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  • This cake was just ok. It was done in the minimum time and had a strange shape, one side having risen twice as much as the other side. Also, there was a valley around the perimeter of the pan. The texture was ok despite the strange way it baked up, however, there were quite a few tunnels in the cake. I was concerned because the batter was runny—almost like pancake batter. The batter was also filled with tiny air bubble, something I’ve never seen in cake batter before. The flavor was kind of bland. I think one reason is that instead of a cup of butter, it was half butter and half oil. The frosting was good but not as good as the Foolproof chocolate frosting, also from ATK, which is the gold standard.

  • Delicious and very easy but oh so rich. Ok to have once in a while. Short pasta works better than long noodles. Used ½ teaspoon of black pepper and ½ teaspoon salt. Might be nice with a touch of hot pepper, and maybe also a touch of acid (squeeze of lemon?).

  • This is a very good chimichurri.
    about Basic chimichurri from Barbecue! Bible added on October 14, 2020

  • This is very quick and tasty. If you can get roasted tomatoes, use them instead. The salsa is really good for a pantry salsa. We used to make it all the time years ago and everyone liked it. It does need salt and more acidity than the recipe calls for.

  • This is good but not as good as the salmon with poblano cream and spinach. I used a good roasted tomatillo and hatch chile salsa—it made this a manageable weeknight dinner. We had steamed potatoes instead of peas because my husband does not like peas. The sauce is very nice with potatoes.

  • Second time I’ve made this. It was really delicious with some salsa (roasted hatch tomatillo) and sour cream. 4 stars with toppings, 3 stars without—the pie is very savory and the acidity and brightness from salsa and sour cream, complement it perfectly. This is kid-friendly comfort food. Since there is not a lot of chopping, it’s actually pretty easy to make. I used all of the turkey chili, including the liquids and the cornbread crust turned out fine—not soggy. Though it fills up the quarter sheet pan, it does not overflow—just remember to remove a ½ cup of the cornbread batter.

  • This was an easy and very flavorful curry—but you need a food processor. It is very fragrant with lemongrass and ginger. Had a moderate amount of heat, which can be adjusted depending on what curry powder you use. My potatoes, like TrishaCP’s, took longer to cook and I had to keep adding water so the sauce wouldn’t dry out. Remember to factor that 30 minute rest period into your timing.

  • These were good, but not very filling (we didn’t have cheese). Next time I would probably increase the amount of meat in stuffing.
    about Turkey enchilada stuffed poblanos rellenos from Skinnytaste added on September 25, 2020

  • This was delicious, far exceeded expectations. When you serve, do give an extra squeeze of lime juice and sprinkling of cilantro; it gives a piquancy that complements the caramel sauce. I didn’t plan ahead so the chicken only marinated for a half hour, but it still was yummy. I imagine it would be even more delicious if it marinated overnight. Agree with other reviewer, Vietnamese way was better

  • I made this hoping for a kid-friendly enchilada sauce. This worked out very well. While the adults in the family would have preferred a more intensely-flavored sauce for enchiladas, this was a good choice for the whole family. In enchiladas, the flavor seems muted. Where it really shines is as a topping for burritos and I like to keep it on hand for that purpose.
    about The best enchilada sauce from Skinnytaste added on August 14, 2020

  • Delicious jam with gorgeous color and bright, fruity flavor.
    about Raspberry jewel pluot jam from Artful Baker added on August 14, 2020

  • This worked out really well in the Raspberry Jewel Pluot Jam. However, unless you have a ready supply of green apples (like your own tree) I don’t think it makes sense to make your own pectin. Apples are expensive.
    about Green apple pectin stock from Artful Baker added on August 14, 2020

  • The best part of this cake is the crumb topping! I wouldn’t hesitate swapping it for the crumb topping of any other coffee cake. The cake itself, not including blueberries, is soft but not very sweet and I think it would take well to other fruits. I like this cake, but my preference would be for one slightly sweeter and richer.
    about Blueberry crumb cake from Happiness Is Baking added on August 14, 2020

  • This was very nice, served with a simple rice pilaf. It is not difficult to make and once everything is prepped, it goes very quickly. It has a nice, bright flavor, but not overly acidic (which I was afraid of). The vegetable and macadamia mixture, when combined with the rice is very enjoyable. I love the green beans with rice!

