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  • Loved this for a quick lunch. I sautéed the kale instead of blanching then added the spinach and rest of ingredients - worked really well. I did a jammy boiled egg instead of poached - great meal!
    about Greens with chilli, olive oil, eggs, feta & seeds from Simple added on August 06, 2022

  • Brilliant recipe for a fuss-free and child friendly paella.

  • This was a bit meh. The slow cook meant that the potatoes turned to mush so it felt very heavy. It tasted better than it looked but not one I’d make again.
    about Andy the Gasman's stew from Jamie's Dinners added on January 15, 2022

  • This is a really tasty soup - I added a heaped tbsp of tomato purée too.

  • This makes a great cheesecake and looks like it is far more complicated than it actually is. The caramel cooking time seemed too short, however, I think I let it go too far much the other way so it was a bit too chewy. I would definitely take this out about half an hour before I wanted to serve next time.
    about No-bake millionaire’s cheesecake from Jane’s Patisserie added on January 13, 2022

  • This recipe should come with a warning label as as soon as you start eating it, you can’t stop. I think it’s the combination of the soft toasted marshmallows and the crunchy salted peanuts - so moreish.

  • The taleggio cheese in this really took it to another level - so tasty! I used this as a side to lamb shoulder but it could easily be a main by itself. The recipe calls for 1kg of aubergines - 3 aubergines was definitely enough.

  • Brilliant pulled pork recipe. I got the achiote paste from the internet - gives it a really distinctive flavour. This will be one I’ll make over and over again. Rukmini Iyer is fast becoming one of those cookbook authors who never fails you.

  • I wasn’t sure about this one. The fish was lovely but I felt like the onion and tomato base needed something else. Next time I might add courgettes and peppers, maybe some oregano and garlic.

  • I feel like I’ve finally found a tortilla recipe that works. Cooking the potato and onion slowly first made such a difference . I used full fat natural yogurt instead of crème fraîche and it worked really well. Normally I find that the egg in tortillas can turn out rubbery but this was so soft. I used sliced peppers instead of asparagus.
    about Oven-baked asparagus & Parmesan tortilla from Roasting Tin added on January 09, 2021

  • Great easy mid-week recipe. I would use just 30g of pine nuts next time. My gnocchi did crisp but really stuck to the bottom of the pan. Next time I’m going to try really oiling the pan or lining with grease proof paper.

  • Loved this - filling but feels very virtuous at the same time. Next time I would cook the sea bass on the hob to get a crispier skin and then serve with the rest of the dish.

  • This is a favourite meal for us now. Really filling and the spice gives it a lovely warming kick. I serve with some natural yogurt with harissa stirred through.

  • Super tasty - felt very odd mixing everything raw and then into the oven but everything cooked beautifully. I put it back onto the hob at the end to reduce the sauce.
    about Chicken with chorizo, chickpeas & tomatoes from Roasting Tin added on January 08, 2021

  • This was a delicious soup - reminded me of Heinz. The soup looked really pale and milky to begin with but I soon realised that one 28 ounce can of chopped tomatoes is equivalent to two of the usual cans in England! So, six cans of chopped tomatoes later...I had a really lovely warming soup. I puréed at the end as I wanted a smoother texture.
    about Creamy tomato bisque from Modern Comfort Food added on December 29, 2020

  • So simple and so delicious. I served with lemon olive oil peas.

  • Delicious one pot. The veg cooked in the sherry sauce was super tasty. Instead of uncovering in the last 45 mins, I kept covered until the end of the oven time then removed the lamb and veg; I then put the pot on the hob and reduced the sauce that way.

  • Cake has a lovely almost bitter taste with the addition of the whole boiled oranges. I decorated with Terry’s chocolate orange slices and a dusting of icing sugar. It’s worth noting that if you have an earlier edition of Feast that the recipe has an error as follows (taken from Nigella website): Nigella's Chocolate Orange Cake (from FEAST) is a flourless cake made with cooked oranges, eggs, sugar and ground almonds. Unfortunately there was an error in some early editions of the book, which included butter in the method for making the cake without a food processor. However the cake does not contain any fat apart from the natural fat in the ingredients. Therefore step 3 of the method should read "chop the fruit finely by hand, and beat with a wooden spoon the eggs one by one into the sugar". We apologize for this error and it has been corrected in subsequent editions.
    about Chocolate orange cake from Feast added on October 17, 2020

  • This was delicious but like most Diana Henry recipes, I found it needed so much longer to cook (don't know if it's just me?). The rice needed nearly an hour, rather than the 35 mins the recipe states. When I cross-referenced with The Roasting Tin by Rukmini Iyer, she said that rice needs 50-60 mins in the oven which I would agree with. Next time, I would layer the rice at the bottom of the tin, pour over the coconut milk and stock mix then add the rest of the ingredients. I'd cook for 40 mins uncovered, then 15-20 mins covered. Worth it though - it is Diana Henry after all!

  • For such a simple recipe, this was delicious. I could have eaten the whole thing to myself!
    about Sun-blushed tomato and basil tapenade from Mary Berry Everyday added on August 08, 2020

  • Nice but needed a bit of faffing to get the right balance of flavours. Felt quite loose but probably not helped by the fact could only get supermarket ricotta which is very wet and mousse like. Go heavy with the seasoning.
    about Spring bruschetta from Jamie Cooks Italy added on August 08, 2020

  • Loved this. I used frozen edamame beans as prefer them. Really fresh tasting and surprisingly filling.
    about Broad bean bruschetta from Feast added on August 08, 2020

  • Really tasty recipe that gives a great sauce. The only thing I might tweak is the placement of the crème fraîche. The recipe says to blob on top of the chicken so it will then melt off and into the sauce. Mine didn’t and just stayed stubbornly on top of the chicken so I scraped it off into the bottom of the pan. Next time I would probably put the vermouth and crème fraîche in the bottom of the roasting tin and place the chicken on top.

  • This was delicious but needed quite a bit of tweaking. The slow cook for 6 hours is very definitely worth it but I would recommend checking and stirring every hour or so. I followed the recipe to the letter at first then tweaked at the end as it was a little bland. I doubled the amount of all the spices and butter and added 3 tbsp of tomato purée. I used a chicken stock cube instead of vegetable and used 2 of them. Next time I would use a cinnamon stick rather than ground cinnamon to give extra depth of flavour. I didn’t do the bit with the charcoal or add the temper (I felt it would be too greasy and garlic burns so easily!). I added fresh chillies instead of fried towards the end. I also wouldn’t add the extra water after 3 hours as I felt it made the daal runny. I know this is a lot of tweaks but I would definitely make this again.
    about Ultimate black daal from Jamie's Comfort Food added on April 17, 2020

  • Loved this as a family recipe. Adapted it a bit. I kept the skin on the chicken. I didn’t use the sweet potatoes but added an extra baking potato. I peeled the potatoes which I’m glad about as they soaked up loads of the lovely chorizo sauce. I agree with Jane about the missing something - I crumbled some feta over the top which worked really well. I would definitely take note of the bit about using a blender and tea towel to make the sauce - I tried it in my Magimix and it exploded everywhere!!