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  • This was easy to put together even though it took three pans, a bowl for mixing, and a casserole dish (clean up detail). The result was okay but bland and certainly not cheesy as indicated in the recipe title. The amount of broth and milk compared to the creme Fraiche and Parmesan made the mixture soupy rather than creamy. Probably won’t repeat.
    about Cheesy chicken casserole from Great British Chefs - Chef Recipes added on January 22, 2021

  • I forgot I needed to marinate my lamb overnight, so my meat only marinated six hours. The chunks were a bit chewy, but still very flavorful. Great Eastern Mediterranean marinade. Reminded me of an Armenian restaurant I used to go to. I broiled my vegetables on separate skewers which worked well. Served with brown rice and shiitake mushrooms and kale / Parmesan salad. The suggested wine pairing of Pinot noir (chose a 2017 Oregon) was spot on.
    about Lamb shish kebabs from Perfect Pairings added on January 21, 2021

  • Husband liked this better than I did. I halved all the ingredients, except the cheese which I ended up using the full four person portion for two people to get the sauce thickened. It was still soup like. The Mornay sauce in this recipe is not a true Mornay sauce. It is way too liquidy to be a true sauce (mine was very thin and soupy) and the directions seem to be mixed up. Instead of having you make a roux, than adding liquid ingredients, then stirring to thicken, you heat the liquid ingredients and then add a small bit of cornstarch and milk. If I were to make this again, I’d start by making a true flour/butter/ milk roux, then add liquid. Pros: This was a good recipe to use up the end of a large frozen fish order: 6 ounces each of haddock, salmon,and cod.
    about Seafood Mornay from Irish Pub Cookbook added on January 19, 2021

  • One of my favorite beef tenderloin steak recipes. I use a Williams-Sonoma Smokehouse steak rub Instead of the recommended brand in the recipe. Last night I made it with German weizen (wheat beer) since that’s the only beer I had on hand, and the sauce was as flavorful as dark beer. Depending on the thickness of the steak, the oven time can be anywhere between five and 10 minutes, depending on your wellness preference. Goes well with oven baked russet potatoes and a wedge or Caesar salad.

  • I was late in my start to making this as an accompaniment for soup today, so only gave it a rest on the wire rack for 30 minutes before slicing it, and luckily, it still sliced easily. Ingredients were easy to mix up and form into dough. I used the only round pan I own, a springform one, and it worked well. This is a heavier, more dense and craggy version of brown soda bread than I remember eating in Ireland. Even so, I really liked it, especially with the wheat germ and wheat bran, and will make again, even though my French baguette loving husband isn’t nearly as much a fan as I am.
    about Irish brown soda bread from All-Time Best Brunch added on January 15, 2021

  • This was as good as, if not better than, any broth vegetable soup I’ve had in an Asian restaurant. especially as a side for the hoisin pork lettuce wraps. My soup looks nothing like the photo, and I think the photo is in error as this is a broth soup! I substituted thin slices of shiitake mushrooms because my grocery store didn’t have enoki. The chopped fresh basil and scallion toppings were good additions to the soup. I made the soup before stir frying my pork for the accompanying wraps and just reheated it for a couple minutes after the pork was cooked. As promised, very quick and easy.

  • Tasty! Husband and I really liked this recipe, especially with the suggested soup on the same page. I stir fried my pork slices in some of the hoisin sauce mixture, which added a depth of flavor. I used an entire head of Boston lettuce for two of us, making each wrap with three leaves. It’s interesting that the photo shows more than the one prescribed lettuce leaf per wrap. Fast and easy recipe as promised and a nice, lighter meal on a 50 degree January day.

  • Yum! This recipe lives up to its promise of producing tender, not too sweet muffins. They’re satisfying without being heavy. I included the raisins In the batter, which made for nearly full muffin tins. Even filled nearly to the brim, my muffins rose nicely, didn’t puff over, and were finished baking at 18 minutes. Will definitely repeat. Taste best right out of oven.
    about Oatmeal muffins from King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion added on January 13, 2021

  • Pretty Good even though on the bland side. I used peanut oil which I’d recommend as important for added flavor unless you want a very bland result. As described, this was a quick and easy recipe. I’m not sure I’ll rush to make it again, but it’s one to bookmark for a meal that takes under 30 minutes, especially if you start the rice when you start the prep. We liked sweet chili sauce as a condiment with it rather than sambal olek (tried both) but that’s just our personal preference.
    about Black bean pork and tofu from Essential Wok Cookbook added on January 12, 2021

  • I made the sauce for purchased three cheese tortellini, which made this an intentionally cheesy Entree. The sauce is mild, which suited us fine, but some may find it bland. We really liked the spinach/ cream/ ricotta//Parmesan combination. Nice hint of nutmeg. Sauce was creamy enough to saturate the tortellini. Substitution: used half n half instead of heavy cream.

