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As you add the cookbooks you own your recipe index is automatically created! Also add magazines you subscribe to and the blogs and websites you follow.

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Search YOUR collection of recipes in ways you'd never have dreamed was possible - ingredients, recipe types, ethnicity, etc.

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Tag your books and recipes any way you want. Organize books by location, tag your favorite recipes, create menus for special's up to you.

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Join our growing community of food and cookbook lovers. Swap cooking tips and advice, comment on and rate books and recipes.

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I received membership as a gift for Christmas and I use your site all the time. You save me loads of time that I would normally spend thumbing through books and help me make the most of the recipes that I didn't even know I had!
Maria - January, 2014

I must say that your service is an excellent, even remarkable, one, and makes our considerable investment in cookbooks of far greater use that it would otherwise be. We depend upon it.
Frederick -November, 2013

Thank you very much for your hard work and your beautiful and helpful site! You changed my life instantly- now I have a searchable library rather than just a pile of books and magazines.
Mary - March, 2014

I've just joined. And I'm quite taken with the concept. Absolutely amazing idea!! … Many thanks for a simply brilliant idea...I already used three cookbooks i haven't used for some time to prepare my family's meal tonight. Superb.
Sonia - April, 2014

I love your site. I was beginning to get overwhelmed by the number of recipes and cookbooks I had. This helps me find something either that I made before and can’t find or find a recipe to use an ingredient I have on hand.
Maureen - November, 2013

I want to say a big THANK YOU for what you’re doing. I was – no joke – standing in front of my cookbook shelf this weekend whining to myself about how I didn’t want to hunt through the index of every possible book that might hold a recipe that I was looking for. THE NEXT DAY I stumbled across your site. I’m SO happy to have found you!
Grace - April, 2014

I had a lot of fun this morning adding all my cookbooks to my library and then finding just the right recipe for some plums I wanted to use up. What a great site.
Holly - June, 2014

What the media is saying

Top 50 websites for Food and Drink. Best Chef Recipes.

If you have a lot of cookbooks, and friends who randomly arrive with rabbits (130 recipes), partridge (33) or even a nice bag of Jerusalem artichokes (77) and have no idea what to do and where to start looking, this is a brilliant idea that works in practice, not just theory. Seriously.

When you want to find a recipe, or search for recipes using a specific ingredient, you simply type that in and a list of locations pops up…It's pretty brilliant actually.

The 6 best Travel and Food sites  Lets you make a constantly updated, DIY cookbook thanks to a searchable catalogue of recipes from more than 800,000 cookbooks and across several well-known blogs and food magazines