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Retro cookbooks on the rise

March 24 2018, 0 Comments

Writers are bringing back - and improving on - classic dishes from the past ... read more

Tokyo New Wave

March 23 2018, 6 Comments

31 Chefs Defining Japan's Next Generation, with Recipes ... read more

You're going to love EYB Book Preview and EYB Recipe Preview

March 23 2018, 3 Comments

You will be able to see actual pages from new cookbooks - including recipes - to get a feel for the book before you purchase it... read more

Featured Cookbooks & Recipes

March 23 2018, 0 Comments

See what we've been sharing on social media this week... read more

Joy of Cooking takes on a food scientist

March 22 2018, 1 Comment

In 2009, Brian Wansink said the recipes in Joy of Cooking had gotten more caloric and therefore less healthy. New information about his research questions this assumption, and the authors of JOC are fighting back... read more

Shaya by Alon Shaya

March 22 2018, 30 Comments

An Odyssey of Food and a Chef's Journey Back to Israel... read more

Roast by Louise Franc, Ruffoni Copper Covered Roaster and Boos' Prep Master Cutting Board Promotion

Dinner never looked so good ... more

Argan oil is the new darling of chefs

The pricey oil has an nutty, rich flavor... more

Looking forward to 2018

Upcoming cookbook titles to place on your radar ... more

Latest Notes

Made a half recipe. Couldn't find burrata so used fresh mozzarella. Used rainbow carrots. Good salad.
by southerncooker about Grated carrot salad with grilled scallions, walnuts, and burrata from Six Seasons
Made 1/2 recipe. Used beef broth and mix of red and yellow onions. Couldn't find horseradish root so used a bit of jarred horseradish. Perfect for a cold rainy/sleet mix kind of night.
by southerncooker about Onion bread soup with sausage from Six Seasons
Wish I had read the previous reviews before I started cooking. The chops were delicious with the spice mix, however, the tahini sauce is definitely too salty. Don't understand why sumac is part of the recipe name when it is listed as an optional ingredient.
by chawkins about Turkish lamb chops with sumac, tahini, and dill from Dinner
Surprisingly tasty and very simple. I used cherry tomatoes.
by JLDuck about Market stall fresh tomato salsa from Beyond the Great Wall
Drambuie-soaked raisins? Hello! Excellent flavor combo with the caraway. Some walnuts wouldn't be amiss, and maybe a sub in a little cornmeal and/or wheat germ for added texture. Next time I'd try skipping the kneading step and instead shaping it directly on the pans with just a little extra flour.
by dinnermints about Irish soda bread with caraway and Drambuie from Bread Bible
Simple and delicious, takes no time at all to make.
by chawkins about Red lentil soup with lemon from In the Kitchen with a Good Appetite
Delicious! Served at a dinner party with roasted potatoes and fresh home-made bread. Would make this again.
by Frogcake about Braised veal shoulder with gremolata and tomato-olive sauce from Bon Appétit Magazine, April 2011
Delicious. I used my homemade pomegranate molasses which is significantly less sweet than the authors' preferred brand, Al Wadi. Sweetness of the drink overall was just right. (Would probably be fine with Al Wadi too since it is just a tsp, but be careful.)
by Yildiz100 about La bomba daiquiri from Death & Co
You won't mistake it for cheese, but they are surprisingly good
by StoicLoofah about Cheese-free sweet potato "quesadillas" from Serious Eats
Nice side dish. Maybe a lot of work, but it does make a ton of carrots. Don't boil for 10 minutes. Check it from maybe 5 minutes
by StoicLoofah about Spicy Moroccan carrot salad from Plenty
We really liked this. It didn't reheat well, though--the pesto lost its zing. Next time, I'll divide the cooked beans in half and the pesto in half and add pesto when ready to eat.
by bching about Red bean stew with fried onions and cilantro from Good Appetite at The New York Times
This is just what I expect in taste and appearance from some of the better Southwest/CalMex restaurants. Very easy to put together within 1 hour. Instead of pinto, used black beans. The buttermilk/avocado dressing was suited in this salad with the right piquancy and acidity from limes. The only minus was their use of Fritos. The texture of Fritos was too hard and crunchy to eat easily. Next time I am using more light textured corn chips or flax chips slightly crushed for easier eating. Photo added.
by Rinshin about Steak taco salad from Cook’s Country Magazine, Apr/May 2018
I used marsala instead of the sherry, and I was a little concerned it would be too sweet but it wasn't at all. And I used minced muntjac venison instead of mincing my own.
by Foodycat about Pork and venison sausage rolls with sherry onions from Food Stories
Omg this really works! We tried this as a rainy day project and love the resulting delicious crusty bread. We used an oval dutch oven and like the shape that it gave the loaf. Its the kind of bread that is begging to be slathered in butter and eaten straight out of the oven (yep we did) and/or dunked in soup. We'll be doing this again for sure
by KarinaFrancis about (Quicker) no-knead bread from The Kitchn
Only giving this two stars because my husband did manage to take sandwiches on this bread. Otherwise, way too dense and not very flavorful. I shouldn't be surprised since hydration was 64%; am thinking it might be best to avoid low hydration breads in this book.
by dinnermints about Zakopane buttermilk rye (Chleb zakopiański z czarnuskza) from Rye Baker

