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Spice support: kaffir lime leaves

April 22 2017, 0 Comments

As you might expect, there are citrus flavors. But it's unlike any citrus you've tried before... read more

Notes on a Banana - Author Interview with David Leite

April 22 2017, 3 Comments

A memoir of food, love, and manic depression... read more

Book Giveaway - Notes on a Banana

April 22 2017, 8 Comments

Enter our contest to win a copy of David Leite's memoir... read more

Explore Chinese cuisine with excellent teaching cookbooks

April 21 2017, 4 Comments

A list of seven books that help you learn how to cook Chinese food... read more

Featured Cookbooks & Recipes

April 21 2017, 1 Comment

See what we've been sharing on social media this week... read more

Impractical kitchen gadgets that we love anyway

April 20 2017, 4 Comments

Whether due to sentimental attachment or because they are gorgeous, sometimes we hold on to items that are not the best tools for the job... read more

The philosophy behind cookbook organization

How to best organize any collection of books is fraught with difficulty, says John Sherman... more

Are these the next big kitchen trends?

Cook's Illustrated reviews six trends from the 2017 International Home and Housewares Show ... more

Croque Monsieur Battle * Melts v. Milk. Made.

Whose Croque Monsieur reigned supreme?... more

Latest Notes

An all time favourite in our household.
by VineTomato about Soupe au pistou from Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles Cookbook
Pork satay p54 This is excellent! We had this dish for dinner tonight and it fed 4 adults and 3 children, and our guests left with the recipe. Only 4 hours on low in the slow cooker so more suited to weekends rather than midweek. Served with rice, chopped peanuts, coriander and natural yoghurt as suggested.
by raybun about Ricardo: Slow Cooker Favourites
Initially I was less that thrilled by this recipe, but some time in the fridge really improved the flavor of the leftovers.
by shoffmann about Smoky aubergines with garlic (Huo shao qie zi) from Every Grain of Rice
I agree with Melanie, this biscuit dough is very stiff and difficult to pipe. By the end of the piping, my hands had warmed up the dough and it was much easier. I substituted tonka bean for vanilla and they tasted great.
by retrocook about Viennese biscuits from Bake
This was OK; the sauce had just the right consistency but I actually prefer just the juices from baking the chicken.
by wester about Lemon chicken from How to Eat
Until I tried this recipe I never made a homemade mac and cheese that my family actually liked.
by Larkspur about Stovetop mac & cheese from Dinner
I substituted canned diced tomatoes for fresh tomatoes (I did use fresh cherry tomatoes)
by Larkspur about Pizza chicken with pancetta, mozzarella, and spicy tomatoes from Dinner
For us this was ok but I found the aromatics didn't really permeate the dish because they were left mostly whole. I would prefer to mince them in.
by Delys77 about Sesame chicken with cashews and dates from Dinner
This was just OK. I thought the cucumbers slightly overwhelmed the beets and I agree with hirsheys that the dressing could be thicker. If I do make it again, I'll use less of the cucumber juice in the dressing. I also think it would be better if it were thoroughly chilled.
by ksg518 about Beet & just-barely-pickled cucumber salad from Small Victories
EHoward- this is not a typo. Neither the book nor any on line links or credits to this recipe contain chick peas. The Tehina is the sesame paste (which is a component of hummus) not chickpeas.
by Barb_N about Beets with tehina from Zahav
Delicious. The Sichuan peppercorns seemed too intense at first, but mellowed beautifully as the peanuts sat in the fridge for a few hours.
by hyperbowler about Stewed peanuts (Beifānghsi lu huashēng) from All Under Heaven
Overall, I liked this. I used dried beans so I actually started this 2 days in advance (soaked overnight on day 1, cooked beans on day 2 and stored in fridge, and made skillet dinner on day 3). I thought the chili was just average; when I want veggie chili, I will stick to my go-to recipe from "New Basics". The real takeaways for me were the lime crema (I used light sour cream) and pickled onions. These really jazzed up the dish. The other takeaway was in her instructions for storing the beans after you have cooked them. She suggests storing in some of the cooking liquid which I'd never thought of.
by stockholm28 about Black bean skillet dinner with quick-pickled red onion and lime crema from Dinner
Great cookies! Will be making these again. I tweaked the recipe a bit due to personal preferences. I omitted the chocolate chips, added half a tsp cinnamon and added more toasted pecans (about equal to the amount of chocolate chips not added). As well, I added half cup of spelt flakes in place of half a cup of rolled oats and half a cup of spelt flour to replace half a cup of AP flour. The end result was a nuttier oat Cookie with higher fibre content.
by Frogcake about Oatmeal cranberry pecan cookies (with a little white chocolate too!) from Butter Baked Goods
Super Erklärung wie der Mürbteig korrekt gemacht wird. Hat mir damals als Backanfänger als ich zum ersten Mal eine Tarte gebacken hatte sehr geholfen.
by Astrid5555 about Mürbeteig from Flache Kuchen

Latest Reviews

Scattered amidst the pickle recipes are dishes designed to help you put your pickles (and their leftover brine) to work.
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...a breathing historical document that traverses the globe for 170 recipes of the Jewish diaspora...
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This isn't a cookbook for a time-strapped someone strategizing simple ways to incorporate more leafy greens into their diet; it's for an ambitious cook...
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It’s loaded with 125 recipes so you can tackle any brunch craving—from juices and coffees, to breads, eggs, pancakes, sandwiches, salads, and ALL THE bacon.
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...we’re really excited about the’s full of ...I can’t believe I never thought of that prioritizes a love of learning as much as a love of cooking.
by Food52 about Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat   -  full review
This book is a solid collection of recipes that are terrific whether you keep kosher for Passover, or you’re simply looking for fresh inspiration for your family meals.
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Article about the book.
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The 2017 Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks, Final Round: Taste & Technique vs. My Two Souths
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The 2017 Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks, Final Round: Taste & Technique vs. My Two Souths
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2017 Piglet Community Pick: It's not that you didn't consider it a cookbook—it's just also so much more than that, with its stunning portraits, narratives, and recipes.
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The 2017 Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks, Semifinal Round: Samarkand vs. Taste & Technique
by Food52 about Taste & Technique   -  full review
The 2017 Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks, Semifinal Round: Samarkand vs. Taste & Technique
by Food52 about Samarkand   -  full review