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Featured Cookbooks & Recipes

June 23 2018, 0 Comments

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What to bring when cooking in someone else's kitchen

June 23 2018, 2 Comments

Visiting friends is enjoyable, but trying to cook or bake in their kitchen can be frustrating. Here are some items to bring along to help the task go more smoothly... read more

June 2018 Eat Your Books Cookbook Club Summary and August - October Annoucements

June 22 2018, 0 Comments

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An ode to an unsung kitchen workhorse

June 22 2018, 1 Comment

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June 2018 Cookbook Roundup

June 21 2018, 0 Comments

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A cookbook cafe opens in a Texas library

June 21 2018, 0 Comments

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You're going to love EYB Book Preview and EYB Recipe Preview

You will be able to see actual pages from new cookbooks - including recipes - to get a feel for the book before you purchase it... more

Anthony Bourdain has died at age 61

Beloved bad boy of the culinary world is gone ... more

The Cook's Atelier and Mauviel Copper Pot Promotion

A cookbook that shares recipes, techniques and stories from a French cooking school plus a Mauviel copper pot ... more

Latest Notes

I have yet to make another recipe from this book, but have been making this one religiously for years! It could not be easier (3 ingredients or so?) and is absolutely delicious. For a vegetarian (vegan!) soup it is surprisingly filling and satisfying - I think it is because of the richness of the coconut milk. I always at least double this recipe as it just doesn't make nearly enough otherwise; even so, it disappears way too fast. Every time I make this for company (as a starter or one of a couple of soups) they ask for the recipe. Really popular with kids as well - it's so sweet and addictive! Note: I often use onions instead of shallots and it is still delicious.
by curtisca about Carrot-coconut milk soup from Urban Pantry
I liked this. My husband thought it was okay. The kids barely ate it. We all prefer the coconut fish curry in this book. It is easier to prepare and, in my opinion, much tastier.
by Lepa about Salmon and spinach curry from Made in India, Cooked in Britain
This is a good rice recipe, a bit different but not fussy to prepare. Like Rutabaga, I cooked this in a wide skillet, browned the onions and let it sit for ten minutes after turning off the heat and it was perfect.
by Lepa about Caramelized onions and jeera rice (Dungree anna jiru waro bhat) from Made in India, Cooked in Britain
add a capsicum and green beans for extra veg
by j_h about Oven-baked Thai chicken curry from Delicious: Quick, Smart Cook
This cake turned out fine, though it seemed a bit dry, and the flavor was quite muted.
by coryelizabeth about Classic yellow layer cake from BraveTart
This recipe is worth the price of the entire cookbook. The final product is beyond excellent; however, I found that the cookies benefited from a brief stint in the fridge before heading into the oven. Otherwise, the dough was too warm and the cookies spread too much. I highly recommend using virgin coconut oil, as the faint flavor really adds to the cookie.....though tastes differ, of course.
by coryelizabeth about Snickerdoodles from BraveTart
Like others, I found that the published cooking time was too long. When I baked the cookies for the full amount of time, they turned out dry and crumbly; when I pulled them out a few minutes early, they were divine.
by coryelizabeth about Chopped chocolate chip cookies from BraveTart
Very good dish. The creme fraiche gives it a wonderful tang. My wife called it sort of a "deconstructed lasagna." Pretty easy to throw together. Seemed like a lot for a 9 x 13 dish, so we used a slightly larger lasagna pan we have which seemed just right. Great flavors, excellent leftovers.
by bwhip about Baked ziti with crème fraîche and spinach from Back Pocket Pasta
The method for cooking these carrots seemed quite fussy, to no discernible effect. Neither the white wine nor the orange juice came through in the final product, so I think simply roasting the carrots would lead to a sweeter, richer final flavor. The spiced yogurt and sesame seeds on top were tasty, though.
by coryelizabeth about Pan-roasted baby carrots, orange, cilantro, sesame & spiced yogurt from Gjelina
This is a wonderful pizza -- and I'm a not a huge fan of spinach on pizza. Somehow, the garlicky olive oil that comes from the confit, plus the richness of the feta, gives the whole thing a rich and buttery taste. That sounds off-putting, but it wasn't: I made this as part of a pizza night and every guest nominated this as his/her favorite.
by coryelizabeth about Pizza with spinach, feta & garlic confit from Gjelina
A delicious, quick-cooking recipe for shrimp, tomatoes & noodles with Japanese flavors. Somen noodles seem similar to angel hair pasta. I left out the squid and the cilantro, and substituted capers for yuzu pepper (as suggested in the recipe).
by lkgrover about Chilled seafood somen from Takashi's Noodles
This is incredible. Yes, it's just another recipe for -- basically -- pizza margarita, but somehow, the tomato confit really elevates this. I used a different pizza dough but I think that's a matter of preference.
by coryelizabeth about Pizza pomodoro from Gjelina
Easy and delicious! However, the full recipe makes a ton.
by coryelizabeth about Pickled red onions from Gjelina
I couldn't be bothered to prep all that garlic, so I made this with the already-peeled cloves from the grocery store. The final product turned out beautifully, though I had to make it twice: the first batch scorched terribly. Part of that was negligence on my part, but it's also important to heed the instructions about making sure the garlic is completely submerged in olive oil before roasting. In my case, that meant using more olive oil than the recipe called for, though I imagine the shape/depth of your roasting dish is what really matters here. And watch this carefully toward the end of the roasting time!
by coryelizabeth about Garlic confit from Gjelina
This is absolutely wonderful and lends itself to many applications. I skipped the step that involved skinning the tomatoes, because I tried some of the confit in one of Lett's restaurants, and I'm pretty sure that tomato had the skin on. The result (both restaurant and homemade) was still delicious.
by coryelizabeth about Tomato confit from Gjelina

Latest Reviews

Annabel's Essential volumes are indeed essential. Packed with photos and recipes for every day.
by Eat Your Books about ESSENTIAL, Volume One   -  full review
Stunning isn't an adequate descriptor of this book - it is beyond extraordinary.
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An interview with the author about her life at home.
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Jason Licker is a pastry genius that takes desserts on a trip to Asia. Beautifully photographed and detailed book.
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Experience flatbread like never before with flavored oils, drizzles and more in this beautifully photographed book.
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Justin does it again - another cookbook that not only dishes up easy recipes but also impressive ones as well.
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Figure 1 books never disappoint - especially there Eats and Cooks series. Take a trip to Toronto through the pages in this title.
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Judith's book is a masterpiece of herbal deliciousness.
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...will include a slew of Turshen’s favorite recipes, from holiday menus to weeknight go-tos, as well as her smart ideas for giving those meals a second life.
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The author strikes the perfect balance with a great story, profiles of the area and his team, stunning photographs and elegant recipes.
by Eat Your Books about Sportsman   -  full review
A masterpiece of pastry inspiration.
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