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  • A tasty, healthy dish for not a whole lot of effort. Although the recipe is for four, I only halved the amount of scallops (used sea not diver) and made the full amount of vegetables for the two of us, which suited us well. If you prep everything in advance (chopping, slicing, mincing, grating) the actual cook time is less than 15 minutes. Served with jasmine rice and a spinach, almond, and mandarin orange salad with poppyseed dressing.

  • Husband made this to give me a night off from cooking and it was really good. He used what we had on hand: He subbed broccoli for the broccolini and linguine instead of thin egg noodles. Our chicken breasts were quite large. I only ate half of mine and will save the rest for lunch. The recipe is very much a hands on affair but not overwhelming. The black bean sauce and roasted peanuts give everything an earthy flavor.
    about Chicken noodle stir-fry from 5 Ingredients added on December 20, 2020

  • I had all of the ingredients on hand and followed the directions exactly. The result was a very savory sauce and a pretty satisfying pasta meal. The quantity of sauce, mostly because of the 28 oz can of whole San Marzano tomatoes, made enough for three people in my household of two, which means I can use the leftover for lunch. If you like savory, briny pasta sauce, you’ll most likely really like this one.
    about Lusty pasta with sardines from Food52 added on December 18, 2020

  • We liked this Nigella salmon recipe better than the mirin one featured in one of Andrew Weil’s cookbooks. I ended up marinading for 25 minutes. The flavors were great, especially with steamed broccoli and Asian ginger dressing and jasmine rice.
    about Miso salmon from Simply Nigella added on December 17, 2020

  • I used 2 ounces of smoked salmon (not sure how many tablespoons that measures) and omitted the dill since I didn’t have any. I subbed half-the- fat Philadelphia cream cheese for full fat. Recipe made a quick, delicious lunch.

  • The sherry cream sauce for the lump crabmeat and pasta was lovely but the crab mixed in with it was just okay. I’d repeat the sauce with salmon next time if I were to try it again. Substitution: half and half for the heavy cream. Even with the prep, this was on the table in 30 minutes.
    about Linguine with crab and sherry cream sauce from Best Simple Recipes added on December 14, 2020

  • I was looking for a warm potato salad that didn’t include bacon and this one looked like it would work well as a side for my bratwurst And sauerkraut entree. I really liked the celery and bell pepper in this. They added a nice crunch and extra flavor. The olive oil & mustard dressing is simple but delicious. I liked this better than my husband (who said it was good but not as good as traditional German potato salad) and will probably make again and add bacon for my husband’s portion.
    about Warm potato salad from Canadian Living Make It Tonight added on December 11, 2020

  • Delicious. I only marinated the chickpea/ tomato mixture and my fish, rubbed in the spices, for an hour, but the flavor, Especially the cod, was outstanding. This was a very good, easy to prepare and bake weeknight entree.
    about Baked cod with cherry tomatoes and chickpeas from Make-Ahead Cook added on December 10, 2020

  • The green beans were tasty sautéed in butter after blanching but I didn’t see much of a benefit of them combined with the pancetta- which was hardly noticeable.
    about Pancetta green beans from Around My French Table added on December 10, 2020

  • This was just okay. I think it would have had a better mouth feel if I’d cut the thinly sliced fennel strips in smaller pieces and if my avocado hadn’t been trending toward over-ripeness. The diced avocado chunks were a bit on the mushy side after being tossed with the dressing. I omitted the green olives. The dressing was tasty.

  • A little on the sweet side for my taste but still very good. The glazing and roasting instructions are very specific and spot on. Very juicy and tender results.
    about Maple-glazed pork tenderloins from Cook's Illustrated Meat Book added on December 06, 2020

  • Tasty. My husband always remarks when I serve cauliflower because it’s one of his very favorite vegetables. This one is a keeper. I especially liked that I could make it on the stove while my pork loin was roasting in the oven at a temperature not high enough to roast cauliflower In the oven along with it. You can easily mince your garlic and grate your zest during the first five minutes of the cauliflower cooking under a lid on its own.
    about Skillet-roasted cauliflower from Complete Mediterranean Cookbook added on December 06, 2020

  • Tonight I made the Ginger-Walnut Salmon and Asparagus recipe (page 146) which was good, but not superb. The glaze on the fish keeps the salmon a very light pink, and after 20 minutes encased in aluminum foil in the oven, my fillets still looked like they needed 5 more minutes. After taking them out 5 minutes later, I realized the light pink was an illusion- they were definitely done and the asparagus was on the over done side. 20 minutes is the optimum baking time in my oven. Served with risotto and green salad.
    about New American Heart Association Cookbook, 9th Edition added on December 02, 2020

