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Food news antipasto

June 16 2019, 0 Comments

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June 16, 2019 Kindle Cookbook Deals

June 16 2019, 0 Comments

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Spice support: coriander

June 15 2019, 1 Comment

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An open letter to Le Creuset

June 15 2019, 7 Comments

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Get enthused to infuse

June 14 2019, 1 Comment

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This week at Eat Your Books!

June 14 2019, 0 Comments

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Latest Notes

These were one of the most complicated desserts I have ever made, with 4 elements and requiring 4 new ingredients I had never worked with before (glucose, citric acid, pectin jaune and mandarin puree). But they were so worth it (and I learned a lot in the process). Not being a professional chef I could not find pectin jaune or mandarin puree in small sizes but Pomona pectin and tangerine juice worked just as well. I did the traditional Jaffa cake hatch on top rather than brushing with glitter. They were a wonderful combo of sweet crisp/gooey macaron, tart orange jelly, rich orange chocolate ganache and crisp chocolate topping. People at the party I served them at said they were Jaffa cakes x 100. Very satisfying project.
by Jane about Jaffa cake macarons from Great British Chefs - Chef Recipes
These were fun. Very easy to make and great result. I love the combination of the short cookie and tart rhubarb frosting. I made the frosting a couple of days ahead and found the consistency perfect for spreading. It doesn’t like being out in a warm room so bear in mind if making these for a party. I baked them for just 20 mins at 325 F (170 C) - they were perfect. 25 mins as stated in the recipe would be too much.
by Jane about Custard yo-yos with roasted rhubarb icing from Observer Food Monthly Magazine, October 28, 2018
These were fun. Very easy to make and great result. I love the combination of the short cookie and tart rhubarb frosting. I made the frosting a couple of days ahead and found the consistency perfect for spreading. It doesn’t like being out in a warm room so bear in mind if making these for a party. I baked them for just 20 mins at 325 F (170 C) - they were perfect. 25 mins as stated in the recipe would be too much.
by Jane about Custard Yo-Yos with roasted rhubarb icing from Sweet
We really enjoyed this, but I'd echo VineTomato's comment that it was too much oil with the oil-roasted tomato version. We also used cherry tomatoes, though, so it could be that? I'd cut it down to 1/4 to 1/2 cup next time (not 1.5 cups!). Other than that, no changes. It seemed more of a "wintery" flavor, though, than a fresh summer one, with all of the umami bomb ingredients, so I would save this for making those anemic winter tomatoes shine. We'll definitely make it again, however.
by sosayi about Roasted tomato and anchovy bucatini from Dining In
A sweeter, light textured, and minimal corn meal taste variation of cornbread. Reduced the sugar to 1/3 cup and it was pleasantly sweet. The full amount would have been too much for our taste. The texture is more corn cake than cornbread due to small amount of corn meal relative to flour. Mine was done 7 min before the time specified. Served with bbq pork ribs, baked beans, coleslaw and sliced pineapple.
by Rinshin about Cornbread from Aloha Kitchen
Fun cake to bring to a graduation party! I only did 2 layers because I got nervous about cutting it into 3, but I don’t think it really mattered. Delicious and very chocolaey.
by Lsblackburn1 about Chocolate celebration cake from Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food
Great summer fare, light, refreshing with minimal preparation. I halved the amount of shrimp, intending to make only half of the recipe. However, my mind was elsewhere when I started prepping the veggies for the salad and chopped the amount for a whole recipe. Luckily, I caught myself before adding the shrimp, the avocado (my own addition) and the lime juice, so I simply saved half of the chopped veggie for another round tomorrow with pacific rock fish rather than shrimp.
by chawkins about Seafood salad tacos with tomato, radish and habanero (Tacos de mariscos a la vinagreta) from Mexican Everyday
Didn't have refried beans on hand, so just used a tin of black beans. Absolutely delicious and feeds a crowd!
by seherhussain about Cheesy chicken taco chili pasta from What's Gaby Cooking
Pretty yummy except that I made the mistake of cooking the squash in way more than 1/2 cup of water. I got a little confused and was worried about it drying out--so my whole casserole wound up being very wet. It was still good though.
by whitewoods about Spaghetti squash casserole with ground beef from
I think 250gm of pappardelle for 2 people was a bit much. Next time I will reduce that to 200gm leaving all other quantities the same. I toasted the breadcrumbs before cooking the mushrooms & I cooked the broccolini (that's what we have here in Australia) in the pasta so the number of pots used wasn't excessive.
by murphyfrank about Crunchy pappardelle from Plenty
Made for the second time for Father’s Day. Rich, but not heavy. Very nice.
by wcassity about Beef stroganoff from Gourmet Cookbook
Agreed. This is delicious, but soupy. I omitted the cauliflower, added chopped sweet potato, served over cauliflower rice. Comfort food.
by Cheri about Green pork and cauliflower curry from Whole30 Cookbook
Very yummy, also enjoyed it without the egg too, may add some bread or something to soften the burger part next time since we like our burgers well done.
by Kinhawaii about Loco moco from Aloha Kitchen
Interesting alternate method of cooking steak. At 20 minutes in oven my one and a half inch thick steaks were well beyond 105 degrees but searing and then resting them for 15 minutes helped create a nice crust and restored the juiciness. Very good with the beer reduction sauce and crumbled blue cheese ( not in this cookbook) I used to finish and serve.
by mharriman about Pan-seared thick-cut strip steaks from Cook's Illustrated Meat Book
Absolutely delicious, best new pie recipe I've tried this year, will definitely make it again. Used only half to two thirds of the crumble - I like less & liked to see the berries peeking through.
by Kinhawaii about Blackberry-blueberry crumb pie from Smitten Kitchen

