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  • Nice and simple, but efficient, it is so tasty and such a nice way to eat fish! I think it is my second favourite thai curry, maybe lacking a little originality (my favourite is a recipe from a French book called "red duck curry with lychees and bamboo shots"). I could not help but dip and dip the sauce again :)
    about Coconut fish curry from Complete Perfect Recipes added on October 22, 2017

  • This is page 92
    about Coconut fish curry from Complete Perfect Recipes added on October 21, 2017

  • Just cooked this... That was my first Shakshuka and so I had no baseline for comparison but I liked it... It was nice and warm and comforting... I put too much cumin but it was not too bothering, I subbed the harissa with cayenne pepper as did not have on hand. I halved the recipe as this was for one, and did not have labneh or yogurt, Will try again with the variations next time to see if I like other recipes better, but I did like that one, nice and simple.
    about Shakshuka from Jerusalem added on October 07, 2017

  • Very original salad! I had never made carrots that way and that is definitely cool! The flavours go well together, and the result is very pretty and undoubtedly packed with vitamins! I served it with Bayonne smoked ham and a little toast for a light lunch. I will definitely make again!
    about Clementine, avocado + crispy carrot salad from Thought for Food added on October 07, 2017

  • I LOVED it :) My favourite staple in the book so far. I respected exactly the instructions and it was perfect. I served it with yogurt mixed up with lime juice, salt, pepper and coriander which I used as a dip for the kotlets. Will definitely do again. Also lovely as an "aperitif" staple / nibble with drinks before dinner, or as a snack :)
    about Spiced beef and potato cakes (Kotlet) from Persiana added on September 25, 2017

  • The marinade was excellent, I couldn't keep dipping my bread in it! I served with plain couscous, mostly because I am on a very restrictive diet at the moment (thankfully won't last!). I made more marinade than indicated (I used the same amount for just one salmon fillet) and I am very glad I did :) I reserve my decision over best recipe in the book, or salmon recipe though definitely a good one.
    about Citrus spiced salmon from Persiana added on September 24, 2017

  • I cooked this two days ago, and I loved it! At first bite, it did not taste as flavorful as I thought it was going to, but then it grew on me :) For the crème fraiche, it is important to take a thick one (in the UK Waitrose stocks the "Crème Fraiche d'Isigny" from Isigny Ste Mere which is perfect - I am not sure of what would be a UK equivalent??), I tried to play around and put different topics on top of the crème fraiche. Coriander as advised, Chilis. Pepper. Anise. Basil. etc. Also a nice idea to cut into little cubes with dips as a nibble with drinks.
    about Savory spiced carrot cake from City Kitchen at The New York Times added on September 04, 2017

  • This is a nice and original savoury tart.. No obvious flaws, the pastry is perfect and crusty, the Inside is nice and firm... I will do it agaain - but will try and improve it to give it a wow factor :) I am thinking maybe adding nutmeg and raising the parmesan ratio?
    about Fennel and broad bean tart from Delicious Magazine (UK), July 2009 added on September 02, 2017

  • Made again for all the family, using Alsace knacks again (we were in Alsace!). Everyone loved it ! Especially the onions which I made from scratch with fresh onions, coooked them with olive oil and slightly candied them before adding the beer and reducing all the juices with the sausages. I used Leffe this time for the beer
    about The best grilled hot dogs from Serious Eats added on September 02, 2017

  • Nice little soup - it is a shame my blender is so sh...ty, I can never get proper creamy textures. I subbed beer for white wine which worked - although i suspect white wine would have worked even better, this was nice! Just a word on the quantities, the author is generous with portions, I think her quantities yield more 8-10 than 4-6!
    about Salmon bisque from Tartelette added on August 12, 2017

  • This is delicious and an original way to prepare leeks;, but you need to make sure your leeks are really tender in order to be able to cut this through and enjoy properly - this does not work with big leeks, except if you just take the heart and take out all of the rough leaves around it - baby leeks work fine :) Also nice is subbing the creme fraiche by bechamel. and/or vary with other types of cheese. Reblochon and a dash of white wine does it for me, but the sky the limit :)
    about Pancetta-wrapped leek gratin from Food Wishes added on August 10, 2017

  • I made this yesterday, using chorizo for spicy sausage, frozen spinach, but real fresh san marzano tomatoes (i.e. not canned). That was nice and comforty with a nice little kick and the spinach to give you good conscience (and iron :) Will do again... Maybe will try with bechamel instead of the creme fraiche and cheese.

