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  • I ordered skordalia once in Greece, but I only remember liking it, so I was glad to find out what is called and how to make it! This is my first time cooking it, but I heeded the caution of over processing the potatoes and altered my plan. First, I cooked my (several small) potatoes whole in the same pot as some split fava bean soup. Then I processed the almonds, garlic, salt. Added the vinegar, and on a whim drizzled the oil in while processing to somewhat emulsify. Added the whole potatoes and pulsed about five times, then done! Creamy, punchy, great as a bread dip, kept sneaking a fingerful, and we put it on our fava bean soup. Didn't overwhelm me with the garlic, but I imagine that larger cloves or less potato could have altered my opinion. Plenty of leftovers, and I'll certainly make it again. So glad I could return to this dish I enjoyed in the past!
    about Potato skordalia from Olive and the Caper added on September 01, 2022

  • Cyprus-Style, pp237-238. Pleasant and filling as an incidentally-vegetarian main! I added a few sprinkles of green cilantro seeds from my garden, which added a zesty boost of fresh flavor. Spouse broke out the yogurt and lavash to make the pilaf into some impromptu wraps, which the whole family enjoyed!
    about Rice and lentil pilaf from Olive and the Caper added on June 22, 2022

  • Quick, savory meal from my pantry staples! Since I don't have green beans, yet, I grabbed some mustard greens from the garden. The whole family loved it, so it's a keeper!
    about Sardine Niçoise lunch(box) from River Cottage Every Day added on June 15, 2022

  • Great balance of flavors between the fresh herbs, the tangy lemon, and the rich walnut oil. We served it simply, atop baked potatoes, and I can highly recommend it!
    about Cilantro sauce from Georgian Feast added on April 07, 2022

  • The flavors and colors came together so nicely, using a blood orange in the orange vinaigrette! I did add more rice vinegar when I tasted for adjustment. The chèvre cheese I used had a softer texture, so I just spooned it over instead of crumbling. Definitely will keep this one in mind as a great winter salad!

  • I have tried three times now to make this, but I think this is intended for uncured meat, and I can only find smoked ham shank ends; it is always too salty. As to the actual recipe, I wish I knew how often to check to keep the wine sauce from burning off; the ham gives off a lot of fat, which I usually mistake for roasting juices. If I ever see the right cut of fresh meat, I'll give this another go.

  • I had a very faded sense of smell at the time, but this soup still brought a good balance of basic flavors. Mild heat, but enough to help clear sinuses. The whole family loves it!

  • I served this on rice with yogurt and lime pickle, the first night, then had plenty of leftovers for stuffing into puff pastry pockets! Flavorful in spite of my sense of smell fading at the time. I might add fennel seed to future batches.
    about Spicy potato filling from Mangoes & Curry Leaves added on January 18, 2022

  • I made this for a fun holiday dish on Twelfth Night! Hazelnut oil really helped take the flavor to an unexpected height. Get an early start on prep work, so the pastry dough can rest and chill.