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Cookbook Love Podcast

February 21 2019, 0 Comments

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The Crock Pot Ladies - Big Book of Slow Cooker Dinners

February 21 2019, 9 Comments

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New Jersey legislature approves the Anthony Bourdain Food Trail

February 20 2019, 0 Comments

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Carbs - EYBD Promotion

February 19 2019, 18 Comments

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Food & Wine's new feature highlights how pros cook at home

February 19 2019, 0 Comments

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Inside L.A.'s only cookbook store

February 18 2019, 0 Comments

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Best of the best cookbooks 2018

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Looking forward to 2019 in Cookbooks

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Latest Notes

Link to recipe
by English_Daisy about Marmite popcorn from Jamie Magazine, August 2011 (#21)
I made with pork and venison instead of pork and beef. I did like the flavor of this, and it was very moist and juicy. I did find it so moist that it was a bit too soft, though—like it needed a bit more binder. If I make again I would add at least one egg and probably a bit more bread.
by nicolepellegrini about Italian American meatloaf (Polpettone) from Lidia's Italy in America
Very good. This was a skewered ground lamb dish that escaped being dry like ones I’ve experienced in restaurants. I worried that the ingredients would fall apart on the skewers but my fears were put aside when I took the prepared kofte on skewers from the fridge after 4 hours of chilling. They were firm. They roasted beautifully in my oven 8 inches from the broiler element ( middle rack in my oven). So, following the Test Kitchen directions ( including the preparation of the rimmed baking sheet) was important. I made a tzaziki sauce (100 Days of Real Food recipe) instead of the sauce recipe given. I served the Koftes with chickpea and sweet red pepper salad. This would make a great do ahead dish for a party or to bring to a cookout. This will be a repeated recipe at my house. Note: The same ( or very similar) recipe also appears in ATK /Cook’s Illustrated Meat Cookbook and their Mediterranean cookbook.
by mharriman about Lamb kofte from Make-Ahead Cook
Don't you love it when you add a book to your EYB shelf and 50 friends have already commented, letting you know you made a great decision when you bought the book. Amy and Marie already own this, so we will likely make it a Cook the Book selection in the future.
by DKennedy about Sprouted Kitchen
Me too! And I love it.
by Neek about Baking Book
I substituted a bit of dried thyme for fresh, omitted radishes, used 1 lb fingerling potatoes. In lieu of asparagus, I used one bunch broccolini, some haricot verts, and a bag of frozen artichoke hearts. I didn't add the peas until the last couple of minutes of cooking. This dish was nice and light, perfect for spring. It needed a generous sprinkling of salt (I used fleur de sel) at the end.
by anya_sf about One-pot chicken with braised spring vegetables from Cook’s Country Magazine, Apr/May 2018
Excellent flavor and the cookies did exactly what the author wanted - crispy and chewy. Loved them.
by Jviney about Oatmeal scotchies from Cookie Love
Made three batches of these. Nailing the baking time seems very important. Two batches turned out fine - they are cookies! One batch was insanely, addictively good.
by rosten about Chocolate chip cookies from Repertoire
Easy and delicious and indeed minimalist. Cumin is the perfect spice for the ground lamb. I pan grilled mine on the stovetop and used a dab of light sour cream on whole wheat buns as well as the recommended sprinkling of lemon juice. This was a pretty fast lunch treat.
by mharriman about Cumin-spiced lamb burgers from The Minimalist at The New York Times
The dough had a very good flavor. The crust didn't hit the appropriate crispness for a New York-style pizza. The dough had a lot of air bubbles, many of which I popped manually, so the edge of the pizza puffed up considerably.
by twoyolks about Overnight straight pizza dough from Flour Water Salt Yeast
Nice, simple sauce that works well for a New York-style pizza.
by twoyolks about Smooth red sauce from Flour Water Salt Yeast
This is a fabulous book to cook not only with children or grandchildren but on your own.
by Kristjudy about In the French Kitchen with Kids
This was quite good -- light and refreshing. Made a good side to roast chicken cooked with middle eastern spice marinade. I made some changes: the recipe calls for the bulgur to be soaked, but not cooked. I wasn't sure about that method, so cooked the bulgur as usual and then let it cool off. Also, the recipe calls for using raw asparagus and that did not sound appealing, so I lightly steamed the asparagus before cutting them into tiny pieces. One full cup of pomegranates seemed to be too much for the amount of bulgur, so I only used a little over half a cup. I would definitely make this again, the next time I find pomegranate seeds at the market.
by Laura about Asparagus tabbouleh from EatingWell Magazine, May/Jun 2016
I used butternut squash, and really enjoyed this soup. It had a distinctly different flavor than my typical butternut squash soups. It's thick, and I might try straining it through a sieve or foodmill to see if a velvety texture would also work, but as is it is still delightful. The topping was easy to make and I loved the texture that the maftool gave the soup. I'll make this again!
by amandesi about Roast pumpkin, sage and maftool soup from Zaitoun

