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  • Did it again and just as nice! I added extra apples (one per sausage), suppressed the applesauce, added four spice mix (Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg), and subbed spicy sausage for chorizo. I served with a banana and mango chutney which I mixed up, like a dipping sauce, and it complemented it really well.
    about Chorizo & apple sausage rolls from BBC Good Food added on May 20, 2018

  • That was nice, but not extraordinary, and according to me, just another version of shakshuka with much more faff. A couple of substitutions, unimportant in my opinion: spicy sausage for merguez (but then cooked in slices as they were larger), and shard leaves for spinach. My spices were a bit old, so that might have affected the spice mix flavour. The egg trick is nice, I did not managed to shape it but the cooking was spot on. I will not make again as I don't think it is worth the trouble.

  • I tried this recipe with the following changes : I do not own a mixer with plastic blades, and my brie was very runny, so I mixed everything by hand - also I do not have half and half and I used part creme fraiche and part milk. I also pre baked the pastry. Nevertheless, it was too runny and my pastry got a little soft, which I think might be because of my half and half replacement. The taste was nice and subtle.

  • Deceptively bland... I could not taste the salmon really much and the spice blend was lacking flavour. I used asparagus i/o courgettes which I cut julienne mode (as in very thin strips) and they were great and added a bit of flavour. Overall though will not do again I think or would try to add a twist to it..
    about Red Thai salmon curry from Ready, Steady, Glow added on April 15, 2018

  • The recipe on the link mentioned as disappeared and cannot be found through the website. I found it on another website : I have not tried the recipe yet, though, but I will and get back to you!!

  • I chose this recipe as I had cut courgettes made for another recipe and wanted to use them up, and I was intrigued by skordalia as I had never heard of it before. This is funny! Very tasty and simple to make. The courgettes however make sure you cut them a little thick, as specified in the recipe, otherwise they will overcook too easily (that is what happened to me!) - I might just use the Actifry next time to have a healthier and more homogeneous result.
    about Fried courgettes with skordalia from Week In Week Out added on March 11, 2018

  • Those are cool! Tasty, fun and an original way to cook celeriac. Do not skip or even reduce the fridge time as otherwise they are likely to fall apart a little bit (I was a bit impatient for my first barch! ). I served with mayo for dipping, parma ham and asparagus for a light dinner.
    about Celeriac and Gruyère fritters from Gourmet Traveller Menus added on March 10, 2018

  • Very British :) I was skeptical about the mint and basil flavour combination, but it did work. I did it with cod, which is what I had, although unfortunately I did not have skin on to have that beautiful crisp fish skin deliciousness. All in all, it works, it is very simple and quick to do, a good/different way to use cauliflower, but I did not find extraordinary either

  • Just did this for lunch, it was easy, nice and tasty :) Has now become a comfortable salmon classic. I usually overcook it just a notch to have one side of honey-ish miso crust - miam!

  • Nice recipe! The trick for the little bump works just right.. Actually I did one batch with a proper madeleine tin and one batch with an English muffin tin, and you had the little bumps even on the muffin ones :) I added almond extract which was a nice little touch. I brought it to the office and got a lot of compliments :) Be careful of the cooking time though, I cooked the first batch for 10-12 minutes and it was a bit undercooked and the second one for about 13-15 minutes and it was a bit overcooked, so you have to monitor it to get the timing just right, according to the temp, your oven type, how long the pre-heating was...etc.
    about Perfect madeleines from Chocolate & Zucchini added on February 19, 2018

  • Nice comforting English dish, though I added a French touch as I replaced cider with white dry Jurancon wine, as I had a bottle opened - I used chilli and fennel sausages, rather than Cumberland ones, and I think the spice was a nice contrast with the sweetness of the apple, and the acidity of the wine. Will definitely make again (will try with cider next time!!). We have a similar dish in France called boudin aux pommes (but with blood sausage, and minus the cider). I actually like this one better, because of the cider sauce!

  • Pretty! And tasty, without being extraordinary, it is a great little dish! I added cayenne pepper (a little) to spice things up, and used round Italian aubergines. I served with smoked beef sprinkled with olive oil and fresh pepper. Nice, pretty and tasteful Mediterranean/Middle Eastern lunch :)
    about Iman Bayeldi from Week In Week Out added on February 12, 2018

  • This is clearly not bread. Looks and tastes more like a light brownie/chocolate cake! Anyway, brought at work, HUGE success, this is amazing. So will definitely bake again. Very easy to make too! I did not find Dutch chocolate so just used Cadbury :)
    about Chocolate banana bread from Two Peas and Their Pod added on January 31, 2018

  • Very nice! Subtle complementary flavours, beautiful looking, a real pleasure! I did not mix the soup up, just puree-ed it manually, and I did not mix in the hazelnuts either, rather, I chopped them roughly then toasted them and just sprinkled it over the soup. I will most definitely make again - add it to my go to soup repertory. Also it looks so classy, it is ideal to serve as an appetizer in a semi formal dinner.

