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  • This was very good on banh mi sandwiches, but not as good plain, by itself. I thought that it gave the banh mi an authentic flavor that I get in Little Saigon, but had not been able to duplicate at home until now. This is very easy to make and the five spice powder gives it an intriguing flavor.
    about Quick pork liver pâté from Banh Mi Handbook added on November 13, 2020

  • Nice, easy pickle with a beautiful magenta color. Delicious on banh mi, but is also very versatile. We find lots of uses for this pickle.
    about Citrusy red cabbage pickle from Banh Mi Handbook added on November 13, 2020

  • Really good enchiladas. What a great idea to make the filling and enchilada sauce at the same time in the instant pot! The ancho chiles give a smokey sweetness to the sauce. This was really tasty and mild-moderately spicy. The making of the filling/sauce was easy, but assembly was time consuming—as it always is with enchiladas.
    about Easy pressure cooker chicken enchiladas from Serious Eats added on November 13, 2020

  • Delicious (but time consuming). I love how the layers of flavor are built into this jambalaya. You really have to take your time to brown the sausages and then the onions but it’s worth it. I used a rotisserie chicken from Costco, a nice shortcut. Next time, I would bring the stock up to a simmer before adding it to the rice—otherwise it takes a long time to get it hot enough to cook the rice. This recipe makes a ton of food. It would be perfect for a party.
    about Old-school chicken and sausage jambalaya from Real Cajun added on November 13, 2020

  • This was good, not great. I think it needed more soy to balance the other flavors. The ginger and the scallions had a sharp raw flavor that I did not care for. But, it was very easy and made an acceptable weeknight dinner.
    about Steamed scrod fillets Chinese style from Best of Gourmet 1993 added on November 13, 2020

  • This is very nice, with a flavor rich with pumpkin and spices. I made the buttermilk version. The texture is soft and moist, with a pleasing contrast to the crunchy crumb topping and glaze. The glaze (I used plain milk) does add that little something special, so I wouldn’t omit it. Recipe for the glaze is more than you need—half or 2/3 might be sufficient. I baked this in a 9x9 square and finished height was 1½”. The center of the cake was just slightly underdone at 29 minutes. Next time bake for 30-31 minutes.
    about Iced pumpkin coffee cake from Sally's Baking Addiction added on November 13, 2020

  • Delicious! These blondies have a delicious toffee flavor, with just the right amount of toasted pecans and salt—and of course, chocolate. Though I used 2 tablespoons of double strength coffee, the coffee flavor is not very pronounced. These are easy to make and clean up, needing only one pan and a whisk. The biggest challenge was spreading the dough in the pan; the dough is sticky and sticks to hands and even a silicone spatula. I ended up covering the dough with plastic wrap so I could press it into a flat layer. The finished bars are ½ inch thick, with a perfect blondie texture. They were baked in 18 minutes.
    about Coffee blondies from Vanilla Bean Baking Book added on November 09, 2020

  • These were very good and easy and made with pantry staples. I thought the beef was a touch salty, but when combined with all of the toppings, it’s was fine. We didn’t have kimchi but we did have some Vietnamese red cabbage pickle. It was pefect with this—and beautiful as well.
    about Sizzling beef bulgogi tacos from Smitten Kitchen Every Day added on November 04, 2020

  • This was fine, but too sweet for me due to the stewed tomatoes. Curry flavor is very light. Need to salt the sauce too.
    about Country captain from Essential New York Times Cookbook added on October 20, 2020

  • This was super easy, but we were not wowed by this cake. The texture is soft and light, but we were looking for more oomph in the chocolate flavor. (We used callebaut cocoa powder). I would try it one more time, substituting coffee or espresso for the water. Prepare your pan well so it doesn’t stick!

  • This is a tender and very flavorful meatball, that the whole family enjoyed. The marinara (also from this cookbook) is very delicious. You will want to double the sauce as there is barely enough for the meatballs alone, to say nothing of pasta. Even if you don’t have pasta, double the sauce. The meatballs are a little bit tricky because they are so tender. Once you put them into the ziplock, they will meld together. After they’re cooked, you will need to cut them apart very carefully or they will break. These make big meatballs.

