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Dwight Garner Always Has a Muffuletta in the Freezer

Dwight Garner / September 2023

I hate trolling the internet for (second-rate, advertisement-laden) recipes, so when I’m not opening the Times Cooking app, I use Eat Your Books, the online search engine.  Read more…(Friday 9/22 entry)

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The indexing app revolutionising the way we use cookbooks

Maddie Ballard / July/Aug 2022

Once you’ve created an account, you populate your virtual ‘bookshelf’ with the cookbooks you own in real life. The site creates a searchable index of all the recipes in those books, so you can easily find a recipe in your collection.  Read more…

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How to Organize, Clean, and Maintain Cookbooks

Michael Sullivan / April 21, 2022

If you have a lot of cookbooks, many of the pros we spoke with recommend using the website Eat Your Books, which makes searching for recipes easier.  Read more…

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Here’s the Secret to Organizing Your Recipes

Kat Kinsman / March 23, 2022

…it’s one of the wisest investments I’ve ever made, because it’s a master key to almost every one of the cookbooks swallowing up my home…what my initial cash bought me was my time back, and a way to actually use the books I’ve invested in. These books are (mostly) not in my home by accident; I collected them on purpose, and if it sounds as if I’m trying to justify the glut, maybe that’s not entirely untrue. Read more…

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Use the Web to Cook Your Books

Jeff Carlson / March 17, 2022

Although Eat Your Books is a database at its center, its heart is the love of cookbooks shared by its members. The site is trying to make a cook’s life easier and more integrated with the real world, not supplant the beauty and storytelling qualities of good cookbooks. It also helps me get out of ruts where I cook the same handful of dishes from the few cookbooks I can remember and reach. Read more…

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The ultimate meal planning guide to beat the lockdown cooking slog

Xanthe Clay / January 31, 2021

Earmarking new recipes to try is one way to perk things up…also in neglected cookery books. I recommend signing up to, a brilliant website that allows you to log all your recipe books. Read more…

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Own Too Many Cookbooks? This $3 Subscription Will Change Your Life

Ashley Brantley / January 14, 2021

It’s not hyperbole to say Eat Your Books can change your life — for all cooks, but especially for cookbook owners who’ve broken a bookshelf (or three) because we own so many. Read more…

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How Eat Your Books helps me to actually use all my recipe books

Charlotte Cantillon / November 9, 2020

I’ve been using Eat Your Books now for about 3 years and it has absolutely transformed how I use my recipe books. I try so many more recipes now and get loads of helpful tips from the notes of other users. Read more…

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Why my cookbook addiction is finally paying off

Tony Tassell / May 16, 2020

Where it comes into its own is if you, like me, over-index on the book pile count. You might not remember that Jamie Oliver’s Return of the Naked Chef has a recipe for farfalle with savoy cabbage, pancetta and mozzarella or that River Cafe Cook Book Two has one for wild fennel soup, but they will show up in the search results on the site for those ingredients. Read more…

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Searching this cookbook mega-index is the best way to find out what’s for dinner

Joe Ray / April 18, 2020

A great use of tech in the kitchen that can break you out of a dinner rut, it helps you discover recipes in books you already own. Pulls in recipes from select websites too. Tell it a dish you’d like to make, or ingredients you want to use, and it generates a list of recipe options and which of your books they’re in. Read more…

Why I Cook

Feb/March issue, 2020

Interview with EYB co-founder Jane Kelly on her cookbook collection and why she loves to cook and bake. Read more…

Best Bites of 2019

Kathy Gunst / Dec 25, 2019

Best organizational tool around…A great way to get your recipes and kitchen organized for the new year. Read more…

Subscribe to Eat Your Books and find new and long lost recipes!

May 7, 2019

We are grateful for this website. For us, it is the “Dewey Decimal” System (remember that?) for personal cookbooks. We can actually find old, new and vintage recipes now, and use them when we need them. Read more…

A few weeks ago I refreshed my membership on Eat Your Books

Sneh Roy / March 3, 2019

No more standing in front of your giant bookcase wondering in which book had you’d last seen that beetroothummus recipe or whether the new Ottolenghi cookbook has a recipe for olive oil cake? So far, I have addedabout 155 cookbooks to my virtual bookshelf. Only about 900 more to go. But it is already such a time saverwhen I want to look for a recipe quickly. Read more…

Eat Your Books

David Leite / January 26, 2019

We’ve been in awe of the aptly named service since its early days, and we’ve recently fallen in
love with it all over again thanks to some pretty spectacular upgrades. Read more…

A Better Way to Find Any Recipe in Your Cookbook Collection

Debbie Koenig / December, 2018

Interview with Jane Kelly, co-founder of Eat Your Books. Read in full…

Cookbook collections get user-friendly thanks to tech

Amanda Rae / July 9, 2018

Exploring Eat Your Books and becoming reacquainted with five favorite cookbooks, though, has only made my
curiosity stronger. Five books comprise a lame virtual bookshelf. Even adding the few other titles I own
would grow my functional recipe archive exponentially and boost its usefulness. Read more…

Need a Better Way to Organize Your Recipes? These Apps Are the Answer

Strive Editors / March 26, 2018

Do you have a bookshelf full of cookbooks but never know which one has that great grilled eggplant recipe in
it? This is your answer. Just select the cookbooks you own from the app’s library to create your
online bookshelf. Then search for any ingredient you want to use or dish you’re craving, and Eat Your
Books will tell you exactly where to find it in your collection. Read more…

