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The amazing achievements of our indexers

October 23 2016, 5 Comments

Both EYB and Member indexers have accomplished impressive results... read more

The food book that never was

October 22 2016, 6 Comments

A look at an abandoned project to chronicle the cuisine of the United States just before World War II... read more

Featured Cookbooks & Recipes

October 22 2016, 0 Comments

See what we've been sharing on social media this week... read more

BBC announces new cooking show

October 21 2016, 0 Comments

Good news for fans of the GBBO who were saddened by its move to Channel 4... read more

Sweet Sugar Sultry Spice - Malika Ameen

October 21 2016, 0 Comments

Turn up your baking with exotic flavors... read more

Cookbook Giveaway - Sweet Sugar Sultry Spice

October 21 2016, 29 Comments

Enter our contest featuring Malika Ameen's new title... read more

Using dried vs. fresh herbs

Fresh isn't always better, says Serious Eats. The Food Lab provides a list of which herbs can be used dried and which shouldn't... more

The transformation of corn

Cook's Science explores the fascinating process of nixtamalization, the process responsible for the creation of corn tortillas... more

Cooking with dukkah

The Egyptian spice is versatile, delicious, and easy to prepare from common pantry ingredients... more

Latest Notes

This was great - hubby isn't a huge fan of broad beans, so used some blanched asparagus instead. Also preferred the texture of blanched sugar snap peas, so made a slight variation to the recipe. Even better the following day.
by e_ballad about Keen-bean quinoa from Leon: Happy Salads
Love Hetty's recipes but this was lacking any zip & turned out rather stodgy.
by e_ballad about Nasi goreng with Asian greens from Community
Good, but not amazing. Given the crazy number of beef satay recipes out there, this is unlikely to make a return.
by e_ballad about Beef satay (Satay sapi) from Food Safari
Loved this soup; it's perfect for a winter day. Great use for leftover lamb roast. Subbed guanciale for pancetta (didn't have). Left out pasta; with potatoes it was completely unnecessary. Doubled chili and garlic and glad I did. Used graviera from Reythymnon for Romano (didn't have); it worked well. Would make again.
by tasteslike about Southern Italian mountain minestrone from Cucina Del Sole
This is the best vegetarian chili I've ever had. I made it exactly as written. Used 5 chilis and it was perfect. I served it with a small dollop of creme fraiche and the toasted pumpkin seeds. Soooo good. I'll be making this again soon! In searching the internet to see if I could send the recipe to a friend, I found it here (page 3 with the last part of the directions is above page 2).
by robinorig about Smoky lentil chili from Entertaining for a Veggie Planet
Omitted the rosemary, used 1 bird's eye chili. I've only used these in one dish so far (a Moroccan chicken dish from All About Braising, indexed with notes here), but that turned out well! Looking forward to using them in other things.
by rionafaith about Preserved lemons from Jerusalem
p. 169 -- Very good. I made this the night before a dinner party and reheated in the oven just before serving as Stevens suggests, which made everything very easy. Unfortunately my chicken didn't come with giblets (I always feel ripped off when that happens!) so I wasn't able to mash the liver into the sauce, but I would like to try that next time. I used homemade preserved lemons from the Jerusalem cookbook that I already had in the fridge instead of following the included recipe, and I didn't find them to be overpowering at all (though I did slice them a bit thinner than suggested). Would make again!
by rionafaith about Moroccan chicken with green olives & preserved lemons from All About Braising
p. 126 -- Absolutely delicious, especially the dressing. I did not use Goin's method of making the mayonnaise by hand with a whisk (ain't nobody got time for that), instead I used the immersion-blender-in-a-jar method with the same ingredients and proportions. That's basically the hardest part of the recipe, the rest is very simple. I added some sliced red onion since I had it, and I only had one ripe avocado but I'm sure it would have been better with two. The recipe makes lots of dressing (I ended up with about two cups), but I'm glad I now have a jar of it in the fridge as it's delicious and I will definitely use it on different things.
by rionafaith about Green goddess salad with romaine, cucumbers, and avocado from Sunday Suppers at Lucques
It's super refreshing and basil marries really well with gin. Picture here:
by fprincess about Gin basil smash from Proper Drink
Delicious, but very sweet and not as much of a pronounced coffee flavor as I would have liked. I used the full 1/2 tsp of cardamom and don't think it was too much at all -- it was actually fairly subtle. I omitted the optional cream in the brigadeiro frosting as I didn't have any on hand, and it was just fine. Boyfriend loved this and kept sneaking back for another slice.
by rionafaith about Vietnamese coffee cake from Food52
Fantastic flavour, we loved this but too hot for the 9yr old. Served with the spicy lamb burgers and masala fries from the same book.
by raybun about Sweet and hot tomato chutney (Tamatar nu chatni) from Made in India, Cooked in Britain
Excellent accompaniment to the spicy lamb burgers. Very flavourful, will definitely make again.
by raybun about Baked masala chips from Made in India, Cooked in Britain
These were excellent, I used half a jalapeño for the green chilli so the child would enjoy it too. I made the suggested spicy tomato chutney and masala chips/fries. I usually make Jamie Oliver's Moroccan lamb burgers but these are my new favourites. Best meal I've had in a long time!
by raybun about Spicy lamb burgers from Made in India, Cooked in Britain
Simple but very creamy and delicious
by Larkspur about Eggplant slices with garlic and parsley from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian
Decent way to eat Brussels sprouts. I would at least triple the amount of vegetables called for in the recipe, though.
by arparker23 about Chicken with bacon-y Brussels sprouts from Dinner: A Love Story

