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  • I subbed in greek yogurt for the creme fraiche with success. I also blitzed the jasmine tea leaves with the sugar as I was using loose leaf tea and giant leaves aren't fun to eat in pastries. Will reduce sugar next time, as it was quite a bit sweeter than the average scone.
    about Jasmine crème fraîche scones from Sister Pie added on November 14, 2018

  • 450f seems much too high for these little hand pies, or the suggested time frame is much too long. My oven runs hot so I put it down to 425 and they had completely burned by 25 minutes.
    about Apple cheddar rye hand pies from Sister Pie added on October 07, 2018

  • I subbed in plum jam for both inside the cake and the icing. 1/2 tsp of jam seemed awfully small for the icing, I ended up adding around 2 tsp of jam plus a few tsp of water to thin it out (I also left out the rosewater).
    about Bleeding hearts (vanilla, rose & strawberry cakes) from Golden added on September 23, 2018