  • Just okay. I used a meatloaf mixture of ground veal, pork, and beef. Husband liked it more than I did. I did make some changes including baking it in a loaf pan rather than Free standing in a foil pouch. I also didn’t do the glaze. Mine turned out a bit loose, still able to cut slices, but much looser than other meat loaves I’ve made. I’m thinking it’s because there’s a 1/2 cup of milk in it and two eggs. Most of my meatloaf recipes have much less milk or no milk and only one egg.
    about All-American meatloaf from Make-Ahead Cook added on January 09, 2021

  • The liquor-soaked prunes and pork stuffing made this dish restaurant worthy. Just lovely. I halved everything for two people and found the stuffing fit perfectly in my two hens. Roasting at 500 degrees for 15 minutes before lowering the temperature gave the hens beautiful brown-skins. Hens were juicy and flavorful at end of roasting time prescribed. Substitutions: had to use rum instead of brandy since I was out of brandy. Used dried thyme instead of fresh. Served with lettuce salad and potatoes. As recommended, I paired the dish with merlot. And agree this would be a great dinner party dish. First recipe tried with this cookbook.

  • The molasses in these add an interesting sweetness. I like that the recipe includes old-fashioned oatmeal. I didn’t have wheat bran but my wheat bran cereal worked just fine as a substitute. Used all wheat flour (recommended in recipe note) rather than a mix of half white and half wheat. Batter rose nicely in pan tins and muffins were fully baked at 14 minutes.
    about Raisin bran muffins from King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion added on January 06, 2021

  • Lovely soup. We really liked the lemony flavor. I was originally going for the Lemony Carrot soup version but I used wide strips from one whole lemon, instead a half of one, so I decided to not add lemon juice. That would have made it too tart for my taste, I think. I puréed most of my soup but scooped out about a dozen cooked carrot slices before pureeing, so there would be some chunks to the soup. I like that the recipe authors provide options and explanations for variations for the main soup.
    about Chunky [carrot] soup from Canal House added on January 05, 2021

  • Delicious and decadent b/c sautéed in clarified butter and topped with brown butter sauce before serving. Julia Child’s recipe is much more definitive than the one In Escoffier, so I’ll probably stick with this one from now on. Child’s recipe clearly explains how to make a delightful Parmesan breaded crust on the breasts. I chilled mine for 20 minutes; my grated Parmesan reggiano and bread crumbs adhered nicely and stayed put when flipped in my sauté pan. The breasts look very pretty browned. My two breasts took about 12 minutes total. Served with white jasmine rice and steamed green peas. A calorie and fat splurge but tasty enough to repeat as a once in a while treat.

  • I made the full recipe for just two of us but but have enough leftovers for another meal (lunch tomorrow). These were Very good. We liked the flavor and consistency of the cakes. This recipe makes appetizer sized cakes that are thin like pancakes. I used Phillips ‘crab select’ crab which includes lump crabmeat but has smaller pieces, and shredded crab as well. That consistency made for an easier-to-work with cake-My cakes didn’t fall apart when I turned them. This was a tasty dish that I paired with shrimp cocktail for a main entree meal. I didn’t try the sauces that are in the same section because I used Ina Garten’s seafood dip (with great results) instead. Will repeat.
    about Crab cakes from Canal House added on December 31, 2020

  • I made a third of the recipe as part of a NYE dinner for my husband and me. I was very happy with the results of roasting the shrimp. I only needed 7 minutes in my oven, and will remember this method again. I modified the dipping sauce a bit- I didn’t have chili sauce so I used ketchup and chili powder. I also used Hellman’s light mayo instead of full fat. The dip was delicious, even with the changes.
    about Roasted shrimp cocktail Louis from Cook Like a Pro added on December 31, 2020

