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  • I’ve only been able to find diced pancetta in my area grocery stores, so I used prosciutto instead with good results. This was a pretty tasty recipe for a such a simple one and a great choice for a night when my husband didn’t know when his (at home) work day meeting would end. I cooked the lentils a bit ahead and kept them warm; everything else took took less than 15 minutes.
    about Smoky pancetta cod from 5 Ingredients added on October 09, 2020

  • Excellent combination of flavors. I really liked that everything cooked in one pan. The fresh rosemary makes the steak, Italian white beans, and mushrooms pop with flavor. I added a bit more rosemary the final minute of cooking because my husband and I really like rosemary.
    about Epic rib-eye steak from 5 Ingredients added on September 25, 2020

  • I agree with others who thought this was a great dish. A nice break from eating meat/fish. I had green lentils but not Puy, and at 25 minutes (including the addition of the vegetables) my lentils were a bit overcooked but still workable. My husband and I thought the goat cheese made the dish. I used hazelnuts- which we liked- instead of walnuts.

  • Very good. I started with frozen fish for every prescribed fish and that meant a lot more prep than if I had just gone to my fish monger for fresh (not doing that during pandemic). Other than having to make sure each fish was thawed properly, and spending time mincing the vegetables, this was an easy, straightforward recipe with a delicious broth. I modified the measurements for two people by halving most but I did use 12 ounces of halibut. That made three good entree serving sizes. Served with a garden salad and baguette. The soup paired well with a Cotes de Provence Rose.
    about Bouillabaisse from Complete Mediterranean Cookbook added on September 22, 2020

  • Wonderful. I halved all the ingredients for two people but had to supplement the vodka with wine because I only had 1/4 cup. Fresh basil from my garden helped the overall flavor, but I would make a special trip for the vodka next time because my reduced vodka measurement in the sauce made it barely noticeable. Substitution: I used half and half instead of heavy cream to reduce the fat content.
    about Penne with two salmons from Food52 added on September 21, 2020

  • Delicious. Two of us enjoyed this recipe. The marinade and the olive oil/garlic/ mint topping enhanced the flavor of the lamb. I steamed my asparagus because the stalks were too thin to risk putting on the grill. Served with a turmeric infused pearl couscous that paired nicely with the lamb and asparagus. Worth repeating.

  • As described in Giada’s introductory remarks for the recipe, this was a light and flavorful halibut entree. I halved everything for two people. Substitutions: I used roasted bell peppers from a jar with great results and a thinly sliced yellow onion instead of shallots. I didn’t have enough mint to make a half cup, but used 1/3 cup straight from my waning herb garden. I substituted dried thyme for fresh since I had no fresh on hand. With those changes, this is still a recipe definitely worth repeating.
    about Roasted halibut with pea and mint salad from Giada at Home added on September 18, 2020

  • An interesting recipe with a very strong Caramelized sugar/fish /onion sauce. I followed The directions carefully and had no trouble getting the sugar to caramelize or getting the caramelized sugar to dissolve in the nam pla, but it thickened up again towards the end of cooking the steaks. Our takeaway was it was okay but we prefer a steak with a lighter tasting sauce and one where the taste of the steak comes through more than the sauce. Served with jasmine rice, steamed broccoli, and mixed green salad. Riesling paired well with this.

  • My Husband and I liked these a lot. I used canned wild Alaskan salmon, made four good sized cakes, and chilled the cakes for two hours before pan frying. They held up well and were easy to flip. I chose fresh dill for my herb and that enhanced the flavor of the cakes quite a bit. We thought the garlic sauce was a great topping- much better than the usual tartar sauce option. Will repeat.Served with steamed asparagus and red baby roasted potatoes.
    about Salmon cakes with creamy garlic sauce from Kitchn added on September 15, 2020

  • I used leftover chicken from a whole roasting chicken, so skipped step 3 and just incorporated the chicken into the stir-fried broccoli florets at the end of the broccoli cooking time. I used spaghetti noodles instead of capellini with no noticeable difference. One of the selling points of the recipe was the mango chutney. We always have it (Major Grey) on hand because my English husband uses it as a frequent condiment. We liked this a lot. It was quick and easy and pretty tasty with a mild brown sauce.

  • We liked this light treatment of salsa with the quick pan-sautéed halibut but thought the salsa amount was pretty minuscule. I made the full four serving size of topping for two of us and it barely made three bites. I’d double the amount next time. Served with stove- top grilled zucchini.

  • Tasty! The easy two step cooking method for this chicken produced a crispy exterior and juicy interior with just a hint of lemon and thyme. Husband really liked it,too.
    about Lemon thyme chicken thighs from Kitchn added on September 02, 2020

  • Restaurant-worthy! We couldn’t get over how elegant looking and delicious this steak recipe was. I was able to use fresh thyme from my garden and we could taste its subtle flavor in the Parmesan crust. I made a couple changes: I didn’t think the steaks needed tying, so I didn’t without any issues, and I roasted one until it reached a 135 degree f internal temperature for medium rare and the other to 140 for medium. None of my meat temperature guides show 120-125 f as med. rare, ATK either made a mistake or are using their own temperature guide. This is a keeper!

