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Master Recipes by the Editors of Food and Wine

June 24 2017, 1 Comment

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June 24 2017, 2 Comments

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Food & Wine makes a move

June 23 2017, 0 Comments

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Cookbook Giveaway - The Book of Greens

June 23 2017, 14 Comments

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The Book of Greens - Jenn Louis

June 23 2017, 7 Comments

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How to keep your tomatoes from getting wrinkly

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Latest Notes

Lacked butterscotch flavor. Would not make again.
by anya_sf about Butterscotch pudding from Flour
Easy recipe, surprisingly good flavor for a low-fat, vegan cake. I worried that the 6" pan would be too small, but it worked. The cake rose a lot in the center and cracked a bit, but we didn't care that it didn't look perfect.
by anya_sf about Vegan low-fat chocolate cake from Flour
I used 1/4 recipe of brioche dough to yield 6 pastries (there are 3 of us in the house). I baked 3 right away and froze 3 to bake later. Pains aux raisins are possibly my favorite French pastry, and these are delicious, although my favorite version is made with croissant dough.
by anya_sf about Pain aux raisins from Flour
I made a big batch of brioche dough and divided it up to try all the brioche pastries in the book. For this recipe, I used 1/4 of the dough to yield 6 pastries. They were good, but awfully rich. I baked some right away, then froze the rest to bake later, which worked fine. They are a bit tricky to fill and cut, since the pastry cream oozes out. I thought they'd make a huge mess while baking, but they actually held together OK. I recommend them for chocolate croissant lovers. They were not my personal favorite though.
by anya_sf about Brioche au chocolat from Flour
I thought these had good flavor, but they were a bit too dry and crunchy for my taste. I prefer really chewy peanut butter cookies. I could try reducing the baking time, but will probably just use a different recipe next time.
by anya_sf about Peanut butter cookies from Flour
Best snickerdoodles I have ever made.
by anya_sf about Snickerdoodles from Flour
I usually find this type of muffin overly sweet and oily, so was happy to see this version. I used white whole wheat flour and unsweetened coconut with good results. The wheat bran measurement did not match the weight (at least not the bran I used, Miller's what bran), so I used 2/3 cup. I greased the muffin pan with cooking spray, and found that the muffins needed to cool in the pan at least 15-20 minutes after baking or they would stick. The recipe makes 12 large or 16 regular muffins. Leftovers freeze well and can be quickly reheated in the microwave. My family really liked these.
by anya_sf about Good morning muffins from Flour
Really liked this... at first. Perhaps my lemon was a little too big, as this ended up quite lemony. He didn't use the tomato flesh, but I did, as I didn't want to waste it. I added it with the spinach at the end. Will make this one again, with a smaller, or less juicy, lemon.
by EmmaJaneDay about Tomato, spinach and haloumi risotto from Vegetables, Grains & Other Good Stuff
Really liked this... at first. Perhaps my lemon was a little too big, as this ended up quite lemony. He didn't use the tomato flesh, but I did, as I didn't want to waste it. I added it with the spinach at the end. Will make this one again, with a smaller, or less juicy, lemon.
by EmmaJaneDay about Tomato, spinach and haloumi risotto from Vegetables, Grains & Other Good Stuff
This was really quite nice, not a hit with the 10yo though! Not sure what 'aged sweet vinegar' meant, so went with balsamic. Was perhaps a little too vinegary.
by EmmaJaneDay about Chocolate caponata with white polenta and fried celery leaves from Vegetables, Grains & Other Good Stuff
I used parchment paper instead of lotus leaves to make three little flat "en papillote" burritos, which worked very well. Fresh shiitakes are an OK substitute for dried ones.
by HarlanH about Steamed chicken with Chinese sausage and shiitake mushrooms (He ye zheng ji) from Every Grain of Rice
Chinese celery (vs usual supermarket celery) is outstanding in this dish, and it's great even without the lily bulbs. Note that instead of blanching the celery, microwaving it for a few minutes in a covered dish works well too and is easier and faster.
by HarlanH about Stir-fried celery with lily bulb and macadamia nuts (Xian bai he chao su) from Every Grain of Rice
These were easy to make. As usual with the recipes in this book, I found weighing the ingredients to be faster and easier than measuring (except the small things like baking powder). I used my King Arthur Flour scone scoop and got 11 scones (easier to justify eating 2 if they're a bit smaller!). I mixed and scooped them the night before and refrigerated overnight, then baked the next morning, which worked great. They took 30 minutes to bake. I thought that half the glaze was just the right amount. These scones were delicious, if you love maple, which I do.
by anya_sf about Oatmeal-maple scones from Flour
I made this for Father's Day but didn't make the asparagus til the next day so sereved the steak with other sides on Sunday, then Monday had the asparagus with the Bernaise butter and the steak in a salad with romaine, tomatoes etc. Divine! This is a very flavorful cut of meat that I had never bought before but will bolo for in the future. This is actually adapted from a Joel Robuchn recipe- Bavette a la echalote.
by Barb_N about Grilled flap steak and asparagus with Béarnaise butter from Fine Cooking Magazine, Jun/Jul 2016
Not my favorite Ottolenghi cauliflower recipe but a close second to the Roasted Cauliflower and Hazelnut salad from same cookbook. Didn't deviate too much, but reduced the pomegranate molasses and skipped the mint b/c it was too dark by then to go out and snip it. It took way too long to fry the cauli- I had a very large head and had to do it in 4 batches in spite of using a wok. Next time I will oven roast it which was my inclination in the first place. If I do that it will still be daylight when I need to harvest the mint.
by Barb_N about Fried cauliflower with tahini from Jerusalem

