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Latest Notes

Follow this recipe for perfect Scandinavian style cinnamon buns. I love these; they are not the ooey-gooey American style buns, but are light and tender with a gentle cardamom taste. They're perfect for a sweet breakfast treat that isn't cloying or overly filling. Make the dough and filling the night before so that it will be ready to roll in the morning, but keep in mind that the buns need to rest for half an hour after being rolled, then bake for about 25 minutes.
by Rutabaga about Cinnamon buns from Scandinavian Baking
I'm not generally a big fan of cranberry relish, but I'll make an exception for this one. The flavors blend together seamlessly, and create a really rich, well-balanced sauce that's not overly "candied". If I'm making cranberry sauce again, this is the recipe to use.
by Rutabaga about Cranberry sauce with dates and orange from Gourmet Magazine, November 2008
Everyone appreciated the silky smooth texture of this pie. The caramel flavor is very subtle, but it provides a little more complex flavor than you find in your typical pumpkin pie. It's a little extra work to make the caramel, but still an easy pie to make. Also, it used less than one 16 ounce can of pumpkin puree. Plan on about a half cup of leftover puree to use for another purpose.
by Rutabaga about Caramel pumpkin pie from Gourmet Today
Served these for Thanksgiving with an Apple and Spinach salad. It was a wonderful combination. Biscuits are lovely and easy to make. Photo included.
by Smokeydoke about Blue cheese scallion drop biscuits from Smitten Kitchen
I made this for Thanksgiving using half baby shiitake and half oyster mushrooms. The vegetable combination is really delicious, although unfortunately I over-roasted the Brussels sprouts. Twenty minutes in the oven was too long, perhaps because my sprouts were quite fresh and had been sitting out at room temperature. Next time I will check the sprouts after 15 minutes, if not sooner. Aside from the somewhat mushy sprouts, this is a fantastic dish. I think a splash of high quality white wine vinegar would also be a welcome addition.
by Rutabaga about Brussels sprouts with shallots and wild mushrooms from Gourmet Magazine, November 2006
This recipe resulted in beautiful, classic mashed potatoes. The combination of cream (or half and half), buttermilk, and butter was just right, making for mashed potatoes that were still fluffy and not overly rich. I used Yukon Golds. This will now be my go-to recipe for traditional tasting mashed potatoes.
by Rutabaga about Buttermilk mashed potatoes from Zuni Cafe Cookbook
The flavor was nice, but my crispbread wasn't so crisp. It's very difficult to roll out thinly, as it is very sticky and soft, so I ended up rolling it directly on the baking sheet since it otherwise fell apart when I tried to transfer it. I also realized it was easier to break it into pieces after baking rather than try to slice it beforehand. I could have added more flour, but I've found with other similar recipes that too much flour tends to make the final product tougher and less flavorful. Still, it was pretty good with cheese. I's like to try some other crispbread recipes and try to determine how to improve it.
by Rutabaga about Rye crispbread from Scandinavian Baking
This is a wonderful fall torte, not too sweet or heavy (although the whipped cream does make it quite filling), with the flavors of the apples and nuts nicely complimenting each other. I used roasted hazelnuts, which I ground finely in the Vitamix for the filling, and roughly chopped for the topping. As I didn't have calvados, I replaced half of the liquor with apple juice squeezed from the grated apple, and used a mix of brandy and Frangelico for the rest. I'm sure calvados would be delicious, but this mixture worked well and kept the alcohol content low enough for young children to partake (and it was quite popular with all ages at the table). Whatever you choose, some liquid is essential here, as otherwise the sponge cake would be too dry. As it is a plain sponge, this also contributes pretty significantly to the overall flavor of the torte.
by Rutabaga about Autumn apple and hazelnut layer cake from Scandinavian Baking
I made this pie for the second time, for Thanksgiving dinner. The filling is delicious and easy, and the dough from "Art of the Pie" is always easy to roll out.
by vickster about Sour cherry pie from Art of the Pie
I wasn't really a fan of this, and my family were absolutely against it (though none of them eat kale, so I'm not surprised.) I had to use pecorino, so the cheese was much too strong and the kale didn't get tender enough at all in the time it called for. It could have been far worse, but for the time and energy, I'm not sure it's worth it.
by hirsheys about Creamy kale gratin from America - Farm to Table
These were fairly easy to make, and fantastic - not to sweet. // I did not have dried ginger so I subbed a bit of fresh ginger, adding to the wet ingredients rather than the dry, and that worked fine.
by Kitchengeek about Gevulde speculaas from Sweet
I did not have the proper pan, so multiplied by 1.25 and used a 9x13 inch pan. I do not know if this is why, or if I just didn't cook it long enough, but the brownies came out very mushy. Also the tahini did not spread easily, or as prettily as shown in the photo. I think it would have helped to have warmed the tahini first. The brownies are very rich and quite good, but somehow not as ... interesting as I expected.
by Kitchengeek about Tahini and halva brownies from Sweet
This recipe notes at the end that there should be natural juices to use as a sauce. Didn't have any juices, and the salt in the roasting pan soaks up any juices emitted during roasting. beautiful spicing here.
by Dskamin about Salt-baked leg of lamb from Zahav
So simple, yet so great. Perfectly moist and flavorful chicken.
by bwhip about Buttermilk-marinated roast chicken from Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat
Fantastic. A fair bit of work, but completely worth it. This will probably need to be a regular in the Thanksgiving rotation.
by bwhip about Roasted vegetable medley with yogurt dressing from Mozza at Home

