The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet: The New Scientifically Proven Diet by Manny Noakes and Peter Clifton

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    • Categories: Soups; Lunch
    • Ingredients: chicken stock; butternut pumpkins; onions; carrots; celery; paprika; turmeric; ground coriander; nutmeg; cilantro
  • Roast red capsicum & tomato soup
    • Categories: Soups; Lunch; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: red capsicums; onions; tomato paste; tomatoes; vegetable stock; basil
    • Categories: Soups; Lunch; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: vegetable stock; carrots; celery; onions; parsley; tomatoes; basil; rosemary
    • Categories: Soups; Lunch; Russian; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: beetroots; carrots; parsnips; leeks; onions; bay leaves; ground allspice; lemons; vegetable stock; yogurt; parsley
    • Categories: Soups; Lunch; Asian
    • Ingredients: peanut oil; lemongrass; spring onions; red chiles; chicken stock; fish sauce; chicken breasts; bean sprouts; artificial sweetener; cilantro; mint
    • Categories: Soups; Lunch; Italian
    • Ingredients: onions; ground beef; parsley; celery; carrots; canned tomatoes; beef stock; basil
    • Categories: Salads; Lunch; Greek; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: romaine lettuce; Lebanese cucumbers; green capsicums; Kalamata olives; tomatoes; Spanish onions; feta cheese
    • Categories: Salads; Lunch
    • Ingredients: pine nuts; tuna steaks; store-cupboard ingredients; cannellini beans; basil; parsley; spring onions
    • Categories: Salads; Dressings & marinades; Main course
    • Ingredients: green beans; salmon; cherry tomatoes; spring onions; romaine lettuce; capers; tarragon; lemon juice
    • Categories: Salads; Dressings & marinades; Main course
    • Ingredients: tandoori paste; natural yoghurt; skinless chicken breasts; rocket; Roma tomatoes; Lebanese cucumbers; coriander sprigs; lemons; mint sauce
    • Categories: Salads; Main course
    • Ingredients: herb mustard; limes; chicken tenderloins; snowpeas; rocket; cherry tomatoes; avocados; basil; Spanish onions; balsamic vinegar
    • Categories: Salads; Lunch; Thai
    • Ingredients: pork fillets; peanut oil; fish sauce; limes; garlic; fresh ginger; red chiles; kaffir lime leaves; bean sprouts; red capsicums; glass noodles; mint; cilantro
    • Categories: Salads; Dressings & marinades; Lunch; Vietnamese
    • Ingredients: beef stock; whole star anise; oranges; sirloin steaks; salad greens; mint; cilantro; snow pea sprouts; red onions; carrots; red capsicums; fish sauce; rice wine vinegar; lemongrass; red chiles
    • Categories: Salads; Lunch
    • Ingredients: beetroots; Parmesan cheese; roast beef; salad greens; basil; balsamic vinegar; store-cupboard ingredients; artificial sweetener
    • Categories: Salads; Main course; Thai
    • Ingredients: beef rump steaks; baby spinach; red capsicums; bean sprouts; spring onions; cilantro; mint; limes; fish sauce; soy sauce; red chiles
    • Categories: Salads; Lunch; Moroccan
    • Ingredients: tomatoes; paprika; ground cumin; garam masala; lamb steaks; Spanish onions; Lebanese cucumbers; rocket; balsamic vinegar; store-cupboard ingredients
    • Categories: Egg dishes; Lunch; Breakfast / brunch; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: eggs; milk; parsley
    • Categories: Egg dishes; Main course
    • Ingredients: eggs; ham; zucchini; parsley; spring onions
    • Categories: Egg dishes; Lunch; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: pumpkins; soy sauce; leeks; baby spinach; eggs; yogurt; hard cheese
    • Categories: Egg dishes; Lunch
    • Ingredients: eggs; spring onions; milk; zucchini; tomatoes; mushrooms; ham; basil; Parmesan cheese
    • Categories: Egg dishes; Breakfast / brunch; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: eggs; milk; ground cinnamon; whole grain bread; strawberries
    • Categories: Lunch
    • Ingredients: baking potatoes; ham; rosemary; spring onions; hard cheese
    • Categories: Sauces, general; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: parsley; lemons; green olives; store-cupboard ingredients
    • Categories: Sauces, general; Chutneys, pickles & relishes
    • Ingredients: parsley; anchovies; capers; lemons; olive oil
    • Categories: Sauces, general; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: yogurt; mint; store-cupboard ingredients; ground cumin

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Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Butternut pumpkin & coriander soup

    • debkellie on August 04, 2015

      Quick, easy, tasty.