Latest Reviews

There is one thing to be aware of with this book. They don’t preserve anything for shelf stability. The recipes are designed to be stored in the fridge or freezer.
by Food in Jars about Savory Sweet   -  full review
I love the fact that a variety of spreads are included, as a good compound butter can turn a plain biscuit into a truly memorable one...
by Baking Bites about Muffins and Biscuits   -  full review
...classic American desserts like chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and carrot cake...Expect technique instruction, variations on classic themes, and history lessons along the way.
by Food52 about BraveTart   -  full review
Learn the art of the home brunch from Portland chef John Gorham...he shows you how to make them all at home, plus other great diner favorites.
by Food52 about Hello! My Name Is Tasty   -  full review
Photographer and cookbook author Michael Harlan Turkell traveled the world researching vinegar traditions, collecting recipes from famed chefs...
by Food52 about Acid Trip   -  full review
This book is more a reference than a cookbook—although it does contain 40 recipes—and highlights 200 different varietals of chile along with tips and tasting notes.
by Food52 about Peppers of the Americas   -  full review
Here, in his long-awaited cookbook, Bianco share his pizza-making wisdom (with some pastas, salads, and desserts thrown in for good measure).
by Food52 about Bianco   -  full review
Because meat shouldn’t have all the fun. This vegetarian-friendly number offers 60 recipes for vegetable-centric cookout fodder...
by Food52 about Vegetables on Fire   -  full review
...think international recipes for impromptu gatherings alongside naturally lit, minimalist home decor tips.
by Food52 about Wabi-Sabi Welcome   -  full review
...follows Los Angeles couple Nguyen and Thi Tran from a 2008 layoff to an underground restaurant in their studio apartment to pop-ups and critical acclaim.
by Food52 about Adventures in Starry Kitchen   -  full review
...a cookbook about recipes made with all kinds of natural sugars, from coconut sugar to brown rice syrup, from muscovado sugar to maple syrup, from piloncillo to agave.
by The Wednesday Chef about Real Sweet   -  full review
You get step-by-step guide to building a basic pepper mash, brine-based sauces and pickles, pastes and mustards, and kimchis, relishes, and salads.
by Food in Jars about Fiery Ferments   -  full review
Seeing the array of cookies as you flip the pages will make you realize how different all these treats are, and tempt you to pick out a few and start baking right away.
by Baking Bites about Dorie's Cookies   -  full review’ll find a wide variety of recipes that are intended to satisfy your sweet tooth even though they lack ingredients you would find in most traditional baked good recipes.
by Baking Bites about Easy Flourless Muffins & Cookies   -  full review
Dana has addressed the great nemesis of homemade ice cream: iciness. Each recipe offers a choice of 4 different "texture agents" from commercial to cornstarch.
by Real Baking with Rose Levy Beranbaum about Hello, My Name Is Ice Cream   -  full review