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Celebrate National Bundt Day

November 15 2018, 0 Comments

Get out your favorite pan and make a delicious bundt cake... read more

Cooking South of the Clouds - Georgia Freedman

November 14 2018, 14 Comments

Recipes and stories from China's Yunnan Province... read more

Indexing a masterpiece - The Escoffier Cookbook

November 14 2018, 3 Comments

We've just finished indexing the American version of this classic book that contains nearly 3,000 recipes!... read more

Extra Helping - EYBD Promotion

November 13 2018, 17 Comments

Happy Publication Day to Extra Helping! ... read more

Sister Pie by Lisa Ludwinski

November 13 2018, 26 Comments

The recipes and stories of a big-hearted bakery... read more

Getting to the bottom of pie

November 13 2018, 1 Comment

Learn how to get the bottom crusts as golden brown and lovely as the top... read more

What's New with EYBDigital - Update

New titles, holiday incentives and a link to our EYBD page ... more

North Carolina chefs contribute to flood relief efforts

They have contributed recipes to a new e-cookbook called 'As Country As Cornbread'... more

What to look for this Cookbooktober 2018

Hot titles coming this Fall ... more

Latest Notes

About half the reviews on Bon Appetit said this recipe lacked flavor; something I was willing to overlook given the ingredient list. I couldn’t disagree more. Our family loved this, my daughter asked for it to go into regular rotation. I did add a 1/4 t of red peppr flakes, some veggies (julienned carrots and baby spinach) and topped with crispy shallots instead of sauteed red onion. Just salt, no fish sauce as I don’t like the smell. The toasted coconut is a must.
by Barb_N about Coconut rice noodles with ginger and turmeric from Bon Appétit Magazine, August 2018
Absolutely doesn’t need the onions. Used fresh Thyme, 3.8 cups of cooked dried cannellini beans, and some sautéed turnip and radish greens. Hot Italian sausage. Didn’t do the bread topping this time—although I think it would be tasty. Cook the tomatoes for 20 min not 5 min. Next time, no onions and double the beans.
by IndyGirl about Sausage and white bean "cassoulet" from Epicurious
I love this dish; however, I don't always feel like deep frying - it's messy and, well, it's a lot of oil. So rather than doing the deep frying stage, I opted this time to add some oil to the marinading beef to loosen it right before stir-frying. You don't get the same amazing silky texture as you do when passing the meat through the oil, but it's still a nice, flavorful stir-fry. Next time I'm going to add some whole cumin seeds, too. (We love cumin.)
by kitchen_chick about Beef with cumin from Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook
This was a good way to use up stale challah but I'll probably try other bread pudding recipes next time. I did appreciate the fact that this wasn't very sweet.
by Lepa about Challah bread pudding with raspberries from Food52
Yes it's easy, but it made way too much filling for the size tin (which was as detailed). Ended up putting the filling into 4 other ramekins so it didn't get wasted. Different pastry recipe as I eat gluten free. It is tasty and no doubt won't last long
by etcjm about Quick chocolate tart from James Martin: The Collection
Delicious, refreshing, and a gorgeous color. Nice rich hibiscus flavor (had whole dried hibiscus flowers and allowed them to steep for 9 hours). Makes a lot of syrup, so try a half recipe next time. Syrup can also be used for cocktails and desserts, so should be able to use it up.
by Yildiz100 about Hibiscus slushie (Dai qua kho "slushie") from Vegetarian Viet Nam
Sauce is fabulous, and the pasties, just okay.
by joneshayley about Berber meat turnovers with goat cheese & harissa sauce from Casablanca
I don’t think that the pastry “goes” with the subtly fragranced middle eastern style filling. I won’t make again.
by joneshayley about Safavid-style beef pastries from Persiana
Agree with previous review that this is lovely, but could be improved with a touch of fish sauce or lime juice.
by joneshayley about Steamed sea bass with ginger and spring onion (Qing zheng lu yu) from Every Grain of Rice
This was disappointing. It was very soupy and didn't have much depth of flavour. I cooked it down a little in the instant pot after quick release of pressure and served it that way. Leftovers (this makes a big batch) I simmered stove top for an hour to improve texture and flavour before freezing.
by Zosia about Beef Bolognese from Blue Jean Chef: Comfortable Under Pressure
This literally took 5 minutes to assemble, which I did one day ahead. I reduced the potatoes, eggs, and dairy a bit. The flavor is mild, so you'll want the salsa and other toppings. Next time I might add some spices to the casserole. A good weeknight recipe that the family enjoyed.
by anya_sf about Breakfast burrito egg casserole from The Kitchn
These muffins are cooked on both the griddle and in the oven, providing reassurance that they will cook through without burning. They are easy to shape with no rings needed. The flavor was spot on. The crumb was less craggy and more closed than I would have preferred, but in hindsight, I probably should have added extra liquid. I will definitely make these again.
by anya_sf about English muffins from Bread Baker's Apprentice
Just use spray oil. Also use chaat masala instead of amchoor.
by IndyGirl about "Dry" okra (Sookhi bhindi) from Madhur Jaffrey's Indian Cooking, Revised and Enlarged
At first, I wasn't sure if I liked these. I made them on a whim because I had all the ingredients except for the candied peel, and they're quick to mix together. But Hahnemann is right - they really do taste better as they age. Even a few hours later, the flavor had improved, and they're actually quite good lightly toasted and topped with butter and jam. It's rare to find a baked breakfast treat that improves with age, so these are perfect for making in advance. Next time, I might also try adding ginger; candied ginger might be a good substitute for candied peel.
by Rutabaga about Honey bombs from Scandinavian Baking
My husband and I both enjoyed this, but it was too much artichoke for the kids. It's definitely a dish for the artichoke lover, and the vinegary flavor of the brine really came through even though my chokes were well drained. I also dredged them in a little flour before putting them in the tart shell, and the crust wasn't soggy at all. The crust itself it quite tasty and tender, and the filling set very nicely.
by Rutabaga about Artichoke and Parmesan galette from Smitten Kitchen Every Day

