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How to cook with pumpkin seeds

October 25 2016, 1 Comment

Don't throw out the insides of those pumpkins you are carving - there are many uses for the seeds contained therein... read more

October 2016 Cookbook Roundup

October 25 2016, 5 Comments

Get comfortable - this month's roundup contains some heavy reading... read more

Something sweet about this election

October 24 2016, 2 Comments

Bon Appetit looks at the history of election cake... read more

Classic German Baking - Luisa Weiss

October 24 2016, 3 Comments

Try two recipes from Luisa Weiss' newest release... read more

Cookbook Giveaway - Classic German Baking

October 24 2016, 50 Comments

Enter our contest to win a copy of this beautiful book... read more

The amazing achievements of our indexers

October 23 2016, 6 Comments

Both EYB and Member indexers have accomplished impressive results... read more

Using dried vs. fresh herbs

Fresh isn't always better, says Serious Eats. The Food Lab provides a list of which herbs can be used dried and which shouldn't... more

The transformation of corn

Cook's Science explores the fascinating process of nixtamalization, the process responsible for the creation of corn tortillas... more

Cooking with dukkah

The Egyptian spice is versatile, delicious, and easy to prepare from common pantry ingredients... more

Latest Notes

Susan and I made these as part of our temple's high tea menu. Served shaped as small balls, the first batch were a little flat but delicious and the second batch a little too flour-y. I will need to work on this recipe.
by DKennedy about Chocolate hazelnut scones from Huckleberry
We served this dessert as the finale of our supper club menu. The cake came together easily but when we went to serve it, it was soggy in the middle. It probably needed to cook longer. Served with the ginger gelato (to my mind, a little too spicy) and the caramel sauce (a little to alchol-y). Next time I would use less ginger or steep it for less time. and I would omit the whisky, or use only a splash of it. That said, the flavors were very fall and would be nice as part of a Thanksgiving buffet. Susan made the gelato at home before we met the following day. The hard sauce, is a wet caramel sauce and I am getting a little less skittish about making these.
by DKennedy about Warm date cake with ginger gelato from Gjelina
Made this as a starter for our supper club menu. The recipes for the crispy shallots and shallot oil vinaigrette were perfect as written.
by DKennedy about Arugula & radicchio salad with crispy shallots & shallot oil-sherry vinaigrette from Gjelina
Excellent. I increased the amount of shallots called for in the recipe, frying them in batches. The shallots are excellent and would be great on any salad or for other uses. The oil is delicious, and perfect in the dressing on page 88.
by DKennedy about Crispy shallots & shallot oil from Gjelina
Made this as a part of our super club menu. We had to omit the tendrils but otherwise followed the recipe to the letter. Excellent.
by DKennedy about Snap peas & tendrils with prosciutto, soffrito & mint from Gjelina
Made this as part of our super club menu. My favorite dish of the night - the vinegar really imparts a wonderful something-something.
by DKennedy about Roasted cauliflower with garlic, parsley & vinegar from Gjelina
We planned on making this for super club, but found that Atlantic mackerel, or samara is next to impossible to find (fresh) on the west coast. Since the menu was already planned, we opted to make the sauce and serve it as a dipping sauce to go along with fresh ahi sashimi.
by DKennedy about Grilled mackerel with ginger, garlic, lime & green onion from Gjelina
I pressure cooked the beans which worked well (except for overcooking them because of inattentiveness). The beans were flavorful and nice. I don't really think the mustard added much to this. The flavor just wasn't complimentary or exciting enough.
by twoyolks about L'Ambroisie's white beans with mustard and sage from Paris Cookbook
This was simply alright. The chicken was a bit bland. The sauce wasn't great. The grainy Dijon mustard was just awkward to eat. I much prefer David Lebovitz's version of chicken with Dijon mustard.
by twoyolks about Mustard & white wine braised chicken from Saveur: The New Classics Cookbook
This is a lovely cake! However, against my better judgement I followed the instructions closely and ended up with a curdled mess of a batter. She has you add all the milk and lemons zest in one go to the thick and and creamy butter/sugar/egg mixture before folding in the flour. I normally would have added the milk and flour alternately in several additions. Nothing that could not be saved in the end and it did not affect the final cake. Quick to make and big hit with the kids.
by Astrid5555 about Apple cake (Torta di mele) from Florentine
This was soooo good! The sauce was delicious, subbed sherry for the Madeira, worked well. As mentioned by the other reviewers, the flabby chicken skin was a little bit off-putting. Maybe just take it off before cooking or try to recrisp it under the broiler next time? Served over papardelle pasta.
by Astrid5555 about Chicken forestière from Bird in the Hand
10/19/16 Santa Fe. Would roast at lower temp (375-400 F). Roasting at 450F produces copious amounts of smoke. Want to try this sous-vide.
by FoodieOne about Roasted chicken with figs and rosemary from New York Times Cooking
Very tasty, light and moist. Easy to make as well. I used some pears that needed using up instead of canned pears. Two pears was the right amount. I do not have a food processor so I tried to mix by hand mixer. This was a mistake. The batter (more of a dough really) was very thick and it was very difficult to get it off the mixer again. Next time find a different way of mixing and/or use larger eggs. When I had dolloped the dough on the pears they were only half covered but it spread nicely in the oven. I baked for five minutes more than the recipe said as it seemed still a bit too wet, and the cake was perfect like that. It does stay quite moist, you don't want to overbake it.
by wester about Chocolate pear pudding cake from Nigella Express
I made this again using a full pound of noodles and all the remaining sauce (about 1 1/2 cups), adding shredded carrot, thinly sliced broccoli, and tofu. Still, I had some difficulty with the rice noodles. After soaking close to half an hour (twice the time recommended on the package), it still took the better part of ten minutes for them to truly soften enough in the sautee pan with the sauce and other remaining ingredients, and ultimately they became very sticky. I also felt that the lime was too pronounced in the sauce; it may be that my lime was just an especially sour one. Next time I will need to do a better job tasting the sauce to ensure a good balance of sour, salty, and sweet.
by Rutabaga about Simple pad Thai from Hungry Monkey
Sweet, buttery scones with a nice toothsome crunch on the outside and flaky and rich on the inside.
by mamacrumbcake about Buttermilk scones from 150 Best American Recipes

