Canal House Cooking, Volume 1: Summer by Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton

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Notes about this book

  • lils74 on September 24, 2017

    I have the first 6 books in this series and they are among my absolute favourites. I really enjoy the authors' voices and stories that accompany the recipes and I'm hoping that eventually they continue on with this series; they are great. The one difficulty I find with using them is that I can never remember which recipe I read in which volume - the recipes are listed by chapters in the front, but not indexed. I guess that's where this website will come in handy!

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Soft zucchini with harissa, olives, and feta

    • lizwinn on August 03, 2014

      This is a new favorite. The harissa, olives, lemon, and feta explode in your mouth. (In a good way). Quick and easy. The perfect answer to what to do with all your summer zucchini!

  • Bread crumbs

    • britt on June 17, 2011

      This seems absurd to say, but these are the most delicious bread crumbs I've ever made. Fine-textured - I used a food processor - and crisp and rich with butter and olive oil.

  • Potato salad "buttered" and lemoned

    • britt on June 17, 2011

      Good. Rich and bright with lemon flavor from the preserved lemon. Didn't use all the mayo and olive oil called for, and it was still very rich. Used german butterball potatoes, and they worked wonderfully - creamy textured while maintaining their shape.

  • Vinaigrette in the bottom of a salad bowl

    • Melanie on January 15, 2016

      Well dressed and very tasty lettuce leaves. Dress just before you are about to serve.

  • Corn, string bean & potato succotash salad

    • Melanie on January 15, 2016

      I liked this more than I thought that I would, with feta mixed in. Ate this with some toasted pita bread on the side for lunches.

    • Dannausc on August 31, 2019

      It was quite good. I added some sliced peppers and queso fresco.

  • Grilled shrimp with anchovy butter

    • anniemac on May 16, 2015

      Rather than grilling, I peeled the shrimp and sauteed them in the anchovy and butter. A different recipe, but thanks to Canal House for the flavor combination

    • Dannausc on August 31, 2019

      I broiled the shrimp. It was super easy and fairly good. However, it wasn’t as good as I had hoped it would be.

  • Creamy blue cheese dressing

    • Dannausc on August 31, 2019

      Quick and easy; pretty decent. Worth a repeat.

  • Teriyaki roast chicken

    • Dannausc on August 31, 2019

      It was quite easy and pretty good, but I don’t think i’d make it again.

  • Stephen's summer spaghetti

    • Dannausc on August 31, 2019

      Easy and good but nothing special.

  • Grilled salmon with green olive sauce

    • Dannausc on August 31, 2019

      I broiled the salmon. It was quite easy and good; something different. Worth a repeat.

  • Melon and prosciutto

    • Dannausc on August 31, 2019

      Super easy. I made it with cantaloupe from my garden. It was my first time trying the classic combination of prosciutto and melon, and I liked it quite a bit.

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  • Fine Cooking

    ...simple, utterly delicious recipes, with stunning photography to boot. I promise, this is just the kind of cooking that will inspire you, satisfy you, and compel you into the kitchen time and again.

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  • ISBN 10 0692003177
  • ISBN 13 9780692003176
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  • Published Jun 01 2009
  • Format Perfect paperback
  • Page Count 122
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Canal House

Publishers Text

CANAL HOUSE COOKING, VOLUME N° 1, SUMMER is a collection of our favorite summer recipes, ones we cook for ourselves all through the long lazy months. We are home cooks writing about home cooking for other home cooks. We cook seasonally because that’s what makes sense. In midsummer, we buy boxes of tomatoes to dress as minimally as we do in the heat. And in the height of the season, we preserve all that we can, so as to save a taste of summer. We make jarfuls of teriyaki sauce for slathering on chicken. We love to cook big paellas outdoors over a fire for a crowd of friends. We are crazy for ripe melons in late summer. And we churn tubs of ice cream for our families.

If you cook your way through a few of our recipes, you’ll see that who we are comes right through in these pages. With a few exceptions, we use ingredients that are readily available and found in most markets in most towns throughout the United States. All the recipes are easy to prepare (some of them a bit more involved), all completely doable for the novice and experienced cook alike.

Cook all summer long with Canal House Cooking!

A subscription to Canal House Cooking can be made at The Canal House website.

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