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  • Not a great salad. Did all the work, used fine grain bulgur, loads of parsley and mint chopped fine and multiplied by 4 to bring to a party. Just felt like return wasn't there for the intense fine chopping labor that was hinted at in story as being women's work to find a husband. If I make this again, it will be not finely chopped or chopped in semi-automated machine.
    about Tabbouleh from Jerusalem added on June 21, 2021

  • I made this for Erev Yom Kippur. It was good with the chicken. Next time, I'd add more of the short pasta I used (from Persian market) and the green lentils which I didn't use this time.
    about Raquel's rice and fideo from Seasonal Jewish Kitchen added on September 28, 2020

  • Made this for erev yom kippur. It is so much more than the sum of its parts. Loved the lemony mint and how it blended with tomato sauce. I'd cook chicken less than written in recipe next time.
    about Syrian lemon chicken fricassee (Hamut) from Seasonal Jewish Kitchen added on September 28, 2020

  • DKennedy made this for a dinner. The cake was delicious and much better than a carrot cake type cake. Frosting was also good.
    about Whiskey-ginger cake with pear salad from Smoke & Pickles added on September 20, 2020

  • Other viewpoint on same soup. I think pheasant is potentially wasted in a soup that is boiled. Soup tasted good, but hey if you aren’t getting your own wild pheasant, may as well use chicken. Pheasant is a high end item.
    about Pheasant and dumplings from Smoke & Pickles added on September 20, 2020

  • Very delicious salad with lots of flavor. Only issue may be cut of beef. Needs to be more tender cut. This recipe was made with top sirloin.
    about Lime beef salad from Smoke & Pickles added on September 20, 2020

  • Halved the recipe and made one challah. Easy to halve when weighing in grams. Very easy challah — I used instant yeast and AP flour. I mixed the 3 seeds together and smushed them into the challah as author suggests in shaping video available on Epicurious.
    about Challah from Breaking Breads added on September 20, 2020

  • My husband made for a block party. Had half the mint (we were low) and pecans instead of walnuts plus added some fresh tarragon. Everyone gave compliments but I thought it was not so special as to make a second time. I agree with previous comment that not as flavorful as one would hope.

  • My husband made for a block party. Had half the mint (we were low) and pecans instead of walnuts plus added some fresh tarragon. Everyone gave compliments but I thought it was not so special as to make a second time. I agree with previous comment that not as flavorful as one would hope.

  • I think this improves when reheated and eaten the next day. Made her tahini sauce and a variation on the carrots (using pickled jalapeños). Didn’t have time to make the green salad. I’d say the active time in the recipe is more than an hour. The fries were delicious and great with the tahini sauce.
    about Mini herb and garlic kebaburgers from Sababa added on December 10, 2019

  • This is the best recipe for rhubarb crisp. I have made it every summer — especially because my eldest son loves it. You can reduce sugar a little. There are comments about that below recipe.
    about Old-fashioned strawberry-rhubarb crisp from Food & Wine added on July 09, 2019

  • I made this (without the elderflower). I have made rhubarb strawberry crisp (Food and Wine recipe: as my go to for rhubarb use. Got my 3 lbs of rhubarb at farmers market and put in all the work to make this and it was very blah. The rhubarb cooking two different times did not help. The pecans in the crisp topping did not add anything —maybe detracted. This recipe took a long time and I was counting on Stella Parks since she is the dessert maven. I’d love to hear if anyone had a different experience.
    about Rhubarb crisp from Serious Eats added on July 09, 2019

  • Made this for cookbook dinner with friends. The meringue ended up just being very sticky and flattish (after baking). Also stuck to parchment due to stickiness. Not sure what the error was. It was a moisture in the air day in Los Angeles—maybe that was it? Looking at Pavlova recipes they often use cream of tartar or vinegar. Maybe good option for someone like me — not a meringue maker. We still ate every bit. I thought the coulis was a bit jammy tasting notwithstanding farmers market yummy berries. May have cooked it too long but recipe said liquid should be syrupy. Rhubarb was good.

