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  • Chicken, pumpkin and borlotti beans

    • rodillagra on January 11, 2015


  • Good morning muffin! (banana, bran, maple and pecan)

    • Astrid5555 on November 11, 2012

      Made these as a healthy snack for my kid's lunchbox and got rave reviews.

  • Indian parsnip soup

    • bigwerk on June 12, 2011

      used half Parsnip and half cauliflower

  • Love me tender ribs

    • Lillibet on July 02, 2011

      Really LOVE this recipe - sooo tender, tasty and really easy to prepare. Using normal chilli powder instead of chipotle tamed the heat as they are fairly spicy. Tried to score it 5* but cant seem to get above 4.5

  • Date and banana smoothie

    • Melanie on March 28, 2014

      Delicious, would make again. I made a single serve using half a banana.

    • e_ballad on August 13, 2016

      I think you need to like super-sweet smoothies to enjoy this using the ingredient quantities specified. I wound back on the date quantity & it was much more suited to my palate (& I'm a bit of a sweet tooth!).

  • Chicken (or salmon) superfood salad

    • Melanie on November 22, 2016

      I changed the quantities a bit - cooked more quinoa and peas, added diced cucumber and skipped the alfalfa. Only marinated the chicken for an hour or so. Tasty, would make it again.

  • Leon original superfood salad

    • monicahorridge on May 17, 2013

      This is really easy, tasty and healthy; makes a great lunchbox salad.

    • eeeve on July 16, 2015

      Lovely salad, tastes almost like their fabulous restaurant staple. The quantities are a bit silly, though: 2/3 of a head of broccoli (used a whole one), 2 tbsp quinoa (used 100g cooked), 1/2 an avocado (used a whole) - no need to have a few florets of broccoli sitting in the fridge or cooking up 2 tbsp of quinoa... Really good, though, so will make again.

  • Chicken, asparagus and fairtrade lemon cassoulet

    • MattDufty on December 28, 2011

      Certainly not a traditional cassoulet by any measure but this is a fantastic recipe and has become a favourite in our household. Just as good if you leave the asparagus out when it's not in season.

  • John and Katie's (not too) spicy chicken couscous

    • herbietea on February 16, 2013

      Very sceptical about mixing the raw chicken with the couscous and the putting in the oven, but it came out beautifully. The chicken was really tender and couscous was moist underneath and crunchy on top. Not too spicy for the boys. Might add some dried apricots with the sultanas next time

  • Green pea curry

    • eeeve on December 04, 2018

      Quick to make as stated, but not a good looking dish and also not tasting that great (though not awful either). Even though I quite like peas, I thought this was a bit much. The sauce itself is nice, albeit slightly bland (though I did go easy on the chilli with a view to feeding it to the toddler). Probably won’t repeat.

  • Allegra's big kitchen cake

    • eeeve on December 08, 2018

      The cake was lovely and moist the day after baking, when I cut it up and tried the off-cuts. After frosting it with a mascarpone mix it went in the fridge and got eaten the next day. By then it had turned really dry and stodgy. Something to remember for next time.

  • Moroccan meatballs

    • eeeve on November 02, 2014

      This was okay, but it lacked ... Moroccan-ness! The sauce needs spices - cardamom, cinnamon, saffron, dates, apricots all come to mind to bring a bit of Morocco to this dish.

  • Sweet potato falafel

    • redbirdo on February 02, 2016

      A hit with my kids and very healthy.

  • James's rhubarb and ginger jam

  • Egyptian aubergine and tamarind stew

    • Victoria_from_London on September 04, 2021

      This works like a wonderful spicy peperonata, and is just as good cold at picnic or even on toast as with rice. I didn't used to like green pepper but it needs the slightly sour green note to balance the flavours. If I have to use red pepper I'll reduce the other sugar.

  • Moroccan chicken tagine

    • e_ballad on October 21, 2017

      I’ll be honest, I wasn’t particularly enthused about this dish heading in, choosing it only as a way to use up a glut of swedes & turnips. This turned out to be one very tasty meal! After the marinating, this is a “bung it all in the pot & forget about it” dish.

  • Leon granola

    • e_ballad on October 17, 2018

      Perfectly serviceable, but nothing outstanding.

  • Ham hock, Savoy cabbage and rosemary soup

    • e_ballad on August 14, 2019

      Make sure you use a big meaty hock as this is essentially where the flavour is. Mine was a little on the meagre side & the broth was barely flavoured.

  • Sausage, kale and flageolets

    • e_ballad on June 15, 2017

      Very much a stick-to-your-ribs dish, this does rely on good ingredients as there's not much to mask anything that's so-so. But this is simplicity at its best. A great winter meal.

  • Open sesame slaw

    • tekobo on January 30, 2017

      Unusual and tasty slaw with peas and broad beans. I made up a garlic mayonnaise in place of the soya milk and oil dressing. Added all the other ingredients as per the recipe. Tasted great.

  • Leon gobi

    • Silverscreensuppers on January 28, 2018

      I thought this was lovely! Am trying to cut down on meat so made a big batch of this and will freeze individual portions for work lunches. Really nice flavour, quite sweet though, so if you were making this as part of a feast, you might want to balance it out with something more savoury. Reminded me of a 1970s veggie curry, the kind of thing Cranks would have served up in huge vats. Tasty.

  • Butternut and bacon chowder

    • Sweepie6 on November 18, 2018

      Yum. Used salami instead (no bacon) and a squash I'd roasted earlier. Great! Not at all sweet, thankfully.

  • Hummus

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  • Saveur.com

    ...there are plenty of Leon favorites, such as the Moroccan harira, a hearty bean and vegetable stew, there are also a number of new recipes from the people who helped make the restaurant a success.

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  • ISBN 10 1840915021
  • ISBN 13 9781840915020
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  • Published Oct 13 2008
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 312
  • Language English
  • Countries United Kingdom
  • Publisher Octopus Publishing Group
  • Imprint Conran Octopus Ltd

Publishers Text

This is a book of two halves. "The Ingredients Book" arms you with everything you need to know about the basic building blocks of any recipe. Leon chooses its ingredients above all for their flavour and healthiness but also with a view to the world we live in, so that such shark-infested waters as sustainable fish are tackled and easy to navigate. In the first half of the book Leon's top 250 fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, dairy and store cupboard ingredients are all given their own entries. Nutrition, a bit of history, flavour and the best way to get the most out of any given ingredient are all covered...seasoned with a fair amount of random miscellany. You will also travel to the outer-starburst that is 'Brassica Galatica', discover 'Passports for Herbs' and have your very own pull-out "Rainbow Seasonality Guide".The second half is "The Recipe Book" - this is where you can put your newly found knowledge of ingredients to great use. Here are over 140 recipes: some are familiar favourites taken from Leon's menus such as the Original Superfood Salad, Moroccan Meatballs or Magic Mackerel Couscous and, for those Leon Lovers everywhere, at last a recipe for the coveted Leon Better Brownie. Plus there are some recipes from the founders, their friends and those who helped make Leon what it is today, like Fred's Millennium Octopus and David Dimbleby's Spanish Omlette. Leon's food message is a simple and honest one - cook and eat with the best ingredients available...and don't forget the naughty bits that are so necessary for a fully-rounded life. Food is the greatest pastime we all share, and this book will fill you with interest, warmth and smiles like being shown round a garden you've always loved by a gardener you slightly fancy.

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