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  • Agree - the dressing is very good.
    about Cobb salad with honey-mustard ranch dressing from Cravings added on August 05, 2021

  • My wife and I DEMOLISHED this. Absolutely loved it. Started with 1lb of scallops and kept the rest of the ingredients as specified in the recipe, right down to the aleppo pepper on hand in my pantry. The raw tomatillos were a revelation and a treat. I wouldn't change a thing about this recipe except perhaps to make it regularly with other seafoods also like shrimp.

  • Really enjoyed making and eating this. If you are using an internal temperature probe to cook to 185 degrees as Judy suggests do be careful. You will have very different readings depending on where the probe ends up inside relative to the cuts you made prior to stuffing and such. In my case I ended up slightly drying out some parts of the roast due to fiddling with the probe position at the end and not realizing that most of it was ready to pull out of the oven.
    about Mock porchetta from Zuni Cafe Cookbook added on February 24, 2021

  • The custard this recipe produces is divine. Silky smooth. Don't add salt to the egg mixture until the moment before you pour it over the ingredients in the shell. Early salting will make the eggs watery and the custard won't be nearly as good.

  • One of the best soups I’ve ever made. For my optional veggies since it’s winter right now, I used red potatoes, parsnips, purple cauliflower, and purple turnips. Also used kale as suggested as an alternative to spinach. Definitely will make this again.
    about 30-minute minestrone from Food Lab added on January 24, 2021

  • This recipe is fabulous. So sorry I didn’t make it sooner. And Dorie is right - the leftovers make awesome sandwiches - like this cubano I made with griddled thin slices of the leftover roast (see picture).
    about Chard-stuffed pork roast from Around My French Table added on January 16, 2021

  • Riffed on this a bit. Delicious. Start with good Mayo, good bread, celery, and lemon juice, and make it your own from there, and you cannot go wrong.
    about Ultimate tuna melts from Modern Comfort Food added on December 29, 2020

  • Only change I made was to start with a whole roaster which I broke down. Wife prefers the white meat. Delicious recipe. Would make again.
    about Skillet-roasted chicken & potatoes from Modern Comfort Food added on December 28, 2020

  • Very good but is anyone else surprised that other than salting the pasta water, Kenji doesn’t call for another grain of salt in the instructions? This didn’t stop me from salting as needed of course. Was just very surprised at Kenji here!
    about Penne alla vodka with chicken from Food Lab added on November 14, 2020

  • Has anyone made this? I can’t figure out how 2 cups of water to cook the clams can become anywhere close to 4 cups of liquid when done.

  • So. Good. Did the rich version with honey (need to do the calculation increase yourself!) Recommend using the paddle on your mixer for first mix (not dough hook), then do the kneading in 2 batches given the amount of dough.
    about White bread from Joy of Cooking, Revised and Updated added on August 20, 2020

  • Outstanding. Eats more like a banana-lemon pound cake (at least it did warm out of the oven!)

  • Simpler is better! Very much better in this case. I’ve made several pimento cheese spreads through the years with various ingredients, usually several more than the basic version here. But you should absolutely try the minimalist version here because it is pure and delicious. Just be sure to buy a hunk of sharp cheddar (and grate yourself!) that costs a buck or two more than a grocery store chain label. And try to use a better mayo like Duke’s. And never, ever miracle whip.

  • Very good. Used wheat berries. Added sour cream and used some Tajin seasoning.

  • Recipe is mis-titled. It is for a slow cooker not an instant pot. I know that the instant pot has a slow cook feature, but the title should refer to a slow cook not an instant cook.

  • This is a really good, low (relative) effort lasagna. I do not use no-boil noodles anymore. Hated them when I tried them a few years ago. Here's an easy middle ground solution: soak regular dry lasagna noodles for 10 minutes in hot water until they are pliable. Then use normally as you construct the lasagna before baking. The moisture from your sauce will sufficiently cook the noodles. You might choose to make your sauce a bit thinner for this very reason, but not really necessary. And by the way, the sauce that this recipe makes is just delicious and it feels like cheating because it is so low effort and time.

  • This is really good. Fantastic technique for getting the crispiest and most delicious Brussels sprouts you’ll ever try.

  • Knockout. The lemon relish is outstanding. And the caramelized lemon halves are the gift that keeps on juicing.
    about Grilled branzino with lemons all of the ways from Dining In added on June 16, 2019

  • Sadly this was a fail. Came out part watery, part stringy, part clumpy-gummy. I think the combination of frozen corn (with a good amount of water in it by default), more water, and corn starch -- doesn't work. I didn't start with shredded cheese as some queso recipes warn not to due to risk of clumping. So I don't think that was the issue. Ate a few bites of it and the flavors were just bland and way overshadowed by the unpleasant texture. I think maybe a traditional bechamel would work better here, as many not-velveeta queso recipes use.
    about Sweet corn queso with pepperoni crumbs from Just Cook It! added on May 06, 2019

  • This is FABULOUS! One of the best things we’ve made on a weeknight. Bought a small bag of Aleppo pepper just for the occasion and very glad I did because I’m addicted now. Had to use a combo of smoked paprika and hot paprika because I don’t have both in one concoction. Definitely I recommend a more rustic cut of steak like hangar or strip as I think this better suits the recipe. Also think 4 cloves of garlic is a bit much for one can of beans. I now have a new simple way to turn a can of beans into a magic base using just water and butter. Wonderful!

  • Turned out quite good. I’m wary of pork loin roasts (dry) and my local butcher couldn’t get me one in time so Whole Foods it was. The rub was more like a marinade so I let it soak in a ziplock to keep everything close. I also trussed the pork to keep a nice rounder shape. Not much in the way of pan juices but the apples and onions were delicious. They just became quite thick together. Would definitely make again.
    about Bourbon-roasted pork loin from Everyday Dorie added on January 13, 2019

  • Think we prefer the earlier gougere version. Despite the intro that describes these as sturdier given the change in eggs, ours while appearing well browned and puffy were a bit more squishy and less airy in the middle. Maybe I didn’t dry out the dough enough before dropping them into rounds but I sure had it in the pan for a solid 2-3 minutes it seemed trying to make sure.
    about My newest gougères from Everyday Dorie added on January 09, 2019

  • Disclaimer - I’m not good at stovetop braising. BUT as written, this recipe — “minimum heat” and “lazy simmer” and “2.5 -3 hours total” did not in 4(!) hours render my pork shoulder completely tender. It wasn’t tough but did not have the fall-apartness that it should have. And after all the milk and rendered fat I had easily 1.5 cups of fat to scoop out. It was still very delicious. But next time I’m definitely doing this in the oven the whole time with much less fussing than what Marcella prescribes.

  • Absolutely adored this. It’s now on the Christmas menu. The first time you make it - please make it as written before you fiddle with it. As written it is easy to execute and the flavors blend wonderfully and the textures are perfect.
    about Carrot-and-mustard rillettes from Everyday Dorie added on December 19, 2018

  • Really delicious and refreshing. I might add a glug of sesame oil next time, or maybe a sprinkle of seeds. Or both!
    about Cucumber salad with soy and ginger from America: The Cookbook added on October 20, 2018