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What odd or especially useful kitchen gadget do you love?   Go to last post Go to last unread
#84 Posted : Saturday, March 28, 2020 10:24:47 PM(UTC)

I have two of those those little colanders. They have handles that stick out, and they have holes all over their bowls. They're like 1-cup measures, more or less. I use them mostly for blueberries, but also for miniature tomatoes. 

#85 Posted : Monday, March 30, 2020 11:44:17 PM(UTC)
Bittrette I hadn't thought about using my onion goggles shop with but what a brilliant idea, a bit sad but brilliant. What crazy times we've come to.
#86 Posted : Tuesday, March 31, 2020 6:04:53 AM(UTC)

I'm keen on baking and I can not imagine my kitchen without a whisk. I have a lot of different whisks, one is for making mayonnaise and salad dressing, another one I use for making sauces, but the one that I use most of the time is the balloon whisk, it's really useful especially when I cook meringue from egg whites or any other kind of creams. Recently, I've read an article on https://www.cookwarestuf...-for-baking-and-cooking/ about best whisk for baking and cooking, and I found there really good tips. So, I decided to order some more whisks.

#87 Posted : Tuesday, March 31, 2020 9:50:33 AM(UTC)

Amen to whisks!

The whisks that get the most use in my kitchen are the mini-whisks that I use to beat eggs, usually a single egg, for "breakfast" dishes. My mother used an ordinary table fork but I prefer the whisk.

I usually use a mini-whisk together with one of my very cheap condiment bowls made of very cheap metal, which I thought was stainless steel until it failed the magnet test.

#88 Posted : Wednesday, April 1, 2020 11:40:41 AM(UTC)

I have a 16 slice apple slicer with a nifty bottom that pops the slices out. - Prepworks I think was the brand. I used it several times a week for everything fron any kind of cooking with apples to just snacks.  Couldn't live without it. 

#89 Posted : Thursday, April 2, 2020 2:04:32 PM(UTC)

Actually I don't use anything to protect my eyes from onions. If the fumes get to me, I rinse my eyes in the bathroom. 

#90 Posted : Thursday, April 2, 2020 6:48:07 PM(UTC)
I have been neglecting to mention my beater blade that I use in my Kitchen Aid stand mixer nearly every time I pull it out to make something. It is made from plastic or nylon and has rubber scraping blades on the edges so that I do not have to stop and scrape my bowl down with a spatula. It works like a charm and is ingenious! I bought mine years ago at Home Goods but it is available at Amazon too. The brand is New Metro and it comes in different sizes for all the different size Kitchen Aid mixers.
#91 Posted : Saturday, April 4, 2020 1:21:21 PM(UTC)

As I began my Saturday #covidbaking project, a savory scone recipe from the Philadelphia Inquirer, I skipped the stand mixer. Alternate instructions were to blend cold cubes of butter into the dry ingredients with an electric mixer. Needless to say, this only spewed flour over everything. I remembered my 40 year old pastry blender which handily cut in the butter then the blue cheese crumbles. The rest of the directions were 'a bit of a faff' so I'm waiting to see how the end result turns out- cooling now.

#50 Posted : Friday, May 8, 2020 4:54:49 PM(UTC)

Originally Posted by: j_h Go to Quoted Post
One that is special purpose that I use quite a lot is the microplane flexizesti. it fits really easily into your palm and captures all the zest of citrus fruits into the little repository. It's so much easier than my standard microplane.

I have loved my flexizesti for citrus. I took a calculated risk and used it to grate garlic; alas I can't rid it of the smell. Now I will own two- one dedicated to citrus, one to garlic. I keep my knuckles and fingernails intact with the flexizesti much more easily than the Microplane.

#92 Posted : Friday, May 8, 2020 8:50:27 PM(UTC)

Looks good! And since they come in 3 colors your flexizestis can be color-coded.

#93 Posted : Sunday, May 10, 2020 7:52:20 AM(UTC)

I have a cheese slicer that works brilliantly to make thin and wide zucchini strips.

