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  • A great recipe that is easy and gives an excellent crunchy, soft centred vegie. I will definitely be using this recipe again. It took longer than the 1 hour for my vegies to brown up nicely. Love the addition of the rosemary & garlic cloves. Delish

  • Yum...this is a great way to include fish in your diet in a really interesting and different way. I cooked the tuna first and made the meatballs,rested them then cooked them & drained them on paper towel. Next I made the tomato sauce. That way it's a 1 pan recipe and less washing up. I didn't bother to puree the tomato sauce...I like mine chunky with some body. A really delicious and easy recipe which my husband just loves. Will be making this again for sure

  • An OK recipe...I added 2 teaspoons of brown sugar to the dressing as it was way too salty. I also ended up frying the salmon and finished it off in the oven, then I stir fried the water chestnuts and vegies. Definitely not my favourite way to have salmon...
    about Asian-style steamed salmon from Jamie's Ministry of Food added on April 24, 2012

  • This is a really easy recipe, and the actual preparation is fast. The finished product looks great and I love the meringue topping. It has a good citrus flavour and is not too sweet, with a smooth creamy texture. Mine took about 15 minutes longer than the recipe said to cook. I wouldn't call this a NYC cheesecake's more a lime/lemon meringue pie/cheesecake. It's great served with vanilla icecream and fresh berries.
    about My NYC cheesecake from Jamie's America added on March 30, 2012

  • This is a great vegetarian recipe. I used the 3 cans of tinned tomatoes instead of the fresh tomatoes (I didn't have the time to do the fresh ones) I didn't bother to blend the tomato mixture in the food processor either, I like the chunkier texture. I used a combo of fresh bocconcini & mozzarella, not as much as what JO said to use, probably about half the amount and it was plenty. I really enjoyed the heat of the chillies and the rich flavour of the tomato sauce. A great week day meal with plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day !

  • The recipe is absolutely delicious...I have made it a few times since first discovering it. My husband, who ABSOLUTELY HATES peaches but LOVES this recipe and actually asks for it !! I have made a few minor changes to the recipe - I used the zest of about 1/2 an orange & lime instead of the full orange/lime. I used stem ginger instead of fresh ginger. I highly recommend the stem ginger. I mix the vanilla, zests, OJ, brown sugar & ginger in the baking dish first before adding the peaches in, the mix thoroughly to coat each peach. I think you get a move even flavour that way. The peaches stay fresh and juicy when cooked & the pinenuts in the dumplings add a lovely crunchy texture. There is a great balance of flavours with the tang of the peaches, the sweet zesty, vanilla syrup & the creamy, buttery dumplings. Our new late-summer favourite dessert.
    about Peach cobbler from Jamie's America added on March 02, 2012

  • A brilliant fresh, light, healthy dish. I added a bit of olive oil to the salsa, I also used about half the tomatoes (500g instead of 1kg) and it was plenty. Really love all the fresh herbs too. I put the salsa with fresh cooked die for. A brilliant, quick, tasty dish for those warm summer nights.
    about Tomato cilantro salsa with grilled tuna from Jamie at Home added on February 16, 2012

  • This is a totally fresh and very delicious, healthy dish. I made mine with chicken instead of crocodile/alligator !!! I also cooked the sweet potato differently...I peeled it and sliced it into 1cm pieces, then sprayed it with oil on a baking tray, sprinkled it with season all and roasted it for 45minutes until golden and soft. I stacked the circles of sweet potato, then the spicy chicken, then topped it with the tomato salsa. I didn't have a green tomato for the salsa, so just used an extra red tomato. I've added this to our favourites...will certainly be making this again.
    about Cajun alligator with sweet potato & salsa from Jamie's America added on February 15, 2012

  • So simple...I have made this a couple of times...It's great with soup, stews/casseroles, sausages and salad etc. As an alternative, I spread both sides of the sourdough with butter instead of olive oil and then put it into the sandwich press. A super fast way to make lots of toast which is toasted on both sides at the same time. The garlic is the MOST important part, without it, it's just toast.
    about Basic bruschette from Jamie's Italy added on December 11, 2011

  • Simple, quick, easy classic. My favourite bruschette. Great way to use fresh tomatoes from the doesn't get much better
    about Bruschette with tomato and basil from Jamie's Italy added on December 11, 2011

  • I'm a bit of a lazy bones, so I didn't cook the dried cannellini beans from scratch, I used a 400g can instead and it was fine. I'm not a huge fan of bacon/pancetta so I left it out entirely and the soup was still very tasty. I did cook the vegies for longer than the initial 20 minutes suggested. I also used baby spinach and added it at the very end just before serving it. I used 80g pasta because I like a fair bit of pasta in minestrone. My husband really loved eating this and it's good for his high blood pressure too with loads of vegies and very little salt. Great served with crusty bread & butter !! A hearty soup for a cold day

  • An easy dish to make and good general flavour. I did things a bit differently to Sir Jamie. Towards the end of the beef cooking, I added the garlic, 1 chopped red chilli and the szechuan pepper. I fried it off until the garlic was soft & aromatic, then added the honey and stirred through for a few minutes. While the noodles and greens were cooking, I added the soy sauce & oil to the beef. Then drained the noodle mix and threw it all together in the wok I was cooking the beef mix in. Just before serving I added the spring onions and lime juice. Good savoury flavoured dish...I think it needs more szechuan pepper or something as mine was not so "Fiery".
    about Fiery dan dan noodles from Jamie's America added on November 11, 2011

  • I made this recipe using shredded chicken. Instead of cooking them in the oven, I cooked them on my toasted/grilled sandwich much quicker and easier. A delicious snack for a lazy sunday afternoon.
    about Egyptian stuffed flatbread from Jamie's America added on November 06, 2011

