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The last two weeks: Keeping produce fresh longer, Bryant Terry’s new publishing imprint, recipes, cookbook previews and giveaways

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

About a month ago, I ordered a set of Stasher silicone reusable… read more

An online archive lets you cook your way through India

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

Cookbooks are wonderful repositories of a culture's foodways, along with recipes handed… read more

Bryant Terry To Launch 4 Color Books Imprint With Ten Speed Press

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

Bryant Terry's presence in the vegan/vegetarian cookbook genre is well established. His… read more

Kindle Cookbook Deals

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

The Kindle deals page is now listed on our home page under… read more

It might be time to listen to your cookbooks

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

Audiobooks make wonderful road trip companions and are also a wonderful way… read more

Even Better Brownies Cookbook Giveaway

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

Enter our US (2 copies) and worldwide giveaway (1 copy provided by… read more

Looking to 2021 cookbooks

2021 is looking like another stellar year for cookbook lovers. This year… more

Food news antipasto

If you enjoy beer and history, listen up: a county in the… more

Ideas on how to make EYB work better for you (updated with EYB new features and helpful articles)

While many of us are isolating, working from home, helping our kids… more

Latest Notes

Very good, but next time I will cut the amount for sot sauce in half. I cut the tofu into 1" cubes before tossing with the marinade and roasting, which gave a well flavored crust on all sides.
by Avocet about Pomegranate roasted tofu with eggplant and toasted cumin from Dinner
Easier to make than some other recipes for shakshuka I've done, and every bit as tasty. I did increase the cumin a bit. This will be my go-to recipe for shakshuka.
by Avocet about Shakshuka from Palestinian Table
This links to a post on the blog advertising meal planning not to the actual recipe.
by Barb_N about Lemony miso salmon from Stonesoup
This made a very quick weeknight meal, and was still excellent as leftovers. I could only find burrito sized tortillas (covid)- that is a full sized plate in the photo. The lime slaw (purple cabbage, lime juice, salt) was even better the next day.
by Barb_N about Shrimp tacos with lime slaw from Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, April 2013
A good basic pilaf recipe with quinoa. I reduced the carrots a little and had to substitute baby spinach for the peas. I'm sure other vegetables such as red pepper could be used here with this recipe as a template. Makes a nice nutritious lunch dish or side dish at dinner.
by eliza about Quinoa pilaf from Canadian Living's Best: Vegetarian Dishes
I love this recipe and make it for the holidays every year. The wine soaked raisins really elevate the chard and these can be made up to 1 month ahead, the chard can be cooked a day ahead before a quick sauté with the ham, pine nuts and raisins before serving.
by foodgloriousfood about Rainbow chard with raisins, pine nuts, and serrano ham from Ad Hoc at Home
Delicious, easy and quick - although it took me (somewhat) more than 15 minutes from start to finish, but then, I don’t like to rush too much while cooking. I halved my cherry tomatoes, they were on the larger side, which lead to them collapsing earlier and providing more of their liquid, ultimately yielding more of the yummy sweet/sour/salty sauce. Save some pasta water in case you need even more liquid! Oh, and I forgot to buy olives, they might have even added another layer of flavor (or maybe not?).
by leahorowitz about Miso, tomato and oregano pasta from Guardian Feast supplement, April 17, 2021
We really enjoyed this and although it takes a while with the soffritto needing to be made first, the soffritto does keep on the fridge for a week so it doesn’t need to be made at the same time. Would make this again.
by foodgloriousfood about Peperonata rustica from Ad Hoc at Home
These were OK but probably not worth the effort. Essentially, you make a sauce, bake a potato, make the fonio, sauté onions and kale and then combine ingredients in a blender and a food processer so it's a lot of steps. The recipe has you making a chimichurri sauce (which you really need with the kale balls) first but since you need to chill the balls for at least two hours, the sauce can wait. Terry never mentions covering the pot while you cook the fonio but you should. The recipe only says two cups of kale without specifying how densely packed it should be. I went with lightly packed but I think the final product could have used more kale. My balls were a reddish brown with flecks of green not at all like the picture (which I think was stylized). You're not going to be able to form real balls until the product has chilled for a bit. But with the miso, aminos and tomato paste they were fairly tasty so I'm not completely ruling out a repeat given how much kale my CSA gives me.
by ksg518 about Baked fonio and kale balls from Vegetable Kingdom
I once had a Lobster Roll on hot buttered brioche at The Canteen in Provincetown at sunset with my daughter at the end of a wonderful ten day road trip and it was so epic that years later I still dreamt about it. This lobster roll is as good as that one. The only lobster roll I will ever make because once you have had the best how do you shoot for less?
by foodgloriousfood about Maine lobster rolls from Ad Hoc at Home
Great soup I've made many times. The meatballs are the best part.
by ksg518 about Italian wedding soup from Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics
Excellent combination of flavors and textures. The recipe specifies Puy lentils, but the photo seems to show Beluga (black) lentils. Either will work fine.
by darcie_b about Salad of roasted carrots, apple & lentils with chili & preserved lemons from From the Oven to the Table
Caramelized Onion Dutch Baby with Melty Gruyere I thought this would be indexed as a tested recipe. I’m so glad I found it on the blog. My first foray into Dutch baby land, but definitely not my last! One of the easiest ways to make a few savory ingredients a meal, this is like a large popover only impossible to mess up. Unintentionally, I also had a brown butter component. Even the leftovers were delicious.
by Barb_N about Food52
I had to add a LOT of extra flour to get something I could knead. The recipe calls for 1/2 cup(63g) of all purpose and 70g whole wheat. I ended up adding another 60g of all purpose and still needed lots of sprinkles while rolling them out. Julia says to feel free and mix up the filling so I reduced the # of eggs and added a mix of sautéed mushroom, onion and spinach along with a sprinkle of grated Parmesean. I would recommend amping up the filling flavors or serving with a zesty condiment as I think plain scrambled eggs might be bland. The end result was indeed like a stuffed bagel. I'll be curious to see how they reheat.
by SheilaS about Everything bagel hand pies from Simply Julia
A great way to put together pasta primavera. Substituted broccoli and shredded Brussels sprouts for frozen peas, didn't have dried morel mushrooms nor tomatoes, and added grilled mushrooms and grilled chicken strips.
by valbe about Pasta primavera from Best of Gourmet 2004: Featuring the Flavors of Rome

