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  • Very very easy to make and brilliant to serve alongside heavier mains.
    about Blitzed minty pea mash from Higgidy: The Veggie Cookbook added on September 06, 2022

  • This was even better than I expected. Very easy to make and went well with the minty peas which didn’t need to be started until it was in the oven. I’d bump up the oven temperature by about 10c next time as it needed a little longer to brown but will be making again throughout winter.
    about Celeriac & cheddar crumble from Higgidy: The Veggie Cookbook added on September 06, 2022

  • I liked this but found it quite expensive for what it was (the oil and harissa was expensive at least). I doubled the chilli butter recipe and ended up using more than I should have because it seemed dry. If you’re tempted to do the same, don’t. The veg will release more than enough liquid without adding extra chilli butter!

  • This was delicious. I only needed two limes to get the right amount of juice though I think I’d use half next time and then squeeze a little on top when serving as I found it a bit overpowering.

  • Oh gosh, this was a stressful make. It turns out that the amount of filo in the recipe isn’t the standard size here in the U.K. I was short about 130g. Without enough filo the filling was just too thick and heavy. I struggled to roll it up, really struggled to roll it into a spiral and almost destroyed it getting it onto a baking tray. Despite all the challenges, it was delicious but I think I’ll be doing one of the other more straightforward pies in the future.
    about Rolled hortopita from Greek Vegetarian Cookbook added on April 17, 2022

  • This was super quick to make and delicious. I can see myself using this as a side to a lot of Asian recipes in the future whether from this book or another.
    about Triple sesame edamame from Vegan JapanEasy added on April 17, 2022

  • A little disappointing. The courgettes were lovely but the tempeh was dry and far from sticky. Not one I’d repeat.

  • A lovely dish. We made it with squares of tofu for me and strips of chicken for my husband. I was almost scared of the black beans (the word fermented can do that to me). But it was just a bold dish with lots of umami flavour. I might even add more beans next time to see what happens.

  • I really like this and would make it again but my husband wasn’t a fan. He found it too mild compared to the chow mein and for some inexplicable reason, he’s not a fan of the chunky texture of udon.

  • This is going on my list of dishes to make again. I’d probably do a squeeze of lemon before serving rather than chuck in the juice of half before it rests. I’d also cut down on the tarragon a little or swap it for more dill, fennel or parsley as it’s very strong.

  • This is a brilliant recipe to have up your sleeve when short on time or motivation. I used Dunn’s River jerk seasoning. I don’t normally bother with jalapeños in my already spicy Mexican cooking but they are almost essential here (the sweet potato and cheese tempers the heat a lot). Be very generous with the lime juice. We were squeezing more on top with every mouthful.
    about Sweet potato open quesadilla from 7 Ways added on March 14, 2022

  • I made a variation of this with lamb shanks instead of lamb steaks (about 800g). I used considerably more water for the initial cooking but otherwise followed the recipe as written. I cooked the shanks covered for about 2 hours until the meat literally fell off the bone. After removing the bones I cooked it uncovered until it had reduced to a thick sauce. I’m a vegetarian so didn’t eat it myself but my husband was so impressed he took some into work for a colleague. He’s never given food to colleagues so I think that’s testament to how good this recipe is.
    about Vanna's ciccioneddus with lamb ragù from Pasta Grannies added on March 14, 2022

  • I really enjoyed this. We used mint and parsley for the mixed herb. It seemed like a small amount of spices but I needn’t have worried. I particularly liked the combination of mint and fennel. We served it with Greek yoghurt with harissa rippled through as suggested and think it would be a little dry without. Made a generous portion for four, could stretch to five or six if kids are eating.
    about Roasted falafel pitta pockets from Veg added on March 12, 2022

  • This was really nice. I started the tomato sauce first because I prefer mine cooked down but otherwise followed to the letter. Four pierogi made a surprisingly generous portion. Will definitely make again.
    about Broccoli & cheese pierogi from 7 Ways added on February 25, 2022

  • Very quick and delicious. I used the author’s suggestion and served with flatbread, salad leaves and roasted baby tomatoes (left in the oven at 150c with some olive oil, salt and pepper for around 30-40 minutes). I also served with yoghurt with lemon zest and harissa rippled through. It was bursting with flavour.
    about Very green fritters from Higgidy: The Veggie Cookbook added on February 03, 2022

  • This was an absolute winner of a dish! I’ve converted my cauliflower-hating husband who has already asked if we can cook it again. The paste was the consistency of double cream but clung well to the cauliflower. I decided to add the lime in the last 5 minutes to avoid diluting it too much. Didn’t have coriander seeds so I used a pre-mixed batch of seeds- mustard, cumin, fenugreek and nigella. The only minor criticism is that the cauliflower stalk was still quite crunchy, I’d remove a bit more next time to get the heat get into the centre.

  • I’d start with half the amount of water. I added the 500ml and it was far too much. I had to add lots and lots of flour then lots more when rolling out. One to make when you have spring onions to use up but otherwise I wouldn’t bother.

  • If you like peanut butter, you have to make this. My tablespoons were heaped so I needed to add water to get the right consistency with the sauce. The chilli flakes gave it a big kick so for just a bit of heat i’d halve them.

  • This was really delicious. My husband said he’d take this over shop bought chow mein any day. Skipped the bamboo shoots and bean sprouts. Used extra baby corn and added snow peas instead. It’s a lot less oily than takeaway with more depth of flavour.

  • This was quite heavy on the prep but easy enough. I used rose harissa from Belazu and would double the amount used next time. The feta helped lift the dish but I’ll add some frozen peas next time for a bit of freshness.
    about Hidden vegetable pilaf from Higgidy: The Veggie Cookbook added on January 03, 2022

  • A total winner. Everyone raved about how good this ragu tasted. I’m a vegetarian so I had my tagliatelle with pesto. My husband had to taste the ragu for me as it cooked. The pancetta meant it didn’t need any extra salt but he did add a bucket load of black pepper.
    about Alba's tagliatelle with ragù from Pasta Grannies added on January 02, 2022

  • It was a bit too sweet with yellow peppers. Not terrible at all but for a quick pasta dish the creamy bow tie pasta was much better.
    about Sunshine fusilli pasta from Veg added on January 01, 2022

  • I made this with butternut squash instead of pumpkin. The dough was a little dry and tough with just the eggs so I added a splash of water too. Shaping the cappellacci was much easier than I expected but I needed a brush of water to properly seal the edges.
    about Vanda's cappellacci with pumpkin from Pasta Grannies added on December 30, 2021

  • I made these (minus the popcorn) over the Christmas holidays. They were beautiful but I didn’t roll them out as long as instructed and they grew into pretzel rolls rather than pretzels so were great for a breakfast bun filled with eggs in my case and bacon for everyone else. When rolling out, dampen your hands a little to help with grip and stretch.
    about Sweet and salty popcorn pretzels from Weekend Baker added on December 30, 2021

  • I’ve made these a few times now. I couldn’t find molasses so use treacle instead. They often go wrinkly during the boiling stage but after recently making the pretzels which came out smooth I think I’ll take a tip from that recipe and freeze the dough for an hour after proving and before boiling.
    about Bagels from Weekend Baker added on December 30, 2021