Soup by Johnny Acton and Nick Sandler

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  • wester on October 13, 2016

    Chinese chicken broth with paksoi. Recipe from Dutch translation. Two and a half star. Hardly a recipe - basically "get a packet of chicken soup spices from a Chinese supermarket, follow the instructions, add some paksoi in the end". But then, I still wouldn't have tried without a book that tells me it's OK. However, the end result was quite disappointing - I couldn't really taste the spices, it was just normal chicken soup.

  • wester on August 18, 2016

    Cucumber soup with dill. Review from Dutch translation. Three stars. Nice cold soup, good balance of ingredients. Some issues with the way the recipe is written: it first tells you to chop the cucumbers, and then to roast the garlic, while this is more logically done in the opposite order. And grainy mustard should not be in a soup that is blended afterwards, it should be added at the very end so as not to crush the seeds to a powder and make the mustard unpleasantly sharp.

  • wester on July 31, 2016

    Spicy tomato soup with chicken. Review from Dutch translation. Two stars. The end result of this recipe was quite good, but there are really too many issues with the way the recipe was written. To start with, the recipe is completely unclear about what temperature the soup should be served. It doesn't tell you to heat it, it doesn't tell you to chill it, it doesn't tell you to serve at room temperature. I chose to heat the soup as the weather wasn't warm, but I want to know how it is supposed to be served. Other issues: do I roast the vegetables whole or halved? The recipe doesn't tell you. I halved the tomatoes and left the peppers whole. The amount of lemon juice in the herb mixture wasn't enough to liquidize the mixture properly, but it was enough to make the lemon overpower the herbs. And how am I suppose to eat half a chicken breast that's been submerged in soup? Also, this makes about two litres of soup, for four persons. Nice enough dish, badly written recipe.

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