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  • Delicious, very popular with the family, will definitely make again.

  • Guacamole— I left out the tomatoes and (sad to say) the jalapeño for my spice-averse family, but otherwise followed the recipe. It’s a classic guacamole, and it disappeared rapidly.
    about Linda McCartney's Family Kitchen added on July 09, 2021

  • So delicious. Meat-eater husband asked me to make it again. :) I added edamame, which was perfect on it. Will definitely make again.
    about Cacio e pepe udon noodles from To Asia, With Love added on May 16, 2021

  • This was tasty and simple, easy to make on a weeknight with food we had in the house and leftover cooked rice. I added ginger at the beginning and some sesame oil at the end, extra bell pepper, no chile because then the kids could eat it.
    about Egg fried rice with peppers, peas and chilli from East added on April 14, 2021

  • This was good but not great, but then, I’ve never found a butternut squash soup that I love, so that might be just me. It’s not overly sweet, which was good.
    about Butternut squash soup with cheese and crackers from Cook90 added on April 06, 2021

  • Good gravy this was delicious. It also made me (subsequently) work on my knife technique (use your arm, not your wrist) because I had tendinitis for two weeks after chopping up all that broccoli. I made it for a potluck, and it disappeared, although some unholy percentage of that disappearance was due to me personally. :)
    about Broccoli slaw from Smitten Kitchen Cookbook added on March 28, 2021

  • This is really good, even served casserole style and not back in the potato skins. :). The garlic cream is what made it amazing— it would be wonderful on pasta or bread or anything savory, really. I made this as a side dish and my husband made chicken and despite being a total meat-lover, he liked this better than his chicken recipe, which was a surprise.
    about Potatoes, Brussels sprouts from Greenfeast: Autumn, Winter added on March 14, 2021

  • Really good, big hit with the kids, and I do recommend pulling the bread crumbs out a lot earlier than the cauliflower, which I did, and it turned out great.

  • The kids cooked this, and it was flavorful and delicious.
    about Japanese-style fried chicken from Dinner Plan added on March 14, 2021

  • This has become a family favorite, and it’s basically a pantry meal. Light and refreshing and summery. And easy.

  • Really tasty, but the Smitten Kitchen one is just that bit better. Both are delicious, though!

  • Actually, my daughter cooked this when she was home from college and I was helping out at the Covid-19 urgent care all day and just wanted to get home and out of my germy scrubs and my car broke down on the way home. I got home, and there were the most amazing cookies. :) Just delicious.
    about Brown butter chocolate chip cookies from 100 Cookies added on March 14, 2021

  • This was a big hit with the family, and so easy. That said, I cheated by using Trader Joe’s salmon burgers, but still, the topping was delicious. Advised by the husband that he’d be very happy if I made this again.
    about Broiled fish with tangy tarragon mayo from Keepers added on February 17, 2021

  • The meatballs are really tasty, and the sauce and jam combo is delicious. Popular with the kids.
    about Swedish meatballs with blackberry jam from Full Plate added on January 29, 2021

  • This was delicious, very flavorful and easy to make. I doubled the cheese, and the family declared it the right amount. I also threw in some cooked small pasta at the end because I had some around.

  • This was so good and flavorful. My husband said it tasted like he’d gone to a restaurant and paid money for it. :)

  • Simple, delicious, and filling. Also popular with the kids.
    about White beans & cabbage from Super Natural Every Day added on August 27, 2020

  • This was delicious and went over really well with my family. We used Trader Joe’s furikake as a topping in addition to the ingredients in the recipe. It was a very filling dinner, even for the meat-eaters in our family. Definitely making this one again!
    about Sushi salad from Family added on July 11, 2020

  • This was amazing. Husband and kids devoured it. No one missed the meat.

  • This was delicious and went over well with the family. We halved the sugar and found that just one tablespoon was enough.
    about Japanese-style "meat and potatoes" from Keepers added on March 09, 2018

  • This is a great dish if you like carbs with your carbs (which I do.) Maybe it was the sweetness of the summer corn combined with the mildness of the burrata, but it was a bit too sweet for me. Still tasty, though.
    about Orecchiette with fresh corn and burrata from Back Pocket Pasta added on November 21, 2017

  • These were simple and delicious-- easy enough for a weeknight, and definitely something to make again.
    about Turkey meatballs with yogurt sauce from Dinner Plan added on November 21, 2017

  • This was simple and delicious. We put ice cream on it and served it for dessert.
    about Buttermilk Dutch baby with caramelized pears from Food52 Baking added on November 21, 2017

  • This was really tasty and popular with the kids-- and so fast and easy to put together. Saucier than I'm used to with sloppy Joe's-- you will definitely need a spoon, but that was clear from the photo and was expected. The only thing I would change would be a bit less sugar-- it was just a little bit too sweet, even for our 11-year-old (my sous chef). :) Older sibs were fine with it as is, and we even got a few bites into our picky 4-year-old. Maybe go with 75% of the sugar to start and then 50% if needed. The mustard powder added a nice note to it.
    about Turkey sloppy Joes from Dinner Plan added on November 15, 2017

  • Despite the name, this is now "honey cake" in our house because our 4-year-old wanted cake with honey. I added about an extra teaspoon of honey so that there was no doubt it was in there. Light and delicious, and just as good the second day.
    about Greek yogurt cake from Mad Hungry Cravings added on June 24, 2017