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Simply – Sabrina Ghayour – Cookbook Giveaway

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

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2020 Taste Canada Cookbook Awards

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

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An outpouring of cookbook love

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

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October 2020 New Cookbook Review

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

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Great British Bake Off – Recap – Week 5 – Pastry

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

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Food news antipasto

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

When Danny Bowien started Mission Chinese Restaurant, he was looking to create… read more

Looking forward to 2020 cookbooks

While the last twelve months have provided a great deal of enjoyment… more

Food news antipasto

When Danny Bowien started Mission Chinese Restaurant, he was looking to create… more

Ideas on how to make EYB work better for you

While many of us are isolating, working from home, helping our kids… more

Latest Notes

Wonderfully tasty. Cooked exactly to the recipe and got a brilliant fluffy, filling supper for two. Used my vintage hand-cranked egg whisk from my late Grandmother's kitchen. Fluffed up the eggs perfectly.
by fairyduff about Western omelette with bell pepper, onion, ham, and cheese from Serious Eats
This was fresh and bright, all things I don't associate matar paneer. My paneer shed a lot of water initially so I cooked it for at least 15 mins (rather than the 4 called for) before they browned and crisped. I served it with rogan josh from the sublime Benares cookbook. These complemented that dish nicely.
by metacritic about Fresh matar paneer from Fresh India
Served with cornbread, radish and a squeeze of lime juice. Delicious. Collards and radishes came from my Tumbling Shoals Farm Share. I used canned tomatoes instead of fresh and Mexican oregano.
by southerncooker about Pozole with collard greens from Milk Street: Cookish
The balance of flavours here is just perfect. A wonderful, savoury delight, which I have made a few times now. In terms of options, I used filo pastry and nigella seeds. Also, out of necessity, I substituted chopped kale for the chard, and this works well.
by jungliemonkey about Black Sea börek from Black Sea
Very good recipe. I love the flavor of the marinade. Rutabagas must be giant in the UK because the recipe called for 2 to 3, totaling about 4 lb, but mine were less than half of that weight. So I cut up some sweet potato wedges and roasted those the same way. I actually enjoyed the sweet potato wedges even more, but they were both very good.
by chezmaryb about Curry-crusted swede steaks from Ottolenghi Flavour
This recipe was such a hit the first time I made it that my partner requested it for her birthday 'cake' this year! I used a springform tin to stack the cake in, which worked well. Benefits from liberal extra amounts of mozzarella sprinkled in (but then, what doesn't?).
by jungliemonkey about Goat cheese and spinach crepe cake (Tort de clatite cu spanac) from Carpathia
quick and easy. Would be good to use for marinating before freezing as well.
by PickleChick about Oven-roasted paprika chicken from Ready or Not!
I have made this three times now and it's a definite hit! Benefits from a bit more smoked cheese than the recipe says, and the rye crumble takes a while longer than the stated time to get to a good crunch...
by jungliemonkey about Roast carrot soup, smoked cheese, rye crumble from Baltic
These are very strange looking cookies on the baking sheet before they go into the oven -they are dark and grayish-colored but once they bake they look just like the picture in the cookbook. I added 1/2 teaspoon orange oil for flavor and cut the vanilla to 1/2 teaspoon but the finished cookie turned out pretty bland. I ended up making a buttercream frosting with more orange oil added and once frosted the cookies were much better. I think they need a bit more salt to bring out their flavor and will try 1/4 teaspoon next time.
by hillsboroks about Aunt Ida's poppy seed cookies from Cookies Unlimited
It's a bit of work but absolutely delicious and, dare I say it, blows Nutella out of the water. I used hazelnuts that I'd previously used in an ice cream recipe, and couldn't find roasted hazelnut oil so I think the hazelnut flavor was a tad muted. In the future I'd like to try it with unsoaked hazelnuts and with the hazelnut oil.
by ebalk02 about Homemade creamy chocolate hazelnut spread (Nutella) from Serious Eats
This is a fine week night supper dish, not too hard but lacking the oomph of flavor I was expecting from the ingredients. It is also way too salty and I think the salt overwhelmed some of the other flavors. If I made it again I would most definitely cut the amount of salt in half.
by hillsboroks about Farfalle with chicken, broccoli & all of the herbs from Food52
Jarred tuna in oil (I used Tonnino) really does taste better, but it is quite pricey. This recipe calls for way too much mayonnaise, IMO - I used 2/3 the amount and could have used 1/2. Otherwise it was delicious. Skipped the microgreens, just garnished with extra dill.
by anya_sf about Ultimate tuna melts from Modern Comfort Food
Not as inspiring as the first book but some things worth trying. Just made sichuan chicken squash and greens which was ideal for a week night. Easy tasty and very spicy...
by Leo about Roasting Tin Around the World
I was confused by the recipe specifying unsweetened condensed milk. I think adding lemon juice to regular condensed milk would curdle it, so I used sweetened condensed milk. My family liked the bars, so even if this is wrong, it was wrong in the right way.
by darcie_b about Florida lemon squares from Happiness Is Baking
The recipe instructions were not written so well. Bechamel sauce takes awhile so should probably be done sooner. There was no need to add broth to the veggies being cooked on the stovetop. I cut the zucchini and potatoes in slices like an actual gratin rather than cubed. I threw in the potatoes raw though, though I let it cook around 1 hour 15 minutes in the oven.
by chezlarios about Swiss chard, zucchini, & potato gratin from Isolation Baking

