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  • This is an amazing recipe. Vegetarian recipes that mimic dishes with meat can be tricky because you'll always compare it to "the original". This meatless pasta sauce can truly trick you into thinking there's some animal protein in there; not that that's even the point: it is beautifully savoury, packed with umami and just satisfying in every way. I think the addition of a little bit of coconut cream is especially genius, it adds a lip-smacking unctuousness that is often lacking in vegetarian pasta sauces, without steering the whole dish into a tropical flavour zone. It's really easy to put together and cooking it in the oven makes it both pretty hands-off and helps develop amazing flavour. My lentils were getting pretty old so they took a bit longer to cook, so make sure to start early enough to allow for some extra time if needed.
    about The ultimate traybake ragù from Ottolenghi Flavour / Flavor added on April 11, 2021

  • I had never had matzo brei before, so I can't judge the quality of the recipe in that sense, but this was a delicious breakfast. I like how she insists on the onions, letting them cook for at least 15 minutes is really crucial to the depth of flavour.
    about Matzo brei from Dining In added on April 05, 2021

  • A lot of flavour for not that much effort. Made this on the barbecue (kamado type) as a side to tender goat leg. Would definitely recommend this as a side to any grilling situation.

  • This is such a delicious, easy and wholesome soup. I loved it. I mashed up some of the sweet potato pieces and lentils against the side of the pan at the very end to thicken the soup a little bit more, and I think that worked really well for this comforting bowl of goodness.
    about Green curry lentil soup from Bon Appétit Magazine, March 2021 added on March 10, 2021

  • Best tagine I've had in my life and a joy to prepare. It is truly magical how the techniques in this recipe yield such a flavourful, balanced dish.

  • I really like this recipe that Diana Henry developed for House & Garden magazine. It's not as saucy as I would expect from meatballs, so I was skeptical at first, but the super flavourful broth beautifully clings to the meatballs, making it so delicious. I tend to make this with pasta, and I recommend the finish-cooking-the-pasta-in-the-sauce method. When the pasta is almost ready, I remove the meatballs from the pan, add in the pasta and just enough pasta cooking water to help it cook further (the water will be absorbed by the pasta and partly evaporate). Add the meatballs back in when the pasta is ready. When I really want to go full comfort food, I melt a knob of butter into the pasta at this point, to make it extra glossy and lush.
    about Veal and lemon meatballs from House & Garden added on October 22, 2020

  • This was more work (more washing up) than I expected from what on paper looks like "pasta with vegetables", but it was really full of flavour and the cooking time of the actual sauce is pretty short. Next time I make this, I'll make sure to have some help around!

  • Can't say I've eaten a lot of Uyghur dishes before! This was as delicious as it was interesting, with its combination or Far and Middle Eastern influences. It starts off as a simple stir-fry, around which you create a subtly fragrant broth with star anise and cinnamon and at the very end, you finish it off with the oomph of chilli flakes and sumac. Loved this recipe.
    about Lamb and noodle laghman from Samarkand added on September 15, 2020

  • My brother and I managed to make this dish the same night, completely by accident (we found out the day after when I mentioned it). We (and our partners) both liked it a lot. I mean, what's not to like about this super weeknight-friendly chili and glutamate bomb.
    about Spicy-sweet sambal pork noodles from Bon Appétit Magazine, May 2020 added on September 02, 2020

  • Three things I loved about these cookies: (1) so chewy-delicious, (2) the bigger chunks of chocolate, (3) that lovely flaky salt. Actually, make that four: (4) I didn't even make them myself, my boyfriend did!

