Just Cook It!: 145 Built-to-Be-Easy Recipes That Are Totally Delicious by Justin Chapple

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  • Roasted chicken legs with sourdough bread & poblanos

    • Cheri on December 28, 2018

      This is great. Lovely flavor profile. Easy prep.

  • Brussels sprouts & pearl onion hash with burnt almonds

    • chefmichael on January 28, 2020

      This is really good. Fantastic technique for getting the crispiest and most delicious Brussels sprouts you’ll ever try.

  • Sweet corn queso with pepperoni crumbs

    • chefmichael on May 06, 2019

      Sadly this was a fail. Came out part watery, part stringy, part clumpy-gummy. I think the combination of frozen corn (with a good amount of water in it by default), more water, and corn starch -- doesn't work. I didn't start with shredded cheese as some queso recipes warn not to due to risk of clumping. So I don't think that was the issue. Ate a few bites of it and the flavors were just bland and way overshadowed by the unpleasant texture. I think maybe a traditional bechamel would work better here, as many not-velveeta queso recipes use.

  • Giant meatballs with marinara sauce & Parmesan

    • chefmichael on August 05, 2018

      Really enjoying Justin’s book and this dish produces some quite tasty and tender meatballs. I will note that like we did you will end up with a quite large amount of drippings in your roasting dish after baking your meatballs. I could not bring myself to push forward with pouring the marinara sauce over this without first moving the meatballs to another dish. You could just dump it out also or scoop. I baked the meatballs in a cast iron skillet so I wasn’t in the mood to handle it a lot. Second dish was easier.

  • Thai beef salad with peanuts

    • lou_weez on April 30, 2020

      Nice flavours, just didn't hit the WOW button for me. Quick and easy for a mid week meal, so might do it again for that reason.

  • Quinoa burgers with avocado mayo & pea shoots

    • lou_weez on October 19, 2018

      We really enjoyed these burgers - the highlight being the avocado mayo.

  • Quinoa-pork larb

    • lou_weez on April 29, 2020

      Good flavour. I doubled the pork (it's sold in 500g pkts and I didn't want half of it hanging around), kept everything else the same and it still turned out well.

  • Shumai stew with shiitake & mustard greens

    • angrygreycat on July 25, 2018

      Made this tonight to go along with some other Asian influenced dishes. The shumai, greens, and mushrooms made a great soup. Next time I need to go with a better tasting broth. It was a little washed out.

  • Peel-&-eat shrimp with green chile butter

    • angrygreycat on July 30, 2018

      Just made this to eat alongside salad for a light dinner. Really nice flavor and easy shrimp preparation. A little messy to eat, because the shrimp are hot and buttery and then you are have to peel them. Needed less time by about 3 minutes. The jalepeno doesn't make them as hot as i expected, just a low heat as far as spiciness goes.

  • Ravioli lasagna with arugula

    • angrygreycat on July 23, 2018

      The idea of this is great. I just found the proportions were wrong for how my family likes lasagna. We tend to like a "wetter" lasagna. This calls for 3 1/4 pounds of ravioli to only 3 cups of sauce in a 9 x 13 pan. I doubled the sauce, when I saw what it was looking like and only used about 2/3 of the ravioli. It is a great idea to make an easy weeknight lasagna so I will do this again but not following the proportions in the recipe.

  • Slashed-&-sugared chicken drumsticks

    • angrygreycat on August 01, 2018

      Made this tonight with 7 drumsticks. Very nice flavor, browned and cooked really nicely, and super easy preparation. I served it with Coleslaw from Best Recipes by Ceil Dyer and 7 other drumsticks prepared with Diana Henry's recipe with marmalade and bourbon.

  • Black pepper pork with asparagus

    • angrygreycat on July 25, 2018

      This was excellent. Even my daughter who doesn't like pork really liked this. Tender, juicy pork and a great bite of black pepper.

    • angrygreycat on September 26, 2018

      Made this again and it was just as good as the first time I made it. Tender, delicious, peppery pork.

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    Justin does it again - another cookbook that not only dishes up easy recipes but also impressive ones as well.

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  • ISBN 10 0544968832
  • ISBN 13 9780544968837
  • Published May 01 2018
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 288
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Publishers Text

Delicious, fun, and easy recipes and tips for everyday cooking from Justin Chapple, Food & Wine's test kitchen whiz and TODAY show regular

Justin Chapple may have trained at the French Culinary Institute, but he knows how people really cook at home. He grew up with a large family, first learning kitchen tricks from his grandmother who made do with whatever they had, and she made the food delicious. Now Justin is the host of Food & Wine's award-nominated Mad Genius Tips video cooking series, and appears regularly on TODAY and other television shows as their resident kitchen hack expert. In his job as the Culinary Director of the test kitchen, he's often asked to take recipes from superstar chefs (think David Chang and Thomas Keller) and simplify them for home cooks. Now he is putting all of his expertise to good use in Just Cook It!, a collection of 125 mouthwatering recipes like Avocado Pizza with Dukka and Stovetop Mac-n-Cheese with Bacon Breadcrumbs, with Justin's signature time-saving tips and hacks throughout.

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