  • I decided to try this as I am on a strange impulse these days about finding different ways to cook radishes than just dipping them in salted butter. I found roasted recipes and now... this! I somehow ended up subbing rice flour for cornstarch as I discovered I had no flour at home of any kind. Bad idea. The texture was all plasticky! Fortunately this does go away while heating. In the end, with all the seasoning, it turned out to be a very enjoyable meal! I will make again (if only to use the correct flour). That being said, I think the cake alone is pretty bland, it is the seasonings that make it. My roommate is from Hong Kong and confirms, and his girlfriend hates the cake. My roommate told me his father usually puts sausage into it to make it more tasty. Nevertheless, I think the recipe is great and overcomes this thanks to the seasoning. The egg also in the end is a nice touch (but odd). I actually want to add crushed peanut as a finishing touch and next time I will do!
    about Fried radish cake (菜头粿) from Rasa Malaysia added on May 29, 2017

  • I am not very impressed... This is just aubergine and tomato with a little spice? Good yes certainly, but just a bit too normal to be honest. I don't think I will do again unless I find a way to make it more interesting. On the contrary to another Moroccan recipe I felt right in love with : aubergines m'rekked... ( if anyone is interested - sorry in French though)

  • I found the recipe very strange... I made a few adjustments, replacing the buttermilk by 100g of milk + 50g crème fraiche (full fat) + lemon juice, adding a pear as I needed to use it up, and inadvertently mixing up dry and wet ingredients directly instead of separating them. I also used an old olive oil which had lost its flavours (to use it up).This recipe is beautiful with the brown butter mixing with the oil and the saffron. The muffins also come off really beautiful. The flavours are a bit strange. I think this might be due to my saffron, bought in Iran, that has an odd flavour I think, or to the pears that were not flavourful enough, or to the olive oil. I will definitely try again with better ingredients.

  • p191of the book. This looked like a very strange way of making soup, but I was feeling curious and went along with it. Nevertheless while cooking, I found it bland so upped the game a little adding a chicken Knorr cube to the fava and tomatoes, rubbing the stale bread with garlic, and adding grated cheddar on top in the end. That turned the blandness into pure comfort and was really nice + my dose of vegs and vitamin for the day definitely.

  • This is very simple, nice and fresh. Would have benefitted from riper avocadoes and pears than I had. I used smoked ham from Vendee (same as parma ham, just French), and substituted boston salad with chicory as this is what I had. I served the salad with cream cheese toasts over a nice surdough. But I think equally you could add cheese and croutons to the salad to improve it. I also substituted balsamic for sherry vinegar as I did not have any, but not so great I think you really have to use sherry or raspberry vinegar (depending on what is available next to you).

  • This was really nice!!!! I skipped the blue cheese as I don't like it, but both the soup and the caramelised endives were wonderful. I would experiment trying adding goat cheese (instead of blue), beer, mustard, garlic croutons, and maybe other cheeses such as cheddar, maroilles... until I have my perfect yummy version

  • This was nice and tasty though not extraordinary either :) Only issue was I used too big a pan, I would advise to use a deep and small-ish pan to achieve a better texture, and maybe up the amount of onions and potatoes a bit.

  • That was very strange for me : I had never done or seen dumplings before, and the small balls growing in the stew were very odd to me, the texture, the shape a bit like round shaped soft bread,... Past the first surprise element, this was quite good, not extraordinary but good and tasty. I think I would have liked it better as a sausage stew and might try that, but I think I might like to try a dumpling recipe in a restaurant, to have something to compare it with!

  • Those are really nice!!! Amazing taste and melting nutella center :)

  • This is nice!!! The sauce in particular, quite a classic but outstanding nonetheless, white wine, onions, parsley, garlic. The brie melts in there effortlessly. A perfect little pick me up starter or snack/light lunch. I would actually add breadcrumbs maybe for a little crust on the top. Note that I did not have enough brie so used another cheese (goat cheese gouda which I had bought out of odd curiosity at Waitrose). It was good anyway, but not as nice as the Brie!
    about Mushrooms stuffed with Brie from Pioneer Woman added on March 11, 2017

  • That was... not bad, but a strange mix of flavours. The cauliflower and especially the simple and effective sauce worked wonderfully. More the sauce than the cauliflower, very addictive, I kept dipping into it! The peanuts are a nice touch. The lentils I think work, but they did not strike me especially. But the lemon juice and the tomatoes I think, did not go with the rest of the flavours. So while I will keep the wonderful cauliflower sauce, I am not sure I will do again as a whole? Maybe, but undecided and if I do will probably twist it.
    about Roasted cauliflower and spiced lentils from Ready, Steady, Glow added on February 25, 2017

  • I made (up) this salad for years without seeing this recipe :) Very good and refreshing though!! Equally good with grilled salmon (served lukewarm and crispy)... I had it just at the minute and it is delicious!
    about Salad of avocado, green beans, mango and raw salmon with lime and ginger dressing from added on February 25, 2017

  • Wow. This was amazing! Will try different spice rubs too! And the brine step made it not dry at all ... That will definitely be one of my go to chicken recipes/ways of cooking chicken!
    about Slow-and-low dry rub oven chicken from Smitten Kitchen added on February 24, 2017