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  • We liked this easy, healthy version of nachos. The directions don’t specify to heat up your already cooked/grilled chicken or the tostada shells before briefly broiling with the cheese, and the result for me was too cold chicken pieces and a room temperature tostada. I would heat both of those before loading them up with the cheese for the broiler next time. This is an easy recipe to personalize with your favorite southwestern toppings. I added sour cream to my tomato salsa and avocado mash topping.
    about Loaded "nacho" chicken tostada from Skinnytaste added on November 20, 2020

  • I really liked the use of fresh herbs and EVOO under and over the skin of the chicken and in the thighs. Very moist chicken meat! I chose marjoram, rosemary, and thyme. The aroma and taste of those herbs reminded me of wonderful Thanksgiving turkey with stuffing. My husband’s and my favorite roast chicken recipe is Thomas Keller’s, but this one was a very close second. I did stuff my chicken with the recommended lemon and herbs, which enhanced the flavor outcome. Served with baked potatoes, a Romaine salad, and Oregon Pinot noir. Chef’s kiss!
    about My perfect roast chicken from Naked Chef added on November 18, 2020

  • A reviewer’s suggestion to freeze the kebabs on a cookie sheet for 20 minutes prior to cooking was a good idea as that helped to skewer easily. I messed up with the baking time and ended up with very well cooked kebabs on the dry side - almost like gyros in texture. The kebabs are meant to be grilled but several reviewers on the Skinnytaste site baked theirs. Grilling wasn’t an option tonight, so I baked mine as well. If I were to make these again, I’d cut my baking time in half (15 instead of 30 minutes at 350 degrees). Tzatziki sauce enhances the kebabs quite a bit. Served with flat bread and cucumber/tomato/ bell pepper/ mint leaves salad.
    about Persian turkey kofta kebabs from Skinnytaste added on November 17, 2020

  • This was a quick and tasty lunch salad. I used mandarin oranges instead of navel.
    about Orange, onion, and shrimp salad from New James Beard added on November 16, 2020

  • I had great results. Very beef stroganoff-like without the beef. I followed FJT’s method as well as a couple notes from the online site where the recipe resides, and glad I did. I added Wondra and water to the broth, wine, and vinegar which helped thicken up the sauce as it reduced. Then I took the pan off the heat and added 3/4 cup (not a full cup) of half and half ( not heavy cream), put the pan back on low heat and heated through. My sauce was much creamier than photo. I will definitely make this mushroom pasta recipe again with the noted changes.
    about Creamy mushroom pasta from Food52 added on November 13, 2020

  • We enjoyed this salad a lot. My review isn't pure since I modified it based on ingredients I had on hand: didn’t use Serrano pepper or cilantro, so the Southwestern vibe was pretty much missing except as a visual with the black beans, corn, and red bell pepper. I substituted with what I had on hand- Italian parsley for the cilantro and cayenne pepper for the Serrano. I wanted a side dish for the Food 52 Chicken thighs with lemon recipe I was making and this one was a great pairing. The amount of dressing called for is twice as much as is needed. Ingredients make this a tasty and Very healthy side dish. Will repeat.

  • Because of the apples, the outcome is a different flavor from broccoli soups I’ve made in the past. The addition of apples makes for an interesting broccoli soup. We thought it was very good. I’m trying to reduce my fat intake (quarantine 15), so the delicious results without heavy cream or half n half was a plus. As deboChicago remarked, this is a simple recipe. From start to finish, it didn’t take even an hour. I used honey crisp apples since that’s what I had in my fridge.
    about Broccoli apple soup from Food52 added on November 09, 2020

  • Of all the recipes I’ve made from this cookbook, this one is our favorite, and we’ll mark it to repeat. The soy sauce, julienned ginger, and green onions, poached with the salmon fillets, add a distinctive Asian flavor, reminiscent of dishes I’ve had in Japanese restaurants. I added a bit of cornstarch to the soy sauce mixture to thicken it up a bit. Served the fillets and sauce adjacent to steamed jasmine rice in shallow pasta bowls. That worked well because the sauce is fairly liquidy. The only quibble I have isn’t with the recipe but with the wine pairing suggestions: fresh ginger and soy sauce pair nicely with Gewurtztraminer and Riesling, not Albariño or sauvignon blanc. We enjoyed this dish with Riesling.
    about Austin's soy-lacquered salmon with green onions from Salmon added on November 06, 2020

  • Good tasting tenderloin steak and mushroom recipe but not one of my very favorites - probably because of the lower fat content (even with mushrooms sautéed in butter). Husband loved the mushrooms with fresh thyme, balsamic vinegar and soy sauce. Paired well with sour creamed mashed potatoes. Pan sautéed steak and mushrooms made for an elevated, easy, and fairly quick weeknight dinner.

  • My husband and I aren’t big minestrone soup fans, but it’s probably because we’ve mostly eaten American versions. I decided to make this authentic Italian version and we liked the results. I forgot to buy green beans, so those were missing. The Parmesan rind adds a lot. I added two. This is a hardy, substantial soup that goes well with a crusty, warm bread. As others have noted, you need lots of time to put this together, but most of it is inactive.

  • Delicious. Wow. This recipe brought back memories of my first real cooking adventure in the late ‘70’s when it was a thing in Oregon to make chicken Cordon Bleu for dinner guests. This doesn’t use the same cheese nor does it include ham, but I like it better, mainly because smoked Gouda is my favorite cheese. I used toothpicks to close up the stuffing for the initial pan browning and took them out for the baking. That did the trick. The stuffing had learned to stay inside the pockets while browning. This is lovely over orzo as some of the cheese and pimento sauce escapes and mixes with the pasta.