Chatting cookbooks on ABC Afternoons

Dani Valent / September 25, 2017

One thing I will say about cookbooks: it’s hard to remember what’s in them. I heartily recommend
Eat Your Books, an online library for 150,000 cookbooks plus magazines and even online recipes. Listen to the full radio interview…

Review by Web Goddess

Kristine Michelle Howard / June 26, 2017

…we’d signed up for a year subscription to Eat Your Books and loaded our 40+ cookbooks into it. I was
happy to see that just about all our books were already in there, and probably 85% of them were indexed.
Once you’ve logged your books, you can search through the recipe indexes by ingredient, type of meal,
etc. So handy!  Read More…

Unlocking My Cookbook Library

Maria Speck / March 19, 2017

Last year, my vast cookbook collection was, as if by magic, unlocked—and a universe opened up. All my
beautiful books have come alive, literally. Without physically lifting a tome, I can now search the content
of my cookbooks on my computer or iPhone. Without pulling a tome off the shelf, I can digitally search my
whole library—by ingredient, by season, by holiday, nutrition, ethnicity, author, and so much more. Read more…

These 5 Smart Lessons Will Free You from Cookbook Guilt Forever

Maria Ribas / March 15, 2017

Is there anyone on the planet who hasn’t started (or ended) their week with extra ingredients cluttering up
their fridge? I always seem to get stuck with extra parsley, or little nubs of cream cheese that have
outstayed their welcome. Online cookbook archives like Eat Your Books are perfect for finding recipe homes
for those abandoned ingredients. Read more…

Eat Your Books

Tanya Richens / Feb 21, 2017

I love this program, because I typically go through a new recipe book, flag off the recipes I’d like to
cook, and then forget to look at the book again. This way, there’s no excuse not to use your
cookbooks! Read more…

How to manage your cookbook collection

Kara Rota / November 8, 2016

A podcast interview with Jane Kelly, co-founder of Eat Your Books. Listen…                   

The best websites and apps for the foodies among us

Raquel Neofit / October 2016

Eat Your Books is a brilliant website if your bookshelf is weighed down with cookbooks and magazines and you
want to know exactly which book to turn to for an exact recipe – they do all of the virtual
‘page flicking’ for you! Read more…

Q&A with Jane

By SultanaBun / May 30, 2016

A Q&A with Jane, co-founder of EYB, looks back at how the website started. Also other fun stuff such as
the oldest cookbooks listed on EYB and Jane’s desert island cookbook. Read more… 

The Best Resources for Baking

By Lisa Campbell / September 16, 2015

Thanks to this recipe-indexing website, it’s never been easier to locate individual recipes in
cookbooks, blogs, and magazines. Read more…                   

eat your books = i finally use my cookbooks

Stephanie / February 24, 2015

I’ve been using Eat Your Books for just under three months now and I LOVE IT….One of my goals this
year was to start cooking from my cookbook collection more often and Eat Your Books will definitely push me
in the right direction – at the very least, I can’t use the “I can’t remember what
book that recipe was in” excuse anymore! Read more…

#tipoftheweek –

By Janet Davies / February 23, 2015

I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and it’s been really useful for discovering recipes
I didn’t even realise I had, and comparing similar recipes for the same thing by different authors.
It’s certainly made me appreciate how clever Delia is at replicating the same recipes in many
different books, and that very few of anyone’s recipes are truly original! Read more…

An interview with Jane

Jennifer Leuzzi / January 26, 2015

Tech Bites on Heritage Radio Network interviews Jane about how Eat Your Books got started and how it works.
Listen here…                   

Things We Love: Eat Your Books

By Amanda / January 5, 2015

I can’t decide if Eat Your Books is a bonkers or brilliant idea.

The online website collates all your own cookery books, blogs and food mags you subscribe to and allows you
to search for recipes. So basically, if you are too lazy to sit and look through all your own cookery book
indexes while inwardly cursing ‘I’m sure that was a Nigel Slater recipe…..or was it
Nigella?’  Read more…  and there is also an interview with EYB co-founder Jane

Eat Your Books, a unique search engine for cookbooks and recipes

By Lynne Kessel / September 23, 2014

Eat Your Books built its service on a pitch that sounds too good to be true. You add the titles of the
cookbooks you own to your “library” to create an online bookshelf. Then you can use the
website’s indexing tools to quickly search for recipes by name, occasion, ingredients, food type,
ethnicity, book, title or author whenever you need to.

No more randomly pulling books off the shelf. I was in. I added my first five books for free. After inputting
them and running a quick search, the results were amazing. I was hooked.  Read more….

Catalog your cookbooks on Eat Your Books and find every recipe every time

By S. Irene Virbila / August 20, 2014

After spending an hour and half on my knees, sorting through stacks of cookbooks, looking for a recipe I knew
must be somewhere, in some book–if I could only remember the name — I was beside myself. … Fast forward
to yesterday when I decided to go to a site I’d discovered weeks before, but never really examined closely.
It’s called  Eat Your Books and is billed as a search engine for your cookbooks.   Read more….

Seven easy steps to becoming a better cook

By Larissa Dubecki / July 15, 2014

● – a subscription service that indexes your own library of cookbooks, allowing you to
search by ingredient, special diet, season and course. A brilliant time-saver.  Read more….

