Mes Confitures: The Jams and Jellies of Christine Ferber by Christine Ferber

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  • Bergeron apricot with vanilla

    • Bloominanglophile on September 15, 2013

      Apricot is my favorite jam. This recipe elevates it into the heavenly realm! I do find it rather sweet, and have taken to adding half a pound more apricots to the recipe. If you live at higher altitudes like me (6500ft.), you might also have trouble bringing your boiling temp up to 221F. I just watch the cooking jam carefully, and do the cold plate test where applicable. If I remember correctly (having purchased them in the past), a lot of her jams are a looser set. So no worries--do try this at home!

  • Apricot and raspberry with citrus zest

    • MissKoo on July 07, 2020

      This is a lovely and bright flavor combination with hint of citrus, and so pretty in the jars. A bit on the sweet side for me, and would add a few more apricots next time. Being at altitude, the jam doesn't come up to temperature on my thermometer, but using a French copper confiture pan it's generally easy to reliably eyeball the set. Recipe made 10 4-ounce jars, a nice size for small gifts.

  • Seedless raspberry

  • Wild blueberry

    • cespitler on November 02, 2012

      A simple, tasty jam that really shines without being too sweet.

  • Wild blueberry with lemon

    • cespitler on November 02, 2012

      Wow! I couldn't resist the 10lb box of blueberries at the market so it was definitely time to make jam. The addition of lemon brightens up the jam beautifully. It tastes like summer (versus the wintery tones of the blueberry butter with cinnamon and nutmeg I also made that I think I'll use with a linzer dough). This lemony jam would be great as a layer in a lemon cake or plain on toast. This is a two-day process, but overall doesn't take that much active time.

  • White peaches with saffron

    • fprincess on March 31, 2019

      Made with yellow peaches

  • Alsatian quetsch plum

    • fprincess on July 24, 2017

      Made with Santa Rosa plums. I cut the plums into smaller pieces because that is the texture I prefer in my jam, also I cooked them a bit longer than what she calls for (again, based on my preference). What a spectacular jam! Tart, bright, beautiful color as well. I mixed very ripe fruit with fruit that wasn't so ripe which gave a great depth of flavor.

  • Blood orange

    • cespitler on November 02, 2012

      This jam is absolutely gorgeous to look at in the jars and is equally delicious.

  • L'Alsacienne

    • Bloominanglophile on October 21, 2013

      I made this jam two years ago, and thought it had good flavor. As with her other recipes I have tried, I have a hard time bringing my jam up to 221F--it takes too long and starts to burn and the resulting set is too firm. I am assuming this is because I am over 6000ft in altitude. I would use the cold plate test instead to help gauge when the jam is done.

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  • ISBN 10 0870136291
  • ISBN 13 9780870136290
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  • Published Sep 30 2002
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 286
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Michigan State University Press
  • Imprint Michigan State University Press

Publishers Text

Ferber is a fourth-generation French patissiere whose speciality is her unusual, delicious jams and jellies, which have gained an international following among chefs and other gourmands. This book, a best-seller in France, presents dozens of recipes, organised by season, for preserves from Black Cherry with Pinot Noir to Greengage and Mirabelle Plum with Mint; a number of them include chocolate, not a standard addition. Few of the recipes include headnotes, although translator's notes identify the more exotic ingredients; instructions are on the brief side. However, any jam maker will find Ferber's book fascinating. Recommended for all canning and preserving collections.

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