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  • Halve the fish sauce or it's very salty. Nice with celery in place of bamboo shoots too.
    about Stir-fried ginger chicken with bamboo shoot from Wok Cookbook added on September 01, 2010

  • Simple, healthy, one of my favourite ways to cook a steak
    about Veal with lemon from Flavors added on August 26, 2010

  • Have never found this book any help.
    about Hot Vegetables added on August 26, 2010

  • A lot of these recipes are based on European or Asian traditional dishes but with a zany Australian twist, sometimes using "bush tucker" ingredients. Ian Parmenter took advice from the National Heart Foundation of Australia so the recipes are healthy as well as tasty. The recipe names are very whimsical which can be annoying. I prefer "Consuming passions ; the complete collection" which covers the first 3 series of the TV show and includes many of the recipes in this book.
    about Consuming Passions added on August 26, 2010

  • This book may look unprepossessing, and no dishes are illustrated. However one of the authors is the owner of Café di Stasio, a very popular Italian restaurant in Melbourne. The recipes are simple and great. I use it over and over while other books about pasta languish on the shelf. It came in a boxed set with a CD of opera arias. Most of the recipes are linked to regions of Italy as well as to opera in various ways.
    about Allegro Al Dente added on August 26, 2010

  • An Australian cookery bible of its time, this book preserves all the old traditional favourite recipes from the days when asparagus and pineapple usually came out of tins, and "cheese" usually meant Cheddar. Simultaneously it's a time capsule of the late 1960's, from the fondues and Hawaiian themed parties to the wide range of intricate canapés. A whole chapter given just to Pavlovas - of course!

  • Healthy eating can be fun! Some great quick and easy meals here.
    about Ainsley Harriott's Low Fat Meals in Minutes added on June 09, 2010

  • Great variety of meals from some of my favourite cuisines. Beautifully presented with lots of illustrations of dishes and processes. Several favourite recipes in here too. Hope it gets indexed soon!
    about Essential Mediterranean Cookbook added on June 09, 2010

  • This was surprisingly quick and easy, and I'll never need to grumble again how the premade pastes seem to be mostly salt and/or sugar. I used only a small fraction of the chilli and paprika suggested, so as to let the other beautifully fragrant Thai flavours come into their own. I substituted ginger for the galangal, but there's no real flavour substitute for kaffir - though I used leaves, not rind.
    about Red curry paste from From Curries to Kebabs added on June 01, 2010

  • So delicious if you use the red curry paste recipe from the same book.
    about Fish in red curry sauce from From Curries to Kebabs added on June 01, 2010

  • The best tomato sauce for pizza
    about Basic tomato sauce from Naked Chef added on May 23, 2010

  • Pretty good. I prefer the crusts left on though.
    about Bread and butter pudding from Maggie's Harvest added on May 23, 2010

  • Quite tasty, and less than half the suggested cayenne pepper was plenty.
    about Moghlai lamb with spinach from From Curries to Kebabs added on May 23, 2010

  • I prefer the yogurt and the tomato to be in two separate side dishes for curry

  • Sorry Jamie. This is forgettable!
    about A spottier dick pudding from Naked Chef added on May 21, 2010

  • One of the recipes I turn to most often when I haven't planned anything. Easy and adaptable.
    about Fried rice with mixed vegetables from Wok Cookbook added on May 19, 2010

  • Easy, quick, quite nice, fairly bland and I recommend going easy on the dried tarragon and thyme or it's a bit bitter.
    about Chicken stew from Wok Cookbook added on May 19, 2010

  • My favourite banana bread so far. Maybe it's the rum and sultanas :)
    about Banana bread from How To Be a Domestic Goddess added on May 17, 2010

  • Possibly the best gingerbread recipe? When I made it I had no golden syrup so left it out, but I don't think it mattered. The lemon icing is great with it too..

  • Great comfort food. next time add some dried mushroom

  • If an Australian kitchen could have only one book, this would be my vote for it.
    about Cook's Companion, 2nd Revised Edition added on April 14, 2010

  • Good recipe if you have chicken and pumpkin to use
    about Chicken and pumpkin stir-fry from Off the Shelf added on March 22, 2010

  • Jamie and lamb do it well again

  • I think Jamie is especially good at lamb - the best leg roasts and shank recipes I've tried
    about Naked Chef added on March 08, 2010

  • Borlotti beans to me
    about Cranberry beans with olive oil and lemon juice from Naked Chef added on March 04, 2010