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  • Apple cider doughnut loaf cake

    • michalow on October 04, 2020

      I really liked this cake -- it's moist, tender, and subtly spiced. Do read through the recipe before you begin -- there are many steps and many of the listed ingredients are meant to be allotted toward different components of the cake. The only problem I had was in removing from the pan after only 10 minutes of cooling, which can definitely be blamed on my failure to line the pan with parchment paper. Since my cake was fragmented, I tried it with and without the various toppings; I think next time I'll brush with butter/cider and sprinkle with spiced sugar, but skip the cider drizzle. I've never had an apple cider doughnut, so I don't know how this compares to those.

    • twoyolks on September 27, 2020

      I found this to be a rather mediocre cake that tasted almost nothing like apple cider doughnuts.

    • Dannausc on September 14, 2020

      Quite a few steps, but quite good. Very moist. Definitely worth a repeat.

    • hbakke on October 09, 2020

      This cake dirtied nearly every bowl, pan, measuring cup and glass in my kitchen, but the resulting cake had a nice crumb and was delicious. My oven always takes beyond the estimated time range to fully bake things, but this was done in 60 minutes, so I'll keep an eye on it next time at the 55 minute mark. I really liked the addition of nutmeg to the sugar coating. Tasted even better the second day. I would make this again.

  • Chicken and rice with leeks and salsa verde

    • twoyolks on February 10, 2021

      The rice was the best part of this. The chicken was a bit bland. It would've done much better by being browned first. I liked the salsa verde.

    • Dannausc on September 14, 2020

      Fairly easy. Delicious and tasty!

  • Caesar salad roast chicken

    • twoyolks on November 14, 2020

      I didn't really feel like the Caesar marinade improved the chicken and it was only so-so as a salad dressing.

  • Spicy braised tofu

    • Bloominanglophile on January 03, 2021

      I have made this twice so far, and it will be included in my tofu favorites file for the future. I do cut the tofu into 16 pieces instead of 12, and manage to get 3 servings from this with rice and another side (vegetable) dish. I really like the sauce the tofu is cooked in, and may increase it in the future so there is enough to spoon over the rice.

    • Kduncan on September 28, 2020

      Easy dinner with good flavor. In the future I'd definitely cook some greens with it, as it is definitely missing something as a meal.

    • hbakke on September 22, 2020

      Easy vegetarian dinner. The tofu crisped up nicely and the sauce was delicious. I added some halved bok choy when adding the sauce to the pan for some added greenery. I would make this again.

  • Fall-apart caramelized cabbage

    • dedosmagicos on December 13, 2020

      Made with Savoy cabbage and we weren’t fans - might be better with texture of green cabbage instead

    • grindabod on April 04, 2021

      A lot of flavour for not that much effort. Made this on the barbecue (kamado type) as a side to tender goat leg. Would definitely recommend this as a side to any grilling situation.

    • hbakke on November 11, 2020

      We enjoyed this. I did have an issue with the recipe as written. It specified using a large cast iron skillet (I used a 12") and then says to fill up halfway with water, approximately 1.5 cups. To fill up my skillet halfway required about 4-5 cups of water, so the tomato paste mixture became considerably more diluted. I would make this again, but use much less water and just keep an eye on it in the oven.

    • foodgloriousfood on April 05, 2021

      I love, love, love this recipe and have made it multiple times and am always amazed at how much flavor can be had from cabbage and so few other ingredients. Don’t fill the pan half way up with water as the pan needs to be large enough to fit all that cabbage and the sauce will then be too diluted. I use a 13” double handled Staub for this recipe and regular green cabbage. I cook it until the cabbage is caramelized and the sauce is unctuous. This dish could surely win over cabbage naysayers!

  • Late-summer Bolognese

    • Dannausc on September 14, 2020

      Fairly easy. Pretty decent.

    • hbakke on September 08, 2020

      Tasty spaghetti dish. Uses a ton of tomatoes so maybe not worth the price if you're buying them at the store. I used two Anaheim chilies in place of the Fresno chile. They were very mild so this would probably benefit from using a spicier pepper or chile flake.

  • Blistered green beans with garlic

    • Dannausc on September 14, 2020

      Good and easy. I really like the addition of the capers. Yum!

  • Warm eggplant salad with walnuts

    • hbakke on November 02, 2020

      A tasty salad. The date syrup (I subbed date molasses) was a great addition. The end result definitely didn't look nice like the picture. It was pretty gloopy.

  • Enfrijoladas

    • hbakke on September 25, 2020

      We had these for dinner and they were delicious. Definitely not the prettiest thing, but still tasty. I used Trader Joe's Soy Chorizo in place of chorizo. I would make this again, maybe with the recommended added fried egg.

  • Salt-and-pepper pork with crispy rice cakes

    • hbakke on October 11, 2020

      This came together very quickly and was a tasty dinner. This recipe is pretty basic and in need of some greenery in my opinion. I made this a second time with added broccolini and liked it much better.

  • Spicy and tangy broth with crispy rice

    • hbakke on September 26, 2020

      Nice soup for a chilly day. I used a jalapeno in place of the serrano but otherwise followed the recipe. Be aware that pouring the yogurt/rice mixture into the hot pan resulted in a lot of spattered oil everywhere so have the lid ready. I would make this again.

  • Spicy and creamy slaw

    • hbakke on October 11, 2020

      A great, easy slaw. I used a yellow onion I had on hand instead of the red onion, and also sliced the cabbage thinly rather than tearing into pieces. It had a nice spiciness from the jalapeno and grated garlic. This does make a lot of dressing, probably enough for double the amount of cabbage. I would make this again.

  • Kielbasa-cabbage stir-fry

    • hbakke on October 11, 2020

      Weirdly delicious. I had all the ingredients on hand, so decided to try it. Despite the strange sounding (to me) combination of ingredients, this was really tasty. It had an Oktoberfest vibe with the mustardy sausage, sauerkraut-like flavors. I would make this again.

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  • Published Sep 01 2020
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  • Page Count 88
  • Language English
  • Countries United States

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