  • That was really nice, I love them! Moist with a really pleasant texture and a little crunch on the top. I did not have enough walnut for the crumble so just put a couple of ginger pieces with a pinch of sugar. I had 12 small muffins and they baked for exactly the time it said, about 20 minutes. The taste is subtle and really good. Will make again without a doubt.
    about Pear ginger walnut muffins from Food52 added on January 28, 2018

  • The recipe sounded yummy, was very simple, looked beautiful and smelled really nice. Unfortunately, the result was quite bland, so I was disappointed. Might try next time with more chocolate and in particular, actual chocolate rather than cocoa, more bananas, more walnuts, a hint of vanilla and less cooking time (for more moisture).
    about Chocolate banana and walnut muffins from Dom in the Kitchen added on January 16, 2018

  • Lovely looking savoury tart, original and delicious! I shaped the ham to look like little flowers, so that with the red circles of the tomatoes, and the green stems of the asparagus, it looked like a little garden :) It tasted great too, although I think I put too much garlic towards the size of my pie, but that was only a minor issue. I will make again. I had substituted the ricotta which I didn't have with a mix of cancoillotte and mascarpone, and parmesan with cheddar. I think the first substitution accounted for a smoother texture.

  • Maybe best tomato soup ever is a slight exaggeration, but this is really tasty and oh so comforting. I subbed the can tomatoes with my special express microwave tomato mixture with fresh cherry vine tomatoes (for those interested : cut the tomatoes in quarter (if small/cherry) or in 1cm squares, put in a bowl and mix with salt, pepper, herbs/spices of your choice and a good serving of olive oil/ mix it all up and cover/2 minutes, then pause and stir then 2 minutes. Also I used the Crème Fraiche d'Isigny which is a thick, full fat crème fraiche, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. I think those additions improved the recipe. Will undoubtedly make again and again!
    about Best tomato soup ever from Food Network added on January 12, 2018

  • This is tasty and original... The measurements in the recipe felt very big though, I had a smaller pan but adjusted to use about 50% to what was mentioned in the recipe. I also subbed gruyere with cheddar, as this is what I had handy in London. Will definitely make again :)
    about Asparagus & Vidalia onion quiche from Dinner Déjà Vu added on December 30, 2017

  • I chose this recipes as I was trying to eat the contents of my fridge before the Christmas holidays without buying more! I was quite happy, this was flavourful and comforting, although I did let it cook a bit more than expected as my eggs were a bit past date so, I wanted the whites to settle. I am not sure if that is why, but it looked nothing like in the picture (at all). I might make again if I have the ingrédients at hand again, and maybe try to stick to the cooking times mentioned in the recipe to see if that improves it.

  • Not convinced... I loved the idea and the recipe initially, but going through it, the result is a bit underwhelming. The quiche "appareil" is more akin to an omelette, and the overall thing is a bit bland. Maybe will try again but with some twists! Good point though, it made me discover wild garlic :)

  • Just made this.... Nice and comforting dish! I substituted lemon thyme for parsley, but I think that was actually better that way! I did not turn them around half way, because I had a chorizo fat leak and the bottom was a bit soggy as a result, I thought turning them was too risky. Nevertheless, they turned out fine!
    about Chorizo & apple sausage rolls from BBC Good Food added on November 25, 2017

  • I will edit the note tomorrow after I am able to actually eat the cake - but just finished making and cooking it : this is gigantic and I did not even use all the batter? I did not use a bundt cake but a 20cm-deep simple round cake... I don't think I ever made such an enormous cake :) Which is why I am not eating now, but bringing to the office so people can help me finish it :)

  • I have to say I am impressed. I ran into this recipe while looking how to use up chicory past their prime (so cooked), and when I read the actual instructions I was a bit in disbelief. Really? I had never cooked polenta like this, I thought it was strange to just throw it in the pan like that. Also while doing it, it just looked as though it would never mold into a cake, I thought I was making a mess of it. But no. I persevered and the miracle happened. Tada! A polenta crusty vegetable galette. I used chopped chicory and green beans (i.e. haricots verts, long). I followed the recipe to the letter, except, I put the garlic, herbs, chilies to cook for a couple of minutes before adding back the greens. Will definitely make again.
    about Chicory galette (Glië zeppolone) from Cucina added on October 29, 2017

  • Man - I love chutney - I did it again to use up some mangoes that were in need, and I am just falling in love every time I make chutney, and especially mango chutney. Planning to use as a topping for an arancini with Mozzarella and Bayonne ham (i.e. French parma ham). Need to not eat the whole chutney before I get to that though!
    about Mango chutney from Complete Perfect Recipes added on October 22, 2017