July 8th, 2018 Kindle Cookbook Deals

Act quickly if any of these cookbooks interest you, as I'm not sure how long they will remain on sale. At times I'll share a deal and it seems a few hours later, that deal has expired.

The bottom portion of this list are titles that seem to remain at a great price and I keep them here for new members or those who are new to the post.  I will update during the week and re-share on social media, so please check back.


For those of you who may have missed our announcement
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Look for a post highlighting Prime Day Deals coming soon.



AU members - there are not many deals right now but this link will take you to several titles from .99 to 4.99  

UK members - cookbooks currently on sale for £0.99 to £4.99 each - click this link to scroll through these sales.  


United States

For those who love to read fiction and nonfiction - see other deals

Newer Kindle sales - look for updates throughout the week:

101 Things to Do Cookbooks from Gibbs Smith 2.99



Kindle cookbook deals long-term:


  • nova  on  7/10/2018 at 3:36 PM

    Hi I am so delighted with your "July 8th, 2018 Kindle Cookbook Deals " list!!! When you add a new book over the course of the week , are the new books at the beginning of your website list or at the end of your website list or inserted alphabetically in the middle of the list? I love cookbooks and hate to miss a great sale! Many thanks for sharing the fun!

  • Jenny  on  7/11/2018 at 12:12 AM

    When I add a new book during the course of the week - the new entries are added at the top of each country section - i.e., US/CA - the next week - any sales still current are then alphabetized.

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