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  • This is actually a recipe in a McCormick ad, but it's perfect for strawberry season and you can make the chai-spice mix from any brand of spices. The chai vinaigrette is a stroke of brilliance. Out of season, I'd change the fruit, maybe to mango chunks, grapefruit slivers, pears, apples.

  • Made with half the meat and added 1/2 cup pureed cooked carrots: easy and fabulous. Halving the meat (or doubling everything else) gives a lighter meatball and an abundance of sauce that's delicious over pasta or rice. Kids and adults alike approved.
    about Basic meatballs from How to Cook Everything added on May 17, 2014

  • Fantastic and sophisticated despite ease and speed. I agree that the sausages should be top-quality. We had this on a weeknight with chive mashed potatoes and broccoli rabe. It's worthy of company.

  • Less sweet than most clafoutis recipes, but a nice change. Serve warm to intensify sweetness. A good alternative when berries are out of season and your non-Asian pears haven't ripened yet. Also a good way to use up that extra egg yolk.
    about Asian pear clafoutis from Uncommon Fruits and Vegetables added on March 10, 2014

  • Delicious and stunning in appearance, but recipe will deter you with multiple sub-recipes and challenging ingredient list, which is why I give it 4 stars, not 5. Although once upon a time, when unemployed and childless, I made many of the condiments in the China Moon repertoire (and they are spectacular), I have none on hand now. Used sushi vinegar for the pickled-ginger juice, substituted chili garlic sauce for red curry paste, garnished with more cilantro instead of chives, used regular sesame seeds instead of black, and left out the flavored oils - I guess you could accuse me of not having made this recipe at all - but my Sunday-night adaptation still captured the spirit of the dish. The scallops have a depth that goes perfectly with the crisp daikon and carrot slivers.

  • As pretty and delicious as recipe promises. Dough rose slowly - because it's February? - and we added raisins after first rise rather than before (mainly because we had to go to store for more raisins, but it also seemed likely to rise sooner without weight of add-ins). Still, all went well. Kind of what you would get if you crossed challah with stollen.

  • A repeat favorite. You can vary the vegetables according to what you have, even substituting more vegetables for the cashews; just adjust cooking time according to their hardness/delicacy. Recipe works great as written (though tofu always takes longer than 5 minutes to brown, in my experience), but tonight I was out of mushroom soy sauce and used Chinese brown bean sauce in its place, cutting the regular soy sauce to 2 Tbsp., and got great results.

  • This can be made with chunks of high-quality white fish (such as halibut) in place of clams, for a fish chowder. You'll need extra bottled clam juice.
    about Manhattan clam chowder from Best Recipe added on February 13, 2014

  • Have made this many times and find it nicer in a bowl with noodles (such as somen) than on rice, as there is a lot of broth and it's not strongly seasoned. Also, if you're looking for a nondairy source of calcium, this is a good one and easy to prepare.
    about Stir-fried tofu with bok choy from This Can't Be Tofu! added on February 09, 2014

  • Turned to this because we were low on butter, not to avoid fat, but what a discovery: you can't taste the difference. Fantastic! That the recipe supplies measurements for dry ingredients in weight as well as volume means you can use a kitchen scale and avoid dirtying any measuring cups.
    about Chocolate chip cookies from Best Light Recipe added on February 05, 2014

  • A definite make-again. I'll be thinking of it while putting up tomatoes come summer. Out of cannellini, I used red kidney beans and it turned out beautifully. And farro: what texture and flavor! One of these days farro will be the new quinoa.