Canal House: Cook Something: Recipes to Rely On by Melissa Hamilton and Christopher Hirsheimer

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  • Chunky [carrot] soup

    • mharriman on January 05, 2021

      Lovely soup. We really liked the lemony flavor. I was originally going for the Lemony Carrot soup version but I used wide strips from one whole lemon, instead a half of one, so I decided to not add lemon juice. That would have made it too tart for my taste, I think. I puréed most of my soup but scooped out about a dozen cooked carrot slices before pureeing, so there would be some chunks to the soup. I like that the recipe authors provide options and explanations for variations for the main soup.

  • Crab cakes

    • mharriman on December 31, 2020

      I made the full recipe for just two of us but but have enough leftovers for another meal (lunch tomorrow). These were Very good. We liked the flavor and consistency of the cakes. This recipe makes appetizer sized cakes that are thin like pancakes. I used Phillips ‘crab select’ crab which includes lump crabmeat but has smaller pieces, and shredded crab as well. That consistency made for an easier-to-work with cake-My cakes didn’t fall apart when I turned them. This was a tasty dish that I paired with shrimp cocktail for a main entree meal. I didn’t try the sauces that are in the same section because I used Ina Garten’s seafood dip (with great results) instead. Will repeat.

  • Old-fashioned chicken stock

    • babyfork on October 14, 2020

      I just used this as a jumping-off place, so not rating the recipe. I used two rotisserie chicken carcasses instead of chicken wings. Cleaned out my crisper and added some extra veggies like leek tops, snap peas, and fennel in addition to the usual celery, carrots and onion. The one note that made this a little different from other recipes I've used was the admonishment NOT to stir while it simmers.

  • Green beans with ginger, scallions & cilantro

    • Lepa on October 14, 2019

      Wow, this was really good. This dish was a snap to prepare and so delicious. We ate it with a coconut fish curry.

  • Simple tomato sauce 2

    • Lepa on October 28, 2019

      This is similar to Marcella Hazen's famous tomato/butter/onion sauce but is slightly different because it includes more water and also garlic. Very simple and delicious!

  • Canal House classic vinaigrette

    • Lepa on October 16, 2019

      This is an excellent version of a classic vinaigrette.

  • Pimiento cheese

    • Lepa on December 09, 2019

      I'm not an expert on pimiento cheese but I thought this was delicious- especially with celery!

  • Ragù Bolognese

    • averythingcooks on November 22, 2020

      This sauce (served over short pasta) was a winner. I cut it in 1/2 using 1/2 lb ground beef and 1 "pretty big" mild Italian sausage. It simmered on and off throughout most of the day and although the book says it is better if left til the next day, we were very happy with the same day taste.....this is a definite repeat !

  • Caramelized apple galette

    • bwhip on December 27, 2020

      Best apple galette I’ve made. The crust was perfectly flaky, and the large chunks of apple were cooked perfectly. The vanilla bean elevated the flavor nicely. This will be my go-to for apple galettes in the future for sure.

  • Goulash Canal House-style

    • Rkschweik on January 18, 2021

      More paprika; whole 14 oz can tomatoes

  • Poached sea bass in tomato broth

    • Dannausc on January 17, 2021

      Quite easy. I liked it quite a bit.

  • Buttered toast & d’Affinois omelet

    • Jviney on April 21, 2020

      Don’t sleep on this recipe. Fresh eggs from my CSA and just-melty cheese...brioche I had made this morning from Bread Toast Crumbs. With a salad, one of the most satisfying, and quickest, dinners in a long time.

  • Lemon-anchovy vinaigrette

    • Jviney on November 26, 2019

      Would try this a second time with small lemons - I used grocery store sized and felt I had a salad dressed with lemon juice. I chose this vinaigrette because it was quick to throw together, and a few extra minutes tinkering with it would have saved it, I think.

  • Rösti with green salad on top

    • chef.j on June 27, 2021

      Served, as suggested, with anchovy vinaigrette. Crispy and salty under fresh. Added a few fresh peas to the salad. Really nice.

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  • ISBN 10 0316268275
  • ISBN 13 9780316268271
  • Published Sep 10 2019
  • Page Count 857
  • Language English

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