Latest Reviews

Making food at home shouldn’t be a drag and this book is here to inspire you, one easy recipe at a time.
by Kavey Eats about Roasting Pan Suppers   -  full review
Tailgreat or couch great - Currence has you covered with delicious bites for any time.
by Eat Your Books about Tailgreat   -  full review
Claire is back again to make our last meal of the day stress-free and delicious.
by Eat Your Books about Dinner, Uncomplicated   -  full review
This is very much in line with what Edd is known and celebrated for – recipes that are both delicious, and absolutely achievable for a home cook, experienced or otherwise.
by Kavey Eats about One Tin Bakes   -  full review’ll produce some store-cupboard boons to easily rival standard supermarket/deli offerings, and there’s the opportunity to trial some novel condiments that’ll liven up your repertoire.
by Kavey Eats about Condiments   -  full review
Fall in love with Alvin Cailan and his recipes. A great mix of Filipino and American cuisine.
by Eat Your Books about Amboy   -  full review
A fun look at the incredible edible loaf (of bread).
by Eat Your Books about Loaf Story   -  full review
An overall appealing book with simple but bold imagery, Harumi’s Japanese Kitchen is faithful to its premise of taking Japanese cooking back to basics.
by Kavey Eats about Harumi's Japanese Kitchen   -  full review
An overall appealing book with simple but bold imagery, Harumi’s Japanese Kitchen is faithful to its premise of taking Japanese cooking back to basics.
by Kavey Eats about Harumi's Japanese Kitchen   -  full review
The must-have baking book for any level of experience. Impressive delicious desserts with little mess.
by Eat Your Books about One Tin Bakes   -  full review
A beautiful reflection of the author's Chinese American life with global recipes.
by Eat Your Books about Melting Pot   -  full review
Escape to the gorgeous coast of Ikaria in this stunning cookbook.
by Eat Your Books about Ikaria   -  full review
Every baker absolutely needs this stunning cookbook.
by Eat Your Books about Rising   -  full review
It’s been a pleasure to explore the food that has captured Marianna’s heart from childhood. She sets the scene, the context for each dish, in such an unaffected and engaging way...
by Kavey Eats about Aegean   -  full review
The imagery (taken by the author) is stunning and coupled with the history and recipes, it is a must-have for any baker and especially those obsessed with all things British.
by Eat Your Books about British Baking Book   -  full review