  • The filling for these pasties is fantastic and flavoursome...I added 3 times the flour as it just didn't thicken up, despite cooking it for almost double the time with the lid off. I also added double amounts of Worcestershire sauce as well as a very heaped tablespoon of HP Sauce (British sauce) to boost the flavour. The pastry is delicious ( a little on the salty side...I'd use less salt next time) but I found it difficult to handle and it took forever to cool and seemed to drink in the flour while I kneaded it. It was super greasy and developed holes easily but they were easily patched up. The pasties taste sensational...just like buying them from a British bakery. For the sake of saving time (and saving your heart all that butter) you could probably use packaged shortcrust pastry instead...not as good a flavour, but easier and faster to work with. A very tasty pastry product. My husband just loves them !
    about Cornish cowboy pasties from Jamie's America added on October 31, 2011

  • This salad is brilliant. I have only eaten a few Waldorf Salads in the past and I really love this one. I love the light dressing instead of the traditional, more heavy mayo. The addition of the grapes & cheese adds another layer of flavour and texture. I'm not a huge fan of blue cheese, so I added chunks of brie instead, and it worked a treat. An excellent combo of crunchy, tangy, crisp, nutty, sweet ingredients...I think I will be eating this a lot over summer
    about Waldorf salad my way from Jamie's America added on October 29, 2011

  • Delicious rice pudding recipe, so easy. Love the vanilla bean in it....mmmmm. I added 4 tablespoons of golden caster sugar for a bit of extra sweetness as I had it with rhubarb and strawberry compote. I haven't tried the quick jam time. I suspect I would only need the 2 tablespoons of sugar in the rice when eaten with the jam. A good comfort dessert on a cold night

  • My thoughts on cooked should NEVER happen !! I believe God created it to be eaten raw !!! In saying that, this is still a good salad. It's quick & tasty & healthy. I didn't cook the avocados, instead I dressed them with oil, salt, pepper and ground cumin. For my taste, MUCH better :) The rest of the recipe I followed, except I didn't have any cress. I used a mix of fresh mint, parsley, coriander and rocket/arugula. The lemon dressing adds a fantastic tang and brings it all together. A delicious salad which would go really well with Mexican main dishes.
    about Mad dog salad from Jamie's America added on October 28, 2011

  • The pizza dough is brilliant, half the quantity makes 2 big pizzas. I also mixed it in the Kitchenaid, rather than doing it by hand. The pasta sauce is also fantastic & quick. I actually simmered mine for about 15 minutes to concentrate the flavours. I used chorizo sausages and didn't bother skinning and squeezing out the meat. Instead, I fried the slices of sausage in the fennel, oregano & chilli. Great flavour. Not sure about caramelising the onion with thyme...maybe fresh oregano would be better. Overall a good pizza topping, but not my favourite.
    about Deep-pan pizza from Jamie's America added on October 27, 2011

  • This pie has great potential, but missed the mark for me if cooking as the recipe reads. I did lots of adjustments to get the flavour nice and rich. I added double amounts of English mustard, marmite, Worcestershire sauce, and stock cubes. I also couldn't help but substitute 250ml red wine for 1 cup of water. I think if I make this again I would also add at least double the amount of flour to thicken it up...mine was very runny, more like a casserole than pie filling. Maybe that's how the Brits like their Mince & onion pies, but I don't. I cooked the filling for almost 2 hours to try and reduce the liquid. As I said, lots of potential, but needs some serious adjustments.
    about Classic mince and onion pie from Jamie's Ministry of Food added on October 25, 2011

  • Great little fritters. Very quick and easy to make. I added some grated nutmeg as well. Delicious served with the Caponata on page 8.

  • A very tasty, meat free dish. It took a lot longer to cook the eggplant than Jamie says in the recipe...I cooked it for about 25 minutes. I used Sicilian olives which add a great texture as well as flavour. I didn't have any herb vinegar so just used white wine vinegar which worked well. I served it with the ricotta fritters on page 12. A delicious vegetarian meal.
    about Incredible Sicilian eggplant stew (Caponata) from Jamie's Italy added on October 24, 2011

  • One word for this...YUM. So easy and so delicious. The frying really adds extra flavour. I used grapeseed oil instead of olive oil as it is better for my non-stick pans. A great crunchy crust. I love the simple ingredients and pure flavours. A good change from the traditional baked pizza (never mind that it's a bit more fat)
    about Fried pizza (Pizza fritta) from Jamie's Italy added on October 21, 2011

  • Absolutely loved the baked egg on this pizza. Good flavour combination

  • This is soooooo tasty. It's quick, easy and delicious. I left out the anchovies because I hate them !!! I love how the cherry tomatoes go sweet and mushy. It's almost self saucing. The lemon juice adds an excellent tang. A fantastic recipe...good for a dinner party main or entree. Highly recommend, you should try this !!
    about Italian pan-seared tuna from Jamie's Ministry of Food added on October 20, 2011

  • A delicious, flavoursome pie that isn't over the top sweet. I made a minor change to the method...I pushed all the sweet potato, after it was roasted, through a drum sieve to make it super smooth (I don't like lumps). You could use a potato ricer too. For the ingredients, I added 1/2 tsp cinnamon instead of a pinch. I'd also be tempted to add 1/2 tsp mixed spice next time as well. I sprinkled golden caster sugar over top of the pastry after egg washing it before final baking. Strongly recommend Jamie's pastry on pg 122. It's easy to handle, simple to make and fantastic flavour. I added the zest of an orange for this recipe and it goes perfectly. I served it with a drizzle of maple syrup & double cream....scrumptious. A great recipe for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween...or just because you can ! :)
    about Sweet potato pie from Jamie's America added on October 15, 2011