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  • I enjoyed this. It is a fairly quick skillet pasta dish and easy to scale down.
    about Corn bacon and Parmesan pasta from Smitten Kitchen added on June 13, 2020

  • This was very good despite some less than stellar ingredients and substitutions. I had some rather flavorless cherry tomatoes, jarred green olives rather than black oil-cured, Boars Head pecorino romano which was a little bland, and dried oregano rather than fresh marjoram. Still, this was a good dinner. I did have to alter the recipe or my garlic would have been completely burnt. He has you saute the garlic in oil for 5 minutes and then add the tomatoes and cook for 10 minute. My garlic would have been completely burnt if I’d left it in the pan that long, so I took it out with a slotted spoon at 5 minutes and then added it back at the end. This was pretty satisfying and I loved the bucatini with this.

  • This is more of a technique than a recipe, but it did work perfectly. I made this about a month ago and am just getting around to writing it up. I got a ribeye steak from my CSA and this technique produces a really perfectly cooked steak. I only cook steak about once or twice a year and I usually overcook or undercook it. The instructions here were very clear. The downside was a lot of spatter on the stovetop. Wear an apron.
    about Perfect pan seared steaks from Serious Eats added on June 13, 2020

  • This was fantastic. The shortcake is based on a Claudia Fleming recipe and the dough is made with hard-boiled egg yolks. I’ve been making Dorie Greenspan’s shortcake recipe for years and it is great, but I liked this recipe better. This shortcake is light and buttery and I loved the addition of lemon zest. The downside is that I waste two egg whites as I don’t particularly care for hard boiled eggs. I had never baked anything with hard-boiled egg yolks in the dough and was intrigued by this recipe. I’m sold. My shortcake didn’t look as pretty as Deb’s. Instead of using a round cutter, I just cut out 6 rectangles so as not to waste any dough. I’ve been baking the shortcakes individually. I froze them unbaked (each individually wrapped) and have found that I need to cook about 10 minutes longer when cooking the frozen dough.
    about Strawberry shortcakes from Smitten Kitchen added on May 31, 2020

  • Delicious. The cardamom and cherries are a great combo. I used a pyrex loaf pan and had to cook it an hour and 15 minutes (she says 50 - 60 minutes). I used frozen sour cherries rather than sweet cherries and I liked the tartness.

  • I liked this and if you have made the caramel sauce in advance, the most time consuming part is peeling the shrimp. This was better the day made than as leftovers. I felt it needed a little kick (maybe more red pepper flakes or ginger or extra black pepper).
    about Shrimp in coconut caramel sauce from Vietnamese Food Any Day added on May 09, 2020

  • I didn’t care for this. The fennel was too strong for me. The combo of whisky, apples, lemon, nutmeg, ground fennel, and chocolate not to my taste.
    about Apple cake with lemon & chocolate flakes from Honey & Co added on May 08, 2020

  • I also made half a recipe and made cupcakes. These were very good.
    about Bill's big carrot cake from Baking: From My Home to Yours added on May 04, 2020

  • This was a very nice quiche with a buttery crust. I made this in a 9 inch springform pan and reduced the proportions of the filling to 80% of the original since I had a smaller pan than she suggested. The first day I thought the chives were a bit too strong, but they mellowed out on day 2.

  • Very good flavor and nice and moist. I like how some of the blueberries are added part way into baking. There is a very similar recipe in ”Sweet” for lemon blueberry almond teacakes and I prefer that recipe.
    about Blueberry, almond and lemon cake from Essential Ottolenghi added on April 27, 2020

  • Very good flavor and nice and moist. I like how some of the blueberries are added part way into baking. There is a very similar recipe in ”Sweet” for lemon blueberry almond teacakes and I prefer that recipe.
    about Blueberry, almond and lemon cake from Ottolenghi Simple added on April 27, 2020

  • This was good, traditional cornbread. I used all buttermilk and I deviated from the recipe by adding 1 Tbsp sugar. I like just a little bit of sweetness. I had 2 bags of cornmeal in my freezer with just small amounts left, so my cornbread was made with about a cup of Anson Mills course white, about 1/3 cup Anson Mills fine white, and about 2/3 cup Colvin Run Mill (a historic site near me) course yellow. I used butter, but I first heated up the pan in the oven without any butter. I removed the pan, melted the butter in the hot pan, added it to the batter, and then poured the batter into the pan. This was great right out of the oven and it was still pretty good today.
    about Real cornbread from Victuals added on March 13, 2020

