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Food news antipasto

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

Along the lines of "how many licks does it take to get… read more

March 2023 EYB Cookbook Club Summary

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

Each month we offer at least four cooking options in our Eat Your… read more

A brief history of brunch

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

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This week: RecipeTin Eats blog index, Spring Baking Extravaganza, events, recipes, previews and more.

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

Everyone at EYB is in full cookbook mode. March and April are… read more

Meeting food fears head on

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

Foods that some people adore can turn the stomachs of others, whether… read more

Union effort in food television gains traction

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

Although scripted television programs have long been highly unionized, the same is… read more

2023 Cookbook Preview Listing

Right before each September, I begin cataloging the following year’s cookbook releases.… more

Food news antipasto

Looking for ways to get your kitchen better organized? Head over to… more

Ideas on how to make EYB work better for you (updated with EYB new features and helpful articles)

While many of us are isolating, working from home, helping our kids… more

Latest Notes

Only for the garlic lovers. This is definitely garlic soup with a note of sweet potato (the quantity is only half a sweet potato). I love garlic but it’s quite aggressive in this recipe! If roasted, I think the garlic would have been more mellow.
by e_ballad about Garlic, sweet potato and chickpea soup [Katrina Meynink] from Good Food Favourite Recipes
This is good. As others have noted, it needs some salt.
by Lepa about Penne alla vodka with chicken from Food Lab
A lovely soup. Next time I would go light on the parsley and cream. The flavours are lovely. I didn’t make the accompanying bread.
by Melyinoz about Zuppa di zucchine (zucchini soup) from River Cafe Cookbook
Really good, very rich. It felt a little risky putting all that batter in a 10-cup bundt but I trusted the recipe and it didn’t overflow. Highly recommend.
by Jviney about Chocolate chip cream cheese bundt from Beautiful Bundts
Looking for yoghurt to have with a overly-spicy curry, and this hit the spot. The flavours in this dish don't clash with Indian food, even tho it is Iranian in style (lots of herbs).
by Ganga108 about Yogurt and celery dip (Borani-e karafs) from Food of Life, Fourth Edition (25th Anniversary)
This was a good recipe. I served it over rice because my husband prefers it that way, but noodles would be better .
by MarieR about Beef Stroganoff from Magnolia Table, Volume 2
I have been reading about jarred beans over the last few months, especially ones from Spain, but they are not generally available here. Browsing in a local Continental Deli recently, I found some. So my first thought was this recipes. Rather than toast, I made pudla/cheela (Indian chickpea flour sort-of pancakes) and used those to enfold the beans. Delicious!
by Ganga108 about Cheesy curried butter beans on toast with pickled onion from Ottolenghi Test Kitchen: Extra Good Things
Excellent! Great for a cold winter day. I cooked it in a slow cooker instead of the oven and it worked really well
by Stephenn31 about Confit of Toulouse sausages and duck cooked with red wine-flavored beans (Confits dans les haricots au madiran) from Cooking of Southwest France
Page 80 Tex-Mex cheese enchiladas best I’ve ever had
by locopomtini about Big Texas Cookbook
Totally agree with Rinshin, this is a fantastic chicken sandwich recipe! My only change for next time would be to use a more robust bun, the Silver Fox pointed out that the brioche, while delicious and also photoworthy lacked enough structural integrity to go the distance - I hate it when he's right. Or maybe try another brand of bun? .
by KarinaFrancis about Fried chicken sandwich from Kitchn
Very easy bread, well explained. I bake at about 425 convection and always get good results. Would be a great bread if you’re just getting into baking bread. I have converted this to sourdough with very good results.
by eliza about The basic no-knead bread recipe from My Bread
OMG so good! Easy to make, can switch it around and perfect Christmas starter. Taste as you go for salt, I found it didn't need any additional salt.
by KarinaFrancis about Italian cheese log from RecipeTin Eats
Quite good and easy as promised. I did not have any green bell pepper so substituted with a few green and red jalapeños.
by chawkins about Easy Cuban-style black beans from Light & Healthy 2011
Very good. I had a 3lb 2oz pork shoulder that I cut into 2 pieces, used 2 oranges in place of the grapefruit and marinated overnight for about 18 hours, replaced the fresh oregano with 1/3 of the called for amount in dried. Excellent served alone or as taco filling.
by chawkins about Garlicky Cuban pork from Dinner in an Instant
WOW! If you’d told me two months ago that I could make nachos without cheese or ground beef, I would have thought you lacked taste buds. But this recipe takes things to the next level. Everyone loved this. Will definitely do this one again.
by lmhester about Nacho average nachos from Unbelievably Vegan

Latest Reviews

Orathay makes bao and dim sum approachable in this beautiful little book.
by Eat Your Books about Bao & Dim Sum   -  full review
.... I’ve read through this book three times now and find myself finding something exciting with each turn of the page.
by Eat Your Books about Meat-Free Mexican   -  full review
Another great collection of easy bakes with impressive results.
by Eat Your Books about Small Batch Bakes   -  full review
Sabrina does it again - another vibrant, beautiful book to cook from each and every day.
by Eat Your Books about Persiana Everyday   -  full review
...a book as solid as the weathered stone walls of that Provencal village, an antidote to tweets and ''Likes'' and trends, and everything else that demands we adjust our attention every few seconds.
by Good Food about Lifetime of Cooking, Teaching and Writing from The French Kitchen   -  full review
Green Kitchen never disappoints - vibrant dishes that everyone who is on your "feed" list will enjoy.
by Eat Your Books about Green Kitchen   -  full review
Filled with vibrant imagery and recipes to inspire you like no other baking title before. A must have.
by Eat Your Books about Tava   -  full review
Chantarasak presents classic Thai dishes and flavours, but makes use of British ingredients alongside traditional Thai ones. The result is a book that delivers all the complex flavours of Thailand.
by Kavey Eats about Kin Thai   -  full review
It’s such a joy to cook from a barbecue cookbook that’s so chock-full of recipes that are both incredibly tempting and eminently achievable, regardless of your skill level.
by Kavey Eats about Live Fire   -  full review
This book’s a welcome addition to our shelves, plus it’s made us hungry to learn more.
by Kavey Eats about Indian Vegan & Vegetarian   -  full review
The chili oil and sliced fresh chiles gave it a good punch of spice, and the marinade became a delicious sauce for the dish. I’m glad I finally pulled that book off the shelf again.
by Lisa is Cooking about Gingered greens and tofu from Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home   -  full review
Full of gloriously vivid illustrations, richly narrated history and stories and food writing that bring the past to life.
by Kavey Eats about Nutmeg Trail   -  full review
If you buy one veg book this year - it should be this one! Gorgeous, impressive dishes that will tempt every palate.
by Eat Your Books about Your Daily Veg   -  full review
Ammu will become a classic just as Asma's Indian Kitchen has.
by Eat Your Books about Ammu   -  full review
Gorgeous doesn't begin to describe this book. It's a Parisian dream.
by Eat Your Books about Sweet Paris   -  full review