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Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a batch

July 20 2017, 0 Comments

Read the adorable story of two doctors whose shared love of baking led to marriage... read more

Cookbook Giveaway - The Malaysian Kitchen

July 20 2017, 12 Comments

Enter our contest to win a copy... read more

The Malaysian Kitchen

July 20 2017, 8 Comments

150 Recipes for Simple Home Cooking... read more

Inspector Gadget

July 19 2017, 0 Comments

If you haven't been reading Rhik Samadder's gadget reviews in The Guardian, you should start right now... read more

Cookbook Giveaway - Fress

July 19 2017, 19 Comments

Enter our contest to win a copy... read more

Fress - Emma Spitzer

July 19 2017, 9 Comments

Bold flavors from a Jewish kitchen... read more

Managing your collection to make it work for you

Should it stay or should it go?... more

10 tips every cook should know

Culled from years of experience, these tips from Felicity Cloake should are helpful for everyone... more

Spice support: mahleb

Made from the pit of the St. Lucie cherry, this spice sharpens the flavor of sweet and savory dishes alike... more

Latest Notes

This made an enormous tart! The filling was just ok and the pizza dough was disappointing. Don't waste your $$ or time on this recipe.
by lou_weez about Rustic pumpkin, ricotta and caramelised onion tart from Cook and Baker
Took a little longer to cook than the recipe stated, but when it was it was enjoyed by all. Whilst not the healthiest meal I've ever cooked with the amount of cream in it, I would make it again.
by lou_weez about Bacon, corn, and potato chowder from What's for Dinner?
This was GOOD - glaze was delicious and pork was perfectly pink and moist .....sometimes so hard NOT to overcook a tenderloin but the 4 minute glaze/ check cycle to finish caught it at the perfect point of "doneness". I've never used the pre-browning cornstarch dredge before - it also certainly seemed to work :)
by averythingcooks about Maple-mustard-glazed roast pork tenderloin from Food Lab
Made for dinner. Was surprised by how awesome they were.
by termite about Salt potatoes from Taste
Very refreshing for a hot and muggy day. I used gherkins from the garden.
by chawkins about Quick cucumber salad with Asian dressing from The Woks of Life
Wow! This was super rich, & certainly very caloric, but well worth it for a once-in-awhile treat. Unfortunately forgot to purchase mushrooms, which would have added to the lusciousness, but sautéed some onion & threw that in. Rather than going through the extra step of steaming the spinach, I simply put it in the colander & drained the spaghetti on top of it. It was simple to get the spinach out then to chop it up. I agree with a previous reviewer that shorter pasta would make this easier to serve.
by Nancith about A chicken, spinach and pasta pie from Tender
Also online at EYB:
by ellabee about Malaysian wok-fried spaghetti with kale and sambal from Malaysian Kitchen
If you like preserved lemon this is a dish to go crazy with. I double the lemon requirement.
by JLDuck about Chicken with lemon and olives (Djej m'chermel) from Mediterranean: The Beautiful Cookbook
Wow! First recipe we've cooked from this book and it was a grand slam! Highly recommended.
by HalfSmoke about Charred Brussels sprouts with bacon & dates from Gjelina
Good flavor, but not likely to make this again. I get better results, flavor, and juiciness from a simple rotisserie, which requires nearly zero work. This recipe requires too much active grilling -- flipping and basting every 5 minutes -- for an inferior result.
by HalfSmoke about Cornell chicken from Meathead
Next time i'll simply add blueberries. Reducing half of them into jam made really nice muffins, but i dont think it's necessary. Lemon zest on top is a really nice touch
by Rradishes about Bluebery muffins from Complete America's Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook, 2001-2010
Super easy hollandaise. However, 1/2 cup of butter and and egg yolk do NOT make 1-1/2 cups of sauce. Makes significantly less.
by HalfSmoke about Foolproof 2-minute Hollandaise from Serious Eats
If I don't have a lemon I leave it out and it's still very tasty
by Larkspur about Green beans with lemon, garlic, and Parmigiano gremolata from Splendid Table's How to Eat Supper
We didn't have lavender honey but did have lavender. Maybe the lavender honey gives it the taste, but I couldn't taste lavender in the dish. Otherwise it was a wonderful, easy chicken dinner with a great sauce. We'll be making this again, perhaps with orange blossom honey and orange zest.
by ksg518 about Roast chicken with peaches, honey and lavender from Bird in the Hand

Latest Reviews one of the most thorough reference points for 21st century homesteader. It opens with a section on chickens and then marches through canning and preserving, bees, and home dairy.
by Food in Jars about Essential Book of Homesteading   -  full review
In her new cookbook...she shares recipes that follow her basic salad success formula, with plenty of global influences from her travels around the world.
by Food52 about Neighbourhood   -  full review
Author gives grilling tips from her cookbook.
by Food52 about Vegetables on Fire   -  full review
An interview with the authors.
by Food52 about Toast Water   -  full review
...designed to help you choose the best varieties to much you’ll need to grow, and the best ways to preserve the fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are the result of your hard work.
by Food in Jars about Homegrown Pantry   -  full review
How to participate and get started in Food52's cookbook club featuring this cookbook July 2017.
by Food52 about My Paris Kitchen   -  full review
Author talks about her new book.
by Food52 about Fearless Baker   -  full review
...I was thrilled with the food I cooked out of this book. It’s an honest look at opening a restaurant during the crazy, DIY years after the recession...
by Food52 about Adventures in Starry Kitchen   -  full review
...if you’re looking to up your bread baking game in an approachable way and then find some new ways to make good use of every last morsel of the bread you made, you should check it out.
by Food in Jars about Bread Toast Crumbs   -  full review crammed with creative ice cream flavors and the science behind them, including this double-dessert fusion you’ll want to eat all summer.
by Food52 about Hello, My Name Is Ice Cream   -  full review
There is one thing to be aware of with this book. They don’t preserve anything for shelf stability. The recipes are designed to be stored in the fridge or freezer.
by Food in Jars about Savory Sweet   -  full review
I love the fact that a variety of spreads are included, as a good compound butter can turn a plain biscuit into a truly memorable one...
by Baking Bites about Muffins and Biscuits   -  full review
...classic American desserts like chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and carrot cake...Expect technique instruction, variations on classic themes, and history lessons along the way.
by Food52 about BraveTart   -  full review
Learn the art of the home brunch from Portland chef John Gorham...he shows you how to make them all at home, plus other great diner favorites.
by Food52 about Hello! My Name Is Tasty   -  full review
Photographer and cookbook author Michael Harlan Turkell traveled the world researching vinegar traditions, collecting recipes from famed chefs...
by Food52 about Acid Trip   -  full review