Latest Reviews

Julia Turshen's smart and beautiful takes on home cooking, avoiding waste, and turning every weeknight into a moment of victory.
by The Kitchn about Small Victories   -  full review
It teaches the art of food in a different sort of way, and as such, it makes a really sophisticated and unexpected gift for that cookbook-lover who has everything else already.
by The Kitchn about Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook   -  full review
This book from the defunct Cookie magazine is a wonderful and practical take on cooking for a family.
by The Kitchn about Time for Dinner   -  full review
Filled with lavish photos, and a wealth of recipes from cakes to cookies to breads, it's the one-and-done baking book any baking aficionado needs on their shelf.
by The Kitchn about Baking: From My Home to Yours   -  full review
For anyone curious about Thai flavors...this book is the most in-depth, beautiful, readable introduction to how to get those flavors at home.
by The Kitchn about Thai Food   -  full review
...It helps you understand technique, layering of flavors, and methodologies that then allow you to basically cook any Indian dish.
by The Kitchn about Classic Indian Cooking   -  full review
The best way to "understand true Italian cuisine minus the airfare.
by The Kitchn about Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking   -  full review
...this is a grilling book to delight anyone who aspires to be a grill master (or who considers themselves one already)...full of gonzo challenges like six-pound steak...
by The Kitchn about Charred & Scruffed   -  full review
...the comprehensive yet handsome manual to wrap up for a young person in your life who just needs a place to start in their journey of feeding themselves well.
by The Kitchn about How to Cook Everything Vegetarian   -  full review
...the comprehensive yet handsome manual to wrap up for a young person in your life who just needs a place to start in their journey of feeding themselves well.
by The Kitchn about How to Cook Everything, Completely Revised 10th Anniversary Edition   -  full review in-the-know show's originating text, full of wise advice for learning the intuitive elements of cooking.
by The Kitchn about Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat   -  full review
...the French bible, the classic ur-cookbook for most Western cooks.
by The Kitchn about Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume One   -  full review
...wildly popular, arthouse-photographed paean to vegetables and Mediterranean cooking.
by The Kitchn about Plenty   -  full review
Pure magic from inspirational pie recipes, both sweet and savory, to the spirit behind the bakery's owners.
by Eat Your Books about Sister Pie   -  full review
A book dedicated to building community and nurturing others in 60 recipes.
by Eat Your Books about Extra Helping   -  full review