Latest Reviews

The biggest, most fabulous treat of the book is having seven whole days planned, grocery list included, for you.
by Food52 about Food52: A New Way to Dinner   -  full review
The plans are heavily loaded to batch cooking at the start of the week, with some small tasks later on.
by Food52 about Food52: A New Way to Dinner   -  full review
Author talks about writing this book.
by The Wednesday Chef about Classic German Baking   -  full review
...written with the home cook in mind and a number of tips are peppered throughout. I particularly like the way the book is organised...
by Tin and Thyme: Tales from a Cornish Kitchen about Cranks Bible   -  full review
All of the recipes are very doable as you learn about the different candy-making techniques covered in the book.
by Baking Bites about Atelier Confectionery   -  full review
...immediately grabbed me with a whole collection of weekly menus that combined Things I Want to Eat with Things I Want to Try...
by Food52 about Food52: A New Way to Dinner   -  full review
The book is filled with recipes for pastries, porchetta and pizzette which Paola has developed herself after lots of local research. It also is filled with a lot of Paola’s own photographs...
by Gourmet Chick about Italian Street Food   -  full review
Perhaps the best and most useful way this book influenced my kitchen life is in the way Amanda and Merrill helped me see leftovers in a new light.
by Food52 about Food52: A New Way to Dinner   -  full review
The color photos are so handy allowing you to see how the dish is supposed to look as well as giving serving and styling tips to use when your entertaining.
by Melissa's Southern Style Kitchen about Weeknight Dinner Cookbook   -  full review
Fall in love with the women in this book and their recipes as I have. Embrace the world’s differences and to learn as much as we can about each other – and food is the perfect conduit.
by The Cookbook Junkies about Indecisive Chicken   -  full review
...the recipes are clearly written and easy to follow, even those with multiple components. The book is packed with enough history that it’s interesting to read even if you aren’t doing any baking...
by Baking Bites about American Cake   -  full review
Cooking with the Muse will be a valued addition to your collection for it’s fantastic content as a literary work and it’s delicious collection of recipes that are approachable by any level cook.
by The Cookbook Junkies about Cooking with the Muse   -  full review
What impressed me right off the bat is the index at the beginning of the book listing recipes by their time commitment: set out as follows “Quick Gratification” “Intermediate Creations”...
by The Cookbook Junkies about There's Always Room for Chocolate   -  full review
Author talks about writing this book.
by Food52 about London Cookbook   -  full review
...explores the cooking and history of the provinces surrounding the Lower Yangtze River in Southern China...the cooking from this area is light, balanced, fresh, and elegant...
by Leite's Culinaria about Land of Fish and Rice   -  full review