  • My husband gave this recipe high marks. For me, it was good with modifications. I halved all the ingredients for two people except the cream cheese (used 1/3 reduced fat) which I kept the same. Unlike other white pasta sauces for fish I‘ve made, this one was substantial, making it a good hardy one for Fall. Even though the recipe is tagged as quick, maybe I’m slow but it took me 50 minutes from start (organizing, prepping the 13 ingredients, mincing, dicing vegetables, sauntering, etc) to finish.
    about Pasta with shrimp, clams, lemon and garlic from The Washington Post added on October 31, 2020

  • A good, basic fish meal. Directions and methods produced cod that flaked and a crunchy but not overwhelming breaded crust. I used a cast iron skillet for stovetop to oven cooking with good results. The chunky relish was a good complement. I didn’t make the suggested soba noodle salad accompaniment but did serve it with a prepared basil tomato soup; may try the creamy tomato soup recipe suggested next time.

  • Very good. I used half of a jalapeño pepper because we don’t like a lot of heat, but other than that change I followed the directions. I marinated the lamb in the mint sauce for 90 minutes which worked out well. Result was juicy chops with a nice mint flavor. Accompanying green pea salad is more sautéed peas with fresh mint garnish than a salad. Added a side dish of farro, kalamata olives, and sautéed mushrooms.
    about Pan-fried lamb chops with minted pea salad from Food52 added on October 29, 2020

  • Tried this again with a longer simmering time and nearly double the maple syrup called for and it was thick and delicious. Went well with roasted baby Yukon potatoes.
    about Balsamic-glazed salmon from Weeknights with Giada added on October 27, 2020

  • I’ve made this dish several times and always change up the measurements because, as written, the sauce is very thin and watery and ingredient measurements don’t seem accurate as written. 2 oz of Farfalle = 1 serving, so 1lb (what’s called for) should equal 8 servings but the recipe is for 6 people. The photo shows pasta in a creamy mascarpone sauce but the cheese amount in the recipe is only 1/3 cup coupled with 1 1/4 cup of chicken broth, making the sauce very watery with only a hint of cheese flavor. My 4/5 rating is for my modified recipe for 4 people: 1 cup mascarpone, 8-9 oz Farfalle, pasta, 12 oz cooked, diced chicken breast, 3/4 cup broth, 10 oz Swiss chard, 12 oz mushrooms, 1/4 cup white wine and two minced shallots. This is a recipe where ingredients and amounts can be easily adjusted to your taste preferences.

  • This was a tasty sandwich - surprised how much my husband liked it. I made two changes: substituted sourdough for the cinnamon bread and omitted the sprouts. The suggested pairing, Carrot ginger soup, appears on the same page. I made our favorite family carrot and mushroom soup instead, and it went well with the sandwiches. Wonderful Fall recipe when Bartlett pears are in their prime.
    about Pear-walnut sandwiches from Cooking Light Fresh Food Fast added on October 23, 2020

  • Good, hearty fall meal and easy to prepare. If I make this again, I’ll use twice as much sauerkraut. I found it impossible to follow the direction of snuggling all the sausages into the sauerkraut and vegetables. Half of them ended up sitting on top. It would have been easier with more sauerkraut. Even so, all the components were cooked to our satisfaction, not over or under done. Aroma coming from the kitchen was lovely. This would make a great contribution to a potluck.

  • This is a great recipe for enhancing a plain tuna sandwich. I used Afghan flatbread instead of a sliced baguette and Monterrey Jack cheese instead of provolone, since that’s what I had in my fridge.
    about Mediterranean tuna melt from Best Simple Recipes added on October 20, 2020

  • I’ve only been able to find diced pancetta in my area grocery stores, so I used prosciutto instead with good results. This was a pretty tasty recipe for a such a simple one and a great choice for a night when my husband didn’t know when his (at home) work day meeting would end. I cooked the lentils a bit ahead and kept them warm; everything else took took less than 15 minutes.
    about Smoky pancetta cod from 5 Ingredients added on October 09, 2020

  • Excellent combination of flavors. I really liked that everything cooked in one pan. The fresh rosemary makes the steak, Italian white beans, and mushrooms pop with flavor. I added a bit more rosemary the final minute of cooking because my husband and I really like rosemary.
    about Epic rib-eye steak from 5 Ingredients added on September 25, 2020

  • I agree with others who thought this was a great dish. A nice break from eating meat/fish. I had green lentils but not Puy, and at 25 minutes (including the addition of the vegetables) my lentils were a bit overcooked but still workable. My husband and I thought the goat cheese made the dish. I used hazelnuts- which we liked- instead of walnuts.

  • Very good. I started with frozen fish for every prescribed fish and that meant a lot more prep than if I had just gone to my fish monger for fresh (not doing that during pandemic). Other than having to make sure each fish was thawed properly, and spending time mincing the vegetables, this was an easy, straightforward recipe with a delicious broth. I modified the measurements for two people by halving most but I did use 12 ounces of halibut. That made three good entree serving sizes. Served with a garden salad and baguette. The soup paired well with a Cotes de Provence Rose.
    about Bouillabaisse from Complete Mediterranean Cookbook added on September 22, 2020

  • Wonderful. I halved all the ingredients for two people but had to supplement the vodka with wine because I only had 1/4 cup. Fresh basil from my garden helped the overall flavor, but I would make a special trip for the vodka next time because my reduced vodka measurement in the sauce made it barely noticeable. Substitution: I used half and half instead of heavy cream to reduce the fat content.
    about Penne with two salmons from Food52 added on September 21, 2020

  • Delicious. Two of us enjoyed this recipe. The marinade and the olive oil/garlic/ mint topping enhanced the flavor of the lamb. I steamed my asparagus because the stalks were too thin to risk putting on the grill. Served with a turmeric infused pearl couscous that paired nicely with the lamb and asparagus. Worth repeating.