Latest Reviews

This is not an attractive steak...The steak was well-cooked if you want a rare steak. It was also too salty.
by The Kitchn about Porterhouse steak from Food & Wine Magazine, March 2017   -  full review
An interview with the author.
by The Kitchn about Zaitoun   -  full review
This steak was incredible. The overnight dry-brine made for well-seasoned steak. The slow roast ensured the meat stayed tender and cooked evenly throughout.
by The Kitchn about Reverse-seared steak from Serious Eats   -  full review
It goes down in history as the only casserole my husband actually loves and asks for. I can make it for parties, I can make it for potlucks...
by The Kitchn about Chicken spaghetti from Food Network Canada   -  full review
The book teaches you professional techniques, as promised, then gives ways to turn the “master recipes” (like Pain au lait and Pâte sucrée) into a variety of desserts.
by David Lebovitz about Baking at République   -  full review
Q&A with the author and a recipe from the book.
by Simply Recipes about Batch Cocktails   -  full review’s a good book for those who are gluten free, sugar free or dairy free too. 30 day meals plans support autoimmune conditions, digestive health, cancer recovery, alzheimers, heart health and more.
by RecipeGirl about Practical Paleo   -  full review
From a sushi master, learn all you need to know for creating sushi in the comfort of your own home.
by Eat Your Books about Sushi Master   -  full review
Everything you need to know about freshwater fish by an expert is provided in Jon Wipfli's latest (an EYBD title).
by Eat Your Books about Fish   -  full review
In typical Alice Hart style, crave-worthy dishes packed with seasonal ingredients are shared in Vegetarian (an EYBD title).
by Eat Your Books about Vegetarian   -  full review
Gorgeous pastries and more can be made gluten-free with this stunning book.
by Eat Your Books about Gloriously Gluten Free   -  full review
José's books are a gift borne of his love of his homeland with content that is guaranteed to spark creativity for home cooks everywhere.
by Eat Your Books about Andalusia   -  full review
From the founder of the Breakfast Club comes the debut cookbook that delivers recipes from around the globe from eggs to drinks!
by Eat Your Books about Breakfast   -  full review
By far one of the best meal prep books I've come across. 26 weeks of menus that will take the stress out of dinner time
by Eat Your Books about Cook Once, Eat All Week   -  full review
The dough rises conveniently overnight to shape and bake in the morning. To make the most of your time, you can prepare the onion mixture up to 2 days in advance.
by Salt Sugar and I about Overnight sourdough bialys with caramelized onions and goat cheese from Artisan Sourdough Made Simple   -  full review