There’s a New Widget on the Blog!

By Rose Levy Beranbaum / June 28, 2014

…you will find a fantastic data base which includes a listing of articles I written for magazines and
newspapers as well as a listing of recipes from my 9 soon to be 10 cookbooks. What an incredible gift to all
of us!  Read more…

Seasonal boxes: Thinking outside the box

By Karen Hardy / June 26, 2014

I wanted to get my cooking out of the rut as much as the eating. So I headed to another online service I
subscribe to, Eat Your Books.

Eat Your Books is a godsend. It’s a website where you can index your cookbooks and magazines, favourite
blogs and websites, enabling you to search your collection for recipes. It’s not a recipe website,
although if the recipe is online there will be a link, but it makes it incredibly easy to find the recipe
you want, rather than having to browse through all your books. (Mind you there is time and a place for
browsing cookbooks.) Given I have close to 32,700 recipes on the shelves I’ve begun to use it more
regularly.   Read more….

I Eat My Books, Do You Eat Yours?

By Kavey / June 13, 2014

I have too many cookery books. There, I’ve said it.

Despite two major clear outs in the last couple of years, when lots and lots of cookery books were given away
to charity shops and fundraisers, the assigned shelves are overflowing. Books are stacked two deep, with
extra ones squeezed on their side above the others. Others sit in stacks on the dining room floor, living
room coffee table, and even lost amongst the papers on my desk.  Read

How To Make the Most of Your Cookbook Collection

By Clotilde/ March 6, 2014

I’m sure your cookbook shelves are just as heavily laden as mine, and if I were to ask you how often
you cook from them you might look away, embarrassed, and try to change the subject. Especially if your
spouse, who regularly comments on the extent of your collection, is within earshot. Read more…

Rose Knows: Eat Your Books

By Rose Levy Beranbaum / March 31, 2014

When researching or searching for recipes, it seems a lot easier these days to go to Google rather than to
start flipping through one’s ever growing cookbook or magazine collection. But how much better it
would be to have one’s own personal search engine based on selected and trusted recipes in addition to
a more general search. Sisters Jane Kelly and Fiona Nugent, originally from London and now respectively from
Boston and Auckland, New Zealand, have created just such an extraordinarily useful site:
Read more…

Matt’s App of the Week

By Matt Heinz / July 7, 2013

If we’re connected on Facebook or you follow me on Instagram, especially on the weekends, you probably
know two things about me: 1) I love my kids & family, and 2) I love me some good, low-and-slow BBQ.
Between hardwood smoking, rotisserie grilling and many stops in between, I’ve amassed quite a
collection of cookbooks specializing in how to cook almost anything with fire & smoke. Read More »

#BeastBest Awards

June 18, 2013

The Internet is infinite, but your time isn’t. To help you surf wisely, The Daily Beast picked the most
relevant, entertaining, original, and—in some cases—overlooked websites and Twitter feeds. Read
them, skip the rest.

The 6 best Travel and Food sites 

Lets you make a constantly updated, DIY cookbook thanks to a searchable catalogue of recipes from more than
800,000 cookbooks and across several well-known blogs and food magazines.

Commit to one new recipe a fortnight

By Dani Valent / June 4, 2013

You know all those cookbooks you’ve got? Open them. And if you’re overwhelmed, check out Eat Your
Books online. It’s unlocked thousands of recipes I never knew I had. Read


How to Organize Your Bookshelf

By Charmian Christie / March 14, 2013

I am capricious. One day I’ll view a certain cookbook as General Cooking and file it away as such. Then
after using it for a while, I realize I’m drawn only to its dessert section and stick it in with the
baking books. Only it’s not a baking book, so I forget I did this. Or perhaps a book is easy to tag
but too tall for the obvious shelf, and I am forced to find a spot for it according to its bulk. Under this
willy-nilly system, my books become filed so irrationally it’s as if a drunken monkey had played
librarian in my office. Read more….

Top 50 websites for food and drink

By Tony Turnbull / January 30, 2013

The 5 best sites for chefs’ recipes 

Sitting at work planning what to cook tonight, without access to your home cookbook shelf? This site has an
index of more than 800,000 recipes from the most popular cookbooks. You tell it which books you own and it
will provide a searchable index of all the recipes, providing the book title and ingredients needed, but
leaving you to look up the full recipe in your own copy of the book. Free for up to five books, $2.50 a
month for unlimited.  

Read More
(The Times operates a pay wall from some countries)

Best Byte

December/January 2013 Issue

Search for recipes with Eat Your Books, an online index of cookbooks, magazines and blogs that helps you keep
track of your favourite dishes.                      

Eat Your Books

By Lucy / December 5, 2012

I got ridiculously excited about a
new website I discovered yesterday. Looking back now, I’m a bit embarrassed. My husband
has another reason to think I’m slightly deranged (in a good way). ‘Look, Michael,
look…it can do this’. Michael does not go for cookbooks in the same way. He did not
feel the love like me. But I’m going to share it with you, my readers so that you may
either get overly animated like me or ignore it and go back to living a meaningful life free of
Eat Your Books. 
Read More »

File Your Food

November 2012

Eat Your Books helps you index all your cookbooks and food mags in one place.  Then, when you need some
inspiration, enter your preferred recipe type, cuisine, or ingredient and Eat Your Books will reveal all
possibilities available on your Bookshelf, so you can go straight to the cookbook you need. 

