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  • Great summer lunch dish. I used half the noodles called for (I prefer more salad proportions), and it still made plenty, although I'd consider increasing the sauce by half next time.

  • Very tasty, if a bit oily. I prefer a high veg to noodle ratio, so cut the soba in half, and still had four very generous servings; you'll get 6 easy out of it if you use the larger amount of noodles originally called for.

  • Made this with twaróg cheese, and really liked it. The patties were easy and filling. Although my sour cream sauce split, it came back together with some whisking, and it was very nice with the patties. The book says this can be either a breakfast or dessert; given the restrained sweetness, it's to my mind more of a breakfast (or if you're me, a dinner)
    about Curd cheese patties in maple syrup (Syrnyky) from Mamushka added on June 10, 2021

  • Like others, my pancakes were pretty soft, but we enjoyed them anyway, even the toddler. I did half with green beans instead of asparagus because that's what I had, and they worked nicely. If I made again, I'd probably cut the veggies in shorter lengths, because they came apart a bit around the long veg.

  • I happen to love both boiled cabbage and chili oil, especially with Sichuan peppercorns, but I also happen to despise grating ginger for juice (why????), so this was a mixed bag for me. It was very tasty, but ultimately, I'd probably have been happier eating a more straightforward Sichuan cabbage without the ginger cream.

  • Despite being fairly prolific veggie fritter eaters, it never occurred to me to do sauerkraut. These were maybe a bit on the bready side for us, but we enjoyed them anyway, and I'm sure I'll make again for a last minute lunch or supper.
    about Sauerkraut fritters (Fuczki) from Fresh from Poland added on June 03, 2021

  • Classic Gado Gado. The peanut sauce is particularly nice--- I did mine with a mixture of roasted peanuts and peanut butter because raw peanuts are not easily available where I live, and it was great.

  • Pretty bog standard peanut noodles, but I did like the tip of blending the scooped cucumber into the peanut sauce.

  • Everyone has a favorite chocolate chip cookie, and these are mine. Just perfect. Normally I loathe nuts in cookies, but the pecans and kasha here are divine. I've also made with both whole grain buckwheat flour and the lighter "European" style, and even the heavier flour is fine at the higher level called for in the book.

  • Simple, tasty. We really enjoy the Smitten Kitchen cauliflower tacos and wasn't sure we'd like this as much without the beans that recipe calls for, but the cabbage was fantastic and very filling. The sauce was a bit acidic straight out of the processor, but lovely on the tacos. Will make again, maybe with some cotija on top.
    about Roasted cauliflower & red cabbage tacos from Simply Julia added on April 22, 2021

  • This was a mixed success for us. The dough really did have a nice bagel chew and flavor, but it was very hard to work with. I needed to use a lot more flour than called for to make it handleable (and I am pretty handy with high-hydration dough). The pies took a lot longer to get golden in my oven than called for, which made my eggs a little more done than I'd prefer. I would also up the salt next time. That said, they were warm, filling, and tasty, and I would probably try again which a few changes.
    about Everything bagel hand pies from Simply Julia added on April 18, 2021

  • The rice flour was a nice touch here--- gave them a chewiness reminiscent of chive dumplings --- but the real standout was the chili and mint jam. Maybe that's a combo others have had before, but it was new to us, and we loved it. I've made the jam several times since then, to use on other fritters, eggs, avocado toast, etc. Really worth trying.

  • Absolutely loved this. Lemon and turmeric is such a great combo, and the strong lemon here was divine. Absolutely a repeat. I'd consider maybe going down to two cans of chickpeas next time, because I prefer things soupier, but it's great as written as well.
    about Lemon, chickpea & green herb stew from One: Pot, Pan, Planet added on April 11, 2021

  • I don't know what it is, but we just love these unfussy little cookies and have made them often. Not too sweet, but with a rich taste and great texture. I always use butter and a teaspoon of vanilla extract; I've also made them with ricotta when out of cottage cheese, and it works beautifully. I keep meaning to try with demerara or turbinado, but they turn out so nicely with regular old granulated, too. They are also quite nice looking and very easy, so a good addition to a round out a cookie plate.
    about Berlin curd cheese biscuits (Berlins'ke pechyvo) from Mamushka added on April 10, 2021

  • My first bake from this book, and they came out well. I only got three cupcakes, but I overfilled my cups a bit, and they ran over. The spicing was nicely assertive. Frosting was on the other side of too sweet for me, so I'd dial it back next time, but otherwise, I'd make again when looking for a small treat.

  • Loved this! My pickled chili/onion/sultana mixture needed a bit more vinegar, but otherwise perfect as written. Fantastic way to do cauliflower.

  • Enjoyed this a lot--- the richness of the eggplant and onion against the sharpness of the pomegranate molasses was great. Would probably add a bit more parsley next time.

  • So great, and as others have noted, the pink peppercorn is really the star. Don't be tempted to leave it out. We'll be making (and eating) again.
    about Courgettes, garlic and yoghurt (M‘tawaneh) from Falastin added on April 02, 2021

  • Very tasty and quick. The chopped lemon was great.
    about Spiced chickpeas (Balilah) from Falastin added on April 02, 2021

  • Have made this several time--- how much you like it ultimately probably mostly depends on your berbere spice blend, since the recipe is otherwise simple, but when it's good, it's good. Best served with injera if you can make it or get yours hands on it, and ideally another veg dish to round out.
    about Ethiopian red lentil stew (Misr wot) from Vegan Under Pressure added on March 30, 2021

  • We enjoyed this! I didn't bother defrosting my spinach (which was very finely cut already), and it turned out great.

  • Extremely simple side, but yummy. I always have a bottle of Lawry's languishing in my pantry for popcorn, and it was surprisingly tasty here.
    about Ma Penny’s sautéed cabbage from In Bibi's Kitchen added on March 28, 2021

  • I liked the extra heft of the greens in this (we used cabbage), as well as the warm spices against the cool herbs. I prefer a little more grain in my tabbouleh, so I used more than called for, and the dressing amount was still fine. Simple, delicious.
    about Green tabbouleh (Tabbouleh khadra) from Falastin added on March 28, 2021

  • Absolutely loved these. I used 200g of canned pumpkin puree, and they came out lovely, with a nice clear pumpkin note without the cover of the traditional pie spices. The infused raisins were a wonderful touch. I also used orange liqueur instead of rum in the custard because that's what I had. Mine took probably 15 minutes longer than called for, but texture was perfect.

  • This grew us on a bit as we ate it, but it was fairly plain and not particularly flavorful. Maybe with better quality eggplants?