  • Not much different from a Cooking Light recipe I use, but This one is convenient when making something else from the same cookbook. Results are nice!
    about Mashed potatoes from Comfort Food Makeovers added on December 02, 2020

  • This is one of the better oven-fried chicken recipes I’ve tried. I wanted to see how skinless, boneless chicken breasts would work with this recipe (which calls for bone in). I thought it could work well, mainly because ATK has you put the chicken on a rack over a jelly roll pan, which helps keep the underside dry. I decided to disregard coating just one side with liquid and corn flakes and coated both. The rack method kept everything uniformly crunchy and dry. Served with mashed potatoes from the same cookbook. Will repeat.
    about Oven-fried chicken from Comfort Food Makeovers added on December 02, 2020

  • I had a big package of snow peas to use up, it was lunch time, and this recipe looked like a quick and good one for both. I used leftover rotisserie chicken, made the dressing while the vegetables were steaming, and had lunch ready in 15 minutes. The grated ginger In the dressing helps flavor this salad a lot. Substitutions: peanut oil instead of sesame since that’s what I had on hand and omitted the zucchini since I was out of it.
    about Jo-Ann's Chinese chicken salad from Jane Brody's Good Food Gourmet added on December 01, 2020

  • I made the mini crab casserole (page 169). The recipe is for 8 people, resulting in just 2 ounces of crabmeat, and a skimpy 118 calorie serving size per person. To increase the protein and entree serving size, I halved most ingredients ( from 8 servings to four): used 8 ounces of lump crabmeat for two People instead of four, and a full toasted crumbled slice of Dave’s power seed bread for 2 people. I used individual soufflé ramekins which worked well. The result was pretty tasty.
    about New American Heart Association Cookbook, 9th Edition added on November 30, 2020

  • The basil helps bump up the flavor in this very easy side dish. We thought it was a bit reminiscent of vegetable ratatouille.
    about Wilted spinach with tomatoes and basil from Weeknights with Giada added on November 30, 2020

  • Excellent. This recipe requires more prep, steps, pans, bowls,etc., than I prefer, but the outcome is healthy and tastes wonderful. My husband remarked, “This one’s a keeper!” One of the better vegan meals I’ve made in awhile. Will definitely make again when I’m not in a hurry to get dinner on the table.

  • Wonderful! Fast and easy. The fresh thyme and orange zest helps elevate plain asparagus spears. My spears were on the thin side, so only took 5 minutes to roast under broiler (8 inches from element).
    about Orange-herbed asparagus from Cooking Light Way to Cook added on November 27, 2020

  • Delicious and easy to prepare.

  • I got this holiday recipe idea from Darcie’s blog here at EYB and decided to try it for our stay in place Thanksgiving yesterday, and it turned out well. We really liked the beef flavor that was infused with the ruby port, beef broth, and cranberries. My boneless chuck roast was 2.67 pounds and the meat was falling away at 3 hours. It was still moist but next time I’d check it at 2 1/2 hours because it was probably finished at that point. My cranberry sauce was thin, so I took the roast out of the pot and simmered the sauce on the stove for another 10 minutes. As suggested, the beef and sauce went well with mashed potatoes ( used recipe at same blog website). This dish is very much comfort food in looks and taste. Update: this is even better the second day. If I were making this for guests, I’d strongly consider making it ahead, letting it sit refrigerated in the sauce for 24 hours, reheat at 350 degrees in oven for 30 minutes, then serving.
    about Cranberry pot roast from Feasting at Home added on November 27, 2020

  • My husband liked this dish better than I did. I used haddock instead of cod; I liked the unusual combined flavors of green olives, almonds, and orange juice but the texture of the relish was too mushy for me and it looked like oatmeal, which, to my personal preference, was off-putting on top of the fish. The directions for browning and then baking the fish were spot on.

  • We liked the crunchy bread topping on this mustard chicken recipe. Boneless chicken breasts can be tricky to cook/bake because of their size variance, but all of mine came out perfectly baked after first browning them on a stove top grill pan. I made one switch - mayonnaise for Veganaise. Simple and tasty. Served with steamed broccoli drizzled with balsamic vinegar.
    about Three-mustard chicken from It's All Easy added on November 25, 2020

  • As others have noted, this is delicious. For the two of us, the vegetable/anchovies components were very much like Salad Nicoise, only roasted. The anchovies turn the green beans and tomatoes into something special.