Notes and Reviews

  • Another home run from the Milk Street team.
    by Eat Your Books about Milk Street: Tuesday Nights Mediterranean added on April 13, 2021   -  full review

  • One of my favorite books of all time - filled with great easy recipes.
    by Eat Your Books about Bread Toast Crumbs added on April 10, 2021   -  full review

  • Like many of the cookbooks I cherish most fiercely, Sumac is filled with evocative glimpses into Syrian culture by way of Atassi’s vivid memories, which of course are all bound up with food and family
    by Kavey Eats about Sumac added on April 03, 2021   -  full review

  • ..a collection of Emiko's’ desserts culled from her beautiful books Florentine, Acquacotta, and Tortellini at Midnight, plus five brand new recipes...
    by Eat Your Books about Torta della Nonna added on March 30, 2021   -  full review

  • From Jenny: This is a truly lovely book and my friend Rebekah Denn did a wonderful piece on the author.
    by The Seattle Times about Modern Scandinavian Baking added on March 26, 2021   -  full review

  • More than a collection of recipes, the book is also a treasure trove of evocative food & travel images, cherished childhood memories and cultural insights into the food, culture & people of Sri Lanka.
    by Kavey Eats about Serendip added on March 21, 2021   -  full review

  • Ruth’s stunning book is filled with creative twists on both sweet and savory bakes, measurements are given in both volume and weight with step-by-step photos of several techniques.
    by Eat Your Books about Baked to Order added on March 18, 2021   -  full review

  • A true masterpiece of epic cake proportions.
    by Eat Your Books about Zoë Bakes Cakes added on March 16, 2021   -  full review

  • Of all the books I own on French cuisine, Let’s Eat France is one of my favorites. [...] You don’t often come across books on French foods that are this much fun.
    by David Lebovitz about Let's Eat France! added on March 16, 2021   -  full review

  • Liu is a force of nature and delivers the beauty of Shanghai and its cuisine in her debut cookbook.
    by Eat Your Books about My Shanghai added on March 15, 2021   -  full review

  • ...some recipes circumvent this limit by referencing sub-recipes. It is definitely a beginner’s book and is unlikely to challenge experienced cooks.
    by Kavey Eats about Chinese Takeaway / Takeout in 5 added on March 15, 2021   -  full review

  • Brilliant, fun, delicious, "jew-ish" and a keeper.
    by Eat Your Books about Jew-ish: A Cookbook added on March 09, 2021   -  full review

  • There are baking books and then there are baking books that wow and amaze me - this is one of those!
    by Eat Your Books about Fruit Cake added on March 07, 2021   -  full review

  • My overall impression of this book is that (true to its name) it has dishes that you would not necessarily find in a restaurant-style or contemporary/“modern” Mexican cookbook.
    by Kavey Eats about Mexican Home Kitchen added on March 07, 2021   -  full review

  • Julia Turshen is our generation’s culinary icon and her latest book showcases her laid-back style and modern approach to cooking.
    by Eat Your Books about Simply Julia added on March 02, 2021   -  full review

  • This book shares the chef’s extensive experience to deliver over 60 much-loved classic recipes – 9 examples shared in our EYBD Preview. Each recipe applies every smart, time-saving tip, flavour boost.
    by Eat Your Books about Shortcut Cook added on March 01, 2021   -  full review

  • In a nutshell, this too is a book full of tasty chicken recipes, along with a great selection of tempting sides.
    by Kavey Eats about Wings and Things added on February 21, 2021   -  full review

  • What I love in a cookbook is a title that shakes things up to bring us new and exciting dishes based on their heritage, travel and their own creative genius.
    by Eat Your Books about Double Happiness Cookbook added on February 17, 2021   -  full review

  • This is brilliance between two covers: extremely well written and photographed with inspiring recipes that are exciting and fresh.
    by Eat Your Books about Chasing Flavor added on February 03, 2021   -  full review

  • An outstanding debut title from the young chef making waves in Australia. Seasonally focused dishes to bring new life to your menu rotation.
    by Eat Your Books about Always Add Lemon added on February 02, 2021   -  full review

  • Just as exciting as Chinese Soul Food, Hsiao-Ching's second offering brings vegetables to center stage so that we can work her magic in our own kitchens.
    by Eat Your Books about Vegetarian Chinese Soul Food added on February 02, 2021   -  full review

  • This book may be my favorite vegetarian title of 2020. It is gorgeous and filled with recipes that vegetarians and carnivores alike will enjoy.
    by Eat Your Books about Scandinavian Green added on January 25, 2021   -  full review

  • A beautiful collection of desserts that brings Croatia home.
    by Eat Your Books about Croatian Desserts added on January 13, 2021   -  full review

  • Interview with Christine Manfield about writing the book.
    by Delicious Days about Tasting India added on January 12, 2021   -  full review

  • ...wide variety of recipes showcasing breads & bakes with many different textures, the way in which Bertinet takes us through the recipes so carefully with his instructions and step-by-step images...
    by Kavey Eats about Crumb added on January 01, 2021   -  full review