Latest Reviews

Your brownies will never be the same - and that is a good thing.
by Eat Your Books about Even Better Brownies   -  full review
Stratis is right - this is a book filled with damn good dumplings!
by Eat Your Books about Damn Good Dumplings   -  full review
Fun, inspiring and great bakes!
by Eat Your Books about Holy Sweet!   -  full review
...the strength of The Lebanese Cookbook lies firstly in Bassan’s comprehensive introduction to the history, culture and cuisines of Lebanon, Syria and Jordan...
by Kavey Eats about Kavey Eats   -  full review
Randall guides us to impressive meals utilizing quality ingredients from the Italian deli.
by Eat Your Books about Italian Deli Cookbook   -  full review
Dzung does not disappoint with her debut cookbook that features a perfect blend of her heritage and a few twists and turns to make cooking exciting!
by Eat Your Books about Honeysuckle Cookbook   -  full review
One of 2020's magical cookbooks! A must have.
by Eat Your Books about Jikoni   -  full review
Anyone avoiding gluten who wants to make easy, familiar comfort food quickly and comparatively effortlessly using a standard bag of supermarket GF flour will find Becky’s book a blessing.
by Kavey Eats about How to Make Anything Gluten Free   -  full review
“My foremost concern with the book is making art, and that I got to kind of try to understand relationships within my family through the act of art making feels lucky.”
by The Seattle Times about Book of Difficult Fruit   -  full review
Another home run from the Milk Street team.
by Eat Your Books about Milk Street: Tuesday Nights Mediterranean   -  full review
One of my favorite books of all time - filled with great easy recipes.
by Eat Your Books about Bread Toast Crumbs   -  full review
Like many of the cookbooks I cherish most fiercely, Sumac is filled with evocative glimpses into Syrian culture by way of Atassi’s vivid memories, which of course are all bound up with food and family
by Kavey Eats about Sumac   -  full review
..a collection of Emiko's’ desserts culled from her beautiful books Florentine, Acquacotta, and Tortellini at Midnight, plus five brand new recipes...
by Eat Your Books about Torta della Nonna   -  full review
From Jenny: This is a truly lovely book and my friend Rebekah Denn did a wonderful piece on the author.
by The Seattle Times about Modern Scandinavian Baking   -  full review
More than a collection of recipes, the book is also a treasure trove of evocative food & travel images, cherished childhood memories and cultural insights into the food, culture & people of Sri Lanka.
by Kavey Eats about Serendip   -  full review