Latest Reviews

Author announces sale ($1.99 f0r digital edition) and talks about her book.
by Chocolate & Zucchini about French Market Cookbook   -  full review
The subtitle says it all: "A playbook of recipes and strategies for the week ahead."
by Real Baking with Rose Levy Beranbaum about Food52: A New Way to Dinner   -  full review
...Here’s just some of what I love about it: Overflowing with ideas and inspiration Fun format with lots of lists Party theme starter ideas Decorating details...
by Bakerella about Celebrate Everything!   -  full review
The biggest, most fabulous treat of the book is having seven whole days planned, grocery list included, for you.
by Food52 about Food52: A New Way to Dinner   -  full review
The plans are heavily loaded to batch cooking at the start of the week, with some small tasks later on.
by Food52 about Food52: A New Way to Dinner   -  full review
Author talks about writing this book.
by The Wednesday Chef about Classic German Baking   -  full review
...written with the home cook in mind and a number of tips are peppered throughout. I particularly like the way the book is organised...
by Tin and Thyme: Tales from a Cornish Kitchen about Cranks Bible   -  full review
All of the recipes are very doable as you learn about the different candy-making techniques covered in the book.
by Baking Bites about Atelier Confectionery   -  full review
...immediately grabbed me with a whole collection of weekly menus that combined Things I Want to Eat with Things I Want to Try...
by Food52 about Food52: A New Way to Dinner   -  full review
The book is filled with recipes for pastries, porchetta and pizzette which Paola has developed herself after lots of local research. It also is filled with a lot of Paola’s own photographs...
by Gourmet Chick about Italian Street Food   -  full review
Perhaps the best and most useful way this book influenced my kitchen life is in the way Amanda and Merrill helped me see leftovers in a new light.
by Food52 about Food52: A New Way to Dinner   -  full review
The color photos are so handy allowing you to see how the dish is supposed to look as well as giving serving and styling tips to use when your entertaining.
by Melissa's Southern Style Kitchen about Weeknight Dinner Cookbook   -  full review
Fall in love with the women in this book and their recipes as I have. Embrace the world’s differences and to learn as much as we can about each other – and food is the perfect conduit.
by The Cookbook Junkies about Indecisive Chicken   -  full review
...the recipes are clearly written and easy to follow, even those with multiple components. The book is packed with enough history that it’s interesting to read even if you aren’t doing any baking...
by Baking Bites about American Cake   -  full review
Cooking with the Muse will be a valued addition to your collection for it’s fantastic content as a literary work and it’s delicious collection of recipes that are approachable by any level cook.
by The Cookbook Junkies about Cooking with the Muse   -  full review