Latest Reviews

The Crock-Pot Ladies serve up over 300 recipes for busy families in their debut cookbook.
by Eat Your Books about Crock-Pot Ladies Big Book of Slow Cooker Dinners   -  full review
They’re big...but they don’t spread much, leaving you with dense, wonderfully chewy cookies that have so much more flavor than your typical one.
by The Kitchn about Chewy chocolate chip cookie from Alton Brown   -  full review
Salma's most approachable cookbook today featuring recipes that are shareable, vibrant and delicious.
by Eat Your Books about Mezze Cookbook   -  full review
An interview with the author.
by Food52 about Zaitoun   -  full review
Since the dish uses chicken breast cutlets, instead of whole, bone-in chicken parts, the recipe cooks up in under ten minutes...crispy on the outside and super juicy and flavorful within.
by Food52 about Buttermilk fried chicken with green chile-horseradish sauce from Turnip Greens & Tortillas   -  full review
My family loved these greens served in bowls, and ate them with cornbread to soak up that delicious, spicy tomato broth.
by Food52 about Eddie’s turnip greens from Turnip Greens & Tortillas   -  full review
This book represents a fusion of Mexican and Southern flavors; the author, Hernandez, was born in Monterrey, Mexico, and eventually settled in Atlanta, Georgia.
by Food52 about Turnip Greens & Tortillas   -  full review
Their book explores the roots of Caribbean cooking, taking particular care to highlight the vegetarian recipes that come from the region’s rich history.
by The Kitchn about Provisions   -  full review
This is one of those books that concentrates on the vegetable more than the vegetarianism...The chapters are broken into vegetables by region...
by The Kitchn about Vegetable Love   -  full review
The breakfast chapter alone is the reason to add this vegetarian cookbook to your collection...the boldness of the flavor combinations makes this a refreshing vegetarian cookbook...
by The Kitchn about Southern Vegetarian Cookbook   -  full review
It’s organized by ingredient, with the idea that you could flip to the chapter on carrots when you ended up with a stunning bunch in your weekly box. You won’t find old rehashed recipes here...
by The Kitchn about Broad Fork   -  full review
The latest edition of this book includes recipes that represent how we think about vegetable-focused cooking today, so expect to find chia pudding next to a basic...tasty recipe for lentil soup.
by The Kitchn about How to Cook Everything Vegetarian (10th Anniversary Edition)   -  full review
If you’re still asking WTF is kohlrabi? but also need a new way to cook your sweet potatoes, you’ll find the answer and a handful of delightful recipes...
by The Kitchn about Roots   -  full review
You can learn how to cook from this book, and that’s not something many vegetarian — let alone vegan cookbooks — set out to do.
by The Kitchn about Veganomicon   -  full review
With a seasonal focus and a strong nod to the ability of plants to make us feel better, she’s created a collection of recipes for anyone seeking to bring some wellness-through-food into the routine.
by The Kitchn about First Mess Cookbook   -  full review