Notes and Reviews

  • Orathay makes bao and dim sum approachable in this beautiful little book.
    by Eat Your Books about Bao & Dim Sum added on February 15, 2023   -  full review

  • .... I’ve read through this book three times now and find myself finding something exciting with each turn of the page.
    by Eat Your Books about Meat-Free Mexican added on September 20, 2022   -  full review

  • Another great collection of easy bakes with impressive results.
    by Eat Your Books about Small Batch Bakes added on September 20, 2022   -  full review

  • Sabrina does it again - another vibrant, beautiful book to cook from each and every day.
    by Eat Your Books about Persiana Everyday added on August 17, 2022   -  full review

  • ...a book as solid as the weathered stone walls of that Provencal village, an antidote to tweets and ''Likes'' and trends, and everything else that demands we adjust our attention every few seconds.
    by Good Food about Lifetime of Cooking, Teaching and Writing from The French Kitchen added on August 15, 2022   -  full review

  • Green Kitchen never disappoints - vibrant dishes that everyone who is on your "feed" list will enjoy.
    by Eat Your Books about Green Kitchen added on August 10, 2022   -  full review

  • Filled with vibrant imagery and recipes to inspire you like no other baking title before. A must have.
    by Eat Your Books about Tava added on July 31, 2022   -  full review

  • Chantarasak presents classic Thai dishes and flavours, but makes use of British ingredients alongside traditional Thai ones. The result is a book that delivers all the complex flavours of Thailand.
    by Kavey Eats about Kin Thai added on July 26, 2022   -  full review

  • It’s such a joy to cook from a barbecue cookbook that’s so chock-full of recipes that are both incredibly tempting and eminently achievable, regardless of your skill level.
    by Kavey Eats about Live Fire added on July 10, 2022   -  full review

  • This book’s a welcome addition to our shelves, plus it’s made us hungry to learn more.
    by Kavey Eats about Indian Vegan & Vegetarian added on June 19, 2022   -  full review

  • The chili oil and sliced fresh chiles gave it a good punch of spice, and the marinade became a delicious sauce for the dish. I’m glad I finally pulled that book off the shelf again.
    by Lisa is Cooking about Gingered greens and tofu from Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home added on June 13, 2022   -  full review

  • Full of gloriously vivid illustrations, richly narrated history and stories and food writing that bring the past to life.
    by Kavey Eats about Nutmeg Trail added on June 06, 2022   -  full review

  • If you buy one veg book this year - it should be this one! Gorgeous, impressive dishes that will tempt every palate.
    by Eat Your Books about Your Daily Veg added on May 10, 2022   -  full review

  • Ammu will become a classic just as Asma's Indian Kitchen has.
    by Eat Your Books about Ammu added on May 03, 2022   -  full review

  • Gorgeous doesn't begin to describe this book. It's a Parisian dream.
    by Eat Your Books about Sweet Paris added on April 29, 2022   -  full review

  • The stories and cultural insights weave a thread through the book that is absolutely captivating.
    by Kavey Eats about Taste Tibet added on April 26, 2022   -  full review

  • [This book] is a cookbook reader’s book, a title for those who are as eager to read about the culture, history and stories of a cuisine as they are to make the recipes.
    by Kavey Eats about Cinnamon and Salt added on April 20, 2022   -  full review

  • This is a book we are excited to cook from! The flavours are bold, delicious and refreshingly straightforward to achieve, and we are already looking forward to the warmer, lighter months.
    by Kavey Eats about Honey & Co: Chasing Smoke added on March 07, 2022   -  full review

  • Alissa Timoshkina will change your opinion of Siberia with her debut cookbook. Salt & Time is an exploration of Siberian food and people.
    by Eat Your Books about Salt & Time added on March 03, 2022   -  full review

  • An impressive debut. Like many great cookbooks, there’s more to this one than recipes. As well as the 65 dishes, reflective of but not confined to the seafood and steak menus in Smith’s restaurants...
    by The Irish Times about And For Mains... added on February 25, 2022   -  full review

  • This book which will surely join the ranks of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat and The Food Lab as must haves for the home cook.
    by Eat Your Books about Food IQ added on February 23, 2022   -  full review

  • The Homestead in Ely MN is all about sustainability and taking care of our earth - this cookbok has a variety of recipes and embraces life and food wholeheartedly.
    by Eat Your Books about Steger Homestead Kitchen added on February 21, 2022   -  full review

  • Everything you need to know about the incredible, edible egg.
    by Eat Your Books about Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook added on February 16, 2022   -  full review

  • Another beautiful and interesting cookbook from Diacono.
    by Eat Your Books about Herb added on February 12, 2022   -  full review

  • Dishes that makes any day special.
    by Eat Your Books about Weekend: Eating at Home added on February 09, 2022   -  full review