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  • The recipe link has disappeared, I found a new one here with the exact same recipe as in the magazine but no credit to it (shame!) : I loved the vinaigrette... very original, healthy and tasty and gives a nice fresh contrast with the grilled steak, as well as the spring onion. I did not pay much attention to the rub because my steak was so great I lost attention. I also forgot the salad and the coriander as I was too hungry :)

  • Simple, but efficient, and a beautiful vinegary, spicey chutney flavour that felt very seasonal, probably partly due to the fact I replaced ground cumin with ground cloves !
    about Mango chutney from Complete Perfect Recipes added on December 16, 2016

  • Nice and easy :) My two French guests loved it and asked for more ;)
    about Orange drizzle cake from Olive Magazine, May 2011 added on October 26, 2016

  • Page 302
    about Spice cake from Complete Perfect Recipes added on October 23, 2016

  • Simple - yet soooo enjoyable. I loved it with a perfect medium rare but grilled outside steak, the flavours combined each other very well. Miam :)

  • I have attempted this twice - everything goes well up to step 6. The meat and vegetable sauce is divine. However after chilling, I can't reach a meatball friendly texture. The first time, I tried anyway, and ended up with very lousy shape "kind of" fritters. The second time, today, I just decided to transform this into a hachis parmentier/sheperd's pie with lovely creamy, mashed potatoes and parmesan on top. Will keep on trying though, if they come through they should be really good! Will try maybe add an egg to the meat mixture as a liaison agent.

  • Note that the recipe doesn't call for bacon and lardon, it calls for a whole piece of unsmoked bacon which you first boil with the lentils, then cut into lardons, then fry until crispy. I suppose you could also buy lardons or cut the bacon and fry directly, but that would remove some of the bacon taste from sipping into the stew.

  • Just tried this as I had chorizo as well as tomatoes to use up and chickpeas, and was looking for an easy snack. It is tasty and filling, and though nothing original, I had not thought of this combination. Two things though : this dish is supposed to be light, but with 35g of chorizo per serving, you bet it is! this is way too little, I used 100g and this was a bit too small too ; and this is too bland, you need at least salt and pepper, otherwise the chickpeas are too bland.
    about Chickpea and chorizo bowl from Olive Magazine, November 2012 added on August 02, 2016

  • I concur, it was really good - I wouldn't stay lighter or americanized version for sure though, more like a version of a quite standard quiche "appareil".. I do agree with your comment though for the resting time and I had to make myself wait :) I also completely failed on the braid front which looked very, um, modern arty. However a lot of other things suprised me. The fact that you start with the cheese at the bottom of the pie, the fact that you put the spinach uncooked, and most of all, the way to prepare the garlic. Poached, then pan fried, then poached again with herbs, syrup and flavourings... Never seen any of this. I actually felt like a with cooking a secret recipe and did follow it thoroughly as I wanted to see where it led! But however strange (for me at least!) it works. And it did lead to a wonderful savoury tart, which I would gladly make again :)

  • Simple and hearty, really invigorating. A bit original as well with the egg drops. I did it with a bit of stock rather than just salted water.
    about Vegetable soup (Zuppa di ortaggi) from Cucina added on June 18, 2016

  • This recipe is page 201
    about Vegetable soup (Zuppa di ortaggi) from Cucina added on June 18, 2016

  • Great cake idea :) Unfortunately I messed it up as I misread the end of the recipe and did it as an upside down cake (which does not look too good). I also accidentally superficially burnt it, which was not beyond repair as it was upside down. Flavours were all good, so blaming it all on my own carelessness and will keep trying.
    about Strawberry summer cake from Smitten Kitchen added on June 18, 2016