Hazelnuts, sisterhood & serendipity

By Charlotte / September 3,

first thought was to serve the chopped hazelnuts with green beans, but then I decided to try something
new, so turned to my trusty Eat Your Books account to search further afield. I can’t recall if
I’ve raved here before about EYB, though I certainly have elsewhere. 
More »

Eat Your Books

By Louise / May 22, 2012

Recently I’ve been getting all excited about Eat Your Books! It’s an interactive recipe indexing
website that helps you make better use of the cook books you already have. Read More…      

Spotlight on: Eat Your Books

By Nealey Dozier / May 14, 2012

I used to start all of my recipe research online, using my cookbooks only as an occasional reference. Now I
start recipe development with Eat Your Books. My bank account can rest easy now that I’m getting an
actual return from all those Amazon investments. Read More

Cooking up a new system

By Elaine Reeves / April 23, 2012

LOTS, would have been my best guess if asked how many cookbooks I own. But now I can tell you that I own 319
– and I know where to go to find them.

The wrangling of the recipe library has been physical and virtual. Four new bookcases allowed me to get all
the stacks of books off floors and sorted so that almost so anyone could find them.  Read More

Massive Cookbook Indexing Site Enables you to Eat Your Books

By Jacqueline Church / November 22, 2011 

If you love cookbooks, you will sometimes wonder where a certain recipe resides. Wouldn’t it be clever if
someone indexed all your cookbooks? Now they have! A clever invention makes for a perfect holiday gift for
your favorite foodie, your generous host, your cookbook hoarder. You may try it for free, too.

The best innovations are the ones that become a regular part of your life. The ones that make you say
“This makes so much sense, why didn’t I think of this first?” So it was with Jane Kelly,
founder of Eat Your Books. A fellow self-confessed cookbook hoarder  Read more »

Eat Your Books

By David Shaw / November 11, 2011

When I discover sites that claim to be comprehensive, I do my best to find out how they break, looking for
the odd case or the search term that blows up the database. I have not been able to do that with EYB, a
testament to the thoroughness and precision of their indexing. (They just recently completed the indexing of
Modernist Cuisine, and I can say without hesitation that the EYB index is easier to use than
MC‘s own index.)  Read more »

Paper Doll Suggests That You Eat Your Books (To Organize Your Recipes)

By Julie Bestry / November 8, 2011

Have you ever known you had a recipe among the dozens (or hundreds) of cookbooks you own, but been unable to
remember which cookbook it was? Sure, you could search each table of contents, each index, and all of the
dog-eared pages (gasp!) of your books, or you could ignore your behemoth of books altogether and search the
web to try to find the recipe you recall. Eat Your Books sees itself at the crossroads of “the convenience
of the web and the pleasure of using a cookbook.”  Read more »

Eat Your Books

By Jacqueline Meldrum / October 24, 2011

No, I don’t actually want you to eat your books! I would rather you ate something a bit more nutritious.

What I actually want to tell you about is a website. One that, now I have found it, I do not know how I would
live without it. I know that is a bit of a dramatic statement, but in foodie terms it is a blessing.
Read more »

Blogiversary, Eat Your Books Giveaway, and Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies

By Sara Chatfield / October 21, 2011

Today is the fourth anniversary of this blog, and what a great four years it has been! I’ve loved sharing my
favorite recipes and tips with all of you and being part of a fun and supportive online community of food
lovers.  To celebrate, Eat Your Books has offered up a fantastic prize for one of my readers: a
lifetime membership to their website!  Eat Your Books is a site I discovered just recently, through a
recommendation on Baking Bites, and I have been loving it.  Read more »

Technology changes the once simple cookbook

By Michele Kayal / September 29, 2011 (This article was carried by over 100 publications)

With a box full of carrots and a hankering for something vaguely exotic, Mary-Claire van Leunen turned to her
computer for a recipe. 

“I looked for ‘Turkish carrots’ and I found it easily, in fact I found half a dozen,”
said the retired Seattle software researcher.  Everyone’s done it, fired up a search engine to deal
with that mound of parsley or a bumper crop of cucumbers. But van Leunen wasn’t randomly appealing to the
online universe. She was searching the recipes in her own cookbooks, the roughly 2,000 volumes that line her
shelves. Without ever cracking a single spine.    Read
more »

Search all your cookbooks with Eat Your Books

By Nicole Weston / September 29, 2011

I have a very large cookbook collection and, while I never have a problem finding a recipe that I’m
interested in making just by flipping through the pages, it’s not always easy to find a recipe right
away when I’m looking for something specific. For instance, if I want a recipe for pork chops with
apples for a fall dinner, it may take me a while of hit-and-miss searching through books that I think might
have such a recipe. This whole process is streamlined with a little help from Eat Your Books.  Read More

Eat Your Books Giveaway

By Nicole Pearce / September 14, 2011

Do you know how many cookbooks you own? Above is what my kitchen bookshelf looked like only a few months ago.
The photo at the bottom was taken over a year ago. This is only about 25% of the total cookbooks I own. I
rotate the cookbooks on this shelf according to the ones I use the most, so they are the most convenient.
The shelf changes depending on what new cookbooks I have and also varies by season. You will see that some
have a permanent home on the kitchen shelf. The truth of the matter is that until very recently I rarely
used my cookbooks for every day cooking. Read More »

Why I Love Eat Your Books

By Pam / September 5, 2011

Let me begin by saying that I am receiving no compensation for what I am about to tell you.  It’s
just that when something is so fantastic and I think so many of my readers would love it, I just have to
Some of you know that I plan my week’s menu every Sunday.  Nothing stresses me more
than not knowing what I’m making for dinner.  Seriously, if it was a Thursday, and I didn’t
know what I was making for dinner, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on my work,  Read More

Eat Your Books

By Gwen Ashley Walters / July 24, 2011

Would you consider yourself a cookbook lover? How about a collector? Or even a cookbook addict?