  • This was disappointing. If the author’s intention was to replicate the Bavarian goulash soup I used to eat the five years I lived in Germany, there’s either a big mistake in the liquid measurement or she chose a goulash soup I never came across. The goulash soup I routinely ate while skiing or when out and about is based on Hungarian goulash soup that has a thick almost gravy-like stock, and it’s a small amount. The liquid is beef broth, not water. This soup calls for 1 1/2-2 quarts of water, an amount I blanched at when I added it but hoped would be soaked up by the beef and potatoes. That didn’t happen. This recipe also makes a red colored soup whereas the goulash soup I ate in Bavaria is very brown with a red tinge. This wasn’t actually a bad tasting soup. It’s just not authentic to anything I ever ate in Bavaria.
    about Goulash soup (Gulyassuppe) from German Cookbook added on December 30, 2020

  • Heavenly. Unfortunately, I must have over mixed my dough because my loaf has a Small tunnel in the middle of it. It didn’t feel like I was over doing as I mixed, but I need to be more mindful next time. Even with the tunnel, it was delicious warm with a dab of butter spread on it.
    about Irish soda bread from Joy of Cooking added on December 30, 2020

  • For a recipe with basic ingredients, this entree is surprisingly delicious. My husband and I think the topping makes the dish. We liked it so much we’ll have it again with one change- I’ll slice the potatoes before boiling them, and make sure they’re tender before they go into the casserole. I didn’t do that and some of the sliced potatoes didn’t get completely baked through in the oven. I made half a recipe except for the haddock (used three six ounce fillets). Everything layered and fit nicely in my Emile Henry bread/meatloaf pan. On a side note,I lived in Bavaria and travelled throughout the country but I don’t recall ever seeing this dish on a restaurant menu there, so it was a new one to me.

  • I’ve always wanted to try an authentic, original hamburger from Hamburg and getting this cookbook for Christmas gave me that opportunity. This is a find. The recipe (which includes butter, eggs, and flour- not in ingredient list) makes a juicy, flavorful hamburger patty. The sautéed onions and beef stock gravy toppings add to it. We had ketchup and mustard on the table but never felt the inkling to add it. Definitely takes ground beef meat to the next level. Will repeat.
    about German hamburger (Deutsches beefsteak) from German Cookbook added on December 27, 2020

  • Excellent. I loved this take on mushroom soup. I used dried porcini and dried chanterelle mushrooms and fresh cremini and shiitakes. It’s more broth- based than other mushroom soups I’ve made, and includes mushroom broth, which creates a lighter soup with more depth of flavor. Andrew Weil’s definition of ‘fast’ doesn’t always match mine and it definitely doesn’t with this recipe. It took more than an hour- but it wasn’t an issue today and won’t be unless I’m pressed for time. The fresh cut parsley sprinkled on top at the end adds an extra layer of flavor. Served this with crusty homemade French bread. Wonderful on a cold December night. Serves eight- lots left for leftover meals in our two person household.
    about Mushroom barley soup from Fast Food, Good Food added on December 23, 2020

  • This is a snap to make, and may motivate me to never purchase olive tapenade again, it’s so good. I used kalamata olives and capers and they were great with the olive oil, thyme, garlic, and ground pepper. Used as a base for a mozzarella and tomato sandwich in same cookbook.
    about Olive paste from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone added on December 23, 2020

  • A simple and satisfying sandwich. I used toasted rustic country bread (Whole Foods bakery), kalamata olives, plum tomatoes, and subbed green leaf lettuce for the arugula. I cut my tomato and mozzarella slices fairly thick, so my sandwich was pretty thick. I’m thinking it would have been more flavorful with summer tomatoes but since the olive paste is the predominant flavor in this sandwich, maybe not. Worth repeating. As a side note, I’ve had this cookbook for ages and just today discovered the wonderful 17 page sandwich section.

  • This is one of the very few Jamie Oliver recipes I’ve tried that didn’t turn out well. I followed the directions exactly and came away with lessons learned. Jamie shows photos of raw pork chops on the recipe page with very thick rinds.To make the dish as he directs, I don’t recommend attemptIng it unless you have pork chops With very thick rinds. Mine had been trimmed and it turns out there wasn’t enough rind or fat to do what he wanted done in the broiler. He doesn’t say what to do after broiling the long rind crisps but shows them with the chops in the fry pan. So, I assume that’s where they go. My chops ended up looking pretty but were overcooked. My peach halves sautéed and browned nicely as did the garlic and rosemary but I couldn’t get the bourbon to light, so it was a pan sauce instead of flambe’. I may try this again but would definitely need to visit the butcher shop, not grocer, to get the proper kind of chop needed.
    about Peachy pork chops from 5 Ingredients added on December 22, 2020