  • Char-grilled salmon with parsley relish, asparagus & pumpkin

    • debkellie on June 30, 2015

      I was pleasantly surprised: the combination of the pumpkin's sweetness with the tart relish was a great foil to the salmon.

    • fairyduff on January 18, 2020

      Full of flavour and easy to prepare.

  • Stir-fried ginger chicken with sesame bok choy

    • debkellie on February 02, 2016

      This was very light and very tasty: I subbed home grown spinach for the bok choy, and added some celery for crunch. I also used leftover meat from the weekend's poached chicken with soy and sesame. Those leftovers probably added a greater depth of flavour than just good old chicken breasts.

  • Chicken stir-fry with broccoli & and capsicum

    • debkellie on November 03, 2019

      I halved the recipe for the 2 of us and it was still enough to serve 4... just as well it was tasty.. leftovers!

    • Dishyrishie on September 29, 2015

      Use oyster sauce instead of water and cornflour. Needs something a bit more interesting in the sauce.

  • Chicken with Dijon mustard & white wine

    • j_h on January 13, 2017

      My supermarket never has tarragon, so I substitute a pinch of fennel seed and either rosemary or thyme.

  • Tandoori chicken with garlic spinach

    • j_h on March 25, 2017

      This recipe recommends a 3+ hour marinating time

  • Fennel-crusted pork fillet with parsnip & baked apple

    • k.a.g on June 24, 2013

      I'll confess I haven't made many recipes from this book... but I have made this one several times! It's a lovely and quick way to prepare a pork fillet, and I often use this method now even if I'm serving the meat with other sides.

  • Scrambled eggs

    • fairyduff on October 22, 2022

      Excellent. Classic.

  • Stewed rhubarb

    • fairyduff on June 15, 2019

      Easy one-pan method. Interesting non-traditional flavours here - cinnamon, orange, lemon. I guess you can omit these for a traditional stewed rhubarb, but I suspect they helpfully mask the artificial sweetener taste. A tangy (nearly tart) result, even with the sweetener added. I can handle this, but other family members are adding sugar to theirs. It made a delicious breakfast parfait this morning; Rice bubbles, vanilla yoghurt and dollop of stewed rhubarb.

    • fairyduff on January 24, 2020

      My second version of this today; I left out the citrus notes - no lemon or orange, peel or juice. Added water to replace juice.

  • Beef Provencal casserole

    • abengal on December 18, 2021

      This is nice, not mind blowing but definitely good. Might have been even better with the wine, but we drank it the night before so used beef stock instead.

  • Indian lamb & spinach curry

    • abengal on December 18, 2021

      Very nice and a good way to smuggle greens into a dish for family members that don’t like them. Didn’t add the yoghurt as I cooked this in the pressure cooker and wasn’t sure how well it would work.

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  • ISBN 10 0143004255
  • ISBN 13 9780143004257
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  • Published May 27 2005
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 220
  • Language English
  • Countries Australia
  • Publisher Penguin Books Australia

Publishers Text

HIGH PROTEIN + LOW FAT = TOTAL WELL-BEING! The TOTAL WELLBEING DIET has been fully researched and developed by CSIRO, Australia's largest team of renowned scientists and nutrition experts. The diet is specially designed to provide not just weight loss, but also to protect and build the dieter's total health-so there is careful emphasis on including all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed for peak immune function, strong bones and high energy, as well as for avoiding long term diseases like diabetes, cancer, and cardio-vascular conditions. The eating plan is not based on complicated calorie counting, but instead uses a simple exchange system based on a daily allowance of servings in 5 basic food categories (protein, dairy, fruits & vegetables, breads & cereals and health fats.) The program's eating plan includes: - A wide and flexible variety of foods that leave the dieter feeling fully satisfied, never hungry and never subject to cravings. - The eating plan is flexible and allows the kind of variation (at restaurants, etc.) that makes a diet truly livable. - The book includes tools to help the dieter track daily servings (so they can easily adapt the menus for their personal use) and overall progress. - Includes a graduated exercise program, so that its recommendations are appropriate for dieters of all fitness levels. - Features 12 weeks of eating plans that include full daily menus. - Includes over 100 easy-to-prepare and delicious recipes, featuring adaptations of popular Mediterranean and Asian cuisines. - Beautifully illustrated with four-color photography, the book provides a spa-like reading experience.

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