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  • I have yet to make another recipe from this book, but have been making this one religiously for years! It could not be easier (3 ingredients or so?) and is absolutely delicious. For a vegetarian (vegan!) soup it is surprisingly filling and satisfying - I think it is because of the richness of the coconut milk. I always at least double this recipe as it just doesn't make nearly enough otherwise; even so, it disappears way too fast. Every time I make this for company (as a starter or one of a couple of soups) they ask for the recipe. Really popular with kids as well - it's so sweet and addictive! Note: I often use onions instead of shallots and it is still delicious.
    about Carrot-coconut milk soup from Urban Pantry added on June 24, 2018

  • We have renamed these "O.M.G. Pancakes". I've made them three times in our short peach season (in addition to my usual cobblers) and will sorely miss them until next year. They are SO GOOD. Tastes like a cup of creamy, spicy chai with caramelized peaches. I need to try to measure the flour out using her "fluff, spoon and scrape" method because my batter has been pretty thick; I think she may end up with a little less flour than I did. But regardless - amazing.
    about Peach and sour cream pancakes from Smitten Kitchen Cookbook added on October 14, 2013

  • This was basically great but had very little flavor. Need to spice it up more somehow - add a saltier cheese and more cayenne or something along those lines. I had to salt this dish quite a bit to make it taste good. Texture, etc was great.
    about Spinach-ricotta pie from Moosewood Cookbook added on March 09, 2013

  • These came out like glue - not the soft gnocchi I was hoping for with this recipe. Looking for a different version of this one to try next.

  • This recipe is fantastically easy, and the biscuits are delicious. The whole thing whips up and bakes in 20 minutes and they are addictive. Great for dinner parties.

  • Uses canned pears, very easy and very tasty.

  • Thanks to Susan Purdy's great general explanations and tips for adapting recipes, I have successfully tweaked several favorites for my mile-high altitude and they are coming out SO much better now! It has given me the confidence to modify baking recipes anytime I think they could use it. Great book.
    about Pie in the Sky: Successful Baking at High Altitudes added on October 15, 2010

  • I made the Cauliflower Kukus and they were wonderful. Recommend!
    about Mollie Katzen's Vegetable Heaven added on October 15, 2010

  • The Vegetarian Baked Beans are nothing like baked beans, but it's a delicious casserole that is a great crowd-pleaser!
    about Fannie Farmer Cookbook added on October 15, 2010

  • There is a 3-onion casserole in this book that is to DIE for (it uses 3-4 kinds of cheese as well, so not healthy... I made it for New Year's and ate it for days!).
    about Silver Palate Good Times Cookbook added on October 15, 2010

  • The butternut squash soup is fantastic; roasting the squash takes time but adds tons of flavor.
    about Healthy Kitchen added on October 15, 2010

  • There is literally a recipe for everything in this book - oftentimes several variations for a single idea. All very down to earth and easy. I use it constantly!

  • This book provided several of the recipes we used at our wedding! Delicious and simple.
    about Santa Fe School of Cooking Cookbook added on June 05, 2010

  • I actually don't cook recipes directly from this book, but seem to go back to it over and over again for ideas - I do a lot of borrowing and tweaking from it, so it's a great resource for inspiration.
    about Martha Stewart Living Cookbook added on June 05, 2010

  • I have 3 of Claire's books, but the one I use the very most is called "Claire's Corner Copia" - it's not currently in the EYB database, but it is amazing. Her soups are the best I've ever made and I make a lot of soups!
    about Claire's Classic American Vegetarian Cooking added on June 05, 2010

  • I made this for a family of hungry Czechs and it went over very well! They all asked me how I made it and commented on how good it was. I will keep this recipe handy to use again; it was VERY easy to make.
    about Chicken Durango from Colorado Cache Cookbook added on June 05, 2010