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  • Agree with Delys77. It’s tasty and I especially love the cinnamon/lemon/honey unexpectedness. But it’s pretty light and would need a hearty accompaniment to make it a meal. Next time I’ll add more capers.

  • These definitely make a "professional" chocolate chip cookie with an ideal shape and height, and it combines crispy edges with a softer interior. I could imagine getting these in a fancy restaurant or hotel room service. However, I'm not sure that's my favorite type of chocolate chip cookie. I may just prefer a softer cookie with less crispness. Still, this is a winner of a recipe sure to please most folks!
    about Egg yolk chocolate chip cookies from Violet Bakery Cookbook added on August 15, 2022

  • These are terrific! I like the way the oatmeal gave these muffins a bit of heft. They have a full cup of chopped dark chocolate so they are not exactly healthy. (This is one variation of many for the recipe -- the blueberry one and others would be healthier.) I made a batch of oatmeal just to make this recipe and it was still warm when I mixed it up with the melted coconut oil, milk (used soy milk), eggs, and vanilla, and it worked great. My soy milk substitution made these dairy free.

  • Super easy and good, just make sure the butter is softened to the consistency of mayonnaise. This makes a very soft, crumbly, powdery shortbread, probably thanks to the cornstarch.
    about Shortbread from Tartine added on August 06, 2022

  • This couldn't be easier or faster to whip up! I only got 9 muffins instead of 12. Full of cranberries. Added a bit of orange zest. The recipe on Nigella’s site is a little different — it has slightly more sugar, cranberries, and liquid, and calls for oil instead of butter.
    about Christmas-morning muffins from How To Be a Domestic Goddess added on August 05, 2022

  • Cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk make the filling somewhat heavy. I believe other icebox pies have whipped cream. I forgot the confectioners sugar and salt in the filling but it was plenty sweet. The chocolate cookie crust was a failure. It slumped in the oven so I had a thick bottom and no sides. When I went to slice the pie, the knife wouldn’t go through. I got the entire pie out of the nonstick USA pie pan and onto a plate, where I could really go at it with a knife. The dense crust made it difficult to eat! Despite this failure, I will still try the grapefruit version as I so rarely find grapefruit desserts, and we have a grapefruit tree in the family!
    about Mint-chocolate icebox pie from How to Bake Everything added on July 18, 2022

  • Made chocolate wafer cookie version following the cookie recipe in the book. The crust slumped terribly. I read on Cook’s Illustrated that this is due to too much fat — combined fat from the cookies plus the butter in the crust recipe. A cookie much lower in fat, like a Graham cracker, would likely work better. Seems a flawed recipe.
    about Cookie crumb crust from How to Bake Everything added on July 17, 2022

  • Like the others, my cake was done at nearly an hour, not 30 as published. I used a springform wrapped in foil, which leaked and was perhaps too tall. It’s a short cake so I agree a regular short-sided cake round would be better. Cake is fairly sweet, and the whipped cream is a nice counterbalance. Didn’t have Disaronno so added a small amount of almond extract and sugar to the cream.
    about Apricot kernel upside-down cake from Violet Bakery Cookbook added on July 02, 2022

  • These looked just like the photo in the book, rustic with dark and light bits. An interesting wheat-free muffin, perhaps a bit too sweet and dry. I probably overbaked. I used about 11 or 12 apricots but I'll increase that and make sure to pack each muffin with apricot pieces next time for more moisture and tartness, and I might use less sugar next time. (Ptak says to use almond paste that is at least 60% almonds. My King Arthur almond paste recipe is only 50% almond, 50% confectioners sugar by weight, so mine is likely sweeter than her recommendation.) This is a great way to use up a dozen or more ugly or too-mushy apricots! And I like that she says they keep for 4 days tightly covered.

  • This was strange and vegetal to me, but I may be unaccustomed to rhubarb, or perhaps I didn’t let the rhubarb sit with the sugar long enough. But Nigella warns not letting it go past 30 minutes, so I don’t know what the solution is.
    about Rhubarb cornmeal cake from How To Be a Domestic Goddess added on June 05, 2022

  • Delicious and easy. I upped the spices as the 1/2 tsp of spices combined didn’t seem enough. Instead I used a heaping 1 tsp of pumpkin pie spice and will try 1.5 next time. I also put the shaped scones on the sheet and into the fridge for 10 minutes since it was a warm, muggy day and I’ve occasionally experienced some flattening and butter leakage with the Cheese Board’s excellent blueberry lemon scones. Worked perfectly! I baked six scones and froze four to bake later.
    about Pumpkin scones from Cheese Board added on June 05, 2022

  • This was a hit. East to make and delicious. I didn’t even have the endive but will try for next time.
    about Pea, mint and avocado salad from How to Eat added on May 12, 2022

  • Healthy, light, vegan, but the celery is a bit overpowering and we were trying to think of another vegetable to add in. The recipe just says a heart of celery and doesn’t specify amount.

