Saveur: The Way We Cook: Portraits of Home Cooks Around the World by James Oseland and Saveur Magazine

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  • Baked eggs with chanterelles (Oeufs cocotte aux girolles)
    • Categories: Egg dishes; Main course; French; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: garlic; spinach; chanterelle mushrooms; heavy cream; eggs; baguette bread
  • Pork with apples and cider cream sauce (Székelyalmas)
    • Categories: Main course; East European
    • Ingredients: pork loin; tart apples; yellow onions; Holland red chiles; apple cider (alcohol-free); chicken stock; heavy cream; Dijon mustard; marjoram; parsley
    • Categories: Stews & one-pot meals; Main course
    • Ingredients: chicken legs; garlic; green peppers; yellow onions; tomato paste; chicken stock
    • Categories: Main course; Jewish
    • Ingredients: green cabbage; yellow onions; celery; tomato paste; raisins; honey; canned tomatoes; ground beef chuck; long grain rice; beef stock; paprika; ground cayenne pepper
    • Categories: Stir-fries; Main course; Chinese
    • Ingredients: beef top sirloin; soy sauce; rice wine; green beans; peanut oil; fresh ginger
    • Categories: Main course; Greek
    • Ingredients: eggplants; garlic; yellow onions; ground meat; canned tomatoes; dry red wine; dried oregano; ground cinnamon; ground cloves; milk; Parmesan cheese; egg yolks; nutmeg
    • Categories: Main course; Brazilian
    • Ingredients: red snapper; cilantro; Thai basil; shrimp; limes; yellow onions; garlic; cubanelle peppers; tomatoes; fish stock; plantains
    • Categories: Main course; Mexican; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: dried New Mexico chiles; Mexican chocolate; dried oregano; ground cinnamon; saltine crackers; whole cloves; queso añejo; corn tortillas
    • Categories: Grills & BBQ; Main course
    • Ingredients: sweet paprika; garlic powder; onion powder; dried thyme; dried oregano; white pepper; dried sage; ground cayenne pepper; chicken wings; butter; hot sauce; Old Bay seasoning; lemons; oak chips
    • Categories: Main course; Jewish
    • Ingredients: cod; matzo meal; parsley; ground cumin; ground coriander; ground ginger; garlic; egg whites; tomato paste; fish stock; canned tomatoes; ground cayenne pepper; chile flakes; ground allspice
  • Wild greens with fried eggs (Horta me avga tiganita)
    • Categories: Egg dishes; Main course; Greek; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: olive oil; scallions; greens of your choice; parsley; mint; fennel fronds; garlic; eggs
    • Categories: Main course; Cooking for 1 or 2; French
    • Ingredients: beef tenderloin; egg yolks; salted capers; parsley; red onions; Thai red chiles; sherry vinegar
    • Categories: Main course; Brazilian
    • Ingredients: beef filets mignons; cilantro; garlic; baking potatoes; mozzarella cheese
  • Grilled whole fish with tamarind (Samaki wa kapaka)
    • Categories: Grills & BBQ; Main course; East African
    • Ingredients: red snapper; Thai green chiles; fresh ginger; limes; coconut milk; tamarind concentrate; curry powder; ground cayenne pepper
  • Pasta with sardines (Pasta con le sarde)
    • Categories: Pasta, doughs & sauces; Main course; Italian
    • Ingredients: olive oil; fresh sardines; semolina flour; fennel; yellow onions; tomato paste; canned anchovies; tomato sauce; dried currants; pine nuts; nutmeg; saffron; spaghetti pasta
    • Categories: Stews & one-pot meals; Main course; Chinese
    • Ingredients: toasted sesame oil; napa cabbage; enoki mushrooms; light soy sauce; dark soy sauce; ground pork; water chestnuts; fresh ginger; garlic; Chinese cooking wine
  • Avocado-mango salad (Saladu awooka ak mango)
    • Categories: Salads; Side dish; Senegalese; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: parsley; peanut oil; limes; oranges; jalapeño chiles; mangoes; avocados; navel oranges
  • Stewed green beans
    • Categories: Side dish; American South
    • Ingredients: yellow onions; green beans; smoked turkey legs
  • Broccoli with Cheetos
    • Categories: Side dish; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: heavy cream; shallots; black peppercorns; bay leaves; aged Gouda cheese; Parmesan cheese; broccoli; chile flakes; Cheetos
  • Pickled radishes and green onion
    • Categories: Chutneys, pickles & relishes; Side dish; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: radishes; toasted sesame oil; scallions
    • Categories: Bread & rolls, savory; American
    • Ingredients: all-purpose flour; butter; buttermilk; half and half cream
    • Categories: Side dish; Italian; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: oranges; black olives; rosemary
    • Categories: Soups; Italian; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: stock; Italian thin breadsticks; Taleggio cheese
    • Categories: Pies, tarts & pastries; Appetizers / starters; Greek; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: Swiss chard; fennel; parsley; scallions; phyllo pastry
    • Categories: Soups; Italian; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: basil; parsley; garlic; new potatoes; celery; carrots; tomatoes; spinach; cannellini beans; peas; frisée lettuce

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    Interview with James Oseland.

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    Editor-in-Chief Oseland and his crew culled through 275,000 such photos, including some outtakes that never appeared in print, and settled upon a collection of a couple hundred or so...

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  • ISBN 10 1616284404
  • ISBN 13 9781616284404
  • Published Nov 06 2012
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 272
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Weldon Owen

Publishers Text

Visually captivating, this stunning book is a photo journal of home cooks in their kitchens. Through arresting scenic photography, personal stories, and authentic recipes, see how individuals in different places cherish and celebrate cooking and eating. Giftable, inspirational, and educational, this title, which takes a "Day in the Life of"-approach to everyday eating around the world, will appeal to home cooks, culinary experts, and armchair travelers alike, not to mention anyone who experiences the world through food first.

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