Latest Reviews

...offers a beautiful, seasonal, and culturally rich cuisine based around wild berries and greens, game and fish, squash, and native grains.
by Food52 about Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen   -  full review
...stands out for its elemental techniques and straightforward instruction in yeasted and sourdough breads and pizzas.
by Food52 about Flour Water Salt Yeast   -  full review
...focuses on the peels, scraps, and bruised, stale, or bumpy ingredients that might otherwise get thrown away. The recipes...transform “trash” into edible treasure.
by Food52 about Scraps, Wilt & Weeds   -  full review
...highlights the environmental and health issues surrounding seafood consumption, and offers wisdom for making smart choices at the fish market or grocery store.
by Food52 about Good Fish   -  full review
...instructions and vibrantly illustrated guides on how to safely find and harvest abundance in the world outside.
by Food52 about Foraging & Feasting - A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook   -  full review
...celebrates the spontaneity and improvisation inherent to CSA cooking, while offering help CSA members cook delicious meals from their share boxes.
by Food52 about CSA Cookbook   -  full review
...shares gardening wisdom and tips for making the most of whatever space one has to grow.
by Food52 about Grow Cook Eat   -  full review
...includes a primer on whole animal butchery and 125 recipes and illustrated instructions for making brined, cured, braised, and smoked meats
by Food52 about In the Charcuterie   -  full review
...this book...goes beyond dieting to offer Americans a path towards nourishing, health-conscious (but not austere) cooking and eating.
by Food52 about New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook   -  full review
With over 1,000 recipes for dishes as simple as polenta, and more elegant fare like goat cheese flan and cashew curry...
by Food52 about New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone   -  full review
...she helped transform vegetarian cooking from a fringe diet into a complete and worthy cuisine.
by Food52 about Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone   -  full review
This cookbook—one of many that Waters has authored—includes the history of Chez Panisse and its upstairs cafe, as well as essays about the relationships Waters has cultivated with regional farmers.
by Food52 about Chez Panisse Café Cookbook   -  full review
The book’s greatest value is found in Lundy’s essays, which focus on the region’s culinary and agricultural history and introduce the farmers, hunters, and chefs that distill and define it today.
by Food52 about Victuals   -  full review
Originally published in the 1970s, Lewis’ watershed book on the Southern kitchen captures a seasonally and regionally driven cuisine of generations past...relevant to today’s home cook.
by Food52 about Taste of Country Cooking   -  full review
With more than 800 recipes and a thoughtful essay dedicated to each state, Langholtz’s new cookbook reads like a magnum opus.
by Food52 about America: The Cookbook   -  full review