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Celebrate National Margarita Day

February 22 2017, 0 Comments

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Cooking for Friends - Terry Edwards & George Craig

February 22 2017, 1 Comment

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Cookbook Giveaway - Cooking for Friends

February 22 2017, 11 Comments

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A ban on pineapple pizza? Not quite

February 21 2017, 5 Comments

Iceland's President lands in hot water after a comment about banning pineapple as a pizza topping... read more

Turkish Delights - John Gregory-Smith

February 21 2017, 0 Comments

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Cookbook Giveaway - Turkish Delights

February 21 2017, 37 Comments

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What Makes a Good Cookbook

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Looking back at 2016 in food

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Latest Notes

This is a nice breakfast cake. It's not too sweet. I would add a bit more cardamom and make sure to finish with powdered sugar- it makes a huge difference here!
by Lepa about Cardamom banana cake from Middle Eastern Vegetarian Cookbook
These are easy to whip together and taste great. Do distribute the batter far apart on the baking sheet, as these cookies spread a lot.
by Lepa about Hazelnut crisps (Hasselnötsflarn) from Fika
Also requires garlic
by kmcdonell about Lemony roasted potatoes from Veganomicon
I'm not saying this recipe is brilliant and inspired and utter February perfection, but I AM saying it won the work bake-off in a landslide, against some thirty-odd very skilled competitors. I'd really like to keep this title and continue to be lauded as a pastry/flavor genius one should ever make this. Move along.
by urmami about Winter citrus galette from Sweet Sugar, Sultry Spice
This preserve is amazing!! Such a brilliant melding of flavors, and pretty easy to boot. I used about 3/4 the sugar called for since the kumquat peels I was working with were sweeter than usual and I ended up using this between layers in a birthday/housewarming cake. It definitely didn't "gel" quite as much and I wouldn't store it out of the fridge for long this way, but the texture was still fine and I think it allowed the tartness of the kumquats to come through a bit more. Malika Ameen is a genius and I'm honestly thinking about starting a food blog JUST so I can give this apparently overlooked book the love it deserves.
by urmami about Floral-kissed kumquat preserves from Sweet Sugar, Sultry Spice
These were well-received by friends and family. One thought that the ginger was too strong, but I just love it. And another person said that I could have added walnuts, which I think would have worked well. I did do the optional streusel topping -- it gives the muffins a great look and adds a bit more sweetness.
by MsMonsoon about Dried apricot and ginger muffins from Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone
This is one of the simpler recipes in the book, and it's a total winner. I used a mix of comte and asiago for the cheese "croutons" because I didn't have cave-aged Gruyere on hand and they came out exactly as crispy, rich, and salty as promised. I also used whole milk yogurt instead of the creme fraiche and nobody died. Throw in a protein like white beans or roast chicken and this salad is (or can accompany) the perfect "solace meal" - a quick, easy, yet elevated dish to spoil yourself with after or during an intense week. It's a little different and slightly highbrow so therefore indulgent, but you're not breaking the bank on a wild goose chase for spendy ingredients nor slaving away in the kitchen.
by urmami about Kale with quick-pickled apple, Gruyère crisps, and creamy Dijon vinaigrette from Taste & Technique
We loved this scented rice, which I served with the Ugandan curry. As noted, the cashews add lovely texture to the pilau. I roasted the cashews until lightly browned, which I would do again to enhance the cashew flavour.
by Frogcake about Cinnamon and clove pilau with cashew nuts (Taj, loving anna kaju waru pilau) from Made in India, Cooked in Britain
Quite a delicious, unique curry. I used cubed chicken breast (boneless, skinless) in place of quail, and cooked, roughly chopped chick peas from my freezer in place of tinned chick peas. Another curry from this book that comes together very quickly! Would make this again. I served this with scented cinnamon rice as the author suggested.
by Frogcake about Ugandan quail poacher's stew from Made in India, Cooked in Britain
There are some recipes from Cooking for Jeffrey, The Good Fork Cookbook, Persia, Deep Run Roots, and Small Victories.
by Rinshin about Food & Wine Magazine, November 2016
The best thing about these cookies is that my one-year-old really went for them! Since they are almost sugar-free, that's pretty great. The downside is that they are very messy and he gets chocolate everywhere when he eats them. My five-year-old also enjoyed them, but only when they were pretty fresh; they do taste best when eaten within a couple of days of being made. While not overly sweet, they were intensely chocolatey, probably partly due to the very dark cocoa powder I used. Since nut allergies were not a concern, I used almond meal in place of ground sunflower seeds.
by Rutabaga about Healthful double chocolate cookies from 101 Cookbooks
Here is a link to the video where she demos how to best pickle beets: This is from season 3, episode 6. I bought 5 bunches of candied beets from the outdoor market and plan to make these tonight.
by DKennedy about Pickled beets from Deep Run Roots
Delicious! My favorite pie from the book.
by Smokeydoke about Blueberry pie from Art of the Pie
Unbelievably flaky and easy to work with, the leaf lard makes a huge difference.
by Smokeydoke about Traditional Art of the Pie leaf lard and butter dough from Art of the Pie
This was very good, but way too many onions. I suspect the author's "medium" onion is smaller than the small ones I can get.
by Yildiz100 about Whole chickpeas (Punjabi chanas) from Spice Box

