Home Made: The Ultimate DIY Cookbook, Featuring Over 200 From-Scratch Recipes by Yvette van Boven

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  • Cured ham, curry cream, and Emmentaler oeuf cocotte

    • TippyCanoe on January 20, 2015

      These Oeuf cocotte recipes are worth the price of the book. I believe that these may be fairly classic French baked egg recipes, but the addition of cream on the bottom has made my eggs leap from the pedestrian to the sublime. I have tried them with the curry (delicious) and without. They have become the perfect weekend or guest breakfast and this author gives the basic instructions and then you play with the protein, the cheese, and the herb topping.

  • Biscuits

    • Astrid5555 on February 07, 2016

      In my book (UK edition) this recipe is actually called scones. They are extremly quick to make (i.e. 30 minute tops from start until they are out of the oven) and delicious. They were a little dense but pobably due to some overmixing since I used the food processor rather than mixing the dough by hand.

  • Lamb balls with sesame & cilantro salsa

    • monicahorridge on February 14, 2014

      Easy to make, and taste great. I did a combination of black and white sesame seeds, which looked great. I put them on cocktail sticks with a dab of salsa on top of each one. Great recipe for a party.

  • Salad with spinach, pear, Stilton, and cured ham

    • LouiseStaley on December 28, 2013

      A very simple, yet flavourful recipe featuring a couple of slight twists on the traditional pear, nut and Stilton salad. We had this for lunch: the first ham of the summer, with a whole leg to go and it was a worthy start to the ham.

  • Arab lamb burger

    • e_ballad on July 18, 2017

      These just didn't come together for us. I thought that the bulghur would provide an interesting textural difference to similarly flavoured burgers, but the grains exposed to the pan were burnt long before the meat was cooked, even at low-medium heat.

  • Almond & apple muffins

    • e_ballad on June 24, 2018

      These are half muffin, half friand. Tasty, but quite dry. I’d reduce the oven temperature a little & check much sooner (I checked at 30 mins & took them out then).

  • Savory pie with smoked chicken and goat cheese

    • e_ballad on March 02, 2017

      Found on p60, this recipe cannot be found under title, category or any of its ingredients within the index! It was nice, but not the best quiche I've had. I'd suggest erring on dialing back on the goat cheese as it was a bit overwhelming (equal amount to smoked chicken breast).

  • Lamb chops in a crust of lemon, mint, and pistachio nuts

    • e_ballad on August 31, 2017

      Do not proceed unless you're an avid caper-lover. It's interesting that the title doesn't include them as their quantity exceeds all the other crust ingredients combined. Accordingly, no other flavour is discernible. Also, given the chunkiness of the crust ingredients, I'm not sure how 'marinating' the lamb in them will convey any additional flavour to the meat. Finally, given the crust ingredients all burn easily, there would be no way that pan-frying would enable the meat to be cooked without turning the crust to cinders. If you really want to try this one, perhaps pan-frying the chops, THEN coating in crust, before finishing them off briefly in the oven might be a better proposition.

  • Sunchokes au gratin

    • e_ballad on August 25, 2019

      Essentially a vehicle for cheese. So accordingly, the verdict was: delicious!

  • Extremely delicious duck breast salad with rice

    • lou_weez on July 09, 2021

      Delicious! I used a mixture of currants and cranberries instead of raisins and precooked duck breasts, which made for even easier preparation.

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Reviews about this book

  • Food in Jars

    One of the things that most charmed me about this book right off the bat was the tone it takes. Chatty and confidence-inspiring... you’ll feel like you can take on any one of these projects.

    Full review
  • Food in Jars

    One of the things that most charmed me about this book right off the bat was the tone it takes. Chatty and confidence-inspiring... you’ll feel like you can take on any one of these projects.

    Full review
  • ISBN 10 1742666469
  • ISBN 13 9781742666464
  • Published Mar 01 2012
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 432
  • Language English
  • Countries Australia
  • Publisher Murdoch Books
  • Imprint Murdoch Books

Publishers Text

Winner of the Dutch Cookbook of the Year award in 2010, "Home Made" is a unique and captivating cookbook, with over 200 recipes and ideas for sumptuous homemade food. Author Yvette van Boven uses clear step-by-step instructions to show the reader how to make ingredients, as well as recipes, at home. "Home Made" begins with breakfast and works its way through the day. Learn how to make cheese from pantry staples, create an oven smoker from scratch in just two minutes and make ice cream without an ice cream machine. In the true spirit of this book, Yvette drew her own quirky illustrations, designed the book and styled the food for the photographs, which were taken by her husband, Oof Verschuren. Original, fun and inspiring, "Home Made will appeal to readers wanting simple, authentic and healthy ways of eating. The friendly tone, quirky cartoons and can-do approach make this cookbook very accessible for the average home cook. Step-by-step spreads on making jam, stock, bread, chocolates, and more feature up to 15 images per recipe. Winner of the Dutch Cookbook of the Year award in 2010, this unique cookbook will now be available to an English-speaking market. Yvette has a loyal online following.

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