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ATK's post-Kimball plans are all wet

September 26 2016, 0 Comments

America’s Test Kitchen takes to the high seas following the departure of Chris Kimball... read more

BBC may launch a rival show to GBBO

September 25 2016, 2 Comments

Rumors swirl about the possibility of a new show with Mary, Mel and Sue - and potentially James Martin - as hosts... read more

Cookbook Giveaway - Sweet Potato Love

September 25 2016, 18 Comments

Enter to win an autographed copy ... read more

Recipes from Sweet Potato Love

September 25 2016, 2 Comments

Try two dishes from Jackie's new book ... read more

The Great New Zealand Baking Book

September 24 2016, 1 Comment

What happens when sixty of New Zealand's finest bakers come together... read more

Dumplings pack flavor in a small package

September 24 2016, 2 Comments

The potential combinations are nearly limitless... read more

Using dried vs. fresh herbs

Fresh isn't always better, says Serious Eats. The Food Lab provides a list of which herbs can be used dried and which shouldn't... more

The transformation of corn

Cook's Science explores the fascinating process of nixtamalization, the process responsible for the creation of corn tortillas... more

Cooking with dukkah

The Egyptian spice is versatile, delicious, and easy to prepare from common pantry ingredients... more

Latest Notes

As usual with Ottolenghi, the flavor combination here is really superb. My quinoa did not turn out very porridge-y, however, and I was concerned that adding much more stock would overcook it. The benefit was that it could be served on a plate. It's really the blistered tomatoes and herb oil that make the dish, of course. Unfortunately, the Vitamix has difficulty blending herb oil in small amounts, so it took a long time to blend, but other than that, this is an actually a simple dish to prepare.
by Rutabaga about Quinoa porridge with grilled tomatoes and garlic from Plenty More
This is a great dish to make with items I usually have on hand. We thought it was delicious!
by Lepa about Spanish chickpeas with kale from Food52
Such a lovely salad, with beautiful colors & flavors! Really makes a great presentation. I forgot to use seeds, which would have added a nice texture, & added the last garden tomato of the season which worked well. Husband thought it needed brighter flavor; Nava Atlas recipes tend to be mildly seasoned, so if you like stronger flavors, more dill & vinegar could work.
by Nancith about Three-potato salad with arugula from Wild About Greens
This tastes like a creamy lime ice cream. Neither the avocado nor the coconut end up being the dominant flavour.
by Bugis about Avocado sorbet from Leite's Culinaria
These were great - very quick and easy. Just grate some zucchini, mix in some nigella seeds, flour and eggs and fry them. The fritters are more vegetable than anything else. The garlic/mint/yogurt sauce is fairly essential I'd say.
by Jane about Zucchini & nigella fritters from Small Victories
Yummy! Good recipe for feeding a crowd. This makes so much you could easily feed 10 people. Needed a 5 quart baking dish to hold it all. Substituted ground turkey for ground beef and used regular chili powder from Penzeys instead of the Mexican-style called for (didn't have it and couldn't be bothered to find it either). Served with sliced pickled jalapeños.
by Aggie92 about Better than mama's chili mac from Emeril
Found the wet batter to be a little harder to deal with than a traditional 'buttermilk then flour' process. That said, the eventual coating was very light and crispy.
by TheNegliGent about Coca-Cola brined fried chicken thighs from Pickles, Pigs & Whiskey
This is wonderful. Like many Ottolenghi recipes, the ingredient list seems odd but it all somehow comes together in the end. I love the addition of caraway, which gives the final product a heartier taste than it might have otherwise.
by ksg518 about Chickpea sauté with Greek yoghurt from Plenty
Blogger in 2008 used apricots with this recipe and was happy with results. Link
by MidwesternerTT about Plum and cardamom sweet bread from In the Sweet Kitchen
Love, love, love this recipe. I am fairly new to jam making and this could not have been easier. I used Italian plum from my overabundant backyard tree. If I weighed the plums before pitting and chopping I got 4 half pint jars of jam and if I just went by the 8 cups of chopped fruit I got 5 half pints. Either way the jam was fantastic. I also experimented a little and made Plum-Amaretto Preserves by stirring in 1/4 cup of Amaretto right before spooning into the jars. And I made Plum-Orange Preserves by adding 1 Tablespoon of finely grated orange zest before cooking. Both variations are delicious.
by Aggie92 about Classic plum preserves from Foolproof Preserving
These are very simple cinnamon muffins but, despite their simplicity, they're actually quite good. I had to substitute heavy cream for the milk as I had run out of milk. The batter was much denser than I'm used to for a muffin and it made only 2/3s of what the recipe indicated. I also found that dipping the muffins in the cinnamon didn't really work so I just sprinkled some on top after dipping them in butter.
by twoyolks about Cinnamon muffins from Good Cook: Breads
The fries were crisp on the outside but very soft on the inside. The flavor of the fries is mostly a generic "fried flavor."
by twoyolks about Eggplant fries from Rustic Italian Food
The soup was a bit too heavy on the cheese flavor and there wasn't quite enough broccoli flavor. I also think cheddar would've worked better than parmesan.
by twoyolks about Creamy broccoli-Parmesan soup from Food Lab
Perhaps swap the eggs for tofu to make plant based and eliminate oil in tomato to improve nutritional profile.
by Megoola about Papadzules from
Added grated orange rind; lower oven temp as tendency to burn on edges
by mlhvoss about Dark chocolate and sour-cherry panforte from Australian Gourmet Traveller Magazine, December 2014

