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Pilar Hernandez


Pilar Hernandez was born into a traditional family in Central Chile. She grew up visiting small towns in what is now known as Colchagua (of winery fame). Here she ate at country markets and spent summers in a small town with fewer than 2.000 inhabitants, where the Pacific Ocean was her backyard. She was raised by confident home cooks in a matriarchal household. There was her grandmother, two single great aunts (one with the secret for the most amazing ​mil hojas​ (thousand layer) cake, her aunts, and of course, her own mother, all of whom have continued to cook traditional Chilean food. These dishes have always been in Pilar’s blood.

After graduating from medical school in Chile, Pilar moved to Houston, Texas with her husband, without ever even having attempted to cook for herself. With so many skilled cooks on hand, there had never been a need! But in Texas, with so much more free time than she was accustomed to, and far from home, she started to build her recipe collection, the same way she had seen her women role models do before, with lots of trial and error.