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This week: Supporting our food community; recipes; cookbook giveaways and EYBD Previews

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

Rose Levy Beranbaum reached out to me this week. As you can… read more

Meet Dame Mary Berry

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

In a ceremony at Windsor Castle on Wednesday, cookbook author and television… read more

Peace, Love & Pasta – Cookbook Giveaway with a Pasta Machine

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

Enter our US/CA giveaway to win one of three copies of Peace,… read more

Early birds get the turkey

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

Photos of bare supermarket shelves in the UK have been flooding social… read more

Baking with Dorie & Emile Henry Tarte Tatin baker Giveaway

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

Enter our US/CA giveaway to win one of three copies of Baking… read more

Cookbook Deals – Ebooks

January 19 2018, 1 Comment

We will update this post throughout the week – new additions are… read more

Cookbook preview for the second half of 2021

We're approaching August at warp speed. August begins the soft opening of… more

Food news antipasto

Ina Garten is one of the most beloved authors among our members.… more

Ideas on how to make EYB work better for you (updated with EYB new features and helpful articles)

While many of us are isolating, working from home, helping our kids… more

Latest Notes

I wonder if this book will also outline why they are against vaccination for Covid-19?
by jctomas about Egg of the Universe
Average at best and was not to our liking. Not much taste coming through lemon or curry mixture and butter did nothing to boost the overall taste. Strangely, I could not even taste the ginger either. It was missing the umami. Baked cauliflower had a spongy texture I did not care for. Maybe adding tomatoes would have boosted the umami.
by Rinshin about Alaska rockfish with turmeric cauliflower steaks and curry butter from Simply Recipes
Served this alongside brats, and it was a wonderful combination. A really good salad--I loved the dressing. I cut back a bit on the honey and apples because I wanted less sweetness. Will make again.
by allisonsemele about Brussels sprouts, apples, and pomegranate with blue cheese honey vinaigrette from Deep Run Roots
This recipe is essentially the same as the chia seed pudding in Giada’s Feel Good Cookbook but it omits the Greek yogurt. I liked this version a lot and It was very easy to put together the night before for a quick start breakfast.
by mharriman about Breakfast chia seed pudding from Eat Better, Feel Better
Like some others, I was a bit disappointed with this. The fish taste was overpowered by the cumin and the cakes were too soft. The tomato sauce was lovely but I won’t bother making this again
by luluf about Cod cakes in tomato sauce from Jerusalem
This is a delicious bake which I have had to bake already three times as per popular family demand. Older son even gave one away as a birthday present for a friend, need I say more?
by Astrid5555 about Chocolate Nutella loaf from Mooncakes and Milk Bread
Made these again. Somehow the mixture was even wetter than last time and it was impossible to make the meatballs stay together. All the same, it was still very tasty. Next time I probably won't bother trying to construct meatballs and just fry the mixture as is.
by wester about Leek meatballs from Good Cook: Beef & Veal
These cookies are perfection. They are so addicting. perfectly buttery and the salt complements the rosemary perfectly
by jennabailey54 about Rosemary shortbread from Flour
Hermits: I loved the dark, spicy flavor of these but the texture was off - like a wet, dense, "underbaked" brownie and more tender than chewy. I'm hoping that the main cause was that I pre-soaked my raisins (which had seemed dry) - I won't do that next time. The raisin moisture was exacerbated given that I was using the recipe calls for 1/4 c dried currants in addition to the raisins (I substituted more raisins) plus 3 tbsp candied citron and/or candied orange peel. I used homemade candied peel packed in syrup - I squeezed it out but it was still very moist. I baked these for ~20 minutes after which the corners were ~192F and the center was ~185F. Since their flavor is very good, I'll try these again. In the meantime, the "gooey" version might make a good mix-in for a batch of vanilla ice cream...
by ashallen about All New Fannie Farmer Boston Cooking School Cook Book
Corn Bread: This is a fine, basic corn bread recipe. I prefer the flavor that comes from using buttermilk, soured milk, or thinned yogurt in place of regular milk.
by ashallen about All New Fannie Farmer Boston Cooking School Cook Book
Orange Muffins: I used homemade candied orange peel packed in syrup that had a very tender texture. The recipe mentions the possibility of using an additional egg and up to 1/2 cup sugar and omitting 2 tbsp from the 2 cups of flour if using all-purpose vs. pastry flour (as I did). I did all three and also added an extra 1/4 tsp salt since I thought the large quantity of orange peel might need some balancing out. These were surprisingly good - the large amount of orange peel was really delicious. The basic cake part did its job supporting the peel and had a slightly springy (but not tough) texture. On its own, it'd be on the plain side, but it's a fine background for various add-ins or spreading with butter and jam.
by ashallen about All New Fannie Farmer Boston Cooking School Cook Book
Peanut Butter Brownies: I really liked the chewy, dense, and fudgey texture in these. The peanut butter flavor is quite light, however. Versions of this recipe in the later Fannie Farmer cookbooks use more peanut butter than the 1/4 c called for here. I substituted 1 oz chopped bittersweet chocolate for chopped peanuts on half of the pan and we definitely preferred the flavor of the chocolate side. We also liked these best after they had fully cooled - both the flavor and the texture seemed to improve.
by ashallen about All New Fannie Farmer Boston Cooking School Cook Book
The sum of the parts makes this one. Lots of great flavors and an interesting way to create "fries".
by EmilyR about Chaat masala chickpea and polenta fries from Ottolenghi Test Kitchen: Shelf Love

