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This week: 2021 cookbooks, recipes, giveaways, previews and more

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

2021 is looking like another stellar year for cookbook lovers. This year… read more

Kindle Cookbook Deals

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

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Google’s top recipe searches of 2020

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

After cooking morning, noon, and night, who among us wasn't desperate to… read more

Why is 350 degrees such a common oven temperature?

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

Arguably the most common oven temperature for baked goods like cookies, cakes,… read more

Croatian Desserts – Worldwide Giveaway

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

Enter our worldwide giveaway to win a copy of Croatian Desserts: 50… read more

February 2021 Great Big Cookbook Club Summary

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

As our members know, each month we offer at least four cooking… read more

Looking to 2021 cookbooks

2021 is looking like another stellar year for cookbook lovers. This year… more

Food new antipasto

Tales of kitchen disasters never fail to entertain me, perhaps because I… more

Ideas on how to make EYB work better for you

While many of us are isolating, working from home, helping our kids… more

Latest Notes

The red cabbage is surprisingly good given the only ingredients are olive oil, garlic, red cabbage, salt, and pepper. I probably had the heat a bit too high as some of my cabbage got crispy, but I liked it this way. It takes an hour, but you only need to stir it occasionally.
by stockholm28 about Pork sausages with red cabbage from Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking
used just to grill eggplant and zucchini. Better than roasting them! More flavor and texture.
by jbny about Grilled eggplant salad with garlic and saffron mayonnaise from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian
This was very simple in ease of preparing and taste. I really like that the spinach was not wilted but still crisp, it went really well with the simple ingredients.
by peaceoutdesign about Green beans with mustard seeds from Seven Spoons
I seared both sides and then finished in the oven to MR. The only thing that I would change is I would double the vinegar, tamari, and brown sugar just to get more sauce. I also made the fresh green chutney to accompany it but it seemed the dish was perfect without it.
by peaceoutdesign about Five-spice steak from Seven Spoons
I made this exactly as written. I made it for Tara's Five Spice steak but it seemed like to much so I used it to top lemon ricotta ravioli and it was awesome. Next time I might do the variation that added yogurt if I use it for pasta.
by peaceoutdesign about Fresh green chutney from Seven Spoons
When I tasted a monkfish ball fresh out of the fryer per Lidia’s suggestion, it was too salty (and I like salt!) and lacking in fish flavor. After simmering in the tomato sauce, though, this is a great dish! My husband and I are looking forward to the leftovers. Next time, I’ll use only 1/2 teaspoon salt in the fish balls and 1 teaspoon in the sauce.
by GiselleMarie about Monkfish meatballs in tomato sauce (Polpette di rana pescatrice in sugo di pomodoro) from Lidia's Celebrate Like an Italian
We loved this pie - like the richest, most buttery slice of honey-on-toast you've ever had!
by annettle about Salted honey pie from David Lebovitz
This sauce was perfect with the yellowtail kingfish we had also called amberjack and Hiramasa. It perfectly complemented the fish which we broiled and decided to just cook through. It was wonderful. We are going to try the sauce with halibut next. We used the juice from 1 ½ limes. We broiled the fish for 3 mins a side.
by lorloff about Grilled yellowtail with avocado-lime sauce from West Coast Seafood
This is a fair amount of work but definitely worth it. I froze half the paste to use another time, and instead of grilling the tofu, I roasted it in the oven with the potatoes, adding it 15 min. after the potatoes went in and flipping it every 10 min. until everything was done.
by radishseed about Dinner: Massaman curry from Guardian Cook supplement, March 11, 2017
Copyright May 1, 1967
by CRStahly63 about Clam Shack Cookery
If I had to recommend one cookbook to a beginner, this would be it. Cooking though this recipe collection was how I taught myself to cook. It's very comprehensive without being overwhelming. Ingredient lists for most recipes are not lengthy. The book also gives many variations and substitutions for each dish, which is valuable from a learning standpoint but also saves you in moments when you realize you don't have a stalk of lemongrass or some other random/expensive item. The sides and meat recipes are consistently good. Breads are quite good. The desserts section fails for me about half of the time- it's definitely the weakest recipe group. Overall, a decent and engaging cookbook with lots of variety.
by racheljmorgan about How to Cook Everything, Completely Revised 10th Anniversary Edition
I was late in my start to making this as an accompaniment for soup today, so only gave it a rest on the wire rack for 30 minutes before slicing it, and luckily, it still sliced easily. Ingredients were easy to mix up and form into dough. I used the only round pan I own, a springform one, and it worked well. This is a heavier, more dense and craggy version of brown soda bread than I remember eating in Ireland. Even so, I really liked it, especially with the wheat germ and wheat bran, and will make again, even though my French baguette loving husband isn’t nearly as much a fan as I am.
by mharriman about Irish brown soda bread from All-Time Best Brunch
Very good method for improving the flavour of a pineapple that isn't quite ripe enough. The salsa was refreshing and complemented the blackened cod I served it with.
by Zosia about Roasted pineapple salsa from Kitchn
I just made the lemon orzo. We really liked it. I think it would be nice to serve cold in the summer.
by stef about Crispy chicken with lemon orzo from Modern Comfort Food

Latest Reviews

A beautiful collection of desserts that brings Croatia home.
by Eat Your Books about Croatian Desserts   -  full review
Interview with Christine Manfield about writing the book.
by Delicious Days about Tasting India   -  full review
...wide variety of recipes showcasing breads & bakes with many different textures, the way in which Bertinet takes us through the recipes so carefully with his instructions and step-by-step images...
by Kavey Eats about Crumb   -  full review
Through the author’s thoughtful narrative I am taken on a trip through Central Asia and gifted with beautiful photography and dishes that make me feel as I am along with her on this journey.
by Eat Your Books about Red Sands   -  full review
Review in Best cookbooks of 2007 article.
by NPR about River Cottage Meat Book   -  full review
...Carl Clarke really knows and loves his chicken! His commitment to ethical sourcing drives him to use every edible part of the bird, and he knows just how to wring the best out of it!
by Kavey Eats about Whole Chicken   -  full review
The dishes here are not over-the-top but approachable and geared toward taking our home cooking to new heights.
by Eat Your Books about Flavor for All   -  full review
Everyone needs Kim-Joy, space turtles and baking joy in their life.
by Eat Your Books about Baking with Kim-Joy   -  full review
I could easily eat my way through every recipe in this book... If you’re in the market for a cookbook with plenty of simple and tasty dishes , ‘Simply’ by Sabrina Ghayour is a worthy contender.
by Kavey Eats about Simply   -  full review
What happens when you take Bob and his gastronaut superpowers and apply them to great recipes? You get superhero dishes.
by Eat Your Books about Flavorbomb   -  full review
Beautiful photography fills this book of both the land, sea, people and food of this special region.
by Eat Your Books about Aegean   -  full review
Often we are told not to judge a book by its cover. In the case of Parwana we can do just that. The gorgeous cover is a true reflection of this book’s content.
by Eat Your Books about Parwana   -  full review
This book is a baker’s dream – the holy grail of baking. Just look at that cover of that luscious honey cake.
by Eat Your Books about Baking at the 20th Century Cafe   -  full review
Sabrina never disappoints - while these are easy everyday dishes - they are packed with flavor and not ordinary by any sense of the word.
by Eat Your Books about Simply   -  full review
Helena Garcia’s debut cookbook is “wicked good” but with a deliciously spooky sense of the macabre.
by Eat Your Books about Wicked Baker   -  full review