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  • Roasted Garlic and Mushroom Sauce p. 46. Incredibly good. High end restaurant quality. Added sausages and truffle oil plus more Gruyere than is called for. Added corn starch for more creaminess.
    about Sauces for Pasta! added on November 23, 2016

  • BEEF SALAD; p. 122 Tasteless. Pointless. Don't ever make this again.
    about Traditions added on September 03, 2016

  • CHOCOLATE BUTTER GOOEY: p. 340 Pretty okay. Unique looking, but more sugary than what I'd like. Add some walnuts to the top layer next time? Didn't use box mix. Instead found chocolate cake recipe in Creme de Colorado and used the dry ingredients (was double than 18.5 ounces, so cut the dry blend in half).
    about Traditions added on September 02, 2016

  • Page 225. This is an amazing recipe! I have found a new go-to breakfast menu item. Very good and very worth the effort. Maybe next time I'll add a little nutmeg, cinnamon, and allspice to play around. Made this gluten-free so I added more water and a little OJ to the batter in addition to 2 t. xan gum.

  • Page 117: Petits Fours Glaces. Made this 7/27/16. Used organic shortening instead of butter. Okay.
    about Victorian Book of Cakes added on July 27, 2016

  • This is the only pie crust recipe I ever use. I have fun using different types alcohol to alter the taste. Grand Marnier is great and so is Amaretto. Also, I'll use coconut shortening instead of regular shortening. So good.

  • Fabulous recipe. This is my go-to blueberry pie recipe and it always receives rave reviews from tasters. Big hit.

  • Really good recipe. I didn't have grapefruit, but used mango, banana, and strawberry instead. Toasted coconut adds an extra level of flavor and texture, but could go without as well. The cream base would be a nice recipe for other foods too like maybe on top of apple pie and rhubarb dessert. My grandma used to put pistachios in her ambrosia salad. Will definitely make this again!

  • Turned out well. Nice taste and easy to make.
    about New Mexican Spanish rice from Pink Adobe Cookbook added on May 20, 2016

  • This is incredible. Tastes amazing. It grew into the 9 X 13 perfectly, however, I wasn't convinced when putting it in. The batter is not runny, so spreading it across the bottom of the pan was arduous. Plus, only half was supposed to act as the base. Then half streusel, remainder batter, remainder streusel. The top of mine ended up being spotty with islands of cake and islands of peach. Looks weird, but tastes like heaven. Definitely make again!
    about Peach streusel coffee cake from Stars Desserts added on May 17, 2016

  • I used to believe cookies didn't taste good unless they had chocolate or icing on them. Maida Heatter just keeps proving me wrong. These cookies are amazing. I love them and can see they will be a go-to from here on out. Very moist.

  • This sauce is lovely. I bet I could use it for other dishes as well - certainly other types of fish. Yummo. I will be making this again. Doesn't make a very large amount - double it?

  • Interesting recipe. Actually does turn out to be a bit soufflé-ish. I used gluten-free flour in place of wheat flour without skipping a beat. If it weren't for all the syrup I poured on, the cake wouldn't have appeased my sweet tooth. Maybe add more sugar to the batter if you don't eat it with syrup?
    about Lemon soufflé pancakes from James McNair's Favorites added on May 07, 2016

  • My first attempt at royal icing. Not bad. I'll try a different recipe next time just for the sake of trying it all.
    about Royal icing from Varenne Pratique added on April 29, 2016

  • Beautiful cake. I even de-glutenized it and it turned out well. This woman is amazing. I'm so grateful for her books. All hail Maida!

  • This is amazing. Loved it and will make again.

  • Really good! We added shitake mushrooms and pineapple. Amazing!

  • This is incredibly good and we didn't even slow cook the meat. We merely put it in a food processor to shred. We will make this again!
    about Machaca scramble from Real American Breakfast added on April 24, 2016

  • As a cookie dough connoisseur, I love these. However, once they're baked into actual cookies, they lose sweetness. People who prefer less sugary sugar cookies may enjoy these. My boyfriend said, "These are not as sweet as other sugar cookies, but I like that. Could use more cinnamon for my taste." These remain incredibly moist and chewy - even when over baked. We did not place the raisin in the center, because raisins simply don't belong in cookies. Ever. But if you actually like the flavor they contribute, more sweetness would also be added. Overall, this won't become my go-to sugar cookie recipe, but it was fun to try. NOTE: They aren't kidding about lining the baking sheet with parchment. Usually, I ignore those directions, but these cookies are very sticky out-of-the-oven even on my well seasoned baking stone.
    about Pennsylvania Dutch soft sugar cookies from Baker's Odyssey added on April 24, 2016

  • I dilike dates. I dislike coconut flakes baked into anything. I dislike roasting pecans. Even though all those things are true, I LOVE this cookie! It was incredibly good. Amazing!

  • FROM AMAZON REVIEWS: "A major reason we bought this was for a recipe for the Hungarian Honey Cake, but it was a total disaster. We're sure the flour amount is wrong." COMMENT TO REVIEW: "Because of this review, the Hungarian Honey Cake was the first recipe I tried. He is right, the recipe needs editing. The filling is good but the cake itself is not edible."

  • My daughter and I were watching Food Network's Spring Baking Championship. When she saw pineapple upside-down cake, she knew she wanted to make it. Julia's cake recipe is amazing! I even messed it up a bit and the cake still turned out phenomenal. Will make this again!
    about Fresh rhubarb upside-down baby cakes from Baking with Julia added on April 17, 2016

  • For as many ingredients and steps involved in this dish, I would expect a bit more flavor. Although I enjoyed this version of chicken étouffée, I would find another version to make next time. What else is possible? UPDATE: I ate left-overs three days later and the dish tasted SO much more flavorful. I will make again.

  • This was for a dinner party in one hour and as usual, I didn't read the directions fully before beginning. So, you can imagine my chagrin when I see that it needs to be refrigerated overnight. Whoopsie. I went ahead full steam refrigerating during dinner and it tasted great anyway. Very, very rich, as you would imagine. It's cheesecake with having the word "cheesecake" in the title. Very yummy and exceptionally chocolatey.

  • I had to force myself to follow this recipe exactly and trust the author. No sugar in the ingredients? Can't be true. Luckily the syrup made up for lack of sugar in the waffles. But really, they were pretty tasty even without sugar. The author even explains why separating the yolk from the whites, then whipping the whites is unnecessary with waffles. Loving this book.
    about Buttermilk waffles from Cake Bible added on April 02, 2016