  • As part of cookbook dinner, we made this. Grilling kale over fire was a revelation. Delicious. Somehow, the finished dish lost a bit of that specialness. Thinking now, it may have needed additional vinaigrette or more acidity. In any case, try grilling the kale. We just cut the stem out, oiled as directed and put on flame. That way easier to manipulate while grilling. And we tore them afterwards. Instructions said to tear leaves into 3 pieces after removing stems but before grilling which might have meant a lot more kale falling through grill into fire.
    about Farro and grilled kale from Foreign Cinema Cookbook added on June 02, 2019

  • This quail dish was unbelievably amazing. We made the five spice and ras el hanout spice mixtures a week ahead and the friend who grows wonderful roses provided her dried rose petals for the rose petal sauce. The butcher deboned the quail (minus legs and wings) so it was easy to eat. Stuffing and rose petal sauce added the dimensionality to dish that makes it over the top.

  • Photo in book shows mushrooms ready to be roasted but recipe says to sauté the mushrooms. This recipe is not a standout and wondering if that is the reason why? I used cultivated mushrooms — maitake (hen of the woods) and trumpet plus maybe oyster or another from Japanese grocery.
    about Wild mushroom sugo from Foreign Cinema Cookbook added on June 02, 2019

  • Just tried this recipe and sorry to say it falls flat. We are Bittman fans but this doesn’t have much flavor and veg are way too mushy and lamb too tough. Too much liquid called for in recipe so comes out too thin even with extra cooking out of liquid as recipe suggests.
    about Vegetable curry with lamb from VB6 Cookbook added on March 19, 2019

  • When I made this, I made sure that the crispy skin was above the layer of the liquid during the braise part. I used TJs 10 minute farro (didn’t want to stop in one more store for midweek meal) so I sautéed the farro in separate pan, added the aromatics into the chicken dish but left the farro out till last 10 minutes of cooking. Plus, I only braised chicken for 1 hour total. Used kale instead of watercress. And let it sit for 5 minutes without heat after the farro done. Thought it was very tasty and even better as leftovers (and the leftover deliciousness was seconded by leftover eating friend).
    about Vinegar-braised chicken with farro and watercress from Dining In added on September 09, 2018

  • This is a hits-it-out-of-the-ballpark recipe. Must make her broth and then only a few other ingredients to make an amazing meal. I served TJs yuzu hot sauce, fish sauce, lime, cilantro, toasted garlic, and other hot sauces all at the table for folks to use as they wished. I did add 1 lb. fresh rice noodles to the pot in the last couple minutes of cooking the soup. Awesome!!

  • Lots of layering of flavors in this amazing alternative to traditional Jewish chicken soup. Initial char on onions, garlic and ginger remind me of a pho recipe I used that had you roast veg in high oven first. This is easier.
    about Golden chicken broth with turmeric and garlic from Dining In added on September 01, 2018

  • Yes— make these. They require thinking ahead due to 2 hour time in fridge. I froze half a batch for later. I thought first batch was better but my son and my friend (DKennedy who comments frequently in EYB) disagreed. They both wanted more.

  • The instruction to cook pork to 145 (med rare) resulted in overdone tenderloin. I did end up cooking for about 8 minutes more than longest cooking time suggested in recipe to get that. Next time I would stop when ends are cooked to 145 (inside closer to 135). I didn’t mind mushy apples with the cabbage. Also could use more bacon than noted to wrap the pork (7-9 pieces).

  • This is a delicious recipe. I didn’t have yuzu kosho (a fermented chili paste with yuzu) so subbed Gochujang (Korean fermented chili paste) mixed with TJs yuzu hot sauce. I also subbed Belgian endive for the watercress since I didn’t want to make extra shopping trip.

  • I made this with a friend who went to culinary school. We followed the directions and the lollipops looked beautiful and the taste was delicious. But the sugar must have cooked to the wrong stage; we used a good digital thermometer. They ended up being more like something that totally sticks to your teeth and which would be a real problem for anyone with dental appliances in their mouth (oh, there's my denture). If I did this again, I would research the temperature etc of making a lollipop.
    about Raspberry lollipops from Sweet added on January 25, 2018

  • Made these and though they were interesting they weren't good enough for me to ever repeat. I do love tahini and halvah so that wasn't the problem.
    about Tahini and halva brownies from Sweet added on January 25, 2018