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This dish is utterly simple, yet I found I quite liked it. I don't often eat zucchini raw, but when thinly sliced and salted it retains a pleasant crunch and fresh flavor, pairing well with the sesame. I used small yellow zucchini, and mixed the leftovers with plain cold soba noodles and some ginger soy dipping sauce, and it was delicious.
by Rutabaga about Zucchini coins with roasted sesame (Zukkini no karupaccho) from Japanese Farm Food
I made this dipping sauce to serve with tempura shrimp from the freezer. It was just right - tangy, gingery, salty (but not too salty), with just a hint of sweetness to keep it from being overly sour. It's also great stirred into cold soba noodles, and would be a nice over a rice bowl, with veggies... the options are almost endless.
by Rutabaga about Ginger-soy dipping sauce from Cook's Illustrated Cookbook
This is a tasty, easy dish to make. I left out the tofu and served it as a side dish together with a variety of simple Japanese-style dishes. As Swanson notes, the black sesame paste has a number of uses - massaged into vegetables, as topping on a rice bowl, etc.
by Rutabaga about Black sesame otsu from Super Natural Every Day
Supper Club menu: Salads: Little Gems and Cabbage with Pickled Turnips and Lemony Tahini Dressing, p. 80, 23, and 22 Burrata with Tangerines, Shallots, and Watercress, p. 95 Main: Turmeric Roasted Lamb Shoulder and Carrots with All the Fixings, p. 235 Accompaniments: Salsa verde, p. 21 Preserved Lemon Labne, p. 27 Sour Cream Flatbread, p. 137 Beet Pickled Turnips, p. 23 Sides: Cumin Roasted Cauliflower and Dates with Tahini and Pine Nuts, p. 51 Grilled Eggplant Dressed with Garlicky Walnuts and Lots of Basil, p. 68 Dessert: Frozen Blackberries and Labne with Honey, p. 266
by DKennedy about Dining In
This was a good way to use up some peaches that were disintegrating on my counter. They were so soft I wasn't able to peel them correctly and that turned out to be just fine. I misread the recipe and added the cinnamon to the batter instead of on top and that was also fine. I also used about 1/4 cup less sugar for the topping/sugar layer and the cake was still pretty sweet. Like the other poster, if I made this again I'd add some cardamom, ginger or nutmeg. The cake was very nice as published but I always like more spice in my cakes.
by Lepa about Fresh peach cake from Food Network Magazine, June 2011
I have a lot of lemon verbena in my garden, so I decided to give this a go. I liked being able to make various pieces of this cake over a couple of days. The meringue was a massive pain... waiting for those stiff peaks and mixing it with the custard was tedious and the result just didn’t really feel all that special.
by EmilyR about Raspberry-lemon verbena meringue cake from Last Course
p 243 A really good version of this classic dish. Lots of ways to adapt. I didn't add honey and I used farfalle. I added thin strips of leftover steak on top. A crowd-pleaser!
by Laurendmck about Peanut sesame noodles from Gourmet Cookbook
I'm torn on this tart. While the flavors were great & the crust turned out quite well, the proportions were off. It was annoying how imprecise some quantities were & how much the filling/ dough ratio didn't work out. First, the dough had a huge overhang on a 9.5" tart pan & I didn't even roll it as thin as it could go. But, I figured it'd be fine. Moving on to the filling: for the squash, you're just told to use a large butternut in the book, but if you follow the online link, you see that the author suggests 850 g (which was a 1/2 squash for me). So, that's good. Then she tells you to saute the squash/kale mixture for "a couple of minutes". Well, the amount looked *massive*/not cooked down at all, so I ended up cooking for 15-20 minutes & it shrunk by almost half. Once I combined the milk/eggs with the veg, I was left with 1/2 again as much as I needed to fill the tart. So, a DEEP 9.5" tart pan OR an 11" one. I made a 2nd tart with the remainder & assorted odds/ends I had on hand.
by sosayi about A light tart of butternut squash and kale from Modern Way to Eat
What is awesome about this is that it's really easy and you don't have to wait for the dough to rise or anything that requires splitting up the day with making this recipe. Making larger ones and cutting seemed easier to me. The recipe takes about 15-20 min of prep max plus baking time on top of that.
by mfranklin125 about Georgian cheese pies from Roast Figs, Sugar Snow (Updated Edition)
This is a good basic recipe, but definitely lacking in spices; I added considerably more than specified, and some people still complained it wasn't spicy enough. Bonus: I completely forgot to add the mint at the end.
by veronicafrance about Mallorcan lamb stew with dried fruit (Cordero a la Mallorquina) from New Spanish Table
Everything seemed fine until I tried to turn this out onto a serving plate. It just didn't loosen up, so I ended up with a tasty but messy mass of caramel, apple, and buttery crust. Not sure what I did wrong... but willing to try again, maybe with Julia Child's recipe?
by infotrop about Tarte Tatin from Cook's Illustrated Cookbook
Since we aren't fans of sweet peppers, I omitted those and added celery for some crunch.
by infotrop about Kung pao cauliflower from The Kitchn
Make a half recipe. One kilo of onions won't fit in my largest pan! Pretty good but the batter was really dry, leading to a pasty interior. It was so thick it was more of paste that had to be scraped forcefully off the spoon onto the pan, but I stuck with it, as is, just to be faithful to the recipe the first time around. Next time add more water to achieve a texture that can be called a batter (even if thick) rather than dough. At least twice as much.
by Yildiz100 about Baked onion bhajis (Pyaz ke pakore) from Fresh India
This is easy and it IS less mess, plus you make as much as you immediately need.
by MarshaG about How to roast garlic without the mess from Fine Cooking
Disappointing. Bland, even after adding a few dried hot chilis during cooking and topping with lime juice. It could use much more spice/seasoning and a broader assortment of vegetables...general technique might be useful, though...
by Auxilia about Thai Summer Squash Curry

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