If you answered yes to any, then Eat Your Books is a product you might find useful.    Read More

Eat Your Books – index your cookbooks on-line

By Dara Bunjon / July 17, 2011

Eat Your Books is a clever idea, an on-line cookbook, magazine and recipe blogger indexing system.
Rather than going to all your cookbook indexes looking for a cream brûlée, brisket or paella
recipe you just go on line to Eat Your Books and type.  You are allowed to add a total of five
(cookbooks, magazines or on line original recipe blogs) to your personal library for FREE.  Of course,
who stops at just five but there is a fee, not a very expensive fee of $2.50 per month or $25 for the

If you are a cookbook junkie, this seems a good place to be with others like yourself – Read More »

Eat Your Books: The Likeliest Online Cookbook Organizer Yet

By Nicki Wood / June 27, 2011

Eat Your Books is the latest and likeliest candidate for cookbook organizing, a great idea for people with
big libraries or lots of books on a single subject. EYB works like this: you sign up, populate your
bookshelf from their selection of 2,000 indexed and 85,000 unindexed books and counting, and then those
books are yours to search. The idea behind EYB is that it helps you search all your books at once.

I went to my EYB bookshelf looking for a green tomato marmalade recipe that I couldn’t locate and wa-hey!
There it was in Putting Food By, by Janet Green. So I just walked to my bookshelf and pulled out
the book. Beats the heck out of a Post-It note.    Read More »

Slippery dip

By John Lethlean / May 21, 2011

AND so, you knock on my door one dark winter’s night clutching a swarm (true, a swarm) of eels. Come in, I
say, you and your slimy friends. But then what?

Well, obviously, a decent knife will be required; there will be blood, and guts, and lots of slippery skin,
but there is fresh eel to feast upon, the world is good. So how to feast? What to do?

I go to my computer and sign in to a website I appreciated only conceptually when first I heard about it
several years ago, Eat Your Books. Since then, my appreciation has blossomed into a fully mature love-fest.
Having taken the time to “catalogue” a constantly growing food library (in the process culling
literally hundreds) with Eat Your Books’ online database, I now have the answers to odd questions.
Like, what do I do with a swarm of eels?   Read More »

Can Recipe Search Engines Make You a Better Cook?

By Julia Moskin / May 17, 2011

Extract from article:

Finally, desperately seeking a great asparagus recipe for my imaginary dinner party, I tried out one last new
search engine, this one independent and, in its way, radical. Eat Your Books does not publish any recipes at
all. Instead, the founder, Jane Kelly, is indexing the recipes in thousands of cookbooks.

Eat Your Books does charge for this service; $2.50 a month or $25 a year. So far, it has built up around
80,000 searchable titles, with authors from Édouard de Pomiane to Rachael Ray to Heston Blumenthal. I
found thousands of recipes for asparagus contained in books I already own, including one for asparagus
vinaigrette with tarragon from “The Anatomy of a Dish,” by the chef Diane Forley. I’d made
it years ago, loved it, dog-eared it and promptly lost track of it: the book is in my basement.

Google couldn’t find it — but that’s what I would serve on Saturday night.  Read Complete Article »

Cookbookery: Eat Your Books

By Jessica / April 7, 2011

It will come as no surprise to you that I adore cookbooks. I’ve got a shelf of more than fifty of them. I
named my blog after my tendency to buy them, even when I have no rational need for more. Although a
startling amount of my cooking lately comes from recipes I find on the internet – through blogs or favorite
cooking sites – there’s no substitute for leafing through an old favorite off the shelf. The pictures, the
anecdotes, the scribbled notes in margins, the forest of sticky tabs marking recipes to try someday…well,
I suspect that if you’re reading this, you get it. Read
More »

A few of Umami Girl’s favorite things

By Carolyn Cope / March 17, 2011

Have you ever felt like you’re relegating all those once-beloved, lusty cookbooks on your shelves to
eye-candy status as websites and apps become a bigger, arguably more convenient source of recipes? Eat Your
Books, a website founded in late 2009 by three very cool women who love books, technology, and cooking,
offers a brilliant solution to that problem. Read More »

One Good Website

By Kate Lawson / January 6, 2011

Now you can search for recipes in your own cookbooks thanks to Eat Your Books. This comprehensive new
website,, will help you create a virtual bookshelf of cookbooks you
own. You can search your bookshelf for new recipe ideas from cookbook authors that you trust, catalog and
organize your cookbook collection, sort your books and recipes by location, type, favorites, menus and more.
You can also chat with other cookbook lovers, share cooking knowledge and see other members’ favorite books
and recipes. Read More »

Looking for a last-minute gift idea?

