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  • Very nice salmon recipe. The salad, and especially the salad dressing, was delicious. I cooked the quinoa in the pressure cooker using my usual method instead of following the recipe instructions. I also used frozen corn instead of canned corn, and I added the sliced red onion to the pan to be broiled with the corn since we aren't the biggest fans of raw red onion. I would make this again.

  • We loved these cookies. The almond extract seemed like it would be too much, but we liked the flavor combined with the butterscotch chips. I used flaked coconut for part of the shredded coconut amount. I would make these again.
    about Crazy cowboy cookies from One Sweet Cookie added on June 14, 2022

  • I subbed tofu for paneer and yellow mustard seeds for black mustard seeds. We both liked this recipe, but thought it needed quite a bit of salt at the end of cooking. I would make this again.

  • Not too sweet. An enjoyable cocktail.
    about Mary Pickford from Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails added on June 12, 2022

  • Spicier than I thought it would be, but the combination of ingredients made a nice cocktail.

  • Tasty, simple sheet pan recipe with a flavorful sauce/marinade. I would make this again.

  • A lot of vegetable chopping, but worth it. This was a nice, brothy vegetable full soup. I would make this again. I used green fettuccine shirataki noodles, but ramen shirataki noodles would be my preference for next time.

  • I've never made mayonnaise before, but this was so easy. I didn't have olive oil, so used a different, what I thought was, neutral oil (grapeseed oil). The resulting mayo was not entirely neutral tasting and had a noticeable green tinge. I would make this again with a different oil.
    about 1-minute mayonnaise from Whole Smiths Good Food Cookbook added on June 05, 2022

  • I used purple potatoes that were on the larger size so they took a bit longer to cook in the oven. I liked the crispy edges and soft interiors of the potatoes. I would make this again with yellow/white potatoes since the purple potatoes looked a bit like weird pine cones after roasting (haha).

  • Good flavorful curry, but pretty spicy. The blender method of making the chile paste didn't work at all for me, so I had to switch to the mortar and pestle. I would make this again because I like jackfruit, but maybe reduce the amount of dried red chiles.
    about Jackfruit curry from Chetna's Healthy Indian: Vegetarian added on June 04, 2022

  • Very easy, light and fresh tasting noodle bowl that would be nice on a hot summer day. This was the first time I've used yuzu kosho and it had a strong flavor that I think went well with the green tea soba noodles I used. I would make this again and maybe add the shrimp to the noodle sauce to add some flavor to the otherwise plain shrimp.
    about Yuzu summer bowl from Whitewater Cooks Together Again added on June 02, 2022

  • Loved the combination of white chocolate and apricot with the hint of cinnamon in these cookies. The oven temp/size of cookies/time in oven must be off because they took considerably longer to fully bake than the 14 minutes @ 325°F. I would make the cookies smaller next time (1/2 cup of dough makes a huge cookie) and increase the oven temp to 350°F.

  • This was a great sheet pan dinner. The curry sumac butter was delicious on the salmon, and I might make more next time to toss with the vegetables at the end of cooking for some added flavor. I would make this again.

  • Nice lightly coconutty rice side dish. I liked the herb, green onion, ginger, and coconut mix-ins at the end of cooking. I used jasmine rice as a substitute for basmati rice and served this as an accompaniment to this books Roasted salmon with curry sumac butter.
    about Gail's coconut rice from Whitewater Cooks Together Again added on May 30, 2022

  • Nicely sour from the lime juice. I might try the lemon juice variation next time for a less bitter citrus flavor.
    about Kamikaze from 12-Bottle Bar added on May 29, 2022

  • Simple, delicious peanut butter cookies. Despite following the directions exactly, my cookies flattened in the oven and didn't look like the picture in the book. I love how easy and peanut buttery these turned out. Will definitely make again.
    about Peanut butter cookies from Ovenly, Updated Edition added on May 29, 2022

  • In my opinion, vermouth doesn't belong with salted caramel flavors. This wasn't a cocktail I enjoyed and the recipe made a weird amount that barely filled 1/2 of a standard martini glass. Not a repeat for me.
    about Salted caramel martini from Nigella.com added on May 28, 2022

  • I used another cut of pork, but tenderloin would have been ideal. The spice rub is different and interesting in a good way with orange zest and sesame seeds. I would pay more attention to the heat of the grill next time because it was too hot and the brown sugar in the rub started to scorch. I would make this again.
    about Dry-glazed pork tenderloin from Fresh with Anna Olson added on May 25, 2022

  • Great, flavorful tofu dish. I used mystery dried red chiles from the Asian market and they were very spicy. I might reduce the amount next time. I used leftover halves of red bell pepper and yellow onion as substitution for green bell pepper. Overall, we both enjoyed this despite the spice level.
    about Black pepper tofu from Vegan Richa's Everyday Kitchen added on May 23, 2022

  • Nice (and very easy to make) vegan split pea soup. I used purple barley and I think it gave the soup an odd color, but still tasted fine. The soup became very thick the second day, so we added water to adjust. I would make this again.

  • We both really liked this. I don't love fish sauce, but the flavors in the meatballs worked well together and the sauce had enough lime juice to mask the fishiness. The only change I made was to reduce the ground pork by half. I think 2lbs. of meat for 4 servings is a lot, and we still got 5 meatballs per serving with the reduced amount. I would make this again. Also, not sure if my book is from a different printing, but this recipe is titled Bun Cha - Vietnamese spicy pork meatballs with fresh noodle salad in my book.

  • The spice rub combined with the different citrus juices made a delicious cooking liquid for the pork shoulder. I've never done the crisping under the broiler step to slow-cooked meat before and I really liked the textures and flavor it added to the finished tacos. I would make these again.
    about Crispy slow cooker carnitas from Defined Dish added on May 15, 2022

  • I saw hillsboroks note and wanted to try this. The party mix is addictive and a little spicy. We couldn't stop snacking on it. I did notice that the remaining mix was kind of soggy the next day, so probably not something to make too far ahead of time. I would make this again.
    about Honey miso party mix from Kitchn added on May 13, 2022

  • I used unsweetened shredded coconut and they were still plenty sweet. Nice cookie recipe that was not my ideal crispy/chewy preference, but still good. I would make these again.
    about Oatmeal coconut cookies from Baking Bites Cookbook added on May 13, 2022

  • Nice, easy dinner. I didn't scrape the marinade off the chicken pieces and they were fine that way. My chicken thighs may have been on the larger size because they took an extra 10 minutes to fully cook to the recommended temperature. I would make this again.
    about Sheet pan tandoori chicken from Well Plated Cookbook added on May 12, 2022