My favourite knife is a two-sided long serrated knife. It is useful when other knives drag and destroy, so great for filo-topped pies, vanilla slices, etc. If one serrated edge isn't right for the job, the other one will do. It belonged to my grandmother and I have never seen another like it.

#94 Posted : Sunday, May 10, 2020 12:23:49 PM(UTC)

I know it has already been mentioned but for me its a pestle & mortar.... just so versatile!

#95 Posted : Monday, May 11, 2020 12:55:01 PM(UTC)
I just have a fairly good collection of Microplane zesters that I picked up over the years at Home Goods and TJ Maxx and I must say I love them. But I have been intrigued by all the comments about the Flexi Zestis here so I looked them up on Amazon to see what they looked like. I can see where they would be great if you don't have much space or don't already have one of the good Microplane citrus zesters but I think I will stick to my trusty old zester. As for something to catch the zest I have been using my Microplane zester upside down for years and the zest collects in the concave part of the zester. I didn't realize I was doing it wrong until watching cooking shows years later. But while watching a Martha Stewart baking show last yearI saw Martha using her zester upside down too. She had a group of culinary students on the show watching her and they immediately questioned her about why she had the zester upside down and she said it was just more efficient to collect the zest on the zester so I felt vindicated in my upside down zesting technique. Just try flipping the zester over and pulling it across your lemon next time and see what you think. I also find it very easy to eyeball the amount of zest collecting on the zester and gauge whether I have the teaspoon or tablespoon I need.
#96 Posted : Monday, May 11, 2020 1:39:32 PM(UTC)

Originally Posted by: hillsboroks Go to Quoted Post
Just try flipping the zester over and pulling it across your lemon next time and see what you think. I also find it very easy to eyeball the amount of zest collecting on the zester and gauge whether I have the teaspoon or tablespoon I need.

I am certainly going to try the method.  I use the long microplane the most too.  Ginger, citrus, and nutmeg mostly with it.  

#97 Posted : Monday, May 11, 2020 5:27:58 PM(UTC)

hillsboroks - I've always zested that way too. It intrigues me when I see people doing it the other way and they have to keep turning over the lemon to see where they are on the zest. Our way you see the zest all the time. The rasp edges collect the grated zest very nicely.

#98 Posted : Monday, May 11, 2020 6:31:02 PM(UTC)
Ok I think we have an expert group endorsing the upside down Microplane method. If Jane, Martha Stewart, Rinshin and I grate our citrus this way it must be the best technique !🙂
#99 Posted : Tuesday, May 12, 2020 1:57:49 AM(UTC)

Woo-hoo! I want to get zesting!

Great idea - why didn't I think of that?

#100 Posted : Sunday, May 31, 2020 7:46:58 PM(UTC)

So does upside down mean the jagged side facing upward with the fruit on top, or the jagged side facing downward with the fruit below?

#101 Posted : Monday, June 1, 2020 5:11:55 PM(UTC)
I hold the lemon in my left hand with the zester in my right and the cutting edge down, I draw it across the lemon pulling to my right while watching for when I clear an area on the lemon and moving it as I go to quickly zest a whole lemon. The zest accumulates on the non-sharp side of the zester in the slightly curved hollow so that you can see how much zest you have. I gave gotten pretty good at estimating how much zest I've zested and don't bother with a measuring spoon anymore. Also using your zester this way means you don't have an extra bowl to clean or zest to clear off a plate or cutting board. I just flip the zester over and dump the zest into whatever it is I am making. I also keep one of the mini-silicone spatulas handy to help slide whatever zest remains on the zester into my bowl or pan.
#102 Posted : Tuesday, June 2, 2020 2:33:38 PM(UTC)

I still don't understand - if Martha Stewart uses the Flexizesti upside down, does that mean right side up is with the zester part facing upward or downward?

And if zest collects inside the zester, can the silicone part be removed for cleaning, or for use in cooking? If no, how can the zest be removed from the interior?

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