Latest Reviews

Experience the youthful Tokyo food scene in this brilliantly photographed book filled with profiles, interviews and recipes.
by Eat Your Books about Tokyo New Wave   -  full review
Life is a feast especially when you are cooking with the fresh, vibrant flavors of citrus. Jamie's book is beautiful and filled with recipes that are outstanding.
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...a wide-ranging collection of recipes from London's best restaurants, pubs, cafés and holes-in-the-wall...
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Author announces release of her book and in-person events.
by Chocolate & Zucchini about Tasting Paris   -  full review full of “unique and accessible recipes” that are not only “well-written, but represent so many voices in the food industry, all of them women.
by Food52 about Cherry Bombe: The Cookbook   -  full review
I love baking and this has knocked all my previous baking favorites off the shelf. It’s beautifully presented, with Ottolenghi’s characteristic style, and I would cook each recipe I’ve tried again.
by Food52 about Sweet   -  full review
It seems well tested because the recipes actually work—not something that can be said about a lot of restaurant cookbooks.
by Food52 about Myers+Chang at Home   -  full review
...“approachable yet exciting” and “accessible yet interesting” quality, not to mention “it’s an absolutely beautiful book” with “a pleasing yet functional layout.”
by Food52 about Dining In   -  full review
These recipes are unfussy and are meant to bring the joy back into cooking for busy families. But make no mistake...unfussy does not mean dumbed down.
by Food52 about Smitten Kitchen Every Day   -  full review
The definitive world on LA tacos from native Angeleno Wes Avila.
by Eat Your Books about Guerrilla Tacos   -  full review
Be transported to this beautiful island and soak in its cuisine, people and stunning landscape.
by Eat Your Books about Corsica   -  full review
She puts yogurt to work for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—dolloping spoonfuls into pizza and pita dough, and atop a mujadara volcano or whipped into egg creams.
by Food52 about Short Stack Vol 32: Yogurt   -  full review
Georgeanne Brennan shares the art of cooking and living in the French style in this stunning book.
by Eat Your Books about Vie Rustic   -  full review
Bring the flavours of Malaysia from Ping Coombes family kitchen to yours in this beautiful book.
by Eat Your Books about Malaysia   -  full review
Paul Richardson has been residing in Spain since 1989 and has gathered a considerable wealth of knowledge in Spanish cuisine through friends, observing cooks and, of course, eating the local dishes.
by Sunday Supper Movement about Rustic Spanish (Williams-Sonoma)   -  full review