  • Easy and delicious. You need to start these between 20 and 36 hours before you want to serve them. The first rise is 10 to 12 hours and the second rise is 10 to 24 hours. I cooked in cast iron pan. First batch nearly burnt, but turned burner down to ”3” (GE ceramic top cooktop) and that worked fine for remaining muffins.
    about No-knead English muffins from BraveTart added on February 29, 2020

  • Version from ”The Food of Sichuan (FoS)” - There are some slight differences in this version versus the version in ”Land of Plenty (LoP)”. The FoS version has double the oil (4 Tbsp), double the sugar (2 Tbsp), and a few other small differences. I’d probably have to try them side by side to really taste the difference. I loved the original version so may go back to that to save a few calories.
    about Gong bao chicken with peanuts (Gongbao jiding) from Food of Sichuan added on February 17, 2020

  • This is a very good lasagne and individual pieces freeze and reheat nicely. I used a 1 lb box DeCecco lasagne noodles and came up a couple noodles short so finished the top layer with a couple of no boil noodles that I had on shelf; they worked fine. Next time I will buy another box of lasagna noodles. It would have been much more manageable if I’d made the sauce the day before. The cheese kind of melded in to the sauce as the layers were fairly thin.
    about A very good lasagna from Nothing Fancy added on February 16, 2020

  • I liked this, but actually preferred the pork as leftovers, shredded on a sandwich with cole slaw. Next time I will cook it a bit longer with the intent to shred it rather than slice it.

  • Definitely a step up from the shake and bake you ate as a child.
    about Shake & bake chicken with hot honey from Cravings added on February 08, 2020

  • Definitely the world’s easiest, but far from the best. I won’t make these again.
    about The world's easiest cookies from Food52 Genius Desserts added on January 27, 2020

  • Very good and quite easy. It does need a 30 minute marinade. I cut the recipe in half and used all thighs and they were done in 40 minutes. It does have some heat. Definitely a repeat.

  • Chock full of olives, this reminded me of a Greek salad. I liked this. It is pretty quick to put together and is a great side for pizza or pasta.

  • While this has some ingredients that I’ve never seen in glögg before (Marsala wine, Angostura bitters, and Cointreau), it was very tasty. I omitted the aquavit.
    about Mulled wine (Glögg) from Roast Figs, Sugar Snow added on January 25, 2020

  • While this has some ingredients that I’ve never seen in glögg before (Marsala wine, Angostura bitters, and Cointreau), it was very tasty. I omitted the aquavit.
    about Mulled wine (Glögg) from Roast Figs, Sugar Snow (Updated Edition) added on January 25, 2020

  • I have the U.S. edition. I’m sorry to report these were a bust for me. I am not sure if I did something wrong or if this was a US conversion issue, My recipe calls for 4 cups flour, 1 cup sour cream, and 2 Tbsp milk. I’m wondering if the measures were not properly converted from the UK edition. I have had that problem before with the U S editions of Diana Henry’s books. My dough did not really come together. It was like big crumbs. It just seemed like way too much flour for the amount of wet ingredients. It was still not cooked at 20 minutes baking so I went an extra 5 minutes. The muffins ended up very dry and dense. The flavor was good, but the texture was not.

  • This is the viral “the stew” recipe. I thought this was very tasty and easy, but don’t know why this went viral. I used kale and I further crisped the 1 cup of chickpea in the oven. I didn’t really care for the mint so will skip that next time.
    about Spiced chickpea stew with coconut and turmeric from New York Times Cooking added on January 17, 2020

  • This was the flakiest pie dough that I’ve ever made. The top crust was crisp like a croissant and the bottom crust had no soggy bottom. This recipe is from ”Bravetart”. This dough is made by hand and uses a folding technique which creates layers. This is truly a case where a picture is worth a thousand words. Food 52 Genius Desserts includes photos of how to fold the dough; Bravetart does not. The recipe is on the Serious Eats site (with photos) here:
    about No-stress pie dough from Food52 Genius Desserts added on January 13, 2020