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  • Just spectacular. Made it for the 100% Club party, and it was so good broke my own rule of not making a recipe more than once, and made it 11 more times for holiday parties (2011). Spectacular. I might make it again.
    about Pure pumpkin cheesecake from Rose's Heavenly Cakes added on January 03, 2012

  • This was really ho-hum. Not worth the effort. Much better options.
    about Spiced party nuts from New Basics Cookbook added on January 03, 2012

  • The Black Out Cake is spectacular. We have friends from Brooklyn who say ours is a perfect recreation of their memory -- in which, I think, food always tastes better! We always make a double recipe of the pudding because, well, because it's useful as a bribe. It's just that good. We serve this with ice-cold milk, in glasses from the freezer.
    about Arthur Schwartz's New York City Food added on August 21, 2011

  • We make few things more than once (lost opportunity to try something new) we make this at least once a year. Beautiful for a party. Easy to multiply recipe by 4.

  • This sauce is orgasmic. Use the microwave ( oil a glass measuring cup four time as big as you need, it will boil up) and people will be lined up to take this home, while you'll be licking your fingers. You do need the Cuisinart power strainer, do use both the fresh lemon and the Chambord. do make a double recipe so you can be generous and still have leftovers.
    about Raspberry sauce from Pie and Pastry Bible added on July 11, 2011

  • We make very few cheesecake recipes twice-since it costs us the opportunity to try something new. This recipe, though, is incredible. Serve with Rose Levy Berenbaum's raspberry puree and sauce (orgasmic) and Maida Heatter's peanut butter sauces, and her French chocolate sauce. Incredible.

  • Creamy.