  • This is ok, colorful, and quite healthy. Don’t skip the lemon and add extra salt. It’s vegan but tastes great with some cheese as well. I’ve made 3 salads from this book and they aren’t the most exciting but they are a great way to get veggies without too much added fat, and they are the kinds of salads you could pack for a picnic.
    about Quinoa and pepper salad from Breakfast, Lunch, Tea added on May 12, 2022

  • Delicious and quite rich. Turned out like the photos. Bon Appetit has Nathan’s recipe online but with 3 cups of berries so that’s what I used, which I think is much nicer than one cup.
    about Blueberry cornmeal cake from Huckleberry added on May 12, 2022

  • Rich with butter, oil, eggs, ricotta and yogurt. Great anytime-occasion cake. Pretty easy and mine looked like the photos online. I’ve seen this same Huckleberry recipe online with a springform pan and 3 cups of blueberries instead of just one. This is what I used and it turned out well. I think 1 cup would be too skimpy.
    about Blueberry cornmeal muffins from Nigella Kitchen added on April 22, 2022

  • Perfection! A wholesome muffin with just enough sweetness. The lemon zest and banana pair well with blueberry. Made 12 not-too-full standard muffins and 2 jumbo muffins. They rise nicely, had craggy sugar-crusted tops, and are a lovely golden brown color. Done in 25 minutes, just as written. I buttered the tins, skipped the liners and they popped out easily. This is the third muffin recipe I’ve made from this book and all have turned out well.
    about Blueberry muffins from How to Boil an Egg added on April 01, 2022

  • Turned out great! Made 12 very full muffins plus two jumbo. After the Violet Bakery banana bread debacle, I was skeptical of a British/European recipe calling for 6 bananas. But the muffins were raised, moist, and baked through in 25-27 min. I used buttermilk. Have never seen lemon zest in a banana bread or muffin recipe before. The cinnamon sugar topping with some oats is a nice touch. I buttered the tins, didn’t use liners, and it worked just fine.
    about Banana oat muffins from How to Boil an Egg added on March 27, 2022

  • Super simple and easy. Cabbage is cooked until “meltingly soft.” Nice combo of sweet and sour with the apple cider vinegar. Low effort prep and you’ve got a big batch of comforting, healthy, high fiber, low-fat veg.
    about Red cabbage with apples from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone added on March 27, 2022

  • Delicious! Found a flyer with this recipe and it listed golden raisins as the fruit. Didn’t have the Parmesan for the finishing garnish but I don’t think it is even necessary.

  • Made this again using Miyoko's vegan unsalted cultured butter and it totally worked. Added poppy seeds. From the directions, I can't tell if you're supposed to leave the cake inverted when you take it out of the pan to glaze it. I left it upside down and it looked ok. I think I'd need a pullman-like pan to make it look like the photo in the book, but it's close! Don't be afraid of the cake browning in the oven. The inside stays moist and yellow and the darker crust makes a nice visual contrast.
    about Almond-lemon tea cake from Tartine added on February 07, 2022

  • Couldn’t be easier! I think an 8x8 is better than a 9x9 because these brownies are quite thin. Really like the generous layer of cool, savory, straight-up cream cheese here. I think I like it more than recipes with a sweetened cream cheese swirl. These are excellent chilled in the refrigerator.
    about Cream-cheese brownies from How To Be a Domestic Goddess added on December 13, 2021

  • Perfect and easy! Love chocolate and orange. I only buttered the muffin tin and didn't use liners, and they popped right out. Baked up in exactly 20 min. It also makes 12 standard muffins, though the recipe says 6-8. Seems they use different sized tins at Rose Bakery. Want to try topping with candied orange peel and melted chocolate next time.
    about Chocolate orange muffins from How to Boil an Egg added on December 04, 2021

  • I was excited to make this as it seemed so easy, but I couldn’t get the sauce to work. Instead of melting to make a smooth creamy sauce, the feta kind of seized up, became rubbery, and created large clumps of spinach that couldn’t be distributed throughout the pasta. Not sure what I did wrong. I used a 1/2 cup of pasta water, too. Could it be the type of feta I used (block feta in brine), or did I heat it too long? The flavor was good, though. Will try again.
    about Curly pasta with feta, spinach, and pine nuts from Nigella Kitchen added on December 04, 2021

  • These came out nice and flaky thanks to the folding technique. They may be more like an American biscuit than a British scone, as they remind me a bit of the Red Lobster cheesy biscuits. I thought they could use another 1/4 tsp of salt. I baked half and froze half. I brushed with egg wash, sprinkled with pepper, froze on parchment, and then wrapped in cling film and froze in a bag.
    about Sour cream, chive and feta scones from Violet Bakery Cookbook added on December 03, 2021