  • We were completely wowed at how delicious this marinara is. It is so simple and easy and made with pantry staples. I can see this becoming my go-to for homemade marinara. It is thin coming off the sous vide, but after simmering with a bit of olive oil, it was perfect. We made this to go with the Turkey Meatballs Stuffed with Mozzarella, also from the same book.
    about Quick-cook marinara sauce from Sous Vide at Home added on October 20, 2020

  • I was disappointed in this. Maybe it is just not to our taste. My husband thought it was bitter (the caramel is intended to be bitter, per the recipe) and I thought it was too sweet. Regardless, not really enjoyable to eat by itself, but would probably be very good with vanilla ice cream. The caramel and chocolate dominate and the flavor of crust, which ought to be a nice counterpoint, just disappears.
    about Carmelita bars from Model Bakery Cookbook added on October 17, 2020

  • Addictively good brownies. They are rich, very chocolatey and fudgy with a crackly top. Recipe makes a huge amount. Half recipe fits a 9x13 pan and 3/4 recipe fits in a 10x15 jelly roll.
    about Outrageous brownies from Barefoot Contessa Cookbook added on October 14, 2020

  • Very nice! It’s delicious, especially the sauce, which I could eat on its own, like soup. Served it with rice pilaf, which went very well with the dish.

  • The flavor was good, but the texture wasn’t. Frosting was tasty—wish it was thicker and spreadable so we could have more frosting in every bite.
    about Buttermilk spice cake from Happiness Is Baking added on October 14, 2020

  • Really good, kid friendly enchilada sauce. We use the full amount of chipotle. It is not very spicy. In addition to enchiladas, we use it for wet burritos and also to jazz up frozen burritos or Taco Bell.
    about Best enchilada sauce from scratch from Skinnytaste Cookbook added on October 14, 2020

  • Delicious! Everyone who eats it loves it. A family favorite.
    about Chicken and rice, street cart style from Smitten Kitchen Every Day added on October 14, 2020

  • This cake was just ok. It was done in the minimum time and had a strange shape, one side having risen twice as much as the other side. Also, there was a valley around the perimeter of the pan. The texture was ok despite the strange way it baked up, however, there were quite a few tunnels in the cake. I was concerned because the batter was runny—almost like pancake batter. The batter was also filled with tiny air bubble, something I’ve never seen in cake batter before. The flavor was kind of bland. I think one reason is that instead of a cup of butter, it was half butter and half oil. The frosting was good but not as good as the Foolproof chocolate frosting, also from ATK, which is the gold standard.

  • Delicious and very easy but oh so rich. Ok to have once in a while. Short pasta works better than long noodles. Used ½ teaspoon of black pepper and ½ teaspoon salt. Might be nice with a touch of hot pepper, and maybe also a touch of acid (squeeze of lemon?).

  • This is a very good chimichurri.
    about Basic chimichurri from Barbecue! Bible added on October 14, 2020

  • This is very quick and tasty. If you can get roasted tomatoes, use them instead. The salsa is really good for a pantry salsa. We used to make it all the time years ago and everyone liked it. It does need salt and more acidity than the recipe calls for.

  • This is good but not as good as the salmon with poblano cream and spinach. I used a good roasted tomatillo and hatch chile salsa—it made this a manageable weeknight dinner. We had steamed potatoes instead of peas because my husband does not like peas. The sauce is very nice with potatoes.

  • Second time I’ve made this. It was really delicious with some salsa (roasted hatch tomatillo) and sour cream. 4 stars with toppings, 3 stars without—the pie is very savory and the acidity and brightness from salsa and sour cream, complement it perfectly. This is kid-friendly comfort food. Since there is not a lot of chopping, it’s actually pretty easy to make. I used all of the turkey chili, including the liquids and the cornbread crust turned out fine—not soggy. Though it fills up the quarter sheet pan, it does not overflow—just remember to remove a ½ cup of the cornbread batter.

  • This was an easy and very flavorful curry—but you need a food processor. It is very fragrant with lemongrass and ginger. Had a moderate amount of heat, which can be adjusted depending on what curry powder you use. My potatoes, like TrishaCP’s, took longer to cook and I had to keep adding water so the sauce wouldn’t dry out. Remember to factor that 30 minute rest period into your timing.