  • I did this with Armagnac (did not have Whisky or Bourbon), and substituting maple syrup for molasses. I also used salted butter as I prefer my caramel on the salty side. That was quite nice and spicy, although the cake did look much lighter than in the picture (in terms of color). My guests really liked it (the guy was really happy to the point I felt a bit embarassed towards his wife who also liked it ... but well... lol :) I served it warm at breakfast after 10 minutes on grill mode oven. I served this at work as well and everybody was complimental... It was really tasty and the Armagnac came out nicely.
    about Upside-down pear cake from Hummingbird Bakery: Life is Sweet added on June 12, 2016

  • Good recipe in terms of taste and baking time... However, you need an american muffin case with deeper and larger holes... I did mine with an English 12 cases and I completely messed it up, my tops were all spread out and stuck with each other :( Tastes good though, but looks really messy.
    about Top heavy blueberry muffins from Alton Brown added on May 15, 2016

  • Hi Christine! Sorry not sure how to respond to this without adding a note :-) I too ran into a recipe calling from braised after some issues with past date radishes - forum links here : I would love to have some new ideas to use them! I have tried it and the omelette with the link in the article is quite nice too :)

  • I tried this today for lunch as I was looking to try more dishes from the Fushia Dunlop book and had some leftover cauliflower and streaky bacon. It was surprising as the dish did not strike me at all as Chinese - I mean it does not use any typical chinese ingrédients. Yet again, it does not seem to be really European either, it would not have come to my mind to cook cauliflower that way. Anyway, it was OK and a new way to use up cauliflower.

  • Average - a classic and good risotto, but with nothing special. I could not really feel the cauliflower but it was still a nice way to eat leftover cauliflower. Maybe I should change it and choose a sausage with more kick?

  • I came back from an emergency trip in France to find some asparagus forgotten in the fridge, past date but still looking good. And I found this and this sounded such an interesting idea (especially as I had some strawberries in the freezer). But the result was not to my liking. I reckon it is partly my fault, the asparagus and strawberries were past their prime, and I replaced the creme fraiche by Philadelphia as I did not have any. Result : The pastry was tasted amazing and turned out very flaky (a tad too much maybe, but I have never been so great with flaky pastry). The overall taste disappointed me. A bit bland, and did not marry too well. I may try again with better/fresher ingredients.

  • Yummy! I will not make hot dogs another way now :) I made a bit of a "Franglish" variation, using baguette, Alsace knacks, Roscoff onions, and British craft beer (using this recipe for hot dog onions : I LOVED it :) The beer tip, makes all the difference - the sausages are all juicy and flavourful, but still have that chargrilled smokiness. Perfection.
    about The best grilled hot dogs from Serious Eats added on April 23, 2016

  • Really original, tasty and pretty :) Always has loads of success :)
    about Caramel chip banana cake from Olive Magazine, October 2011 added on April 22, 2016

  • Indeed an interesting way to use kale which changes a bit. Although I would completely review the proportions : I used 200g of kale which is what I had. Also 6 eggs sounded like too much. So instead I used a French recipe for savoury custard that uses just 2 eggs + 2 yolks. Though I still found there was too much kale, the overall dish was pleasant to eat. The recipe I used for the custard can be found here (in French, but easy to translate with the pictures and not too many words) :

  • I rated 3.5. Because I really did not need a recipe to pan fry asparagus with olive oïl and sprinkle it with cheese. But this is so good and so simple. One of my favorite ways to eat asparagus :)

  • This is good - not wow this is beyond belief good - but interesting, fresh, flavourful, and a bit different. I would not call it "dip" though, I mean this is more like a very finely cut salad, you couldn't really "dip" in it!
    about Spicy tomato and pepper dip (Ezme) from Persiana added on April 03, 2016

  • Original spice combination and dish... You do need a lot more cooking time and reheating for the meat to achieve the correct melting texture... Also I has to add liquid as I went along, far too little.
    about Creole spiced beef from Hairy Bikers' Meat Feasts added on March 30, 2016

  • I liked the idea at first, quite original, but the result was quite plain. I added some stock, a dash of white wine and plenty of thyme for the second serving. . Much better!
    about Rice and egg soup (Minestra all'uovo) from Cucina added on March 16, 2016