  • I like when a risotto feels like a whole meal instead of just a starter or side dish, so this one is perfect to me, as the beans and sausage make it quite hefty and add nice flavour and texture variation. I actually liked the fact that some of the beans were mashed, it added to the silkiness of the whole thing. I can see this becoming a classic in our household.
    about Risotto with shell beans, sausage, and bitter greens from Six Seasons added on September 02, 2020

  • This dish is forever going to be a special memory for me; it was the first meal I shared with my parents and siblings when I was allowed to have them over again after a period of social restrictions because of the pandemic. It's a great dish to kind of make ahead and just reheat before serving, and easy to make in large quantities too. Everyone loved it (but I guess we would have found anything delicious given the circumstances). I served this with rice and beans and a cucumber/kohlrabi salad by Alison Roman for a touch of freshness.
    about West African chicken and peanut stew from Bird in the Hand added on September 02, 2020

  • I really liked this dish, I think it's a great way to get to know turnip if you're not that familiar with it. In Belgium, the only way you grow up eating this vegetable is in a stew called "Hutsepot", where they're pretty much boiled to death. My boyfriend - although having eaten his fair share of Hutsepot turnips in the course of his life - had a bit of a hard time getting used to its actual taste. Let's try this again a couple times!

  • Another hard agree, I absolutely love this recipe. If you can make this with homemade chicken stock, it's even more amazing. I'm a big fan of freekeh and I love having this slightly more unusual preparation in rotation. Do NOT forget the squeeze of lemon at the end, it brightens the whole thing up and really makes a difference.
    about Spicy freekeh soup with meatballs from Jerusalem added on September 02, 2020

  • Not a lot of recipes for sea kale going around, so thank you Gill. We happen to have a plant in the garden and this preparation was really delicious; full of flavour and complementing the kale so well. Would obviously be just as great with any other type of kale.

  • Impulse bought what I reckoned would be the last of the season's rhubarb (I was right) and ended up using it in this cake. It was absolutely wonderful. The rosemary gives the cake a curious herby tinge and the marmalade makes it feel quite classy. Loved every last crumb of it.
    about Rhubarb, marmalade and rosemary cake from How to Eat a Peach added on September 01, 2020

  • As is always the case with risotto, the stock makes the dish. We used the broth left over after cooking beans earlier in the week as the basis for the vegetable stock and it was a really delicious dish. The spelt works really well with the mushrooms, it had the perfect consistency, and it somehow felt healthy and decadent at the same time.
    about A mushroom risotto – made with spelt from Root Stem Leaf Flower added on September 01, 2020

  • "I could get used to this", is what I'm thinking! Since the pandemic began, this is the second time we've treated ourselves to a fresh lobster, as opposed to zero times in all the years preceding. This type of dish takes the mighty lobster, that we barely dare to touch - especially here in Belgium - down from its pedestal a notch and lets you relax a little. This pasta dish was so delicious, so moreish, I think we might start doing this (a little bit) more often.
    about Lobster pasta with grated tomato sauce from Where Cooking Begins added on September 01, 2020

  • A Römertopf that was gifted to me had been sitting on my shelves unused for several years, so I am thrilled that this feature in Food & Wine finally got me to break it in. It was worth it, delicious tender and flavorful chicken and vegetables and almost no work at all!

  • I made these beans using a tajine as I don't own a clay bean pot (yet!) and ate them as a taco filling with blue corn tortillas. The whole experience truly made me happy - it was such a joy to tend to these gently simmering beans in their beautiful clay vessel during the afternoon and the end result was absolutely delicious - tender but not mushy, full of flavor and just the right amount of heat. This was a real treat, and so simple. I divided the quantities by 3, the tajine being a lot more shallow than a bean pot, and it worked perfectly.
    about Clay pot red chile beans from Food & Wine Magazine, March 2020 added on April 29, 2020

  • Omitted the chicken and loosely used the quinoa salad to riff on for a simple lunch while working from home.

  • I added a little bit of water when processing the aromatics, to help make it a little more paste-like and it kind of steamed the inside of the "belly roll", which was very nice.
    about Balinese roast pork from Simple added on March 15, 2020

  • Another great recipe from a great book. I used a homemade stock based on bean cooking liquid, which had the added bonus of lending the broth that nice milky ramen hue.
    about Caramelized onion and chilli ramen from East added on February 24, 2020

  • I always forget how delicious bream can be. This recipe is all about the pure flavours of really good ingredients and it's barely any work to prepare. I added some carrots to roast as I had them lying around.

  • Another delicious and easy recipe by Ms. Henry - I love how everything cooks together and creates one big flavour bomb. This was my first time trying achiote paste and there's really nothing like it.
    about Puerto Rican chicken and rice from Bird in the Hand added on February 23, 2020