By Kathie Jenkins / December 22, 2010

Until recently, I hardly ever cooked from my cookbooks. Even though my bookshelves at home are packed with
titles by talented cooks and chefs, there was never enough time to thumb through them all when I needed a
recipe. Instead, I resorted to cooking websites to search for a recipe that called for sweet potatoes,
turnips, chicken breasts — whatever was in my pantry or I felt like cooking.

All that has changed since I’ve discovered Eat Your Books. Read More

Eat Your Books to find recipes!

By Sefifer / October 16, 2010

I have  found a resource that I have to rave about: a website called Eat Your Books. For those of us who
have LOTS of cookbooks it’s a real treasure.  How many times have you stood, staring at the
bookshelves, wondering where  you saw that recipe for beef tongue?  (Okay, maybe not many for
tongue, but how about that overflow of tomatoes in the summer and the zucchini and eggplant?)  Well,
there’s caponata, ratatouille….but where are the recipes. This site does not provide
recipes–it provides the means for you to find them in your own books!      Read More »

Eat Your Books – New version out

roxlet / August 31, 2010

I have been meaning to start a new thread on since the other has grown so long that it
is taking a while to load. I have just begun exploring the new iteration, and so far, it seems like an
improvement…Read More

Search your own cookbooks for recipes online

nickrey / July 31, 2010

I’m surprised no-one has started a thread on this as yet, so here goes.  There is a very new web
site (so new it’s still in Beta) that you can enter your cookbooks into to create an on-line bookshelf.

This is the slow and tedious part of the process (particularly if you have as many cookbooks as I do).
What comes next is the neat part. A lot of books have been indexed, with all the recipes and their
respective ingredients.

Want to search through your books for a recipe using lobster and vanilla?  Read More »

The Joy of Text

By John Lethlean / July 24 2010

Article not available online – excerpts below:
…I have a lot of books and a problem, all in one.
There isn’t an inch of shelf left and most of the damn things never get properly explored.  But like
many of my generation, it gives comfort to know there’s a Claudia Roden pigeon bisteeya recipe on the shelf,
beautifully bound, in nice black type on quality white stock (that’s paper, by the way), just in case.
At least I think there is.
The thing is, along with the impressive library goes the dilemma of not
knowing exactly what is in each of these books, and so, like you, I tend to open the same ones every
…for any cookbook junkie comfortable with a computer, Eat Your Books may be the best $25
ever spent.
…I’ve created a shelf of only 20 and already, apparently, have 3755 recipes.  It
might end up at something like 100,000.  But if, like me, you’ve got one soft spot for hard copy and
another for the convenience of the digit, this might turn out to be the finest fusion recipe of them all.

…Recipe Ruts

Shake off menu blues by dusting off your cookbooks.  Member service Eat Your Books (
lets you search its database of 100,000 titles.  Make shopping lists and search by on-hand ingredient
(in way less time that it’d take to check 14 different indexes for “chicken”).

Back on Track? Macaroni Cheese from Nigella Lawson’s How To Eat

By Reemski/ June 20, 2010

Recently, Zoe from Progressive Dinner Party tweeted about Eat Your Books, a nifty service that lists recipes
within cookbooks and sticks them online so you can search your recipes.  Ok, so think about this:
it lists the recipes from your cookbooks online so you can search them. Just the week before I saw
Zoe’s tweet I’d been thinking that this very concept would be so useful. At work when trying to
figure out what’s for dinner, knowing that you have specific ingredients to use up, or like me in this
instance, looking for a recipe for a specific dish and wanting to find the variations. This service quickly
opened up my cookbooks for me in a way that was not possible before Read More »


By Cheryl Sternman Rule / June 10, 2010

Perhaps, at times, I can be a touch melodramatic, but I truly believe that what I am about to tell you is
going to make your cooking life easier, and better. 

Imagine a website that acts as a magical little cookbook fairy.  You spend a little upfront time telling
it what cookbooks you own, by uploading the titles into a database.  Then the website builds you this
digital library of your book titles.  And what happens is, over time, these little cookbook fairies and
their wee digital fairyettes go through zillions of cookbooks, including yours, and they catalog the recipe
titles from the indexes of all these books. Then they create this little searchable wonderland just for
you. Read More »


By Michael Natkin/ May 10, 2010

I wanted to let you know about a service I just learned about. has a very clever idea. You have a shelf full of dozens or hundreds
of cookbooks, right? But it is a pain in the butt to find all the eggplant recipes in them. So you use the
web instead and end up with a bunch of dubious recipes.  Read More »

And Now, a Public Service Announcement:

By Andrea / March 10, 2010

Also, you guys, I have to tell you something. So there’s this new site, it’s called Eat Your Books and it is Bomb. Seriously. It’s a project that’s pretty
well underway to catalog the recipes out of practically every cookbook In The World and make them all
searchable. So you know how easy it is to search for recipes in the Web (that’s probably how you got here,
isn’t it? Isn’t it?). Well now you can do it in your own cookbooks.  Read More »

Cookbooks website has delicious potential

By Kelly Brant / March 10, 2010

The idea was brilliant: Catalog all your cookbooks on a searchable Web site and say goodbye to flipping
through stacks of cookbooks looking for the right recipe.