Latest Reviews

The recipes...cover a wide range of techniques...though the recipes stay firmly on the friendly side of the scale, meaning that they’re suitable for novice and experienced bakers alike.
by Baking Bites about My Kitchen Table: 100 Cakes and Bakes   -  full review
Since you often wind up with leftovers when you make soup, you can tire of having the same kind of soup day after day, so why not make a party out of it?
by All Roads Lead to the Kitchen about Soup Swap   -  full review
This cookbook is perfect for those who are forever looking for good, new easy recipes to make for their families!
by RecipeGirl about Weeknight Dinner Cookbook   -  full review
Many of us fondly remember those themed childhood birthday cakes — either we baked and laboured over their decoration ourselves (train? ballerina? swimming pool?), hopefully delighting our offspring
by NZ about Great New Zealand Birthday Cake Book   -  full review
Linton founded Brindisa, the Spanish ingredient emporium in London. Her newly published book ...a massive tome of knowledge and recipes interspersed with superb information on Spanish ingredients,
by Ms Marmite Lover about Brindisa: The True Food of Spain   -  full review
The recipes aren’t one-pot or pantry or 30-minute meals, but they all fit on a single page and the techniques are straightforward. They’re the kind of simple recipes that still feel exciting and full.
by Food52 about Simple   -  full review
In each section, you will find a very varied selection of recipes taking inspiration from the preserving traditions of countries all around the world.
by Kavey Eats about Ferment, Pickle, Dry   -  full review
This book is focused on teaching the home cook how to make all sorts of flavorful yeast breads using an easy 2-step process of mixing, kneading and chilling on day one and baking on day 2.
by RecipeGirl about Make Ahead Bread   -  full review
It’s not a cookbook but rather a camping manual with cooking-related how-to content found throughout its pages...The recipes contain elements that can be done in advance at home...
by Leite's Culinaria about Camp Sunset   -  full review will never find most of these recipes on a restaurant menu...complex recipes simple enough to manage on a weeknight without losing anything in terms of authenticity.
by Leite's Culinaria about Beyond Curry Indian Cookbook   -  full review
This sweet book is a page turner of vignettes and essays related to works of art as diverse as In The Night Kitchen and Anna Karenina. Part memoir, part cookbook, part literary tour of titles...
by Leite's Culinaria about Voracious   -  full review
The author outlines foolproof techniques and tricks for freezing basic components for dinner...and explains how to defrost them to ensure minimal quality loss.
by Leite's Culinaria about Fast to the Table Freezer Cookbook   -  full review
Appalachian native and food writer Ronni Lundy pulls back the curtains on this overlooked cuisine in her beautiful new book.
by Leite's Culinaria about Victuals   -  full review
Interview with Cal Peternell about the book.
by The Splendid Table about Twelve Recipes   -  full review
The book begins with a brief crash course in popcorn popping techniques. You can use the microwave, the stovetop or an air can even buy a bag of air popped popcorn and use that as a base
by Baking Bites about Popcorn!   -  full review