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Holiday Entertaining Package

December 17 2018, 18 Comments

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December 16, 2018 Cookbook Kindle Deals

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Worry less, bake more

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Pinterest names its food trends for 2019

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A restaurant empire crumbles in the wake of harassment allegations

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Latest Notes

I'm not convinced that the hazelnut swirl is worth the trouble, to be honest. It's quite yummy, but man, what a megillah (Yiddish for elaborate process, basically). On the other hand, the brioche is amazing - light and fluffy and like falling off a log. I will definitely make it again (just not filled with anything.) This recipe makes 2 loaves.
by hirsheys about Brioche with hazelnut cream swirl from Bread Toast Crumbs
We loved this! Reminded me of sukiyaki my mom made as a kid. I did triple the sauce recipe and thus make it broth-ier than the recipe indicates it is supposed to be. The kids liked stirring in the raw egg.
by wcassity about Sukiyaki from Japanese Farm Food
Very tasty. Kids not as excited about the rice krispies as I was.
by wcassity about Thai pork salad with crisped rice from Food52 Mighty Salads
Excellent. I really, really loved this, and it was very fast to make as advertised. The only thing I'd do differently next time would be to double the cauliflower rice, or else bulk up these bowls with farro or some other type of grain. I adore how chewy the feta got from the brief roasting time. I really can't recommend this recipe enough, and the leftovers keep perfectly for lunches.
by clcorbi about Cauliflower rice lunch bowl with sweet potatoes and chickpeas from The Kitchn
Agree that the recipe as written is bland. I also wish I would have allowed the bacon to crisp up, although the instructions specifically said not to do that. Not a fried rice recipe I need to repeat.
by clcorbi about Shanghai fried rice with salt pork and green bok choy (Xian rou cai fan) from Land of Fish and Rice
Really nice flavor, but I found that my sweet potatoes got way too mushy during the allotted cooking time. I might substitute them for a heartier vegetable next time--I think even carrots could have worked better.
by clcorbi about Coconut curry chicken with sweet potatoes from Dinner
Easy to make. Subtly flavored.
by semaphoredm about Chicken and mushroom terrine from Japan: The Cookbook
I didn't have quite enough mascarpone, so added 25 g cream cheese to the filling. Used a stand mixer to knead the dough, which was easy to work with. The buns baked up light and tender, not too sweet. I left them in the oven a few extra minutes to fully set the filling. If you want sweeter pastries, I imagine you could sprinkle them with superfine sugar before baking or glaze them with syrup or jam once baked. They'd be good with other fruit in place of the raspberries.
by anya_sf about Raspberry mascarpone vatrushka from Crumb
I used 5 small golden beets, which gave the risotto a gorgeous saffron hue, plus the greens from 8 beets - probably twice as many greens as the recipe calls for, but we were happy with the larger amount. I used chicken broth rather than vegetable. The risotto was very good, but as a main course, I thought it could have used something extra. We tried adding some goat cheese on top, which was nice. Perhaps blue cheese? Walnuts? Bacon? I'd make this again trying one or more of those, or would serve this as a first course or side dish.
by anya_sf about Beet risotto with greens from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
Extremely simple recipe that makes a nice side to teriyaki fish or other mains in this book. I like to make sure to cook at a high enough heat to get a little char on some of the cabbage, and sometimes finish with a little chili sauce.
by nicolepellegrini about Braised cabbage from Japanese Country Cookbook
One of the super-simple but tasty vegetable dishes in this book that made me actually LIKE to eat my vegetables as a child. I still enjoy it today, and find it's best when it's had some time to chill and marinate (and unlike the previous reviewer I find the sugar absolutely essential to give this dish its proper sweet-and-sour pickled flavor).
by nicolepellegrini about Pickled carrots from Japanese Country Cookbook
This is delightful! I used full-fat yogurt instead of cream, because to me cabbage always tastes better with a little bit of a tang. Super-easy.
by mcvl about Mrs. Harland's recipe for ladies cabbage from James Beard's American Cookery
Made again, this time, the full recipe. Like her momo's recipe, her math is off when it comes filling the dumplings. She says to use a tsp, but even a heaping tsp weighs only 6 grams. The full filling weighed almost 600 grams so if you followed her instructions, you would have enough filling for nearly 100 kachori. (Note the recipe is only supposed to make 25 kachori.) I tried to fit as much as I could, and I rolled the dough thin to get a few extra dumplings, and I still had filling leftover. Baked for about 26 minutes. The kachori had no color on the top, but the bottoms were browned. I had put the thicker, pinched together side on the bottom, so those browned thick bits were a bit too tough. Tops were fine, not super attractive though. I think these just aren't great baked, as much as we want them to be. Might try again and fry them.
by Yildiz100 about Pea kachori from Made in India, Cooked in Britain
I admit I played a bit fast and loose with Jamie’s recipe - I didn’t have any carrot or celery but I did have a red pepper and a few tenderstem broccoli florets which needed using up so I substituted these. I also cut back the stock to 1L and the cheese back to about 125g. It turned out delicious with a lovely undertone of warmth from the mustard and a very pretty peach colour. I was impressed by the very easy method. Will definitely make again..
by gillsil about Cauliflower cheese soup from Jamie's Ministry of Food
Easy, tasty. Like light mini doughnuts. Worked with gluten free flour. As it says - keep them small otherwise they don't cook in middle and get very dark. I'll put a smidge more sugar in next time.
by etcjm about Baci di ricotta from Feast