…it is definitely worth trying, especially if you have a large cookbook collection or trouble remembering
where you saw a recipe. The site also allows users to make notes about the cookbooks and create lists of
want-to-try recipes and shopping lists for ingredients. Read More »

Coming Back to Books

By Andrea Rappaport / February 21, 2010

Ever since The Julie/Julia Project, the blogosphere seems infiltrated by people who have committed to
cooking every single recipe in a particular cookbook and writing about it. What Julie Powell did with Julia
Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, is now being done with Fergus Henderson’s The
Whole Beast, Grant Achatz’s Alinea and Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc At Home, to name a few.

The majority of us are not getting nearly as much use out of our cookbooks Read More »

Cool Tool to Manage Your Cookbooks

February 17, 2010

So many recipes, so little time—especially if you have to spend hours rifling through your cookbook
collection to find the perfect one. Your saving grace? Eat Your Books  Read More

Cook your books:

By Marie-Claire Digby / January 30, 2010

Do you ever find yourself Googling a recipe because you can’t remember which book you saw it in? is a new website that allows you to create an indexed virtual library, using the books you
already own. Find your books in the Eat Your Books online library of more than 16,000 titles and create a
personalised catalogue that can be searched by categories including author, book title, recipe title,
ingredient and cuisine type. Read
More »

Eat (and Rediscover) Your Books

January 27, 2010

The scene: Sunday morning, around 8am. It was your morning to get up with your son, so you’ve been
awake since about 6. He is, however, taking his customary early morning nap. Your spouse is asleep, too.

There is exactly one hour during the entire week that you have completely to yourself, and this is it. So
you’re using it to plan out the meals for the coming week. (You do that, right?) 
Read More »

Eat Your Books dot com

January 22, 2010

Last night, on the local news, I saw a piece about an intriguing new website called Too
many of these so-called “news” pieces are about the same-old, same-old, stuff like fda approved
diet pills. This is definitely “news I can use”.

This is not just another online recipe search engine. is designed for people who have a lot
of cookbooks (raises hand), but like the convenience of an online search (raises hand again). Read
More »

Fun Thing #3: Eat Your Books

January 21, 2010

Also from Twitter, a fun new site called Eat Your Books for people who love cookbooks and need help
navigating their collection. (Sounds familiar.) Eat Your Books is a subscription site where you sign up to
access their list of indexed cookbooks so you can search for a recipe on the site, and then go right to that
page in the cookbook in your own library. It’s an ingenious idea, and at $25.00 a year, it could be a real
timesaver for people (like me) who have a lot of cookbooks. Read More »

Eat Your Books: A Search Engine For Recipes

Paula Ebben / January 21, 2010

As you try to get dinner ready tonight, many of you will hear that common refrain: “Not that again!” Finding
new recipes isn’t always easy, but one Wayland entrepreneur wants to make it less stressful for cooks to
find new ideas.
Locating the right recipe is never a problem for Jane Kelly. Not only does she have
hundreds of cookbooks to provide inspiration, but she’s figured out a way to use them more easily. She’s now
sharing her secret with cooks all over to world on her new web site, The video of
this interview is no longer available.

Eat Your Books

January 20, 2010

You know how you see something that you’ve been dreaming of doing forever, but somebody else had the vision
or the guts or the time or the whatever to actually go ahead and do it? Grrrr. Well, that’s the way I feel
about a new website called Eat Your Books.  Read More »

Hello, Gorgeous!

January 19, 2010

Warning: braggadocio ahead: I have organized my cookbooks. All [I’m not telling the number] of them. This is
one of three cabinet/shelf sections just off my kitchen and I know exactly which cookbook is in every one of
them. Far more important, I can locate recipes in most of them with just the click of a few computer
It’s a miracle — a miracle wrought by a saintly new website called Eat Your Books. Read More »

The Joy of (Online) Cooking

Posted by Janice / January 19, 2010

If the web wins out over traditional cookbooks because of convenience and search capabilities, then
newly-launched Eat Your Books should level the playing field. This subscription-based site ($25 a year; $50
for a lifetime) has a proprietary cookbook index of 16,000 titles and counting. Once you identify the titles
in your collection, you can search for recipes in your own virtual cookbooks through the Eat Your Books

It’s time to dust off those cookbooks and let this hybrid technology breathe some new life into them.
Read More »

Eat Your Cookbooks: The New Way To Find Your Recipes

January 18, 2010

Do you ever get frustrated when looking for a recipe in a cookbook but can’t ever find it? Or you think
that a particular recipe is in a particular cookbook but end up being wrong? Or do you completely live on
the internet and find that you haven’t even opened up one of the many cookbooks lying on your shelf?
Well if you are the techsavvy person I think you may be then boy do I have a treat for you, what if it was
possible for you to be able to see all of your favorite cookbooks online, just like a virtual bookshelf,
where all the cookbooks were searchable and cross-referenced by ingredient and keywords.

That could be pretty cool… Right? Read More »

What your cookbooks say about you.