  • We Loved this very tasty and fairly simple recipe. I used fresh cut rosemary from my herb garden and the aroma from the oven as well as the flavor of chicken with it was delicious.
    about Herby chicken traybake from 5 Ingredients added on August 26, 2020

  • These were very good. I made a couple changes: for the salsa, I added small diced red bell pepper;for the sauce, I used Wondra instead of cornstarch. Upon seeing it was too runny for me, I added a little more, mixed with water, until the glaze reached a consistency that was thick enough. My husband remarked that these were especially good because 1) the chops were thick and 2) husband used meat thermometers programmable for pork chops while grilling. I lucked out on the thick chop cut because I’m still ordering groceries and my shopper chose thick cut chops instead of thin. Served with Fried rice (Pioneer Woman recipe). This is good enough to repeat.

  • The aroma coming from the oven while the chicken was roasting qualifies this recipe for four stars alone! The olive oil and paprika rub sealed the juices for a flavorful chicken. I’m a bit puzzled at the pairing with carrots, sweet potato wedges, and a head of garlic. These were fine accompaniments but they felt kind of random— like they could have complemented any roasted meat. No matter. We enjoyed each of the components on the plate with the carved chicken.
    about Roast chicken with paprika and roasted garlic from One Pot added on August 16, 2020

  • I skipped the hot pepper because we didn’t want the heat, and we really liked it with the other ingredients. The subtle flavors of the minced garlic and ginger were satisfying combined with the bok choy and chicken in the soy sauce mixture. Served over white jasmine rice. An easy, quick weeknight meal.
    about Stir-fried chicken with bok choy from One Pot added on August 13, 2020

  • We thought this was of the best tasting crab cake recipes we’ve had at home. We liked that these cakes highlight the crab rather than any filling ingredients. I liked the simplicity of the preparation and ingredients. The directions to add the second half of the crab after combining the first half of the crab meat with the other ingredients made forming the cakes a snap. My 1 pound of lump crab meat (Phillips) made five 4.5 ounce cakes, enough for dinner (2 for husband, 1 for me) and 2 for lunch. I made up the cakes in the afternoon, put them between sheets of wax paper, and they were firmed up with chilling and ready to cook at dinner time. A tasty, easy, and quick dinner main.
    about Classic crab-packed Maryland crab cakes from Serious Eats added on August 12, 2020

  • We really liked this salad. I made half a recipe for two people. It looks pretty on a rectangular plate,was a refreshing change from tossed green salad, and Is a great way to take advantage of fresh green beans at the height of the season in August. I didn’t use the sweetener and didn’t miss it at all. Definitely will repeat.

  • These are decadently delicious. My husband and I loved them. I made half a recipe for two people with some changes: increased ground turkey to nine 1/2 ounces; skipped the cumin in the sauce mixture; caramelized the onions for 15 minutes, not 45, in olive oil while the bacon was in the oven; reduced bacon to 6 ounces; pan fried the turkey and bacon patties in a cast iron skillet on stove for a total of 8 minutes. My bacon was fully cooked at 10 minutes, not 15-18 as indicated.

  • The balsamic vinegar glaze for the salmon is easy to prepare and enhances the salmon. I used skinless sockeye salmon and it was overcooked for the time and temperature (medium high) prescribed. I would make this again but reduce the pan searing to half the time if using skinless sockeye salmon fillets.
    about Seared salmon with balsamic glaze from Gourmet Cookbook added on August 09, 2020

  • I followed another reviewer’s suggestion and put everything in the oven at the same time at the lower temperature. Everything was done in 30 minutes. I did substitute baby red potatoes cut in half for the Yukon minis. This was a very good side dish. Will repeat.
    about Roasted potatoes with bacon & Brussels sprouts from Kitchn added on August 09, 2020

  • Very good. I substituted sesame oil for peanut since I had no peanut oil. The sesame seeds added a nice, slight crunch to the asparagus. This veg was a good contrast to the lobster tails and butter my husband grilled.

  • My husband loved this recipe. It’s basically lasagne in a penne pasta format. Easy to put together and we’re looking forward to the leftovers. I did change a couple ingredients: used whole mozzarella cheese and steamed fresh baby spinach. Review reflects Use of fuller fat dairy.
    about Baked pasta with sausage and spinach from Skinnytaste added on August 05, 2020

  • We liked this take on boiled potatoes. It was a bit bland but most likely because I used a fraction of the chilies and was out of preserved lemon. I substituted fresh lemon. The preserved lemon would have added a lot of flavor to the dish.
    about New potatoes with peas and coriander from Essential Ottolenghi added on August 01, 2020