Latest Reviews

Taste-wise, this mac and cheese was ... underwhelming. It certainly wasn't bad — after all, it's really just pasta, butter, and a whole lot of cheese — but it didn't excite me in any way.
by The Kitchn about Macaroni and cheese from Serious Eats   -  full review
I found myself getting some bites with globs of slightly melted cheese cubes and other bites with barely any flavor or cheese at all...The kick from the pepper Jack was also a nice twist
by The Kitchn about Spicy macaroni and cheese from Sunny's Kitchen   -  full review
Thanks to the all-white, Gruyère-based cheese sauce, it feels much fancier than your typical mac and cheese, making it worthy of a spot at a dinner party or holiday table.
by The Kitchn about Mac and cheese from Barefoot Contessa Family Style   -  full review
What Alton's recipe lacked in detail it made up for in flavor. All the seasonings complemented each other for a well-balanced dish, and it totally delivered in the cozy comfort-food department...
by The Kitchn about Baked macaroni and cheese from Food Network   -  full review
...though fussy, all but guarantees your success. One caveat, though? Ramsay's recipe also includes instructions for a separate wine sauce...I didn't love it or think it was worth the time. Skip it.
by The Kitchn about Beef Wellingtons from Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course   -  full review
A stellar collection of stunning pies and tarts to inspire and delight
by Eat Your Books about Pies and Tarts   -  full review
This title is a page turner - as I was reading it I found myself looking forward to the next recipe or beautiful photograph. Each page has a dish more fabulous than the last.
by Eat Your Books about Summer Berries & Autumn Fruits   -  full review
The cookies were fluffy and soft — and not just when they came out of the oven, which, for me, is no small feat. They truly taste like everything that's perfect about milk and cookies.
by The Kitchn about Milk chocolate cookies and cream cookies from Joy the Baker   -  full review
Pre-order the Food in Jars Kitchen
by Food in Jars about Food in Jars Kitchen   -  full review
The last signed copies of Comfort & Spice (just in time for Christmas!)
by Eat Like a Girl about Comfort & Spice   -  full review
Bread was never so beautiful.
by Eat Your Books about Bread Collection   -  full review
I loved how fast and easy this cake's a great choice if you forgot to bake something for your office potluck or the school bake sale at the eleventh hour.
by The Kitchn about The best chocolate sheet cake. ever. from Pioneer Woman   -  full review
...the food in Austin is some of the best. Breakfast tacos galore… avocado as far as the eye can see… this one is front and center in my kitchen!
by What's Gaby Cooking about Austin Cookbook   -  full review
...easily my favorite restaurant in all of LA. They nail Italian food to a T. The pizza, the salads, the sides, the cocktails, you cannot go wrong!
by What's Gaby Cooking about Bestia   -  full review of my favorite pizza places in NYC (side note their burger is beyond) now has their favorite recipes in cookbook form!
by What's Gaby Cooking about Emily: The Cookbook   -  full review