

  • Just tried again with better ingredients : my pears were juicy, I used good rapeseed oil, just the only saffron I had was the same one... I still didn't like them. And this is odd, because my sister, whom I gave the recipe too. also made them and she says it was the best muffins she ever had. So, jury still out. I might try it out again with her and see what the rest of the family thinks :)

  • You can find it at :
    about Mini prosciutto and goats cheese 'tartlets' from Moveable Feast added on March 17, 2019

  • I liked it, but didn't love it. That being said, comments at work were really complimentary "best chocolate cake I ever had" "extraordinary"...etc. so maybe just me :) I also thought it was a lot of faff/washing up : four bowls which had to be worked on separately then mixed, one for the eggs, one for the dry mixture, one for the chocolate/butter, one for the carrots. I omitted the raisins also, because I do not like them, and replaced vanilla extract with actual vanilla (I did not have any left).
    about Chocolate carrot brownies from Hummingbird Bakery: Life is Sweet added on November 26, 2018

  • Just made this and love the combination of ingredients! I used crispy smoked ham instead of chorizo, and roasted hazelnut instead of breadcrumbs, otherwise followed the recipe exactly. I loved the contrast of the sour cream with the soup, the saltiness of the ham, the limey taste and the hazelnuts. It also looks very good so can be served in a diner party as a starter.

  • Nice and healthy - but nothing extraordinary and a bit strange, but then again all of the recipes in that book gave me that feeling - i.e. associating pepper/almond sauce with mushroom and spinach, garlic egg and toasted bread? Will probably not make again, or maybe just the Romesco sauce!

  • This was great - although a variation of a recipe I knew from France ( This version is with goat cheese, but the recipes are overall pretty similar. I replaced fennel seeds with anise seeds, and also omitted the olives as I did not have any. Pretty tasty but since it was very similar to the original recipe no surprise there - the goat cheese did not add a lot to the recipe but was quite nice anyway! Served with a simple side salad for a light lunch.
    about Fennel Tatin from The Guardian added on November 08, 2018

  • I have yet to bake them, just made the dough and wanted to say that this recipe is DANGEROUSLY good! Once tasted it is very very difficult to stay away from the dough - man :) Consider yourselves warned, but I will post more after I actually bake them (tomorrow)
    about World peace cookies from Dorie's Cookies added on September 22, 2018

  • Link here
    about Apple weekend cake from Baking Chez Moi added on July 15, 2018

  • I absolutely love this recipe, this is the first one I made from Fushia Dunlop, and still my favourite. Easy to make, ingrédients not too hard to find, delicious! I do reduce the chiles from 10 to 2 (low spicy tolerance..) For the peanuts, I wouldn't know about the smell, because I cheat and buy pre-roasted peanuts :/ I love the flavours of this dish though, the sauce, the Sichuan Pepper, and the peanuts is what sets it apart (in my opinion).

  • Did it again and just as nice! I added extra apples (one per sausage), suppressed the applesauce, added four spice mix (Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg), and subbed spicy sausage for chorizo. I served with a banana and mango chutney which I mixed up, like a dipping sauce, and it complemented it really well.
    about Chorizo & apple sausage rolls from BBC Good Food added on May 20, 2018

  • That was nice, but not extraordinary, and according to me, just another version of shakshuka with much more faff. A couple of substitutions, unimportant in my opinion: spicy sausage for merguez (but then cooked in slices as they were larger), and shard leaves for spinach. My spices were a bit old, so that might have affected the spice mix flavour. The egg trick is nice, I did not managed to shape it but the cooking was spot on. I will not make again as I don't think it is worth the trouble.