  • This is really good! The tomato sauce is delicious. My aromatics were not fully softened at the end of the 40 minutes so I would add enough water at the beginning to get them boiling more. All the water boils off. Once the sauce is made, this is a very simple and pretty quick dish. Even the mushrooms without the tomato sauce are delicious, so that would be another tasty option on a busier weeknight.
    about Chicken à la Marengo from Essential New York Times Cookbook added on August 14, 2020

  • Beautiful and delicious marble cake. The texture is just perfect. The chocolate part is so richly, deeply chocolate. Prepare your pan very well because this cake wants to stick. Took 65 minutes in my oven.
    about Chocolate chip marble bundt cake from Midwest Made added on August 14, 2020

  • This is a very nice biscotti—a lot of chocolate and macadamia nuts held together with a little bit of dough. I was a bit skeptical because of the milk chocolate, but it really is very tasty. This is the crunchiest biscotti I’ve ever made, but because it crumbles readily when you bite into it, there is no fear of cracking teeth. Instead of blanching, toasting, and grinding the almonds, I used the same measure (1.5 oz) of almond flour, which I toasted for 5 minutes till it became golden and fragrant. It eliminated a lot of work. With this modification, this recipe is fairly quick and easy for biscotti. Maida’s suggestion to first use a serrated knife to cut through the crust of the biscotti is genius—it prevented the biscotti from crumbling.

  • The sauce is pretty tasty, but it does not thicken very much. It’s good with wide egg noodles. One teaspoon of salt was needed to bring out the flavor. The problem is with the chicken. The cooking time (6 minutes) is far too long. The chicken is so dry, like sawdust. It was really unpleasant. I suspect this dish would be much better cooked on the stove, and would probably not take much longer.

  • Really good! The spinach in poblano cream sauce is evocative of a lighter, saucier creamed spinach, Mexican style. Rick Bayless suggests serving with roasted potatoes, and it is indeed very nice with them. The sauce needs about ¾ teaspoon of salt to bring out the flavors. Without sufficient salt, it tastes flat and bland. I prepped the sauce and the spinach after lunch because I had a 5 pm meeting. With those components done, this was a very quick dinner to put together. I think the leftover potatoes and sauce would make very nice tacos. In fact, I can see myself making just potatoes and sauce for vegetarian tacos. This sauce would also be nice with chicken or pork tenderloin.

  • Half of recipe fits in 2-6” rounds and bakes in 20 minutes. To approximate the protein content of English self-raising flour I used 65 g King Arthur AP, 48 g cake flour, 1½ t baking powder (half recipe). It turned out very well! Looks very pretty and has a good, simple flavor. The crumb is soft, tender, and light. Lightly sweetened whipped cream goes perfectly.
    about Victoria sandwich from Great British Bake Off added on June 08, 2020

  • A good solid chili, if you like tomatillos. It’s very easy to put together. I might increase the poblanos because I really like the flavor of them. The quality of the salsa matters in this dish. If I had a jar of homemade tomatillo salsa, full of roasted flavor, I think this would be especially good.

  • These were fine. The sauce was just average—my husband said it tasted like jarred sauce. The meatballs are extremely soft/wet when raw—difficult to handle and shape into baked. I think I might prefer the meatballs without the sauce.
    about Turkey & ricotta meatballs from Small Victories added on June 08, 2020

  • This is very assertively boozy on day 1. Even my husband said it was too much. By day 2, the alcohol had mellowed. However, the flavor seemed a bit one-note. This is not a cake to eat by itself, it needs something to balance it. I think that if you serve this on day 2 or later with ice cream and berries, it would be a restaurant-worthy dessert. The texture is very dense and pudding like in places. The cake doubled in height but collapsed slightly upon cooling. Regarding the mixing, I was very careful with ingredient temperatures and slow addition of liquid so as to not break the emulsion. The cake batter was runny, having the texture of cream. We used rye and added ¼ cup after baking.

  • The filling is good but the enchilada sauce is a bit one-note, heavy on the ancho but not much else. We would have preferred a looser sauce with a little bit more acidity and freshness from tomato to balance the flavor. I used the full amount of chipotle and it was not spicy at all. The filling is very kid-friendly, but I would make a different sauce in the future.

  • This was easy to make but it was too sweet and the chocolate chips overwhelmed the zucchini bread, which, without the chocolate, is nicely spiced. It took one hour to bake and even so, the bread collapsed a bit in the center.
    about Award-winning zucchini bread and muffins from Sally's Baking Addiction added on June 06, 2020