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Kim Evans

  • Little & Friday: Every Meal
    • Categories: Restaurants & celebrity chefs
    • ISBN: 9780143574286 Hardcover (New Zealand) 10/31/2016
  • Little and Friday: Celebrations
    • Categories: Restaurants & celebrity chefs; Entertaining & parties
    • ISBN: 9780143569015 Hardcover (New Zealand) 10/23/2013
  • Treats from Little & Friday
    • Categories: Restaurants & celebrity chefs; Baking
    • ISBN: 9780143776178 Paperback (New Zealand) 6/18/2021
  • Treats from Little and Friday
    • Categories: Baking; Restaurants & celebrity chefs
    • ISBN: 9780143567127 Hardcover (New Zealand) 3/28/2012


A fine arts graduate, Kim Evans is a self-taught baker who started her Auckland bakery Little and Friday with just $3000. From small beginnings - a tiny shop-front open on Fridays only - she has established two popular Auckland cafes where on most weekends queues stretch out to the pavement. Kim and her team begin baking at dawn each morning in order to fill Little and Friday's glass cabinets with buttery brioche, sticky donuts, dainty cakes, and delectable tarts and savouries. She is a firm advocate of free-range and organic produce, and has planted her own cafe garden to supply herbs, salad greens and edible flowers. Kim surrounds herself with staff with a passion for food. 'You can teach baking,' she says, 'but you can't teach passion.'