Latest Reviews

The Best of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day is the best of both worlds bringing together tried and true recipes along with new tips and techniques.
by Eat Your Books about Best of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day   -  full review
A book that makes you alternatively raise your eyebrows, giggle and salivate as you read is a joy indeed.
by Kavey Eats about Your Home Izakaya   -  full review
It's basically like a lighter version of a potato dauphinoise, but one that still gives you a brilliant thwack of cheesy goodness.
by Wrap Your Lips Around This about Swede, sage and cheddar gratin from Crave   -  full review
... it’s a good one. It’s perfect for when you want a big bowl of hot molten love. And one that doesn’t leave you feeling too full.
by Wrap Your Lips Around This about Three-cheese, chickpea and kale soup from Crave   -  full review
I’m pleased to say that the recipe is a good one. The pangrattato is an especially clever touch, and one that brings much-needed texture to the finished linguine.
by Wrap Your Lips Around This about Sriracha and lemon linguine with chilli pangrattato from Crave   -  full review
I liked the idea of it more than the resulting dish. If I were to be brutal, I might call it a bit bland (sorry Ed). It’s just a bit shallow in flavour and it needs a something more.
by Wrap Your Lips Around This about Poussin, artichoke and pea traybake from Crave   -  full review’s a solid recipe, and one that makes for a delicious and warming bean stew.
by Wrap Your Lips Around This about Slow-cooked, minted courgettes with beans and fresh cheese from Crave   -  full review
It’s a delicious salad, but one that’s brought to life by the dressing. I wish I’d known about a dressing like this sooner – I’d have eaten much more salad.
by Wrap Your Lips Around This about Not Caesar salad from Crave   -  full review
I enjoy the way the recipes are organized, and there are lots of achievable dishes to make. [He doesn't] add much you know you won’t be cooking things in an unnecessarily long way.
by Wrap Your Lips Around This about Crave   -  full review
A stunning cookbook whether you are a preserver or not. Create your preserves or buy them and make the recipes here!
by Eat Your Books about Modern Preserver's Kitchen   -  full review
...[kimchi] makes this dish ah-mazing. Also on hand to add even more flavour are vegan sausages, jalapenos, garlic, lime and hot chilli sauce. It’s a beaut of a recipe.
by Wrap Your Lips Around This about Rough night rice from Vegan JapanEasy   -  full review
...a winner. It’s got great flavour from a sauce that uses dashi powder and ketchup, among other more likely ingredients like mirin and sesame oil.
by Wrap Your Lips Around This about Yakisoba from Vegan JapanEasy   -  full review
It’s with a heavy heart that I’ve gotta say this recipe doesn’t work for me...The method seems all wrong for a start. There isn’t enough time given to properly cook the celeriac through...
by Wrap Your Lips Around This about Japanese-style celeriac steak (Wafū seroriakku sutēki) from Vegan JapanEasy   -  full review
The stir fried vegetables go great with Japanese rice if you can get, or just any rice. The secret is definitely in the excess of ginger. It’s warming and satisfying.
by Wrap Your Lips Around This about Stir-fried cabbage and bean sprouts with ginger sauce (Kyabetsu to moyashi no shōgayaki) from Vegan JapanEasy   -  full review
Wakame seaweed amps up the savouriness, and tofu and snap peas give great texture. It’s a good miso soup recipe, no doubt about it.
by Wrap Your Lips Around This about Proper miso soup from Vegan JapanEasy   -  full review