Latest Reviews

...a book to cook from, time and time again, as well as provide a wonderfully entertaining and informative read. I highly recommend it for all Hill followers, as well as for young chefs...
by The Caterer about Salt is Essential   -  full review’ll get a sense for just how far gluten free baking has come because the book is packed with recipes that wouldn’t have seemed possible just a short time ago.
by Baking Bites about Pâtisserie Gluten Free   -  full review
Providing a comprehensive selection of engagingly written, authentic and achievable recipes, beautifully illustrated with vibrant colour photographs, MiMi Aye’s Noodle! is definitely worth its salt.
by Kavey Eats about Noodle!   -  full review
What you will find is a lot of inspiration for how to up your brunch game or improve your dinner parties by making them seem like an experience, rather than a meal.
by Baking Bites about Butter & Scotch   -  full review
... takes a food that seems so simple and really takes it outside the box. It will make you appreciate biscuits even more and will probably inspire you to bake them a little more often.
by Baking Bites about Biscuit Head   -  full review
Despite so much doubt and blind trust and probably mistake after mistake, we came out with dumplings that were hideous but that tasted as good as the ones at Dumpling Galaxy.
by Food52 about Dumpling Galaxy Cookbook   -  full review
The book is great fun to work with and will get you inspired to bake a little bit more often if you’re someone who typically puts it off for special occasions instead of everyday treats.
by Baking Bites about Baking for Two   -  full review
What seems like a simple tart is so much more, thanks to the cleverness of this recipe... It bakes up beautifully, the pistachio cream mingling with juice from the fresh fruit.
by Serious Eats about Stoned & grilled cornmeal cake (olive oil, stone fruit, + ground yellow corn) from Sweet and Vicious   -  full review
The fruitiness of the pepper works well with the carrot-heavy batter, further enhanced by traditional cinnamon, nutmeg, and ground cloves.
by Serious Eats about Habanero carrot cake (carrot cake with a hint of fire) from Sweet and Vicious   -  full review
These cookies are super simple, but with a couple of clever twists that set them apart.
by Serious Eats about Side-slap & tickle cookies (chocolate malt crackle) from Sweet and Vicious   -  full review
Quite often, the best recipes are ones that can be made on the fly, allowing for changes and adaptations. The skillet corn cake from Sweet and Vicious: Baking with Attitude is one such beast...
by Serious Eats about Upside-down skillet corn cake (1 batter, 5 different fruits, 5 different cakes) from Sweet and Vicious   -  full review
The recipes are all very clearly written, so you can feel confident approaching them even if you haven’t worked with some of the ingredients called for before.
by Baking Bites about Real Sweet   -  full review of the sweetest kindest people and her vibrant new cookbook reflects that. It’s filled with old favorites and soon-to-be favorites...
by Eat the Love about Dorie's Cookies   -  full review
With traditional classic recipes such as Spanakopita, Pastistio and Baklava, as well as new contemporary dishes and ones that I am less familiar with...
by Eat the Love about Cooking with Loula   -  full review
...with immersion circulators now available at a reasonable price, it was time for a sous vide cookbooks for the home cook and not just the professional chef.
by Eat the Love about Sous Vide at Home   -  full review