January 15, 2010

It’s no secret that I’m addicted to cookbooks. I have zero desire to go cold turkey or even curb
the habit. Cookbooks bring me joy, much more so even than cooking. They’re inspirational and hold
promise and satiety. So when I received an alert about Eat Your Books, a new site offering
users the ability to catalogue their cookbook collections, making it ridiculously easy to plan menus and
search all the recipes on your shelves at once, I clicked at the chance.  Read More

Eat What You Read

January 15, 2010

A tip from one wannabe chef to you: if I weren’t saving money for my wedding and/or I had a job that paid, I
would buy the lifetime membership to Eat Your Books. It is a website that allows you to electronically store
and access all of the cookbooks in your kitchen’s library. Once you’ve entered the cookbook titles that you
own, it allows you to sort and search the recipes in all of those books. It also has a way to create a
week’s worth of meals and the grocery list for those meals. Brilliant! Read More

Google for your cookbook shelf

January 15, 2010

It’s always a pleasant surprise when you come across something that, prior to the moment of discovery,
you never even knew you needed. Eat Your Books is a website that allows you to search the indexes of your
printed cookbook collection. With a database of over 16,000 cookbooks and counting, you create your
bookshelf by adding cookbooks that you own. If the cookbook is one of the many that are indexed by Eat Your
Books, you add it to your database. I’ve just started populating my bookshelf and, so far, I’ve
run across only a handful of my books that aren’t in their system. Read More

Eat Your Books puts your cookbook collection online

January 14, 2010

Online recipe databases–and the game-changing tools they provide for finding dishes in an instant–have
given old-fashioned cookbooks a serious run for their money. But there’s good news for die-hard cookbook
collectors: A new website is bringing the immediacy (and searchability) of the web to your physical
bookshelf. Read More »

Eat Your Books: An Online Index For Your Cookbooks

By Faith Durand / January 14, 2010

Overall, this is an amazing service to cooks — especially cooks who own a lot of cookbooks. There are
treasures in those books that aren’t replicated online, and we think that this indexing service can help us
get a lot more out of our own books. Read More »

A Cooks Guide NYC

January 14, 2010

Ever wished you could search through the cookbooks on your shelf the same way you can scan the web for
recipes? Newly launched website provides a service to help you do just that. Read More »

Recipe search happiness!

January 11, 2010

I have a new favorite time-wasting website! Well, okay, my exact words were “wow! Someone’s
finally done something useful with the internet!” Because, seriously, this might be the most useful
website I’ve ever seen. It’s called Eat Your Books Read More

Cookbook reinvigorator of the week

Weekend Post / January 09, 2010

If the Web is going to wipe out books, no genre has more to fear than the cookbook. Why would anyone need to
own the Joy of Cooking when there’s To bolster the case for the printed word, Publishers
Weekly reports, a suite of new sites aim to make your personal cookbook library just as useful as the
Internet. “Eat Your Books is based on the idea that it’s easier to search the Internet for recipes than your
own cookbooks, so it searches your cookbooks for you,” Read More

Eat Your Books – Cookbook and recipe organizer

beetlebug / January 03, 2010

I read about this website in my local paper (the Boston Globe) and have been playing with it for the last few
days. It’s a great and easy to use website on finding recipes from all your cookbooks. There is a free 30
day trial and a limited lifetime membership for $50. I don’t have nearly as many cookbooks as most HC
hounds. I use about 25 of them regularly but do spend way too much time going through them, looking for
recipes using certain ingredients. Since I have a summer, winter and meat CSA, I spend a lot of time
backtracking through cookbooks. This site is a huge time saver. Read More »

Website Directs Foodies Away From Laptop, Over To Bookshelf

By Greg Morabito / January 04, 2010

While 2009 saw a few cookbooks by big chefs performing very well – note Ad Hoc at Home and of course, the
Triple D Cookbook — the rise in popularity of recipe sites like Epicurious and Cookstr does not bode well
for the already beleaguered publishing industry. A new website, EatYourBooks, might help renew home chefs’
interest in cookbooks by basically allowing them to use the site as an Epicurious-style search engine for
the home bookshelf. Read
More »

Web site hopes to make cookbooks more useful

By Lynn Andriani / January 04, 2010

As cookbooks come up against increasing competition from online recipe repositories, Web sites have sprung up
attempting to reinvigorate the medium. There’s Cookstr’s database of cookbook content,
Cookbooker’s social network for people to rate and review cookbooks, and now, Eat Your Books, a site
that purports to make the cookbooks you already own more useful to you. Because there’s nothing worse
than having a shelf full of cookbooks but no way of knowing instantly whether or not they contain a recipe
for beef stew. Read More »

Bringing the recipe search up to speed

By Lisa Zwirn, Globe Correspondent / December 23, 2009

If you’re like most people, you probably make the same recipes every week because you’re too busy
to skim through your cookbooks for ideas. That scenario is what inspired the authors of a new website, Eat
Your Books (, an online subscription service that allows you to search the indexes of
hundreds of popular cookbooks. Those books may be volumes you already own, where you’ll find new
recipes and revisit old favorites. The idea is that you list the books you have on the site so when you do a
search, you’re looking through your own library. Read More »

Eat Your Words

By Suzanne Podhaizer / October 21, 2009

Sometimes those who own the most cookbooks use them the least — because they’re daunted by all
those pages of possibilities. It was a problem part-time Wilmington resident Jane Kelly faced every time she
wanted to whip up a stew or bake a cake. “I’ve got a lot of cookbooks, about 700, and lots of
other food reference books as well,” she says. “I never had the time to look through and find
recipes.” Read More »

An Online Index Helps Cookbook Owners Quickly Find Recipes

By Lindsay McSweeney / October 17, 2009

Cookbook collectors need to index the recipes & ingredients in their books to maximize value, but rarely
have the time. This unique website has already done the work. Read More »