Create a virtual bookshelf of the cookbooks and magazines you own plus your favorite online recipes

Eat Your Books has indexed over one million recipes from the most popular cookbooks and magazines and the best blogs and websites.  All you have to do is tell us the cookbooks you own, the magazines you subscribe to and the blogs and websites you follow.  Instantly you have a searchable index of all your recipes.


Over 4,800 books, magazines and food blogs have been indexed, with more being added every day - that's more than one million recipes that can be searched! We index the most popular cookbooks and magazines that our members own. 

Once you have created your Bookshelf you can see how many of your books are indexed and the number of searchable recipes. If you find that some of your favorite books have not yet been indexed you can send a request for EYB to index it or you can choose to index it yourself.

Eat Your Books does not reproduce the actual recipe; it helps members find their recipes in their cookbooks and magazines.



Search your bookshelf for new recipe* ideas.

Have you ever wished you could Google your own cookbooks? With Eat Your Books you can.  Within seconds you can find out how many chocolate cake recipes you own, or find inspiration from ingredients you have in the fridge - the possibilities are endless.  With Eat Your Books you have the convenience of the internet and the pleasure of using a cookbook.

* The complete recipes are not included, though many recipes include online links to the recipe if it exists online.


To find a recipe in your own cookbook collection you can search on any of these criteria:

  • Ingredients - you can search by any ingredient from meat right down to herbs and spices.
  • Recipe Type - useful when you're looking for a particular type of dish, such as a cheesecake or bread.
  • Ethnicity - means you can find a curry from a particular country or a French dessert.
  • Occasion - easy to find recipes when you're planning a menu for the holidays or a special occasion.
  • Nutrition - narrow down your search by only including recipes in particular nutrition groups like vegetarian or gluten free.
  • Course - when you want to find a recipe specifically for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Catalog & organize your cookbook collection

Get rid of yellow stickies once and for all. Use Bookmarks to tag your books and recipes in any way you want. Organize books by location, tag your favorite recipes, create menus for special events… it's up to you.


Bookmarks provide you with endless ways to organize your books and recipes in whichever way suits you. Once you've set them up you can restrict your recipe searches to a particular group of books or recipes. These are some of the ways Eat Your Books members are using bookmarks:

  • Locations: useful if you keep your books in different places.
  • Favorite cookbooks: these can be changed as books come in and out of favor.
  • Menu Planning: create a bookmark and add recipes to the menu.
  • Do later recipes: when browsing through new cookbooks tag the recipes you like the look of.
  • Food groups: we all have our favorite foods - create a bookmark for these and whenever you see a great recipe for rhubarb or leeks add it to it.

Chat with other cookbook lovers, get inspired!

Join our growing community of food and cookbook lovers. Swap cooking tips and advice, comment on and rate books and recipes.


The Eat Your Books forum is becoming a great resource to get advice from other cookbook lovers.

Browse other members' Bookshelves - you can see which books you have in common and get ideas for possible additions to your collection.

Ratings and comments on cookbooks and recipes from Eat Your Books members provides valuable information to help you use your books more effectively.